tagFetishYoung Bride in Tights Ch. 02

Young Bride in Tights Ch. 02


On Friday afternoon of the next week, I was in the store alone and had locked the front door to be able to develop some prints in the darkroom for a customer. Finally finished, I turned on the light and took out a little box from far back of my personal desk drawer that contained the special pictures I shot of Courtney, my secret former middle school crush, the weekend before. Every time I held them in my hands and looked at them, I got an immediate erection seeing this cute petite with brown curly hair, who I knew from many years ago, in her bridal dress, with her gorgeous legs in her shiny white tights, becoming increasingly lascivious and naughty and undressing for me... I remembered how wonderful it felt to touch her legs encased in the smooth silky white tights, and her pretty small size 4 feet, playing with her toes and licking them, and eventually penetrating her pussy and fucking her right in the studio...

I unzipped my pants and while I was looking at my hot shots of Courtney the bride, my right hand massaged the shaft of my cock, then moving to its glans, lubricating it with my pre-cum, and intensifying the pressure and rhythm. Just as I was on the verge of cumming, I heard a noise from the front door---my uncle was back, unexpectedly early... Darn it! I had to quickly zip up my pants, put the hot pics back in their box at the far end of the drawer, close it, and pretend being busy with some work stuff.

"Hey there, Eric! How are things? Done with the prints?"

My dick was still hard and made a sizable bulge in my pants, which made me very uncomfortable in front of my uncle. I pretended to put something back into a wall shelf and turned my back towards my uncle, so he would not likely be able to spot my unseeing erection.

"Hello! Yeah, all done. I guess that's it for today?" I asked him.

"Yes, all done! Thanks so much. By the way: are you free on Saturday two weeks from now?"

I now had to turn around and face him, looking him into the eyes to avoid his gaze from looking lower. I replied that I would be and inquired about the occasion.

"Remember the young woman you took pictures of last Saturday?"

"Of course I do!" I didn't want to tell him that she was an old acquaintance of mine, neither of course what direction the photo shoot took after the initial business part...

"It turns out that she also asked me to take pictures at her wedding; here is the invitation. I certainly would appreciate your help with this assignment."

"No problem at all," I said, trying to hide my excitement of being able to see Courtney again so soon and quite unexpectedly. The invitation featured a very beautiful picture of her and her future husband on the cover page; I learned that his name was Justin and he looked like a pretty nice and warm guy on that picture, no doubt they were in deep love...

"Thanks, Eric. Really appreciate this. Of course you'll get a nice chunk of my fee for your help," my uncle said, adding to my encouragement. "By the way, I saw the pictures you took of the bride-to-be and I have to say you do have talent!" He smiled in appreciation, but I had the impression from his face that he might know more than he would acknowledge openly; of course, I had taken away all the negatives and prints of the latter, more intimate part of the photo shoot with Courtney.

During the remaining days until Courtney's wedding I went over the schedule we received from her with my uncle, discussing the time lines and the kinds of shots we would need to take at the various stages of the wedding ceremony and dinner and dance afterwards. Since I had never assisted in a wedding photo shoot before, I was quite nervous about it, and with Courtney being the bride, my anxiety increased even more. Still, a part of me was also very much looking forward to being a part of this very special day and event in Courtney's life and to be able to celebrate with her, as my own time would permit. I wondered if she knew that I would be there assisting my uncle but somehow didn't want to talk to her directly before the wedding; she would find out right away at any rate, I figured.

Naturally, I would take every opportunity to look at the hot shots of Courtney in her wedding dress and with fewer clothes on, and also would at times get out her cum-stained tights she had left in the store and smelled them all over, particularly in the ripped crotch area where I could make out the aroma of her pussy juices, and the feet parts, which still smelled sweet and sweaty the same way I remembered the scents of Courtney's little luscious feet dancing across my face just very recently...


On the day of the wedding, I helped my uncle load his van with all of the equipment, cameras, flashes, lights, backdrops, etc., and we were finally on our way to our assignment. I dressed up for the occasion and wore a black suit with vest, elegant shirt, dark purple tie, and nice black laced-up leather shoes. My uncle also wore a black suit with a vest but his tie was frog green, maybe a bit too "loud" of a color for this formal occasion, but, well, he was the photographer...

