tagInterracial LoveYou Will Be Mine Again

You Will Be Mine Again


Gale couldn't believe she agreed to do this date. She knew it was harmless especially since she didn't have to worry about going back home with him, but it was just the fact that it was being that close to him. She knew how her body always responded to him, it was as if she felt herself on the edge and it took everything in her to reign in her control. It was exhausting, but she did this to prove something to herself. As the day got closer and closer, she became more nervous about the date. Patrick knew how to surprise her and make every moment feel special.

It was like that one year for her birthday when she actually realized just how much money he really had. He had taken her to the circus that was in town and too her backstage before it started to see the clowns and some of the animals. He knew her favorite animal was the elephant. He arranged for her to actually ride the elephants with her sisters. That's the thing with Patrick; he never tried the whole wine and dine type of dates. They were always special because it was things that he thought about and knew she would like. Most of the memorable moments were them being a normal couple.

She wasn't sure what to wear tonight. She texted him numerous times on what she should wear and he just said just be herself, whatever that meant.

"I hate when he's all cryptic like this." She said to herself and looked at her endless array of clothes as her phone rung again.


"Hey girlie, how's it going?"

"Stressful Tara; I'm trying to figure out what to wear tonight."

"Oh the famous date? Well he will probably take you out to a restaurant."

"This is Patrick we're talking about here. Nothing with him is normal."

"You're right about that. Did you ask him what to wear?"

"I did and he said just be myself."

"Hmm, that might mean dress how you would normally dress. Wear some jeans."

"That's what it looks like I'm going to do. So, what's going on?"

"I called to tell you that I need to find a good lawyer. Ron is being an ass as usual with child support so I need some help. You know I've tried so hard to be patient with him."

"Well, I told you a long time ago, he's taking that as weakness, you need to show him you mean business."

"That's exactly why I need a lawyer."

"Well, I don't know any lawyers into family court but I do know someone that may help. I'll see what he can do or if he can recommend someone."

"Thanks, so how you feel about this date?"

"I'm okay maybe a bit nervous. I hate not knowing what's going on."

"You use to say you loved that about him."

"You know times change; besides that was fresh into our relationship."

"I though you forgave him."

"I do, but I'm starting to like being around him. I asked my sister's friend who use to be a therapist, I asked my sisters, my mom..."

"Gale, stop, what do you say?"


"What do you think? Gale, this is between you and Patrick. Stop bringing other people into it. Just do what you feel. If you don't feel like doing anything with him then don't. Stop thinking about it."

"You know that's not normal for me, but I hear you. I will try to do that, but one question, do you think I'm forgiving him too soon."

"You are supposed to forgive someone on your terms. I know that you went through a hard time after he left, but this is a chance for a fresh start that the both of you deserve whether it's together or not. Only you can really answer that question, but clear your mind and have fun tonight."

"Alright, see you later." Gail hung up and finally decided on her favorite jeans and red cardigan.

She wanted to be as natural a she could since it wasn't a real date. Just as she grabbed her phone, she saw another test from him an address.

"Here we go." Gale said to herself.

The drive was quiet with only smooth jazz filling the car with brief interruptions of her GPS. She was going to take Tara's advice and not think about it; just have fun, with an old friend. She was trying to remain calm but the further out she went, she began to get nervous. There was nothing but trees and open road surrounding her. She saw up ahead a little lighted spot. Great, she can stop and call Patrick. She was about to call him when the phone rung. Speak of the devil, it was him.

"Hey Patrick." She said instantly.

"Hey, where are you?" he said ad she heard his voice etched in uncertainty.

"I'm in the middle of a scene from a horror movie. Where are you?"

"I'm waiting for you. I thought you had GPS and for your information, people hardly die in the day time in horror movies."

"So I'm supposed to go out in this woods and fields?"

"What's around you?" he sighed and she knew he was rubbing his forehead.

"Trees, trees, and yea, more trees."

"Seriously Gale."

"Well, I stopped by this light pole. There's a sign that says, Camp Shell one and a half miles away."

"So, you go one and half miles down and you will be here."

