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Young Bride Satisfies Brother in Law


My family, my wife of one year, Katy and myself are planning a trip to see my brother Doug, stationed at the Air Force at Oklahoma City. Doug is two years older than me and a good size bigger than myself. He has always been considered the ladies man of the family. He has a fiancé now, but she is in Des Moines, and will be until the wedding next spring. To save money on the trip we're just going to spend the three nights there sleeping at Doug's apartment.

A week before our scheduled departure, Katy and I are in bed together when we start to fool around. We're both horny as hell, not having had sex in over two weeks due to her period the first week and school projects the second. One thing leads to another, as could be expected, and we end up in the throws of passion. I climb on top of her twenty-three year old naked body, spreading her legs with my own. My cock finds its mark and I slowly ease into her slippery cocoon. Her vaginal walls grip my cock as I push in to the hilt. She lets out a slow, quiet moan of approval. I swing my left leg over her right leg for deeper penetration and begin my slow, deep gyrations into her body. One of my hands has the small of her back, pulling her upward so she'll lift her hips and I can penetrate her even deeper. The other hand massages her firm 36C breasts, concentrating on the hard, eraser sized nipples. She moans again and I can tell her orgasm is imminent.

I whisper to her, "You know, I'm not going to be able to go the whole time in Oklahoma without this."

She opens her clinched eyes and replies, "Well I'm not doing it if we're in the same room as your parents." She pauses for a moment to enjoy the feel of my cock inside her. "Or your sister," she states.

"Fair enough," I reply.

After she doesn't continue, or mention anything about my brother, I ask "Well what about Doug?"

She hesitates, then replies sheepishly, "Well... that's up to you."

Now this turns me on like no other. I've always got off fucking Kat in public where there's a good chance people are watching - like at public beaches or at the park. I've even fantasized about Katy fucking someone close to me while I watch. "Really? You'd have sex with Doug in the room?"

The pace of her hips quickens as she grabs my ass and squeezes hard. "I guess," she replies

"But you never know, what if he saw these," I say as I squeeze her tits in my hands as they shake back and forth from my relentless pounding.

Katy doesn't reply verbally, she answers by exploding in an orgasm, bucking her hips wildly. Breasts heaving, teeth clenched as she squeezes my ass, pulling me into her as hard as she can. I hold out as long as possible, then explode in her womb, cumming until I'm dry. Both spent, we collapse in a naked heap.

The next night we find ourselves in the same situation. We're passionately embraced, kissing and groping, when again the same topic arises. As she removes her white panties she whispers teasingly, "I'm not sure if we should do this, I'd almost rather wait for next week so I can cum even harder with Doug in the room." She hardly ever talks dirty, and never unless we're well into a good round, so this of course riles me into a frenzy. I withstand the urge to dive right in and instead lay next to her, partially on her body as my right hand slides down her skin before reaching her vagina.

"You know," I say as I lightly roll her pussy lips between my fingers before slipping two fingers inside of her, moving them in a tight circular motion, "Doug has always asked me about those pictures I took on Bourbon Street when we all went to New Orleans. I've already got them scanned in to my computer..."

Without a word Katy pushes me off and leaves the bed, headed for the computer. "Where are they?" she asks.

"Here, let me sit, I'll find 'em."

I sit in front of the computer and open the pictures, one at a time. I open up my email and attach the files. Before I can send them Katy stops me. "Wait," she says. I'm disappointed as I figure she's changed her mind. She shocks me when she pushes my chair back away from the computer and, facing toward the monitor, proceeds to sit on my lap, making sure my erect cock is buried deep within her. In another surprising act she begins to type a message. "Doug- Sorry I forgot to show you these. I figured since you can't have sex for a while you'd need some fresh material to use. What do you think? -Brian" As she types she moves her hips back and forth and in small circles. Her pace quickens and I hear her shiver as she clicks send. I can feel her juices run down my inner thighs.

After sending the pics she leans back against me, reaching down for my hands and placing them on her large breasts. She then slides her own hands down her smooth stomach to her moist patch of hair, moving her hips up and down as I try to keep from cumming. She stops upon hearing the computer make a noise. I've got one new message. It appears as if Doug is online now, too.

