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Hello, here is the continuation of She Wolf series. You may want to read that series before reading this story. This is Malcolm's and Kyra's story. This will be a short story, not a chapter series. So please read and then relax.

I want to thank Overstar for taking time to edit this chapter. Any errors found are no reflection on this gentleman, who so graciously agreed to help me with this story.

Malcolm Brandt watched her. She'd shifted to her wolf form and was chasing a small white rabbit. He knew she'd catch her prey, but he so enjoyed watching her play. He smiled as he remembered the first time he saw her. They were kids and he had gone to town to run an errand for his mother. While there, he was accosted by some kids.

Malcolm grew up in what the people around considered a gated community. The inhabitants of the community were preselected, and the people who lived in the town tried to move there but were often refused entry. Most people accepted it and moved on. However, a few disgruntled ones complained.

Malcolm was picking up some things for his mother when two boys started tormenting him. Many people saw what was happening, but walked by saying nothing. That is until Kyra. Malcolm was walking to the bus top to head back home when the boys grabbed him. The bigger one was about to punch him when out of nowhere a person knocked the guy off. This gave Malcolm a chance to fight back.

After they had chased off the villains, Malcolm thanked the girl for her help and they became inseparable. He invited her to visit his home, and she hesitated at first. So they agreed that he'd visit town each week and they'd hang out. She walked with him to the bus stop and they talked. She called her brother to meet her just in case the two guys came back. Soon, he loaded and left.

The next week, Malcolm made sure he did everything he was supposed to so he could go see his new friend. Kyra had the ability to mask her scent, so Malcolm did not know she was a werewolf at first. Wednesday night, he'd gotten permission from his mother to visit the city and she explained the importance of keeping his secret. She also reminded him that he needed to request permission from the Alphas before inviting a human to visit.

Friday morning, Malcolm bravely walked to the Alpha's office. He wanted to bring his new friend to the compound, but she was human. Javon invited him in and had him sit. The alpha listened. Malcolm was often quiet. He was an Omega, as was the rest of his family, but Javon felt that it was something about this kid. His station was going to be higher than that of an Omega.

"So Malcolm, what are you up to?" Javon queried, after he'd closed the office door. He and is mate Elsie had not had had pups yet, so he really enjoyed spending time with the young ones. Malcolm relaxed and talked about his accomplishments in school, and things he'd done with his responsibilities to the pack. Javon was impressed.

"Alpha Javon, I've met a girl." He whispered.

Javon laughed, "Son you're a little young to mate aren't you?" he teased. Malcolm stiffened.

"No sir, not that, she's really nice and I wanted to invite her here tomorrow. Momma said I could go see...." He stopped, realizing he was addressing their leader.

Javon smiled. "Listen Malcolm, it's fine. Just send me a message so I can tell everyone to stay human alright.

Malcolm smiled and stood to shake his alphas hand, "Thank you sir. I hope I can get Kyra to visit here soon. Maybe her brother can come with her was well." He was excited, and soon their talk ended and he reported back to his chores. Javon sat for a few minutes after Malcolm had gone and reflected. He knew a She wolf had requested asylum for herself and her pups. He wondered if this girl was one of her pups. He was sure one of her girls was named Kyra.

Love, what's going on? Elise his mate sent. Nothing love, we can talk later.he assured her.

Meanwhile, Malcolm planned to rise early so he could meet Kyra in the city. "Hey what are you smiling about?" Kyra asked interrupting his memories. Malcolm turned and looked at her. She'd shifted back and was completely naked. His body hardened. He wanted her, and he knew he had to have her soon. He turned his back, "Kyra, dress and then we can talk." He stated a bit gruffly.

When he turned away from her, Kyra felt hurt. He was often avoiding her now. He never wanted to be alone with her. He often made excuses not to be together. When they visited home, she stayed with her mother and stepfather and Malcolm stayed with his family. He seemed to avoid her. He would be with her when others were around, and they were seldom alone.

His actions hurt, because Kyra knew he was her mate and she could not understand what the problem was. She dressed quickly and told him she was done. He turned back around and smiled at her. She returned the smile, but he knew something was wrong.

"Kyra, what's wrong?' he asked.

"Malcolm, are you upset with me? You don't like looking at me. " She stopped, hating how insecure she sounded.

