tagIncest/TabooYoung Studs for Carol Ch. 05

Young Studs for Carol Ch. 05


This is another Chapter of Carol's Series.

I'm an "amateur" writer and, in addition, English is not my mother tongue.

To write a single Chapter requires a big effort, from me: long time and language's difficulties.

Therefore, let me ask, please, to judge my writing on the basis of its "contents" (if you like it or not) and not from an aesthetic or "formal" point of view.

Please, read my "Note" at the end of the Story.

All the characters are over eighteen years old.


On the way to the backyard, John stopped in front of a large mirror.

"Watch, lil one!" he said to Carol, gently fondling one of her meaty boobs with the palm of his right hand. "You're my girlfriend, now!"

The young, huge stud was looking with satisfaction at the sight the mirror was reflecting. He was carrying in the crook of one arm, in front of Scott, her son, a busty, middle aged, tiny mom. The woman and her boy had an expression of submission in their eyes; both of them were totally naked.

John smiled sadistically. He had reached his target: mom and son were under his full control, he could use them in any way he wanted, to fulfil his perverted fantasies.

"Mom's got some super titties, boy!" he exclaimed, bouncing the tit in his hand.

"Yeah. . . really nice." Scott said in a soft voice.

"Heavy, round and fleshy." The hand continued to rub the silky skin.

"Ohhhhhh. . ." Carol moaned, her head nestled on the big shoulder of her captor; she clearly enjoyed the treat he was giving her.

"You want son's cock, don't you, lil one? In your holes: ass and pussy!" The young stud had no mercy for his mature prey.

"Yeah. . . yeah. . . I'll do what you want!" she whispered in a cute tone.

"'Cause you are my child and you obey your big daddy, don't you?" He was commanding, now.

"Yes, daddy, yes, I'm your child, your little. . . ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy. . ." she couldn't continue: her nipple had been captured and fingered, swelling up like a small cock.

"See, boy? Mom likes it!"

Then he stopped playing with the woman's ripe left tit and palmed the boy's penis: a good eight inches prick, when fully erect, which easily disappeared in the huge hand.

"Nice tool, buddy! Mommy loves it!"

He manipulated the young dick for a couple of minutes, running his thumb back and forth over the bulbous head, to demonstrate his dominance.

"Thick and long! Ready to sink into mommy's hot flesh! The lovely bimbo served by her son!" John enjoyed the boy's pulsating member in his own hand and the intense, excited gaze in Scott's eyes, at his words.

"Yeah. . . yeah. . . I want mom. . . to fuck her. . ." He was turned on by the lascivious caresses over his cock and by the sight of mom's busty, white body, all embraced, up in the air, into the engulfing arms of the giant stud.

"Tonight, boy, tonight this chick will be yours. She will get the threesome of her life!" John grinned. "I'll share my little child with you!"

Then he moved again his hand to Carol's small, quivering body and swung her around, cradling the beautiful mother into his massive arms, like a weightless doll.

One of her round-shaped melons was swaying, just before his lips; he plunged his head into her mammaries and took a good portion of one breast in his mouth, licking and sucking noisily. Carol moaned and squealed, like a little girl: her legs frantically kicked out in the air.

Scott contemplated the couple. He thought in his mind: "This freak of nature has always his hands and mouth over mom's boobs."

When the young giant raised his lips from her chest, Carol's right breast was all wet and glistening.

"Did you see, boy?" John said. "That's the way to treat the hot moms, especially when they've got bazooms like these ones! Don't forget it!" And to the woman: "Am I right, baby? You love my tongue on your puppies, don't you?"

"You . . . " Another sucking kiss on her engorged nipple made her jolting. "Why did you do. . . always my. . . ohhhhhh. . . my tits?"

"'Cause these sweet melons are mine, child!" he exclaimed. "These twins are mine! All made for fun!"

He was rocking and bouncing her naked, small frame in his huge arms, as though he was cuddling a ten years old girl and not a hot milf in her fifties, wife and mother of two.

"Now we go!" he finally exclaimed, walking to the poolside. Scott was one step back.

When they reached the backyard, John stopped in front of Tom and Nick, who were sitting, still naked, in their deck-chairs.

"Hey, boys! Look what a lovely little fuck bag I've found in the house!!" he loudly said to his companions, showing Carol off. The petite lady was stil held up in his muscled arms like an infant.

"Wooooow. . .!!! The hottie you carry!! Clean and fresh like a baby! I just need a good squeeze of some white flesh!!" Nick echoed.

