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Young Barons


Authors Note: Many thanks to Laura B. For her continued help.


In the thriving beef industry of Southern Texas, there are two names that are synonymous with beef and wealth; the Carrington's and the Holston's. The two families comprise the majority of the beef trade. Their combined wealth would produce a billion dollar industry were they to merge.

The two sprawling estates join each other, but it is a single 120 acre strip of prime grazing land that is the center of contention among the two families. The patriarchs of both families shared the land, neither taking full possession until the land fell into the hands of the Carrington's.

No one knows how they came to possess the land, as no records exists detailing the sale, or any money exchanged.

The Carrington dynasty is now in the hands of the single remaining son, Tom Carrington, who holds the deed in question.

The Holston dynasty had passed to the two surviving daughters, Amy and Jenna. They controlled every aspect of the business, and had the respect of all the areas farmers and businesses, except Tom Carrington.

For over a year, Tom Carrington and Amy Holston were in the throes of a heated affair. There was even talk of Tom deeding over the southern land to Amy and the two merging, but the affair ended on a bad note when Tom met Amanda Jewel, a playboy bunny from the Dallas area. This, of course, brought the tension over the disputed land to a fevered pitch.

Amanda rolled over and kissed Tom on his chest as her hands roamed up and down his stomach.

"Good morning lover," She cooed in a sexy voice.

Tom let out a less than enthusiastic groan as he fought to open his eyes. On the table beside him were the empty long necks they had consumed the night before.

Their clothes lie strung over the bedroom floor like the remnants of a tornado. Amanda began kissing his neck as her hands found his stiff cock. In no time Tom had Amanda on her back and was plowing her for all it was worth. The sex between Tom and Amanda would make college students blush with envy.

"Come on Amy; get your ass in gear. I want to take the jeep and check the upper 40," Jenna yelled.

"I will be there in a second. Keep your panties on," Amy remarked as she grabbed her favorite shot gun and tucked her shirt into her jeans.

Both Amy and Jenna were cowgirls, and knew how to dress the part. Their lean, firm bodies were made for cowgirl attire, and they drew stares and received cat calls wherever they went. Amy had jet black hair, and hazel eyes, while Jenna had a dirty blonde head of hair that curled slightly. She too had light blue eyes that seemed to sparkle when she smiled.

Amanda finished dressing as Tom was in the shower. Her platinum blonde hair shone In the light of sun as she rubbed some body lotion on her near perfect body. She sported 36 D breasts that fit her buxom appearance to perfection. Her stomach and abdomen were firm and tight, her ass was the perfect pear shape, and she had long, muscular legs. She threw on a pair of faded jeans and a shirt that tied at the bottom. Daisy Duke would have been proud of the way she looked.

Sitting at the breakfast table Tom announced that he had to go out to the main barn and check out some of the new equipment they had just purchased. Amanda was not much into the scent of cattle, and decided to take her digital camera and go up on the ridge and take some pictures. She put on a pair of walking boots and headed up the hill, while Tom drove out to the main complex.

From a vantage point of a large rock at the top of the ridge, Amy scanned the area with her binoculars, looking for any stray calves that might have ventured away.

"Well, I will be damned," She huffed as she zoomed in the sight of Amanda strolling up the winding path.

"What is it?" Jenna inquired, as Amy peered through the binoculars.

"That bitch is on our land," Amy grumbled as she passed Jenna the binoculars.

"Well, at least she has clothes on today," Jenna remarked with a grin. "The last time we saw her she was prancing around Tom's pool bare ass naked." Jenna remarked.

"Not for long," Amy snorted as she headed for the jeep.

"Amy, let it alone, don't do anything stupid," Jenna pleaded as she followed Amy to the jeep.

Amy fired up the jeep and sped towards the unsuspecting Amy, leaving a cloud of dust behind her.

Stopping the jeep inches from Amanda, Amy bolted out the jeep, rifle in hand and aimed directly at Amanda.

"You are trespassing bitch, this is our land. "Amy snorted.

Amanda was looking down the barrel of Amy's gun, trembling, as she sought something to say to calm Amy down.

"Well, there are no signs up here you know," Amanda replied. "Besides, Tom told me I was welcome to go anywhere on his property."

"Well, this ain't Tom's property, it is ours, and we have our own way to deal with trespassers, now strip." Amy thundered as she cocked the trigger of the gun.

