tagIncest/TabooYoung Lust Ch. 02

Young Lust Ch. 02


Oh my God, I'm addicted to dick. OK, and so what if it's my step-brother's dick I'm addicted too? Wow, it's already been a week since that afternoon when I'd first jacked off Brother Dave, and sent his cum blasting in to my throat. Now every night I was sneaking in to his room, pulling back his covers, and grabbing a handful of hot hard cock. I kind of liked it when I had to knock his hand away first; which was most of the time. My little brothers a horny little puppy; well OK, he's a puppy with a pretty damn impressive cock. I always turned the light on, and not so he could feast his hungry eyes on naked girl either. Most of the time I took him real fast; honest, I couldn't help it! Like I said it's been a week already, and I still haven't gone down on him. To be honest, I still haven't given any guy a blow job; well, not yet anyway! OK though, that doesn't mean that, one way or another, I didn't end up swallowing Dave's load every single visit. Sometimes I'd get my mouth open right above his cock's head and let him explode his load straight in to my mouth. And sometimes, that meant I'd end up sucking his cum off my fingers; yeah, after I'd used them to wipe the stuff off my face first! But, the way that I liked it best was to make him shoot it all over his stomach. And then, I'd hold his cock in my fist and slowly lick up every drop. Gosh, most of the time I'd end up having to do him again! A couple of those times though, Dave wanted more.

And, I liked it when Dave would ask me to use my fingers to get myself off. Because, then I'd make him play with that big fat cock of his well I did it! And, I loved watching my horny little brother wildly pumping his fist up and down his pretty cock, until he'd make it fountain streams of thick white cum. So, like on that first night, a couple of times I knelt there between his legs fucking myself with one, two, and sometimes three fingers, while I treated my clit to a mix of flicks, caresses, and some serious rubbing too. I'd tease my poor clit, working it until it was a hard jutting knob, and so unbelievably sensitive that every stroke seemed to rip another orgasmic surge out of it. Oh God, and I'd be staring at Dave's hard hot cock, and wondering just how much better it'd feel inside me then my fingers? But, Dave never touched me; oh but the fire burning in his eyes said he wanted to!

Well now, there was this one time, and I'd been straddling Dave's leg. I'd already cum once, OK twice! Gosh, and they were really good ones too! That time, I'd did it real slow; and, I only used a single solitary finger to drive my clit in to an absolute frenzy. But, after moaning and groaning my way through those body racking orgasms, I'd sort of slumped forward. So, guess who's practically molten pussy was pressing its fiery wet heat against brother Dave's smooth bare thigh? His eyes flashed in startled disbelief! And then, the nasty minded little bastard was pumping that thigh up and down between my thighs. "Stop that", I ordered, "Let me!" The feel of the hard muscle, and the burn of smooth skin sliding against the velvety soft folds of my pussy, could almost have sent me off again. But oh dear God, my clit was right there too; and yeah, it loved the feel of that hard thigh sliding back and forth against its silky tautness. It was exquisite; I was cuming all over something alive, and for once, it wasn't my own fingers! I completely soaked; gosh, I guess it was more like I thoroughly drenched Dave's thigh with my vagina's flood of slippery wet juices. OK, so I was leaning way over, totally caught up in, and totally oblivious to anything except the waves of orgasmic pleasure crashing through me. So, I wasn't even aware of Dave's hard-on grinding against my belly. Well I wasn't, honest; right up until the damn thing started jerking, jumping, and erupting buckets of hot cum. Wham, my belly was covered in a river of thick hot cum that flowed clear to my tits. And just as soon as I could breathe again, it made a yummy little treat!

Anyway, yesterday I was over at my friend Anita's, and she hands me this DVD and starts giggling. OK, so when I'd read the title we were both giggling like the high school girls we just barely weren't any longer. The title was HOW TO GIVE A BLOW JOB LIKE A PORN STAR, and there was a picture with some porn chick going down on a dick about twice the size of Dave's. And, I just had to know; so I asked Oh my God Anita, where did you get this thing?" Well, Anita was practically in hysterics! And why not; after all, she told me she found it in her mother's night stand. Yeah, right next to a dildo she claimed looked as big as the one on that cover! I'd always thought Anita's mom was pretty hot, well for someone's mother I mean; but no way, could I imagine her owning a dildo, especially one that monstrously huge! Hey, but I made a mental note to hunt through my own mother's drawers; who knew, right? Anita was all fired up, and practically manic about us watching it.

I knew she'd been going down on her boyfriend ever since grad night. But, I didn't expect to hear her bitching "Shit Clea, my asshole boyfriend's still trying to tell me that I suck as a cocksucker!"