"Really? Patrick, you aren't plotting to dispose of my body?"

He laughed lightly, "Nothing like that, just come on." Gale sighed and got back on the road, "Do you want me to meet you and catch up with you?"

"No, I'm fine. I was just wondering what you are planning?"

"It's a surprise. If you would have ridden with me then you wouldn't have to worry about driving alone."

"If you would have thought of something normal instead of whatever you are planning I wouldn't be walking into Friday the 13th."

"I've been here for awhile now and I haven't seen any man in a hockey mask; although, I do want to watch a hockey game lately."

"Very funny. I'm hanging up now." She said and hung up.

She shook her head, turning up the music. The sound of Boyz II Men tried to calm her racing pulse as she got closer to the camp site. Just hearing that song I'll make love to you overflowed her mind with memories of the two of them making love to this song the first time he snuck into her dorm room. He would whisper into her ear how good she felt as he slid inside her slowly. How her nails dug into his back when she felt him go deeper. Damn, why did she have to go stroll down memory lane?

She nearly missed her turn thinking about him. She turned toward the lighted way, following the rows of tiki lights. Her curiosity heightened as she parked next to his car and saw Jade's truck next to him. She was about to open the door but it already swung open. Her eyes immediately fell on his bright smile.

"I was worried about you a little." He said.

"Yea, well, what the hell are you doing and why is my brother in law here." She said immediately noticing his truck.

"Well, I invited your sister and him too."

Was he really trying to romance her with her sister and brother in law around? "Did you say you invited Jade and James?"

"I thought we can't be at our old camp I would bring our own camp to us."

Her eyes widen in disbelief, "Are you serious?"

"Yea, a whole day of camping fun." The way his eyes lit up reminder her of the same teenage boy she met years ago.

It warmed her body and heart in more than a sexual way. Just the fact that he thought of this made her heart skip a beat, he proved once again that he can think outside the box.

"And my sister?"

"I invited them so you will feel comfortable with them around."

She nodded, "Alright, let's go camping."

She was never more excited that she did go for comfort and opted for her flats. They walked over toward the center. James was just dropping some wood when his head popped up.

"Hey sister in law, it's nice of you to join us." James smiled and she went up to hug him.

"How did he convince you to come along?" she whispered to him.

"What are you talking about? I'm a rugged mountain man."

"Okay then how did you convince my sister is the better question?"

He chuckled, "When he told her what this was for, she jumped at the opportunity and just know that you and her will be going shopping with my money soon."

As if on cue, Jade stepped out of one of the cabins. James stepped aside so they could talk.

"No wonder you didn't answer the phone." Gale said.

"Hey, I had to keep it a secret. Isn't this great?" she beamed.

"I can't believe he is doing this."

"Yep, back to roughing it days which was something you like back in the day. I just wanted to get away and go swimming."

"Oh yea, I remember. Well that was then so I'm wondering just what he has on his mind this time."

"He didn't say anything about what we were doing?"

"Well, I know we are supposed to go play archery soon."

Gale sighed getting, "He knows I suck at archery."

"Well maybe you can get better."

"I always sucked at it but whatever, I'm glad I didn't think of wearing anything fancy. I guess I'm ready for this."

"You have no choice." Jade smiled as Patrick and James came around.

Patrick looked over at her and smiled. Gale couldn't help but look off trying not to blush; at least he couldn't see it.

"Alright, how about we start with some archery?" he said rubbing his hands together and Gale looked over at Jade.

"Are we going to have arts and crafts as well?" Gale said sarcastically and he just looked at her.

"Anyway, I know we can start with that one."

"Yea and afterwards, we'll go fishing while you ladies cook." James said pulling Jade closer.

"How very chauvinistic of you honey?" Jade said rolling her eyes as James gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Hey, you're the cook honey."

"You never get tired of reminding me either." She smiled and he just shrugged.

"At least you know your man loves your cooking."

"Is that the reason you marry me?"

"One of many reason." He said leering at her.

"Okay couple, stop being all cute and couple like." Gale said shaking her head, "Let's get going."