Immediately Katy opens it to read what he's said. The message reads: "Holy shit dude. I don't know what to say except WOW! I always was pissed I had to take Denise back to the hotel and didn't get to see this. What a gorgeous fucking rack! To be honest, since this obviously is okay to talk about now, I've always fantasized about what they would look like, especially whenever she wears those tight shirts or a bikini or whatever - especially the camisoles. And they're exactly as I'd imagined - round, big, just fuckin' perfect. Man you got a lucky dick -- literally. And thanks, this will definitely cum in handy in the coming months. Don't be afraid to send any more!" With that Katy again begins to buck. She pants, "Do you think he's jerking off to my pictures right now?" "I'm sure of it," I reply. "So what's in your mind right now? What are you imagining? Who's cock is inside of you right now? Come on, whose, baby?"

"Oh Doug," she moans, "Your cock is so thick Doug. Oh, uuhhhh." She lets out a shiver and a moan as she grinds her hips into my lap, forcing my cock deep within her walls. I, too, cannot fight the unbelievable urge and grunt through my teeth as I soak the insides of her tunnel.

Friday, the day of departure, finally arrives. We take the family mini van on the five-hour drive down to Oklahoma City. My dad drives and Katy and I sleep. We get down there about dinnertime. My brother comes out and greets us warmly. We enter his apartment to put our stuff down and get cleaned up to go out to dinner. As we are waiting for the women to get ready, Doug shows me around his apartment. On the second and third levels, from the living room and Doug's absent roommates room, huge picture windows face the pool.

"Hey nice view. Do you ever see anything... exciting?" I ask.

"Yeah, quite often actually," Doug replies.

Just then the ladies come down the stairs. Katy wears a knee-high jean skirt and a white button down shirt with a small jean Brianet. As we walk through the parking lot to the car, I notice her breasts swaying carelessly beneath her shirt. I'm astonished as this only happens when she doesn't wear a bra, which is very rare. In the car I sit to her left in the back seat. When I look down at her I notice instantly that she has the shirt unbuttoned three buttons, a quarter way down her tits. But as she sits the shirt kind of bubbles out, giving me a wonderful view of most of her right breast, god does it look amazing. I can see the slope at the top and the curve of the inside, almost down to her nipple. I'm instantly hard. She grins wickedly and puts her hand on my leg and gently caresses back and forth, up and down.

I lean over and whisper in her ear, "No bra?"

She leans into me and whispers back, "I forgot to pack any underwear... oops. Are you mad?"

At this point my jaw is hanging down in disbelief as I almost cum in my pants right there.

"You didn't bring any? " I ask in disbelief.

She just shrugs her shoulders. The sight of her naked breast coupled with the thought of her wearing a skirt with no panties makes me shake with excitement.

When we get to the restaurant I have to un-tuck my shirt to hide my erection. The restaurant is a quaint little Italian joint. Nice atmosphere, dimly lit, Italian music playing. We are seated at a booth against the back wall. I slide in first, then Katy, then Doug. My parents and sister sit on the other side. A few minutes of conversation go by when I notice Katy's posture. As she does, she is slouched over, probably because she's cold. But I can see that her shirt is bubbled open again, this time much more than in the van. Again I am instantly hard, my erection straining against my jeans. I can't see much from my side, but from his angle Doug can see right down her shirt to the swell of her beautiful breast, probably including the nipple this time. In fact, with my dad being 6'4" and leaning on the table to hear, like he does, he is probably getting a pretty good show himself, I notice he has no problem occasionally glancing at her chest. Katy seems oblivious to this, although I'm sure in her devious little mind she knows exactly what she is doing.

Wanting to call her bluff, I strike up a conversation with Doug. As we talk, both he and Katy look at me. Katy turns her head away from him to look, but doesn't move her body at all, aside from arching her back slightly. Before I can finish the first sentence I notice Doug's eyes wandering. To be as nonchalant as possible, he looks at something on the table first, then down at her chest, then back to me. This game of hers continues through the ordering process, much to the server's delight; I notice he can't stop glancing either. But when the food comes she ends it, straightening up throughout the remainder of dinner.