So, I'm thinking, hey, just how hard can it be; and I ask "So, does he get off or doesn't he?"

Anita gives me this hands on the hips glare, and tells me "Well duh, and yeah, in my mouth too! Hey, sometimes I don't even use my hands; so what the fucks his problem?" Gosh, I sure didn't know; hey I had my own insecurities! Mostly because, I'd decided to surprise my boyfriend with some oral, before I headed off to college.

"Beats me", I told her. And, that's when I confessed "You know I'm planning on surprising Chuck! So, maybe we better watch that damn thing, huh?" Hey, we didn't take notes; but we did watch it twice. And, it was somewhere in the middle of that second time that I began wondering what brother dearest would think of helping me practice? Yeah right, I couldn't see him saying no either!

Oh man, this bad boy was buzzed! My buddy Paul's older brother had picked him up a bottle of vodka, and we'd dusted it off while surfing some of our favorite porn sites. Let's just say, by the time I stumbled up the stairs to my room, I was glad it was late enough for my parents to be in their room. But, they were still up; so, I figured that I'd have to wait for my sis to pay her nightly visit to my very needy dick. I'm sure not complaining; but damn, for the past couple of weeks Clea's been positively obsessed with my dick! And, I'd been wrong! Clea slipped in to my room, before I even had time to work up a good hard one. Wearing only a baggy tank top, and a pair of boxer shorts, she stood there quietly staring at me. Oh yeah, I know my sister, and there was no doubt that she had something on her nasty little mind, besides the usual I mean. Well, and looking at my sexy step-sister is lots better then porn, especially when I've got my dick in my hand. I watched her watching my fist pumping away, and caught it, when her eyes found mine. Her giggling grin replaced a lip biting frown. Pow, and she ripped that tank top off over her head, pushed her boxers down, and scrambled on to my bed. Kneeling their, between my legs, and staring down at my raging hard-on, she looked almost serious. What else she looked like, was just incredibly sexy. Her blonde hair was sexily mussed, her skin was all tan and practically glowing, her perky pink nipples were nice and hard, she smelled great, and fuck me, she'd shaved off her little pubic triangle, and that meant her pussy was absolutely 100% bare!

Clea's usually little Ms Cool; but just then, she sure sounded nervous. "OK then, I'll just say it", she said! Yeah, and then she smacked my bare thigh, and ordered "Stop that...stop jerking-off, and pay attention!"

I didn't; nope, not hardly! Instead I watched her pointy tongue poke out and lick her lips, while I cupped my balls in one open palm, and switched to a two finger and thumb grip on my cock. Hey I knew all about the serious crush my sex crazed sister had on my cock and balls. So yeah, I figured tease her, and flaunt it a bit. She already thought they were seriously impressive; so, that should have got a reaction out of her. It did; but sure not one I would have bet on! Instead of grabbing for my cock, or reaching between her thighs to tease that slippery pink, and very bare pussy of hers, she just knelt there and out waited me.

Clea shook her head, and called me a "horrid little beast!" And hey, even I'm not dumb enough to go out of my road to piss off a naked girl, definitely not one already kneeling on my bed I'm not! So, I stopped clowning, let go of my equipment, and leaned back with my hands behind my head. But, even if the look in the eyes she stared hard at my cock with were saying, go for it, she only shook her head again. But then, her dazzling grin was back, and lighting up her pretty face. She sucked in a big slow breath, and didn't that do nice things for a pair of already absolutely terrific looking tits! Another sighing breath, and Clea blurted out "Is it cool if I go down on you Dave?"

Sure, words I wanted to hear; but, not necessarily from my sister! Still, I had to ask "You're kidding, right?"

The hands Clea had her face buried in muffled her giggling as much as her "You know I've been wanting to do it. Oh God, and I promised my stupid boyfriend I'd do it for him too!" Her hands dropped to her thighs, and she drew in another chest swelling breath, and said "So buddy boy, I need to practice. Always impatient, Clea took a playful swipe at my cock, insisting "Come on Dave, Don't just sit their, say something!"