Everyone followed Patrick to the make shift range. Patrick was always a natural with a bow and arrow. Back at camp all the kids wanted him to teach them. Gale was just lucky if the arrow left her hand. Patrick grabbed his bow and saw Gale struggling.

"Here, let me help." He said walking over to her.

"I can do it myself."

"No you can't. You couldn't when we were teenagers, now let me help." He said standing behind her.

Gale rolled her eyes as he stepped closer behind her. She took a deep breath as she felt the closeness. His scent swam in her head almost lulling her. He put his hand on top of hers.

"Now, just line it up and keep your eyes on the target." He said into her ear and the soft whisper caused shivers travel down her body.

She swallowed hard trying to ignore the pulsing need in her body with him being so close to her. She pulled the arrow back, keeping her eye on the target and still trying to keep her mind off him so close.

"Now hold it and let out the breath that you are holding."

"How you know I was...never mind." She took a big exhale.

It did help relax a little, "Now let it go." She let it slipped from her fingers and watched as it sprang forward and launched into the target.

She actually hit the target. It wasn't a bull's eye, but she was just happy that it went far. She jumped up and squealed.

"I hit it!" Gale smiled and Patrick just shook his head.

"I told you, keep practicing and you could hit the bull's eye in no time."

"Yea right, I'm looking to get into archery."

"Well, it will be good for teaching to aim like a gun or something."

"Okay, when am I going to shoot a gun?"

"I'm just saying Gale." She smiled.

"Well, thank you." She said hugging him, "I'm just happy that I finally did it."

"Good, well come on let's try it again and do it without me."

"Seriously? Okay I will." She grabbed another arrow and loaded it on.

"Remember what I said, pull back, focus, and breath."

"Alright." Gale took a deep breath and pulled back.

She focused on the target again and let her breath out. She let go and watched as it flew down to the target. It hit the white and she still smiled. She couldn't believe that she actually hit it more than once.

"Look at you!" Jade said and Gale just smiled.

"I know right."

"See what happens when you listen?"

"Oh ha ha." Gale added sarcastically.

The rest of the day went by in blur. The guys

went fishing while Gale and Jade went hiking. Jade and Gale cooked up the fish and other stuff while the guys went to grab a little more firewood. Gale had to admit, this was a pretty fun date. She got the chance to spend some time with Patrick and her sister.

After they ate, Patrick and Gale sat watching the sun go down. It was so beautiful, she thought as the light cast over the lake.

"Man, that's beautiful." Gale said.

He looked over at her and saw how the light reflected in her eyes, "You sure are."

She looked over at him and shook her head, "Always the charmer."

"That's me being honest." He sighed, "Let's go for a walk."

"What about Jade and James?"

He looked back and saw the married couple making out by the fire, "I think they are preoccupied." She turned around and saw that the two were in fact sucking face.

Gale shook her head, "I suppose we can." She sighed.

He grabbed her hand and she followed after him. She clutched his hand as they walked through the wooded area. This made her think back to the days when they went camping together and they would sneak off when they put all the campers to bed. Back in camp, they would walk, talk, and make out a lot. Back then he had a way of kissing her and making the word disappear.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Just different stuff; it's been so long since I actually went camping like this."

"Are you enjoying it?"

"I actually am. I've been so busy with work and everything that I haven't even able to just let go and have fun. Remember when we found that huge tree outside of the camping grounds and you carved out names in it."

"Yea and I remember that you called it corny, but you loved it." She laughed.

"Well, it was a little corny, but the thought was sweet. What made you think of this type of date?"

"I guess it was a little bit of what you just said. We've been so busy working, that haven't had time to really just relax and let go.

Honestly, this was one of the best times to just go out and have fun for me as a kid."

"You know, you never told me a lot about your child hood. You told me bits and pieces but not too much detail."

He sighed as she felt the grip of his hand loosen and tension in them. She held on to his hand tighter and rubbed his arm. He cleared his throat.

"Um, you know most of it. I was an only child to my mom and dad. My dad was wealthy."