On the ride home I sit in the backseat to Katy's right, Doug sits to her left like in the restaurant. The van is dark but with every passing streetlight the interior is slightly illuminated. About halfway back to the apartment we go through a construction site; the road is completely torn up. I look over and see Doug blatantly staring at Katy's chest. I follow his eyes down and see her shirt open quite a bit. Evidently it had to have been in the parking lot after dinner, Katy undid another button, so her shirt now rested open down to her navel. I can see half of her breast from my side; I can only imagine what the other side looks like. Her breasts are bouncing up and down slightly with every bump, and swaying back and forth as my dad turns to avoid debris and holes in the road. All the while Katy stares straight ahead. I look up at Doug and he looks up at me before snapping his head forward in embarrassment. The rest of the ride back I glance at Katy's exposed flesh whenever I get the chance, as I'm sure Doug does too.

At ten o'clock in the evening the parents and sister head for bed in the roommates bedroom. Katy says that as the weather is still warm she wants to go for a dip in the pool. "I'm game," I say, "How 'bout you?" I ask Doug.

"Nah, that's alright, I'm just going to watch some TV."

"Suit yourself," Katy says.

I quickly change and head down to the pool to wait for Katy. About twenty minutes later I see her appear from the dark stairwell into the well-lit courtyard. She is a vision in her light blue bikini; breasts resting gently within the elastic fabric, nipples making their presence known.

"Damn your hot stuff," I proclaim as she hops in the four-foot deep pool. "But what took you so long."

"I was just talking with Doug for a little bit."

My cock swells as I realized that all that was between Doug's eyes and Katy's body while they'd talked was a thin layer of elastic fabric that was clinging tightly to her every curve -- her tits fully visible, as is the small mound from her vagina, just hidden behind this acutely thin layer of blue. Not to mention the fact that he's actually already seen what's hidden under the bikini from the pictures she sent.

"What'd you talk about?"

"Nothing really. I just asked him if it was hard not having had sex in over a year. He said it definitely was. I might of accidentally flashed him the bottom of my tit a little bit as I adjusted my swimsuit top as we talked." I know different of course -- there are no accidents. "I told him that at least he can still jerk off, then asked him if he ever got the pictures I sent. He nervously asked what pictures. It was cute. I told him that it was me that sent the pictures of New Orleans, that I just felt bad that he didn't get to have sex for so long and thought he deserved a treat. And I might have mentioned that I was a bit disappointed he didn't get to see the real thing in New Orleans. I said that when I touch myself, I imagine he was there in New Orleans and that he was up close, watching as I showed my tits to everyone, that he did get to see me topless like all the other guys that were out in New Orleans that night."

With that she grins and dives below the water to swim a couple of laps before coming over to me. She stands and wraps her arms around me for a warm hug. We stand their holding each other in the water. Slowly a tingling arises within me as I am suddenly aware of every inch of this sexy, wet woman rubbing against my body. I lean my head down and meet her lips with mine. We interlace tongues as she slides her hands up and down my back. She steps back and leans down to removes the bikini bottoms, leaving her completely nude except for the top. She tosses the small panties about twenty feet behind her and onto the cement patio.

My erection is almost painful as she glides through the water and takes the elastic of my swim-trunks in her hands and lowers them down to my knees where I willingly step out of them. She rubs my hard cock in her hand a couple of times. I glance up at the window to see if anyone is watching from Doug's apartment.

She tells me, "Don't worry, no one will see you. I think we can conceal you pretty well within me." She grabs onto my shoulders and lifts herself up in the water, wrapping her legs around my waist before sliding back down and onto my awaiting shaft. I hold her in the water and gently thrust my hips as she gyrates her vagina around my steel. She releases her grip on my neck and lays herself back in the water, floating there, breasts just above the surface, arms spread to the sides sweeping gently through the water for balance. I help hold her up with my hands on her back. I slide my hands to the clasp at the back of the bikini top. She lies still and inhales deeply with excitement as I undo the latch at slowly lift the top from her body before throwing it over on the deck - so far, even, that she's going to have to get out of the water to retrieve it. She now lies completely exposed to the world, body shimmering from the lamp above us as I thrust gently in and out of her. Out of the corner of my eye I notice movement in Doug's apartment, a figure in the window. I don't mention it to Katy and continue the wet dance of erotic love.

