tagTransgender & CrossdressersYoung for Hung Ch. 01

Young for Hung Ch. 01


This is for my beloved Chris.

I feel like I am addicted. Like I will go mad if I don’t get it. But I am choosy too. I want it hard and big enough to choke me. I want cock and now. I never knew I would go so crazy for it, but after my first encounter I was hooked like a junkie. I love sucking it and fucking it and the more I get the more I want. Especially tonight for some reason. I have been jonesin’ for a fix since I got out of class. I thought about trying to score then, but decided to wait until nightfall when the really hot guys come out. I love cruisin’ the bars looking for those bands of gold that tells me they are married, but are also in need.

My own cock aches now for it, though it seems more like a bother than a blessing. I hate being a guy. I want to be a girl, especially when I am with a guy who has a big luscious piece of meat. I never realized I was this way until I confessed to my sister my fantasies. Lily is the best. She understood and even told me that no matter what she loved me and just wanted me to be happy. I showed her the magazines I got off to and the panties that I stole from her to wear. She just giggled and hugged me and said she would try to help.

She did help. By just loving me she helped.

“It’s OK Chris. You are just human and have needs.” She said while she lay in the tub.

I watched her full breasts move in the bubbles and wished they were mine. We had been living together for 2 years in the city and had developed a very close relationship. Our relationship got closer as I became her sister/brother plaything. She said she would help me dress as a girl and get guys, but in return I would have to pleasure her with my cock. No big deal. We kissed on the deal. I love the way my sister kisses. She has the best tongue and lips and though I have kissed several men since then, I could make out with her for hours.

The night of my confession my world started to change.

“Show me your cock.” She ordered from the tub. I took it out stroking it a little since it was in a state of limbo.

“Go ahead stroke it” I did as told. “Shut your eyes and think about it as your big clit, stroke it as if Tony is watching.”

This got the erection building. I had always had the hots for Tony. He is a very masculine kind of guy, big shoulders and defined face. He’s 40 and since he started dropping by my parent’s home as the handy man I have wanted him. I imagined him with a huge cock and me being a petite sexy girl to take it.

My sister knew exactly what to say. “You’re home alone and you don’t know he is there, but you have been thinking about him. You feel your pussy get wet and imagine him getting ready to fill it.” Man I was so ready.

“I thought you had a thing for Tony. He’s got a huge cock can you handle it?”

In my dream state I pictured myself virgin and tight with his cock resting against my hole.

“Please, fuck me Tony” I pleaded. I didn’t know she has gotten out of the tub until I felt her take my hand.

“Keep your eyes closed, stay in the scene. He takes your hand and lifts you to your feet. He touches your small breasts and admires your sweet girlish figure.”

I wanted him so bad.

“I’ve watched you Chris and I know you have watched me. Your pussy is so tight you need a man to fill it. To make you a real girl. Is that what you want baby?” I was bent over the bed as her wet fingers swirled around my puckered hole. I knew what was coming next and felt at ease. I knew she would keep me in the fantasy and go gentle. I was about to be a girl and get my pussy fucked. I shook with excitement.

“You want my big cock baby?” She said placing the head of her toy against the hole. Without an answer she started to enter me. The pain and grace melded into a feeling of joy.

“Oh yes daddy fuck me.” I begged.

“That’s right little girl I’m your daddy and I am going to take my pussy out for a spin.” She pushed in deeper opening me up. I was so tight. I was shaking as my imagination and dream became a reality. Tony pressing into me, forcing me to be his girl. I couldn’t help but cum, but she kept slowly stroking my ass with her toy. It was pretty big, filling me as she kept going deeper with each stroke.

“You like that baby.”

“Oh yes daddy. Oh yes. Oh Tony I love you.” I blurted out.

“I know baby now I am loving you.” I was almost in tears with this whole scene. I knew there was not turning back now. I was not alone. Tony was my daddy.

“Deeper daddy please” I wanted more and more of him. I wanted him to damage me with his large cock.

“That’s right it baby take more of it.” The pace quickened as the thrusts became more pronounced. I was getting fucked and hard and I loved it.

She gripped my hips tight and moaned. I felt a gush inside of me. Tony was cumming in me oh yes.

“Cum in me daddy” I said letting her know how I loved it.

“I want to spill all over your pussy baby.” More and more filled me. Then she loosened up and slowly took her dick out of me. I felt a little saddened, but she held me.

“You were so good honey. You are a girl inside aren’t you? I will help you baby.” She encouraged as we lay on the bed together.

“I want Tony.” I cried.

“I know baby and I know he will want you. I happen to know he likes pretty young things. We’ll get you ready for him.”

That night we held each other close like we often did. The only difference was I woke up with her riding my cock. It didn’t excite me, but I know it did her so I thought of Tony some more and when the time came so did I, in her.

“Now honey we have come in each other. We have a special bond.” We kissed and showered together setting about for our regular lives. “Tonight, baby we get you ready” she said as we parted at the corner.