The wedding was held in the finest hotel in our town, the only 5-star we had, and we went straight to the Grand Ballroom where the ceremony would be taking place. As we positioned and tested our equipment, the guests arrived, in my estimate about 200 in total. Then, the groom came to the front of the room, joined by his four groomsmen, all wearing elegant tuxedos. Shortly thereafter, the Maid of Honor together with three other bridesmaids positioned themselves on the other side of the podium. They all wore very fancy strapless pink silk dresses with hemlines above their knees, expensive sheer nude pantyhose and black 4" heeled leather pumps. I truly loved these bridesmaids, all of them probably around 20 years old, in their very sexy outfits. Somehow it seemed to me that the Maid of Honor looked a bit like Courtney, but she was a redhead and at least 4 or 5 inches taller than her, so I was not sure if they were related. However, I was sure that I would try to get a hold of these young gorgeous bridesmaids if there would be an opportunity at all during the wedding night, at least for a dance, I thought, but hopefully more. My imagination went through the roof, picturing them in bed with me, teasing me with their heels and pantyhose, asking me to pleasure their pantyhose-encased pussies with my tongue, and finally fucking the shit out of them...

Eventually, the parents of bride and groom (except for Courtney's dad) arrived and sat down in the first row, followed by the minister who stood behind the podium. The music started to play Mendelssohn's wedding march and I saw Courtney entering the ballroom, holding onto her father's arm. With very few exceptions I was the only one who had seen her in her bridal dress before, but now, maybe with all the formal ceremony, music, etc. going on, she looked even more stunning and gorgeous than she had a couple of weeks earlier in my uncle's studio. She wore an even more expensive, glossy white pair of tights that day and featured a broad, very charming smile, telling of her excitement and exhilaration about this very special day in her life. Courtney was so much up in the clouds that she did not recognize me, or maybe not even directly look at me, in the brief moment until I placed a camera in front of my face to document her walking into the ballroom at the side of her dad.

We took many shots during the ceremony, but the highlight, as always, was of course the first kiss of bride and groom after they were formally declared husband and wife, and they were not shy taking their time with this kiss and allowing us to capture this symbol of union in much detail. During the whole time, my eyes were trimmed on Courtney, her gorgeous bridal outfit, her stunning legs encased in the smooth white shiny luxury tights, and her sexy glossy 4" white high heeled pumps. Would I be able to talk to her later? Dance with her? And, maybe, even more than that? I was ambivalent about these desires of mine; I realized how inappropriate they were on Courtney's wedding day, but then again, after all these days and weeks leading up to this event I had imagined so many naughty situations in my daydreams and fantasies that it now almost felt as if it would be time for them to come true...

After the ceremony, while the guests enjoyed a large and exquisite selection of appetizers, my uncle and I were busy shooting different arrangements of the bridal party in the hotel's beautiful backyard that was full of blooming trees and bushes, as it was spring time. Bride and groom by themselves, with parents, with their whole family, with bridal parties, groomsmen and bridesmaids, and even some other special guests and friends. I learned quite a bit from my uncle during these shoots, how to arrange people, how to make sure no one's head is cut off, that they all smile and look friendly, and how to compose overall aesthetically pleasing photographs that would be memorable for a lifetime. But even more than that, I enjoyed having Courtney around for such a long time, who meanwhile had recognized me and gave me a wink and a smile. She was really easy to take pictures of since she always had a charming smile on her face, was so stunning and gorgeous by herself and even more so as a bride, wearing this all-white alluring bridal outfit...

Dinner was next on the program, and since my uncle and I were busy taking pictures of all tables, about 25 of them, sometimes also shoots of individual guests or couples, it wasn't until towards the end of the main course that we could finally get to sit down at our own table and enjoy the excellent food, as well. Several friends of Courtney and her husband gave some funny speeches before dessert, and with most people having plenty of wine and beer, the mood of the party got more and more relaxed and cheerful, with conversations increasing in loudness and mixed with more laughter.

After dinner, the DJ invited everyone to the dance floor in the rear section of the ballroom, and now my uncle and I had to get into gear again and continue our documentation work of capturing all main events of the night. As usual, the first dance was for the bride and groom, who looked into each other's eyes the whole time, showing their deep love and affection in a very natural and almost cute way. Then Courtney danced with her dad, while Justin did the waltz with his mom. Finally, everyone else was invited to the floor, and soon there was dancing all over the place, the dance floor completely filled with people.