"What!" Amanda yelled in disbelief. "You want me to take my clothes off..but why?" She replied, the fear now present in her voice.

"Stop talking and start stripping," Amy ordered the hapless girl.

"I would do as she says," Jenna remarked. "When Amy gets riled, it is just best to let her have her way. I would most definitely lose them clothes if I were you," Jenna said with a crafty grin on her face.

The two watched in delight as Amanda slowly removed her clothes until she stood before them completely naked.

"Tell me what Tom ever saw in a slut like this," Amy teased as her and Jenna took in the sight before them.

"Come on sis; help me tie her up in the back of the jeep. We are going to deliver her personally to Tom," Amy remarked.

"Amy, I would not advise that," Jenna replied, trying to change Amy's mind. "You know how Tom is going to react to this, there will be trouble." Jenna tried to reason.

"Fuck Tom Carrington, and fuck his little whore here, now help me tie this filly to the back of this jeep. We are going to give her a ride." Amy thundered as she pulled some rope out of the back of the jeep.

Jenna knew that the fire in Amy's eyes meant trouble, and she also knew if Amy was determined to humiliate Amanda, and piss off Tom, that the devil himself was not going to stop her, so she aided Amy in tying Amanda to the roll bars on the back of the jeep. They tossed Amanda's clothes in the back seat and lit out with the naked girl bouncing to and fro, and screaming for help.

Tom heard the commotion from all the cowhands and went to the door of barn. His face flushed with anger as he saw Amanda, naked and tied to the rear of the jeep, and Amy standing beside her with a devilish grin.

"Your little slut wandered onto our property. Thought we would deliver her back to you, so she wouldn't get hurt, "Amy jeered.

"You have sunk to your lowest level now Amy," He remarked as he rushed to cover Amanda up. "I should call the sheriff and report your worthless ass." He snorted.

"Well from now on keep your whores on your own property," Amy fired back.

"The only whore I see, Is the one standing before me right now," He fired back, looking directly into Amy's face.

"Ok, ok, lets' break this family gathering up shall we," Jenna butted in, seeing it was going to only get worse.

Amy and Tom glared at each other like two prize fighters squaring off as Jenna tossed Amanda her clothes and she ran off crying towards the house. "You will pay for this bitch, I promise you that," Tom snarled.

"Bring it on little man, give me your best shot," Amy recoiled as Jenna began dragging her jeep. Jenna fired up the jeep and they drove off with Amy giving tom the middle finger and the randy ranch hands all whopping and yelling it up.

"That was the dumbest thing you have ever did little sister, "Jenna argued as she sped for the ranch. "We need that land of his, and you all but assured we will never get it now," She argued.

"We will get it in court if we have to. I will sue his worthless ass, "Amy thundered back.

"You won't do anything, because deep inside you still have a thing for Tom, and you and I both know it. You are just pissed off that he dumped you for that little tart you just humiliated," Jenna remarked as she turned into the drive of their ranch.

Amy knew Jenna was right, and that only made her angrier. She did indeed have a thing for Tom. She loved him. She had never stopped loving him, and was not about to let some playboy tramp take her man away.

The following week was a busy one as the annual meeting of the cattleman's association in Dallas had everyone occupied. Amy and Jenna left the ranch in control of the supervisor and checked into the Hotel. They had just gotten into the elevator when Tom stopped the door from closing.

"Oh shit, sorry," he groaned. "If I knew it was you, I would have taken the next one." He sighed. Not a single word was spoken on the way up. To add insult to injury, Tom had unwittingly booked himself a room that was less than two doors from theirs.

"Traveling alone are we?" Amy teased, as she watched Tom put the key into his lock.

Tom just glared at her without saying a word. The two girls checked into their rooms and laid their things down on the beds.

"This is going to be bad, I can just tell it," Jenna sighed as Amy looked out the window of the hotel room.

"Oh relax, I won't do nothing, as long as he leaves us alone," Amy remarked as she watched the traffic below.

"I am in the mood for some cold beer and bull riding, how about you?" Amy remarked.

"Now you are talking. Let's get a shower and paint this town, "Jenna remarked.

An hour later the two girls emerged from the hotel dressed to the hilt in tight jeans, white boots, plaid shirts, and cowgirl hats. They hailed a taxi and sped straight to Longhorn's, a trendy and rowdy place where the music blasted and the mechanical bulls were the rage. The place was packed and both girls were receiving their share of attention from the guys, and even some of the ladies that were there drinking it up.