"Can we play with her?" Tom added, as his friend stood up, holding out his hands, to remove Carol's body from John's embrace.

"Okay, fellas, but be careful, you fucking perverts! No hickeys! She's my little cute bimbo! I don't want her back, all bruised and battered!" The giant guy warned them.

"Come to me, doll! Ahhhhhhh. . . let me feel you up, lil one!!" Nick grinned lasciviously, grasping the woman and swooping her, with avidity, into his powerful arms. Her pale skin and her diminutive body erotically contrasted with his dark, huge frame. The middle aged, big titted lady was in total possession of a new young brute, whose enormous manhood was threateningly swaying and hardening on his hairy crotch.

"The yummy mommy's all soft!" the guy exclaimed. "I love this yummy mommy! Light and fleshy!!" Nick easily bounced Carol in his arms, throwing her body up and down in the air for a couple of times, just in front of her son, before carrying her around the patio, firmly held up over his head, to make sure that everybody had a close look at her.

The woman, who in her previous love affairs had been always a tease, had become, now, only a little plaything in the hands of a group of escaped convicts, who had repeatedly, thoroughly fucked and abused her in any possible way, till the slut inside her had been freed.

She was helplessly held in the strong arms of a rough young man, who used her like an object of pleasure. His left hand, around her upper body, had captured an entire tit in his grasping fingers: the large palm squeezed mercilessly the round globe, making her moan in pain.

"My pet!! The pet of the house! Tell us that you are a pet, babe!" he shouted.

His imperious tone didn't give her other chance than to obey.

And she obeyed. "Yes. . . yes. . I'm a pet. . . okay, okay!" she murmured.

"Louder. . . louder, little chick!" he insisted. "Let your son know that his mom is the pet of the house!" His hand gave a harder squeeze to her mauled tit.

Again Carol complied. "Ohhhhh. . yes. . . I'm the pet of the house. . . your pet, your pet. . . ohhhh!!"

"Repeat with me, lil one! Repeat these words: I'm a fucking hot slave! Everybody here has to hear from you that you're my fucking hot slave. Say that, mistress Blum, say that!!" Nick ordered.

"Yes. . . yes. . I'm your. . . fucking. . . hot. . . slave. . . Okay, sir, okay?" She stared at the dominant stud, with an imploring look in her eyes.

"Did you hear your mom, boy?" Nick asked Scott. "What did she say?"

"A slave. . . your hot fucking slave!" The boy obediently repeated.

"Wanna check some young manflesh, lady?" he asked. And without waiting for her answer, he lowered the woman, still holding her in his arms, till his dick touched her naked back. Then, easily as though she was a weightless package, he started moving her petite frame back and forth, rubbing her body against his thick cockhead.

"Here's the way you deserve it, bitch!"

Uncared of her struggles, he laughed sonorously, clearly enjoying the contact with the satin smoothness of her skin.

Carol, who was well aware of the concupiscent gaze of her son, implored her captor to stop. Her aching boob was still pressed into the black hand.

"Oh, god! ohhhhhh. . . please, Nick. . . stop. . .don't. . . aaaahhhhhhh!"

The tip of his member was brushing its way over the velvety soft slope of her hips, the well shaped roundness of her tight ass cheeks, the crack of her anus; it peaked out from the junction of her thighs, caressing in a slow motion the pink folds of her sweet, hairless pussy: so fragrant, so delicious, so clean, after the long bath her son had given her.

"Little slut! I'd keep you impaled on my dong all night long!" Nick exclaimed.

"And these mams in my mouth, for a good taste!" he added, tightening the grip of his fingers around the white alabaster flesh of her manipulated boob, till a little cry came out of her throat.

"Don't fuck her!" The commanding voice of John suddenly resounded. Nick turned back his head. "Don't fuck her!" John repeated. "I want her all clean for our dinner. Don't make her dirty! Don't spray her with your filthy cum!"

"What's the hell, pal!" Nick replied. His gaze was angry. "This sweety is writhing in my hands and I can't have her pussy?"

"Be patient, buddy! She's all fresh of soap and smells so good, from the bath her boy gave her! Dont't spoil the little mommy! Save her for dinner!" John explained.

"Dinner? What d'you mean?" The black guy interrogatively looked at his companion.

"Yes, Nick!! Dinner!! Don't you like to be served by a nice waitress, with a pair of perfumed white tender boobs swaying before your hungry mouth, while you sit at the table?" The big stud smiled maliciously.