While I was still taking pictures of people chatting and dancing, Courtney approached me, asking if I would mind taking a little break from work and having a dance with her. Of course I accepted the invitation, and soon the two of us were on the floor together, enjoying a Latin American dance. My eyes were trimmed on Courtney the whole time, admiring her gorgeous body in her stunning white bridal outfit, her beautiful, cute face and her pretty hair. Touching her hands during the dance made me even more aroused than I already was and I wondered if she would notice that my attention and excitement went beyond what was natural for an "old friend." To my surprise, she asked me for another dance, and yet another one once the second dance was over, and so I had the time of my life with the bride of the night, enjoying to move around to the tunes and rhythms of the music with Courtney... I was somewhat worried that I would make her husband Justin jealous by spending so much time dancing with his wife, but when I spotted him having a great time with his friends at their table, I felt much better about my "abduction of the bride."

After about an hour into the post-dinner dance, my uncle decided that we had done our job for this night and told me that we had taken 30 rolls of film altogether, about 1000 shots in all. I helped him putting the equipment into his van but did not want to leave the event yet, as I enjoyed myself a lot, having been able to do three dances with Courtney already and also a couple of dances with some of her friends. So I wished my uncle a good night and went back into the hotel to the dance floor.

The Maid of Honor approached me as I was watching the scene and asked for a dance. For sure I agreed and we did a hot and fast rock-n-roll on the dance floor. She told me her name was Lindsay and that she was Courtney's older sister. So, I had been right earlier, I thought, definitely, there is a similarity there. Lindsay, with her red long hair and her sexy pink silk dress, was no less of a stunningly gorgeous girl than her sister, and I asked her for three more dances, to which she gladly agreed. I enjoyed touching her while doing the dances, looking into her pretty green eyes, smelling the nice fragrance of her long curly red hair, and at times even briefly, as if by accident, touching her boobs and pantyhose-encased legs. She may have noticed the bulge in my pants. Since she briefly winked at me as her right leg went briefly between my legs and just barely touched my hard-on through my black pants.

After we left the dance floor, I invited her for a drink at the hotel bar, and we soon were chatting away, as if we'd been friends for ever, looking into each other's eyes flirtingly. I also had to glance at her gorgeous long shapely legs, just covered by the smooth fabric of the sheer nude pantyhose, and the black leather high heels that she sometimes, playfully, dangled off her pretty feet. My erection grew larger and soon reached its maximum size, pre-cum emanating from the tip of my boner. I was definitely ready for more...

As we had finished our drinks, Lindsay asked me if I would mind doing a couple of photo shots of her, "just by herself." I told her that I would love to, but my uncle had already left with all of our equipment.

"No problem. I have a digital camera in my room, you can use this one..." she suggested. I was not so convinced that this was a good idea since in those days, digital cameras produced pictures of rather inferior quality. But I didn't say anything because I was interested in Lindsay and spending more time with her...


As we entered Lindsay's hotel room, I noticed two large bags at the opposite sides of the king size bed, as well as two sets of women's shoes right next to them. Since one set featured shoes of very small size, I figured that Courtney probably had spent the night before with her sister, but would certainly move to a new room with her husband for the coming night.

Lindsay took out her digital camera from her bag and handed it to me, smiling almost as charmingly as her sister Courtney, but with a noticeable expression of tipsiness on her face, as well. I liked the way she moved and interacted with me naturally, and whenever I was close to her, the flowery fragrance of her beautiful long red hair gave me another large turn-on.

I turned on the camera and asked her about the basic workings, which were very simple, then suggested we would start with some shoots featuring her on the comfy love seat in one corner of the room. She sat down, crossed her pretty long legs, and showed off her nice figure, wearing the pink strapless silk dress, expensive luxury smooth nude pantyhose, 20 denier, and her black leather heels. I didn't have to say much, since she enjoyed coming up with interesting poses on her own, moving her pretty cute hands through her long curly red hair, playing around with it, looking a bit leud and lecherous at the camera, opening her lips with one finger, playing with her looks and facial expressions.

She then continued with more of her sexy shoe dangling she had done previously in the bar, where she must have noticed my arousal and my cock getting an erection from the sight of her cute pretty pantyhose-encased feet. In fact, she was so good at these seductive movements that my boner got hard again all the way, creating a huge and easily visible bulge in my pants, and more pre-cum emanating from its tip. My face turned red, as well, and the more Lindsay noticed how much of an arousing effect her erotic posings had on me, the more creative she became at it and the more lascivious her poses became. Lindsay pulled her legs closely to her body, so that her knees touched her breasts through her silky dress. After some more shots, she moved her dress further up her legs until I could see her sex through the sheer fabric of the pantyhose. She was not wearing panties underneath, but did have a nice bush of pussy hair, almost the same color as her beautiful red hair, as far as I could tell from looking through her hose.