I carry her over to the edge of the pool. We are adjacent to the apartment now as she puts her elbows up in the pool gutter and lifts herself slightly out of the water. She throws her head back as I watch her breasts bounce up and down just above the surface with every one of my thrusts. Her nipples are hard from being exposed to the cool night air. She rests on her left elbow as her right hand creeps up her stomach before coming to a rest on her breast. She massages her chest as she turns her head to stare at the window to Doug's living room. I see her face turn flush with excitement.

"He told me he wishes so bad he could've been there in New Orleans," she tells me, "and that he uses the pictures almost daily. After a little digging I found out that it only takes him a few seconds to cum when he uses them. How long do you think it will take him now with the real thing before his eyes?"

She barely gets the last word out before losing her breath and writhing in my arms. She continues with her head facing the apartment as she closes her eyes and grimaces, biting her lower lip and panting in gasping breaths. With the orgasm her vagina tightens around my cock, milking it as I cum deep inside her.

She slips off of me and does a few more underwater laps in the pool before hopping out to get her towel and bikini. She stands naked to the world as she dries off her young curves. As I put my trunks back on and hop out of the pool, she wraps the towel around her body and grabs her bikini. She walks back up to the apartment with bikini in hand. I follow closely behind.

As she walks in front of me up the dark outside stairwell I run my hand up the inside of her thigh and under the towel. She is still soaking wet and I cannot resist sliding two fingers into her vagina. She stops immediately where she is and I begin to finger fuck her. I use my left hand to gently caress her leg and ass. She gets excited. Katy goes up the last few steps to the patio of Doug's apartment. She turns toward me when she gets to the door. Under the porch light she removes the towel and leans her naked body back against the door to the apartment. I walk toward her, pushing my shorts to my knees as I walk.

She lifts her right leg to the small table next to her as I grab hold of her sweet body and impale myself on her once again. I lean back and she pushes her pelvis out, creating a gap between us so I can see her beautiful body as we fuck. I grope her tits as she again begins to cum. I pound against her soft body, causing a "Bam, bam, bam" against the door. "It should be unlocked," I hear Doug call from inside. Katy and I laugh at the comment as I release another torrent of cum in her. I put my trunks back on and she picks up her suit and wraps the towel around her.

We walk into the apartment. Doug is on the couch watching TV. Katy is leading the way, and leads it right over to the couch next to Doug. I follow and sit next to her. She lays her hands neatly in her lap, along with the swimsuit -- obviously a well-devised ploy to get Doug to notice she's naked beneath his towel. Sopranos is on TV and we decide to watch for a bit. Kat gets more comfortable and puts her legs up on the couch and leans against me. I notice Doug looking down out of the corner of his eye. It's apparent to me that Doug can most likely see Kat's young pussy beneath the towel. It's a good thing she's laying on me because otherwise my raging hardon would be visible to everyone. After about an hour I open my eyes, realizing I've fallen asleep. Katy is asleep with her head on my lap. Doug has gone to bed. But I notice Katy's towel is scrunched up around her waist, her vagina is in plain view with her legs akimbo. Could Doug see this? When did he go to bed? Did he cause this? Did he move my wife's towel to uncover her pussy? If so, did she know about it? All questions that bring back the raging hard on I had earlier. I wake Katy up by sliding my hand down and over her pussy lips. As she stirs, she humps toward my hand and I find it easy to slip a finger inside. She slides her own hands down her stomach and over my hand. She follows my arm as if to check and see whose hand is on her. She grinds her pussy against my hand as I finger fucked her right there on the couch. She even lets me open the towel and massage her tits with my other hand. Within minutes she's shivering and blushing her way to a powerful orgasm. I let her catch her breath before cleaning up her cum with the towel she's wearing. When we get up to bed Doug's on the Internet chatting with his fiance. Katy uses his bathroom to change into her pajamas, leaving the now heavily scented towel on the counter for Doug to find/use later.

Doug says we can take his futon and he'll sleep on the floor. We accept his offer graciously. I hope to make love to Katy after Doug falls asleep, but Katy herself passes out as soon as her head hits the pillow. The next morning, though, he wakes up with a terrible backache and cramped neck. Katy suggests he go ahead and sleep in the futon with us that night, "There's more than enough room for the three of us," she says.

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