Malcolm looked at her, flabbergasted. "Kyra, you're beautiful, perfect even. But I won't take advantage of you. You said you wanted to wait and I am trying to respect that, but when you're naked in front of me..." he took a deep breath. "I mean, when you're naked in front of me, it's hard. I want to make love to you so badly that I ache, but it's not time yet."

Kyra was confused. They'd been together since they were thirteen years old. They were often naked together. Weres had no problem with nudity. It was a natural state for them. Malcolm clearly read her confusion, and decided that he needed to clarify some things for his future mate. He moved and lay across her body. His hardened cock was pressed against the apex of her thighs. He rotated his hips as he stared in her eyes. She could see his desire, feel the fire he held within.

"Malcolm, why?" he kissed her. He had too. His mate had no idea how tempting she was. He knew who she was when he was too young to even comprehend what it meant. He'd go through hell for her, and he stood with her as she literally went through hell.

She tempted him beyond reason, but he knew she was not ready for sex. Wolves are amorous creatures, but Kyra shied away from that aspect of were life. At first he didn't understand, but she was his best friend and he simply accepted it. A few years ago, her older sister conceived when she was not mated. He then learned of her true heritage. She was a hybrid, and because of that trait, her body could do things a regular werewolf could not. So he waited, but it was so hard.

"Kyra, we have to wait. There are too many risks. I want you so badly, that sometimes I can't think. I can't sleep, but the fact is if we have sex, something could happen. I'm scared." He confessed.

Kyra flowed into his arms. "Malcolm, I'm yours. I've always been yours. I'm ready when you are." She kissed him. He held her so close, so tight. She laughed and extracted herself from his arms. "Baby, we need to talk in private. Not here, let's go to your room." She whispered.

Malcolm and Kyra walked backed hand in hand to his dormitory. They walked to his room where they found his roommate and his roommate's girlfriend. They were arguing as Malcolm and Kyra waked in. "Hey, guys, what's wrong?" Malcolm asked.

"Man, it's nothing. She's tripping." Matt, his roommate explained.

"Nothing, it's nothing. Asshole, I'm pregnant. My parents are going to kill me. How can you say it's nothing?" Gina, Matt's girlfriend screamed.

"I'm here on scholarships through my family's church. They will be revoked if this gets out and I will have to drop out of school. The church has strict beliefs and this baby ruins everything for me. My parents will pull me from this school and I'll have to move back home. With all the legislation on abortions, you know can't have one. My parents cannot know about this, so we need to figure something out." Matt stared at her dumbfounded, and the blank look on his face made her even angrier. "I can't believe you think this is not serious." she screeched as she hit him once more.

Malcolm froze, and watched the couple fight. "Gina, it'll be alright," he offered. He hugged her, wishing he had a true solution to this problem for them.

Matt stood, not speaking for a moment, then he opened his mouth. "Um, Gina. I don't know-" he uttered. Gina scoffed and moved away from Matt, as she stared at her clueless boyfriend.

Kyra had sat at this point and was just listening. If she and Malcolm did this, she could too conceive. Was she really ready for that? Eventually Matt and Gina needed space. Kyra asked Gina to walk with her and Matt and Malcolm talked in the dorm room.

"Kyra, I know you all think I'm a selfish troll. But my family was so proud of me when I got accepted here. I am the youngest of seven kids; the only one that has made it to college. The church offered to cover my tuition, but they added a stipulation that I remain chaste. We used protection, and I really don't know what happened. I love Matt, but when they learn of this, I won't see him again. They will take me back home. My parents will be disgraced and they don't deserve that. This baby hurts so many and I cannot have it." She took a deep breath. "I am not ready to be a mother. The thing is it's not really his fault. But he's so nonchalant; it's driving me in sane." Kyra sat quietly and listened. Soon, Gina was all talked out.

Kyra decided to speak. "Gina, I know it may not seem like it, but this isn't the end. It seems like it now, but really it will be alright. I mean having a baby is a big deal, but it's not the end if the world." Gina just stared at her. She and Kyra were not friends. They barely spoke. Why was she trying to advise her?

"Look, Kyra, I know you mean well, but you don't know my situation. You don't understand; see my parents have strict values and beliefs. They don't even know I have a boyfriend, let alone..." She inhaled. "You know what; it's not really your business. Stay out of it." She demanded as she walked off. Kyra decided to have a seat in the lobby to wait on Malcolm. She sent to him mentally and told him where she was. Malcolm answered and said he'd be down as soon as he finished talking to Matt.