But Lindsay didn't stop at this point, she rather started another episode of dangling her black high heels from her pretty pantyhose-clad feet, then letting them drop to the floor with a loud, seductive noise, and then just moving her feet and toes around and onto each other, playing with her feet to even further increase my sexual arousal.

Taking pictures under these circumstances became more and more difficult for me, as my level of arousal and lust increased, and as I got to the point of just wanting to fuck her so bad, this craving of sexual lust for this pretty young women taking over my whole mind and body.

"How about we continue the shoots on the bed?" I suggested, pretending that I was still "just" interested in the photographic activities, even though it was clear to me that she more than noticed my extreme arousal and appetite for more.

"Certainly!" She responded with another very cute and charming smile, and while she walked over to the large bed, she took off her pink silk dress right in front of me, exposing her beautiful size 40D breasts, barely held-up by a spandex bra with

Leopard print. She must have noticed my astonishment when I saw this daring bra because she remarked that she also thought that this was maybe a bit of an adventurous choice for a Maid of Honor's lingerie. With that, she sat down on the bed, with her redhead slightly bent backwards, her mouth slightly open, and her tongue erotically and slowly playing with her red luscious lips. She spread her pantyhose-clad legs wide, placing her feet close to the corners of the bed and then, to my utter surprise, started to move her fingers down to her crotch area. I kept taking pictures all the while, but started to breathe more heavily, my rock-hard boner throbbing and oozing out streams of more pre-cum, and my focus on my "professional assignment" dwindling by each second.

As Lindsay massaged her meanwhile enlarged outer pussy lips through the fabric of her pantyhose with her right hand, and giving both of her breasts and nipples, still covered by the leopard print bra, a workout with her left hand until her erect nipples clearly showed through the smooth fabric of her stretch bra, I almost lost it out of sexual excitement and my wanting of this super hot Maid of Honor and sister of the bride became almost unbearable.

Lindsay now laughed out loud, noticing my uncomfortable situation, and suggested I should be "more involved" in the whole thing. With that, she got up, and undressed me all the way, my super hard boner pointing to the ceiling, its glans glistening in slimy pre-cum.

"Nice one we have here!" She noticed my manhood in a smile. "You don't mind, do you...?" She asked, without waiting for a reply from me. She kneeled down in front of me, resting her butt cheeks on her heels, still all in the smooth luxury nude pantyhose, and she grabbed my dick with both of her hands, starting with a massage of my shaft. I bet she had done that a lot of times before since she was so proficient in this, that she made me almost come, without even touching its most sensitive areas. After a while, her hands slid downwards to pleasure my balls, using her fingers and even fingernails for added teasing and pleasure. As I gasped for air, being almost overwhelmed with excitement, she moved her pretty mouth forward and slowly started to flick my boner all the way up and down with her skillful tongue that applied just the right mix of softness and pressure. After this preparation, she took my hot rod into her mouth, sucking on it with rhythmic motions, making me feel all of her soft and smooth areas inside of her mouth, and then she locked her gaze at my eyes, putting on the look of this slutty little girl, almost a bit shy and embarrassed for what she was doing to me. All of these sensations from her hands working on my balls, her mouth and tongue sucking and flicking my boner, her eyes looking into mine, her pretty long curly red hair flowing over her shoulders, her hardened breasts and nipples appearing through her stretch leopard print bra, and her sexy legs and feet in the smooth fabric of her nude pantyhose, brought me to the point of no return. Almost without my own volition, I grabbed her head and thrust my cock deep into Lindsay's mouth, who was at first a bit surprised about my initiative and the raw force of it, then attempting to engage in the rhythm of me banging her little mouth all the way to the back until she started to gag. This turned me on even more and Lindsay now moved her hands from my balls to my butt and grabbed my butt cheeks as firmly as she could, showing to me her heightened arousal, pushing her fingers and fingernails deep into my butt cheeks with force. Her breathing became shallower, her body tensed up, and she kept gagging and grasping for breath as my hard cock kept hammering ever deeper into her throat.

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