Yeah sure, I'd fantasize about it; but oh fuck, was I ready to actually do it? Whatever, I just blurted out "Hell, yes! It's only like oral sex. It's not like we're going to be fucking or anything!" And, while most of my fantasies about Clea concerned me introducing my cock to her mouth, more then a few had me returning the favor. The closest I'd ever come to going down on a girl was to suck the taste of one's pussy off my finger; and believe me, that just didn't get it done! So, inspired I suggested "Hey but, if you're going to be using me for a practice dummy, then sis, you're just going to have to teach me how to eat pussy!" Oops, at first I thought maybe I'd gone too far, and shocked her. Nope, it was only a look of startled surprise. And, I watched it changing in too one of her trademark face buried in the hands giggle fests. Hey, she was still giggling, and maybe even looking a little bit nervous, when she said "Oh my God, talk about the blind leading the blind! Gosh Dave, but in our case it's more like, the virgin leading the virgin! Hey, and I sure didn't think she was blushing from embarrassment. The way she was grinning, and beginning to bounce, I pretty much figured her rosy color was a flush of excitement. Hell, I suppose I was already feeling like a kid on Christmas morning; you know, wondering which present to rip in to first! And, that was before she said "Sure, right, I'm cool with that. Oh my god, I just know you're going to have me screaming my fool head off!" From what I'd seen, well heard, Clea can get pretty noisy when she's cuming. But loud and screaming her head off like some of those porn girls do; well, I couldn't see Clea doing that! But then, who knew; so, I reached for a pillow. Of course, I smacked her with it, before tossing it to her, and teasing "Well then, maybe you'll just have to hold this over your face!"

Oh, I wasn't dumb enough to figure Dave's tossing me that pillow meant he intended to start off giving instead of receiving. Bummer for him! I'd laid back, slipped it under my head, spread my legs real wide, and waited. And then, several delicious minutes later, I was asking myself, oh my God, how can a tongue feel some much better then a finger? Hey, it was a rhetorical question! Not only is a tongue soft and slippery, its hot, delightfully hot in fact! And of course, it belonged to somebody else; and that meant, all I needed to do was lay their and enjoy. Guess what? I could do that! Poor Dave, I knew he was only pausing long enough to enjoy his first close-up, and gosh, that would be a real close-up look at a real live pussy; but hey, get on with it already! But, a playful swat to his head, and a sweetly ordered "Stop staring bro, and put that tongue of yours back to work", and he was back to delivering soft licks all over my pussy. Dave's soft lips slid over my pussy's slippery wetness, planting sensual kisses everywhere his darting tongue's visits had already turned to fire. And, without having decided to do it, I found myself tangling my fingers in his hair. And then, he started using just the dancing tip of his tongue, and suddenly I was pleading "Yes, yes, oh yes Dave, like that...more, oh God please more!" Well he did it some more alright. And yeah, I'd been right too; no doubt about it, I was going to end up screaming in to that damn pillow! Sensuously painting the soft folds of my labia, and probing in to my vagina's molten core, Dave slowly, and maddeningly, zeroed-in on my clit.

What, was he kidding? "Hey, is that it", he wanted to know? I figured he was kidding; so, I just whimpered and moaned some more. Sure, and even if the evil minded bastard hadn't been snickering when he insisted "Come on sis, you're supposed to tell me what you like", I'd have known the jerk was just fucking with me. Well now, I could play too!

I knew it's was me saying "Yes Dave, that's my clit! Now buddy boy, lick it, suck it; or, I'll just have to kill you, OK?" But wow, wasn't the huskiness in my voice a surprise! Taking a more serious approach, yeah because his lovely tongue was whipping my happy clit, I croaked "Oh yes, that's it alright! Do that, oh yes, right there, more, lots more!" Luckily for him, that's just what he did! And when his tongue shifted in to fast, well, I bucked my young ass right up off the bed. OK, and I liked it, liked it a lot, when Dave wrapped his arms around my thighs, and locked my bucking ass down. But horrors, the chuckling beast's tongue wasn't doing those magical things to my clit anymore. Yeah, and then my brother tortured me. Honestly, he nearly drove me right up the wall, with the wondrous way he softly sucked my pussy's labia, while he drew them between his soft lips. Dave was tongue fucking me, twisting and darting his red hot tongue in and out, and that's when I just had to ask "Bro, where the shit did you learn how to do a girl's pussy?" Now, that was stupid; because, he had to stop, and just so he could use his tongue to answer my silly question. And, who the fuck really cared anyhow?

Glad to have an excuse, I came up for air. I'd gotten carried away by the excitement of tongue diving between Clea's thighs, and was damn near breathless. Even with my vivid imagination, yeah and my years of seriously studied porn too, I wasn't prepared for the awesome thrill of going down on a girl. Feeling Clea's wild, uninhibited responses was a total mind blower; wow, who knew! The smart-ass in me, answered her silly question, with a sarcastic "Bosh, maybe from all the stories and shit I read on Literotica! I don't just look at the pictures you know?" And sure as I was that Clea liked my rookie performance, I just couldn't keep the hesitation out of my "So sis, do you want some more? Hey really, I really love doing this! God, you're pussy's so hot and slippery wet; and Hell yes, I fucking love the way you taste! Seriously Clea, those guys who don't like doing pussy, their fucking nuts!"