Amy wasted no time in hitting the dance floor and her body gyrated sensuously to the hard hitting rhythm of country rock. The floor was covered in peanut shells, and waitresses scurried with trays of beer, while having their asses patted by randy male patrons.

She was lost in a dance when a nice looking guy made his way over to her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He yelled through the din of the crowd.

"If you can't dance, get lost cowboy," She remarked with a grin as she ground her body to the beat of the music.

The male grinned and joined Amy in the dance. Jenna was at the bar getting a tall one when a guy sit down next to her and offered to buy her a drink as well.

"You can buy me a drink stud, but I am not going to fuck you," Jenna said with a sly grin.

"We will see about that," He grinned as he signaled the bartender to bring another round.

"Jason Briggs is the name," He yelled as he paid the bartender.

"Jenna Holston," She remarked in a matter-of-fact voice, as she began downing the beer.

Out on the dance floor, Amy was now locked in an embrace with her male partner as they whirled around the dance floor, lost in the sexy dance. "You have a name stud?" Amy yelled.

"Brad Davis ma'am," he yelled back.

It was inevitable that Amy found her way to the mechanical bulls. She sat on it, waved her hat and let out a cowgirl cheer as the bull began to move wildly. The crowd was yelling at the top of their lungs as Amy held on for dear life. The buttons popped on her shirt and her braless tits went public to the delight of everyone in the room.

"Dammit Amy, cover your tits," Jenna yelled as she sipped her beer.

The fun loving Amy cared less about her public display as she watched the clock count down the seconds. She was going to ride this bull to the end, if she had to do it bare assed. The crowd was on their feet counting down the seconds as Amy successfully rode it without being tossed.

It was 1 a.m. when the girls headed back to the hotel room with their boys in tow. A round of hot sex and they all drifted to sleep. Tom had just woken up and was headed to breakfast when he decided to make a peace offering and invite Amy and Jenna along.

Ringing her door, he waited and Amy soon appeared. Her hair was disheveled, and she was clad in only a towel. He was just about to ask her for breakfast when he saw the form of Brad lying in her bed. Saying nothing, he turned and started to walk away.

"Oh, so it's ok for you to fuck miss playboy, but it's not ok for me to have someone," She yelled in the hallway, as he simply through up his hands in disgust and took the elevator downstairs.

She huffed and turned to go back inside, only to find the door locked.

"Dammit to hell," she cursed, as she pried on the door.

Tom could not help but grin as the towel barely covered her ass cheeks. He spotted a maid cleaning rooms nearby and sent her to Amy's assistance. She shot him a slight grin as she retreated back into her room.

Later that morning the meeting got under way and the remainder of the day was spent listening to various concerns about the beef industry and new business to take care of. It was also time to recognize the cattleman of the year, and very few were surprised when Tom's name was called.

He accepted the award amidst cheers and ovations. Amy looked on with a mixture of pride and jealousy as Tom basted in the spotlight. Tom was seated having lunch when Amy walked over and sat down next to him. He looked at her startled, not knowing exactly what to say, but glad she was there.

"I am very pissed at you, you know that don't you?" She remarked, staring straightly into his eyes.

"I can only say I am sorry, so many times," He remarked back.

They talked for over a half an hour before they wound up back in Amy's hotel room, locked in passionate love making. Amy locked her legs around Tom's waist and pulled him deeper inside her as he plowed her for all it was worth. The sweat of passion beaded up on both their bodies as they made love wildly.

They were lying in bed catching their breath when Tom's cell phone went off. Amy could tell that the conversation was not a cordial one. Something was wrong; she could see it in his face.

"What is it?" she asked as he closed his cell phone and climbed out of bed.

"I have to go. I have lost six head of prime cattle and more are getting sick, some kind of disease, not sure." Tom remarked as he started getting dressed.

"Oh damn, I will go with you," Amy remarked as she hopped out of bed.

"No Amy, stay here. This was a mistake," Tom remarked with a hint of regret in his voice.

Just as he was putting on his shirt, Jenna opened the door and walked in. The sight of Amy sitting naked on the bed, and Tom putting on his shirt said it all. She looked at Amy with a cold, piercing stare.

"What are you doing?" She asked in a disbelieving tone.