"Ahhhhhhh. . . the fucking bastard! A little piece of hot older chick for dinner! John, you're great!" Nick said with enthusiasm. The idea his friend had suggested was terrific: a rich, mature milf walking naked, or half naked, around the table, as four young men ate and drank! And one of the men was her own son.

In a quick movement, he wrapped his strong fingers, like tentacles, around her hips and easily lifted the lovely brunette up, in vertical position, her chest facing him, her beautiful erect nipples at his mouth level.

"Did you hear your daddy, mistress Blum?" he asked loudly.

"Yes, sir," she whispered.

"You are at my service, lady!" And without awaiting for her reply, he kissed her exposed tits: first one, then the other, before giving a good lick to the rosy, large areolae.

"Take the lil one out of his hands, Tom," John exclaimed in anxiety "before this animal devours her!" He well knew his companions: Nick was a kind of wild savage who couldn't restrain his brutish instincts, when sexually aroused, whilst Tom had a more gentle side.

Carol felt another pair of black hands around her body, as a new voice was blowing in her ears: "Here, baby, let me carry you away from this brute!" Tom had no trouble to scoop the little woman into his arms, relishing her generous curves and her sweet scent.

"Okay, buddy," he asked John. "I get the girl. What else?"

"Carry her inside and look for some nice outfit. She loves showing off to her boyfriends, when she cuckholds her pimp hubby. Tonight she will be our sexy maid!" The big stud winked at Scott. "Dude, tonight we're feasting on mom's hot flesh. A bimbo mommy's party, like you've never seen!"

The boy felt his cock stiffening, at these crude words; and more he was turned on by mom's girlish-like squeals and giggles, as the black Tom walked to the house, carrying cradling her with no effort. When he crossed the entrance door, his mouth was dangerously approaching the long pink nipple at the top of one heavy, swaying tit meat. Few seconds later, a high feminine shriek was clearly heard from inside the apartment.

"He has reached his target," Scott thought, and his dick throbbed with excitement.

It was evening now. Nick left to his room; John entered the cabin, picked up the small piece of cloth he had found in the drawer(see previous Chapter 4), put it in his pocket, then went to the living room. Scott followed him.

Few minutes later, they were sitting on a large couch, watching television.

When they heard Tom's hearty laugh and Carol's yells, the boy gave a start.

"Don't worry, dude," the big stud exclaimed. "My friend well knows how to play the little chick, without injuring her. He loves the older babes!"

Finally Tom arrived. Carol was still into his arms, but now she wasn't nude.

"Put the child down here!" John said. "Let me give a look at the garment!"

Tom approached him and gently lowered the beautiful lady, depositing her onto the couch in standing position, between the open thighs of the big stud, who welcomed the appetizing housewife, circling her narrow waist with his huge palms.

Scott watched in amazement: John, whose lips were visibly watering, was preparing mom for another body's manipulation. She was so delicious in her new lingerie!

Carol was wearing a sleeveless, light green, satin, near transparent camisole, held up by two thin spaghetti straps, which barely covered the jutting curves of her abundant melons; the lower edge was cut-off just at the bottom of her breast flesh. The rosy circles of her large areolae, capped by pink nipples, were clearly revealed. A loose fitting skirt, kind of hawaiian type, falling in length between her belly button and upper thighs, matched with the top garment. Her hairless genitals were hidden by a pair of g-string panties which completed the nightgown set.

In a rough motion, John slid one hand inside the upper garment and grabbed one tit.

"My god," the woman thought. "I've never had my boobs so much manipulated, before these guys. They are never satiated with them."

"When he puts his hands on mom," her son thought, "indeed he treats her like a cow."

"Great work, pal!" John exclaimed. "We've a nice bimbo to enjoy our dinner!"

"Bro, this gal is a little slut!" Tom said. "Watch what I've found in her drawer".

And with that the black guy took out of the pocket of his slacks (he was no more naked, now) a greeting card.

"Read it, pal; it was folded inside the garment."

Carol blushed and tried to grab the paper from his hand, but the two guys were faster.

"To my little cutie. Brad." John read in a loud voice. "So, lil one, Brad is your fucker!"

"Nooooo. . . " Carol yelled. "Don't talk like that! He's a friend!"

"A friend?" He mocked. "And he gave this to you for what? For you, to wear it during the mass?"

"Oh my god!" Carol was close to cry, now. "Please. . . please. . ."