Luckily for my jabbering brother, he shut up; got busy, and put his mouth to a much better use. He went right after it too; flicking that amazing tongue, with a furious intensity, fast and hard, and right on my throbbing clit too. I was hugging his pillow when that first orgasm just snuck up, and slammed right through me. That time, I actually bit my fucking hand trying to stifle my screams. I would have smacked him again for his silly snickering, but I was to busy pleading "Oh my God, Dave don't stop, please do that some more! Make me cum again!" This time though, yeah, yeah, and the next two times too, I did hold that fucking pillow pressed over my face. And, just as soon as I stopped screaming, and could talk, I used that pillow to bat his head away from my way over sensitized clit. Meaning it, I ordered "Stop; enough, oh dear God, no more!" Oh my, and I didn't even know I was crying, until Dave wrapped me up in a bear hug, and was gently flicking my tears away with a finger tip. Gosh, I guess my brother is pretty sweet; well, for a pussy eating bastard anyway!

Clea's tears turned in to giggles, and then she was saying "Buddy boy you sure don't need lessons; well, not from me anyway

! Tell you what though, you can practice on me any time you want to." And then, she pushed me on to my back, and slid her body down mine until she was lying between my legs. And oh man, did I ever jump when she ran her tongue up the under side of my dick. Of course she giggled, but it sure didn't stop her from repeating that sweet move. Sure, I'd enjoyed the feel of her tongue swirling around my dick's head before, but it was a whole different thing when that tongue had licked its way up right from my balls! Like every guy, I'd dreamed about, fantasized about, and even prayed for my first blow-job! But, nothing could have prepared me for the feel of Clea's lips sucking my dick's head in to her mouth that first time. My ass just bucked up; and I've got to admit, that the startled gasp that ripped from her was a total fucking turn on. My dick must have pushed half way in that time; and, when her mouth dropped back down that's right where it went again. And then, oh fuck me, she just kept right on sliding her lips down, all the way down, until I was totally buried in her mouth. Shit, and she never gagged or choked, not even once! But, being Clea, my half crazy sister, she stopped long enough to give herself a pat on the back. "Yes, I did it! Fuck yes; I deep throated my first fucking cock! So, how was that bro?"

Well, Clea got her answer; only, I was pushing her head back down at the time. "Shit girl, you're a natural", I told her, and meant it! I think she was actually giggling, with my dick buried in her throat; whatever, I told her "You can't even imagine just how great that feels!"

After batting my hands away from her head, she'd tried that deep throating trick a few more times; only then, she was really slamming her mouth up and down. I think if my brain hadn't been in some sort of sexual overload just then, I'd have been blasting cum deep in to Clea's throat. Anyway, before I could, she used her fiery hot mouth to capture my balls. Now back then, this poor boy had never even imagined having his balls sucked in to some girl's mouth; and Hell no, he sure wasn't ever going to forget that first time!

Over the next few nights Clea would show me some absolutely awesome little tricks. But, right then she was real impatient; and, all she wanted was a big mouthful of my cum! My dick was still wet and slippery from back when her mouth had been pistoning away on it, so the fist she was absolutely blazing up and down felt hotter then it ever had before. Hell, she held my balls in her mouth, franticly pumped her fist, and had my back arching, and my ass bouncing. Releasing my balls, her soft lips sucked the head of my dick in to her mouth. Lips gripping tight right under that seriously throbbing head, she sucked, and her fist slowed just enough, and she had me ready to scream. Yeah, scream, or beg, or anything, absolutely anything; if only, she'd just, please God, just let me cum!

Hey, it beats me why Clea bothered pleading "Come on Dave, cum for me"; gee, it's not like I wasn't ready, willing, and way past anxious? Sure, and her so erotically stated "Tell me when Dave, because this nasty little cocksucker wants to feel your big fat cock blow its load right in her mouth", almost finished me off! Damn, and she'd looked so damn sexy saying it too! Clea lay there between my legs, naked and breathing hard, and with one fist wrapped around the glistening shaft of my dick, while her tongue flicked out teasingly over its darkly engorged head. Oh sure, I intended to warn her alright; only, she was going to take my load in her throat if I had anything to say about it. I didn't expect I'd hear her complaining! Anyway, with the way her fist started its frantic pumping, I figured we'd soon be finding out.

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