Amy jumped out of the bed and quickly dressed, not wanting to get into the conversation with Jenna.

"Something is killing Tom's cattle, we have to go with him," Amy remarked as she through her clothes on.

"What!" Jenna recoiled as she looked at Tom.

"Yea, I don't know what is going on. I have lost six head already and more are getting sick. This is my business, you two stay here," He grumbled and walked out the door towards his room.

"I can't believe you," Jenna huffed as she watched Amy throw her clothes into a suitcase. "You just had to hop in bed with him didn't you?" She snorted.

"Who I fuck is my business. You coming with me, or not," Amy snapped back, clearly not in the mood for this conversation.

When the girls arrived at Tom's ranch, they found him kneeling beside one of the dead cows. They both rushed up and took a look.

"I've lost two more since I have been home. At this rate, I won't have a ranch," He sighed.

"I'm calling Lauren St. John," Jenna remarked as she pulled out her cell phone.

Tom knew the name. She was the leading Veterinarian in the state of Texas, and perhaps in the entire country. Jenna made the arrangements and agreed to pick the doctor up at the local airport the following morning.

It was late the following day when Lauren traced the disease to a mosquito that had come into the area from Mexico. Tom had to quarantine the remainder of his herds, and hire a crop duster to spray the entire complex with a sophisticated insecticide. The next few days proved successful as no cattle became sick and things slowly got back to normal.

Amy and Jenna had a cookout and invited Tom over to thank Lauren for her help. Amy watched every move Tom made as he sat with Amanda. She hated the way she felt about Tom, hated her own heart, and above all, she hated Amanda for coming between them. She kept her distance the entire evening, knowing there would be a fight if she got close to Amanda.

The next week Tom was sitting at his table getting ready to head out to the barns when Amanda came rushing over to him. She was clearly excited about something as she landed on his lap.

"I have been selected to be the July playmate," She screamed enthusiastically. "They are going to fly me out to L.A next week. You have to come with me Tom," she stated excitedly.

"Well that is great news babe," he grinned. "I'm not sure how I feel about thousands of men looking at your naked body, but I wouldn't mind seeing the playboy mansion myself," He remarked teasingly.

The local paper ran a headline about Amanda being the next playmate and Amy came thundering into the kitchen and tossed the paper down in front of Jenna.

"Did you see this shit?" She screamed. "Miss plastic tits next door is going to be Miss July, of all the bull shit," Amy hissed.

"Calm down sis," Jenna grinned. "You can say what you want about Amanda, but those girls are not plastic, she replied. (Referring to Amanda's breasts) "This thing between you and Tom is going to get out of hand. We need to move on this land business, are you ready to go to court now?" She asked Amy.

"You're damned right I am," Amy replied as she paced the kitchen floor.

The following day the two girls were sitting in the office of a prestigious law firm, specializing in land contracts and disputes.

"Well, here is the dilemma," the attorney remarked. "Tom Carrington holds a legal deed to that land. Now how he came to get that deed is the major question. No records ever record an actual sale of the property. Since your two families have existed they have shared this land, but somehow Tom's great grandfather came into possession of it. The question is did he obtain it legally, or under duress?" the attorney went on to say.

"If we can convince a judge that the property was transferred in a manner that was less than legal, we may force Tom to give up at least half of the property." He told the two girls.

"My grandfather would never have given up his part of this property, it is too important," Jenna remarked as she looked over at Amy.

"Do you want to take legal action then?" The attorney asked. "We can issue a summons and play this out in court." He remarked.

The girls looked at each other then back at the attorney.

"Yes, sue him for half the land." Jenna remarked.

The two girls left the law firm and stopped off at a local bar to have a couple of brews.

"There will be hell to pay when Tom gets that court summons, you know that don't you?" Jenna remarked as she looked at Amy.

"I don't care anymore," Amy remarked. "I am tired of Tom, and tired of seeing him with his hands all over that bitch of his. He needs to be brought down a little," Amy sighed as she drank a cold beer.

Tom flew through his door in a rage as he read the letter from the attorney. He picked up the phone and called his lawyer, who had just received a copy of the lawsuit himself.

"Calm down Tom. You hold the deed to that property. They have to prove that it was taken illegally and that can't be done. This is just smoke and mirrors those two girls are playing to get you to sign half that land over. We will win this thing, don't worry about it," His lawyer worked to assure him.

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