As the girls talked, Matt opened up to Malcolm. "I'm scared man, but excited. I know this is not good for her but it's my kid man, my blood, my family. How can I be upset about that? I know her folks are like super religious, that's why she never wanted them to meet me. I mean they were here visiting a few months back, and she asked me to not come around for a few days. She's ashamed of me man. I know that. I mean look at me. I'm big, not good looking, and broke. I have scars, yet she never shied away from me. I'm here because of the military. I enlisted served five years. After getting hurt in Syria, I was dismissed and the money I accrued is covering my tuition. I can't pay hers. She's right about that. I love Gina, and I don't want to lose her. We will figure this out. We just need to talk." Malcolm just listened. Matt was a great guy. He hoped he and Gina could talk and resolve this, because they both deserved to be happy.

As Kyra was sitting, she contemplated what sex with Malcolm could mean. They were already mates. They had accepted each other. In all honesty, they didn't have to wait. They could take precautions to prevent pregnancy. She was twenty years old as was Malcolm and they didn't need permission. But she knew he hesitated, and she understood why. None of the pack realized that Celia and Blaine were not mated when Benny was conceived. They just assumed they mated one night in the heat of passion resulting in her handsome nephew.

They were so young, and had yet to experience life. Knowing Malcolm, he wanted to wait until he could support her and any pups they had before creating a child. But she was now tired of waiting, Soon Malcolm and Matt joined her in the lobby. "Where's Gina?" Matt asked. His expression was that of a man determined to take control of the situation.

"She left. I'm not sure where she went. She didn't say." Kyra explained.

"I'm going to find her," Matt stated and then he walked out to search for his girlfriend.

Malcolm, sat down. "Hey we can go to the room and talk a bit if you'd like?" he suggested.

"No, I'm going back to my room. I want to spend sometime alone. Will you be OK by yourself?" she asked.

Disappointed, but trying to hide it, Malcolm said, "Ok that's fine. I'll call you and we can talk later." She hugged him and they share a brief kiss. Malcolm walked her across campus to her dorm and waited until she went to her room. Something was different about her. Her attitude towards him had cooled. I wonder does this have to do with Gina getting pregnant? Malcolm sat pondering this situation. He knew that his situation and Matt's were completely different, because where Matt had no one. He and Kyra had their families and an entire pack that would support them. He wished he could bring Matt into the pack, but he could not. They had to remain hidden from humans. So he had to keep his true nature secret, but he'd still be there for his friend.

Shaking away the cobwebs in his brain, he went back to his dorm. Matt came back clearly upset. Gina had decided to get an illegal abortion and didn't want to see him anymore. Matt was extremely distraught. "She wants to kill my baby man; she wants to kill him." He cried over and over. Malcolm had no words, but he could be there. He sat up all night with his roommate.

Matt and Malcolm did not start out as roommates. His first roommate, Nick, left school a year before. He realized that college life wasn't for him. Malcolm was glad that he left. He almost made him lose Kyra. Last year, Matt transferred to Denton from community college. He was a nice guy, a bit of a recluse, but nice. Gina was his first real girlfriend and Malcolm knew this was going to be hard for him. So he sat with him and listened. He didn't try to fix it, just be there. The next day, the two young men had to track her down.

Kyra needed to think. She wanted to mate now. Malcolm and she both had a few more years before finishing school, but mating would not affect their ability to go to school. The only thing was if she became pregnant, they'd have to make some changes, but she knew her mother and sister, as well as the rest of the pack would support them. Not being an overtly sexual creature, Kyra had no idea how to convince him that she was ready. She had never been with anyone, but she knew Malcolm was not a virgin. He lost his virginity on his eighteenth birthday in the woods when he snuck off from his party. Kyra looked up and her best friend was gone. He came back a half hour later with Missy, a girl Kyra could not stand wearing an shit eating grin. Kyra hated the other female in that moment, but she remembered that she had no rights, he was just her friend. Later that evening, Malcolm share with her in vivid detail of his first time.