Over the next couple weeks we hatched our plan. I was getting more used to my feminine side and longing for Tony even more. Lily invited him over to do some stuff on the apartment that the super was taking his time doing.

“It’s all in how you feel. If you feel like a girl it will show through.” She said before leaving. She gave me a sweet kiss and pinched my ass. “Just let it go.”

It was only minutes later until Tony showed up. I was so nervous I could barely speak. I showed him where the problems were and he assured me they were no big thing. The way he smiled at me made me shake in my shorts. I had dressed just for him with tight shorts and a tank feeling too masculine, but my sister had given me a lace thong to wear and some perfume just to give me a slight girl feel.

I watched as he worked handing him things from time to time. I offered him a beer which he guzzled in one swig holding the can high. I could see his cock defined in his jeans and wanted so bad to drop to my knees and release it.

“Like what you see,” he asked.

I jumped with a start. “Well ah.” I stammered.

He moved closer. “I have a thing about blondes,” he said moving closer. His hand reached for my head. “Especially cute ones” His fingers ran though my short locks as I melted into him.

He reached down to my crotch feeling my swollen member tight against the fabric. “So you did like what you saw. I thought so. Want to see more?” Without a word I did as I had longed to do for years. I dropped to my knees in front of him. My fingers were nimble in unbuttoning his fly revealing that he was naked underneath. His cock popped out and bounced on my nose. It was the biggest cock I ever saw. At least 9 inches and very thick.

I stroked it and fondled the balls as his pants fell to the ground.

“Go ahead. Show me how much you like it” he said pushing my head over the top. Not needing any encouragement I started to suck his meat like it was life itself. I opened my mouth wide letting him gag me with the smooth flesh. His hands set my motion. “That’s right baby,” he said as I took more and more in. I was in heaven. I wanted this cock so bad and now I was getting it, deep in my throat.

“Suck it like a girl” he ordered. “Use your tongue. Swirl it. Kiss it.”

I made love to his meat rubbing it on my cheeks and lips. Sucking in the head tightly between my lips. He let me show him my devotion. His hands were gentle in my hair at first, but as his lust grew so did his force which excited me even more. Finally he was fucking my mouth like a twat and I let him. My throat opened up refusing to gag over this incredible member. The power of his hands and his cock drew me away from this world, as I knew my own cock was ready to explode. Just then I felt the squirt of is seed down my throat. I swallowed fast so as not to choke, wanting him to feed me more and more.

“Good little bitch” he complimented. I almost cried with joy. I cleaned his cock with my tongue gently soothing this incredibly pleasurable appendage. “Your sister told me you would be good and she was more than right.” He lifted me to my feet and kissed me like a lover. We embraced with more than lust in our hearts. I knew I had fallen for him. “Let’s get comfortable, baby”.

We went into my bedroom undressing one another in slow movements as out lips and tongues intertwined.

“You made a mess in your pants. Not very lady-like.” He commented. With a quick twist he had me turned around and bent over the bed. “Show me your pussy.”

I was embarrassed since I always called my ass my pussy. I knew he had fucked real pussy and I wanted one so bad to give him.

“Nice pussy baby. Tight like a virgin. Are you a virgin?” He asked as his fingers curved around the hole.

“Yes.” I answered not really lying since I had never had a guy fuck me just my sister. I felt his warm breath first and then his tongue start to rim me.

“Open it up baby and let me eat your pussy”.

I spread my ass cheeks feeling him explore around my hole and inside. I was shivering. This had never been done to me and I loved it. He was eating my pussy, really eating it and I could feel my excitement grow. His hand reached down to cup my balls as his tongue tip opened my hole. I could feel his warm wet finger slide inside me and play with my sensitive areas. My cock felt like it would explode as he massaged me.

“You want me to fuck you baby?” He asked already knowing my answer. Without waiting for a response I felt the head of his huge cock push against my hole. I was nervous since he was so much bigger than my sister’s toy, but there was no turning back. I wanted to be his little slut girl.

He was gentle with me though it hurt beyond belief. So big and thick I was split open inside and I loved every minute of it. His slow stroking kept his pace under control as he fucked me turning me over to watch my face as he filled me with his meat.

We kissed as he slowly fucked me, no, made love to me. I felt like a girl with her lover and this image sent me wild.

“I love you Tony, I love you.” I whispered as I nibbled on his ear.

“I know baby.” He smiled down at me and gave me a sweet kiss. “Do you want to be my special girl?” he asked.

I pleaded “Oh yes.” His strokes increased as he moaned with his balls emptying into my pussy. I felt like our pact was sealed with his cum.

We fell asleep for hours, me cradled in his arms. That night my sister made dinner and the three of us were a family. Tony stayed over and we made love again. I woke him with a blowjob as he went off to work. Since then Tony has been my man and I have been his girlfriend.

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