"Yea, you told me all those general details, but what about memories? You talk about memories of me and my family but never of yours."

"I don't have many memories. Most of my life didn't start until I met you." She scoffed, shaking her head.

"You don't have to give me a line Patrick."

"It's not a line. I truly mean that. Most of the time I was in Ireland, I was going to boarding schools. I never had a chance to really spend time with my dad. My mom was always doing some sort of social event or planning something for charity. I was around for decoration, at least that's how I felt. My mom tried her best to make me feel a part of everything, but it didn't feel right. I know you are probably thinking poor little rich boy syndrome, huh?"

Gale smiled and shook her head, "I don't think so at all. Well, maybe a little, but it's easy for me to say that because I had my sisters with me and some of my best memories are us being together. I mean everyone wants to think that money will fix everything."

"Something I learned the hard way." He said looking at her and Gale just looked off, "Gale, I know I say it a lot but I am truly sorry. I thought that I was doing the right thing and trying to save you. My dad would have ruined us before we even got started and I couldn't just let your dreams get crush like that."

"I understand that you thought you was doing the right thing, I just wish you would have told me everything and let me make that decision of my life being ruined, as you say. I should have also told you about the baby, but I didn't want the label that you stayed with me because of the baby, but it's in the past. Think about how much we have accomplished, things happened for a reason."

"You're right. I missed that sweet understanding side of you." He said pulling her closer to him.

Gale bit down on her bottom lip and looked into his emerald eyes. She wanted to feel his lips against hers, but she was a little uncertain of where this was going to lead to. She felt like she was 17 again hanging out and slowly falling for the mysterious guy at camp. She wanted to do something crazy and recapture that moment.

She looked off slightly and saw the lake. He leaned closer and before he could kiss her, she broke away and ran over to the lake. Patrick's eyebrows drew together and followed her. She was laughing the entire time as he chased after her. She took off her blouse revealing her tank top, kicked off her shoes, and dove into the lake.

Patrick couldn't believe his eyes. Gale just dove into the lake, which was something she would have done when they were younger, but didn't think she would have taken that risk.

"Are you going to stand there and let me have all the fun?" she said as her head surfaced out of the water.

He couldn't do anything but smile, kick off his shoes, take off his top shirt, and make a run for the lake. He dive head first, feeling that invigorating splash of water hitting his face.

He surfaced up, shaking his head. He heard Gale laughing as he finally was able to see.

"Oh my God, you are insane." He said.

"Well you must be too. You followed me." She laughed, splashing him in the face.

"Oh now, you are going to get it." He said as he started splashing her in return.

She screamed as they both splashed around like a couple of kids. It was almost as fun as when they had the water gun fight back at the bed and breakfast. He swam closer to her as she finally stopped splashing him, since she was laughing so hard.

"I can't believe we..." she didn't get a chance to finish as her eyes focused on him.

She bit down on her lip as she watched his eyes darken and set on her as if she was a prey. She loved when he looked at her like that, like she was the most gorgeous thing. She just smiled as he swam closer and like it was instinct, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Hi." He simply said.

"Hi." She responded back and then felt his lips pressed against hers.

She tightens her hold around his neck as he deepened the kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth. Her body molded to his as she felt the small waves rocking them as his tongue moved smoothly inside her mouth, caressing hers. He pulled away planting light kisses on her lips.

"I think we should get out of her before we get carried away by the waves." He whispered and she just nodded.

He helped her out of the lake and she couldn't help smiling the entire time. She wringed the extra water from her shirt. She looked over at Patrick and saw him staring at her.

"Well, I guess we better head back and get out of these..." she didn't get a chance to finish her sentence a she pulled her over to him for another kiss.

Gale couldn't help but sigh and relax into the kiss, doing exactly what her friend told her to do and that's just feeling and not thinking. Right now, she was thinking that she wanted Patrick. This wasn't just a decision that she was making with her body but a little of her heart. In the back of her mind, she maybe making a mistake but she didn't have time to over think it.

"You're right, maybe we do need to get out of these wet clothes." He said in between kisses.

"Yea, where do I go to shower?"

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