He and Missy slept together a few more times, and then she met her mate, a theta wolf from another pack. Other than Missy, Malcolm had not been with anyone else. Bored and desperate, Kyra went online to search for suggestions and she found some interesting things. Deciding that porn was not the way to go, she logged off. Her roommate came home after a hot date and reeked of sex.

"Hey, you're back." Kyra greeted her. They were not best friends, but they got along well enough. Brenda looked at Kyra and recognized her for what she was, a sexually frustrated and repressed woman. "Girl, you haven't let that man fuck you yet? What are you waiting on? Damn as fine as he is, I'd be on my back, legs spread every night. You are strong girl, real strong." she stated.

Kyra decided she'd ask her what to do. "He wants to wait, I mean, at first he said he wouldn't pressure me and that a was fine, but now..." she looked away embarrassed.

Brenda laughed, "Now you want the dick and don't know how to ask for it. Look girl, I can school you, but first you have to stop being so serious. I mean it's just pussy. All women have them. Have you ever cum? I mean played with yourself." She asked curiously because she had never heard Kyra pleasure herself in the two years they shared a room.

Kyra blushed, and looked away. She didn't want to talk about that. "First girl, you have to stop being so damn shy. Start simple, look at yourself naked and then touch yourself.

Kyra stammered, "I've seen myself naked. I don't need-" Brenda interrupted , "I'm talking about really looking at yourself, your tits, pussy, and ass. Then touch yourself. Learn what you like and once you can pleasure yourself, you can teach him what you want." Kyra nodded. What Brenda said made sense. How could she tell Malcolm what she wanted when she had no idea.

"Hey Brenda, thanks." Kyra whispered.

Brenda giggled, "Good, now have fun playing." Then she went to bed. Kyra waited until she was asleep and then she stripped. Standing before the full length mirror on her closet door, Kyra admired her body. She realized that she was beautiful, and her body was amazing. Her breasts were small but firm, she glanced down her body until she reached the triangle of brownish red hair at the apes of her thighs. For the first time, she touched her nipple and felt a sensation in the pit of her stomach. Her nipples pebbled, Kyra closed her eyes and imagined Malcolm was touching her again. He loved to stroke her nipples when they kissed, but he never went beyond simply touching her, or she him. It was always through her clothes.

Even when they stripped to run, he would often avert his gaze and not touch her when she was nude. As she thought of him, she recalled how magnificent his body was. Malcolm was one good looking man. He was fine as hell, but he didn't flaunt himself. She'd often see other females watching him, but he was completely clueless. As she thought of her mate, her body became aroused, her pussy became wetter. She slid her hand down her stomach to her hair between her thighs. Kyra was so lost in the feelings that she didn't realize her roommate had woken up. Benda was watching Kyra explore her body and her pussy was now on fire. She could tell Kyra was so close and not sure what to do, so she eased out of bed to help.

"Oh God, Brenda, I didn't mean, she started to apologize.

"No, let me help." Brenda offered, as she cupped Kyra's sex. Her dexterous fingers found her clitoral hood and stroked her. Kyra was no longer even pretending to resist her room mate stroked her burning pussy.

"Ummm, Brenda," she moaned.

"Bed, Kyra, let's lay down." Brenda whispered. Her roommate's pussy was incredible, and she was dying to sample it. Kyra froze. "Baby, please," Brenda pleaded. Kyra moved to her bed and the two girls lay out. Brenda kissed her, and Kyra was so aroused she responded. Soon Brenda had to taste her pussy. So she dropped to her knees, and spread her thighs. Kyra's pussy was amazing to Brenda, fresh and heavenly. She latched on to her pussy and sucked her clit. Kyra had never experienced anything that amazing before. She groaned loudly. Brenda licked her slit, and then drove her tongue into her hole. Kyra almost leaped off the bed. But Brenda held her still as she pleasured her with her tongue. And then it happened. Warm hot fluid filled Brenda's mouth as Kyra screamed. Kyra came on her friend's tongue so hard that her cum drenched the bed beneath her. Brenda greedily drank as much as she could. Then she quickly moved to the bed to hold Kyra close. He two women shared an intimate embrace as Kyra's equilibrium returned.

"Brenda, that was, wow!" Kyra stammered then she remembered her mate. She'd cheated. Pushing Brenda away, she leaped from the bed, "Oh no, Malcolm. I cheated." She wailed.

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