"Okay, little chick, we don't care about Brad or whoever else was in your cunt. You have us, now, mommy Blum! And I can assure you that you'are going for the bang of your life!" A firm squeeze of her left breast concluded his words.

Brad!!! Brad was Alan's brother, Scott thought. Alan was fhe husband of his sister Lynn.

Brad, who was Lynn's brother-in-law, had given mom, as a present, a nightgown! Why? As a minimum, to make her show him her nudity, in private. But, most probably, this was the gift for a night of passion. Brad had fucked mom!!

And now Scott remembered all of those days.


Month of April. Saturday morning. Scott's father was in a business trip for some days. Lynn and Alan had come on Friday evening and Brad was with them: he was Blum's guest for the first time, after Lynn's marriage. Brad was a gynecological doctor: thirty-eight years old, divorced, tall, handsome, well-educated, he was known for his ability to seduce women.

Scott's class had planned a short weekend on the mountains. The departure was at ten-thirty. Half an hour before the bus was leaving, the boy realized he had forgotten a pair of shoes in his room.

He had still some time; so, without hesitation, he ran home. And there he found a surprise.

Lynn and Alan, in the patio, were relaxing on a pair of sun-mattresses, laid in front of the swimming pool. The young woman was topless and her husband was gently caressing her tanned breasts. Scott had never seen his sister's nude tits, before: they were simply awesome: big, round, with two erect pink nipples swaying under the touch of her man's fingers.

"Hi, Scott," Alan exclaimed, without interrupting the tits fondling, as though it was the most natural thing. "Why you're back so early? Something wrong?"

"I forgot. . . something . . ." The boy was really embarrassed. "But mom. . where is mom?" At the same time the boy saw two bikini tops hanging from a chaise longue: one clearly matched with Lynn's bikini bottom; and the other?

"We're sunning all together. It's the first hot day of the season!"

Scott jolted at the water splashing he heard from the pool. Mom and Brad were there, rollicking like two kids, jumping, diving and pushing water each other, with their cupped hands. The small swimsuit bra he had seen on the chair belonged to mom. And she was playing topless with a man who wasn't her husband.

For few minutes they didn't noticed his presence. Then Brad gestured to the boy, bent to Carol whose hand was around his neck, told her something in the ear and thrust his arms underwater. Scott heard clearly his mom yelling "noooo", but the man didn't care and in a quick motion scooped her up like a baby and walked to the stairs of the pool, emerging from the water. The beard gave him the appearance of a sea god carrying a mermaid.

Only a skimpy little piece of cloth around her hips covered Carol's small body. Small, thought Scott, but perfectly shaped; and her tits were simply huge. He had never seen them in all their glory: they wobbled back and forth, like two swollen globes, upon her otherwise thin torso. She looked at her own ease in the firm embrace of the man, her legs joyously kicking in the air, letting herself be carried effortlessly along the poolside.

"Honey!!" she exclaimed. Her tone showed astonishment, but no shame for laying helpless, practically naked, in the firm embrace of the younger man. "I was not expecting you! What happened?"

"I. . . I. . " The boy was speechless.

"Mom had a little problem with her ankle. She can't walk without help." Brad said, stopping in front of Scott, still holding Carol up into his arms, a shameless look on his face.

Then he lowered the mature housewife onto a couch; he knelt between her thighs and started massaging her ankle with gentle caresses.

Scott couldn't watch anymore. Without a word, he ran back to the house, entered his room, picked up his package and, in ten minutes, reached the bus.

During all the week end, he was in turmoil.

The boy, in the last two years, had developed, like many adolescents his age, a latent attraction towards his mom. Her big bountiful boobs, arrogantly showing through her always tight shirts, her bullet-like nipples poking out of the light cloth, her round asscheeks clearly outlined by the thin fabric of her miniskirts and the delicate features of her beautiful face had stirred up, in many occasions, his hormones and sometimes he had stroked his young cock, fantasizing about his gorgeous mother.

He had already seen Carol in her bikini swimsuits and a couple of times he could briefly glance at her shapely nude bosoms as she came out of the shower in a loosened bathrobe. But now, the show at the pool, with Brad, had been too much for the poor boy. The sight of mom's exposed body, the hands of a man over her naked flesh, the sounds of her girlish giggles, the easiness with which she had given herself to the strong masculine arms of Alan's brother had instilled in him a sense of jealousy, mixed with an intense desire to feel, touch and maul her body, to hold his mom up like a baby and to cover her white skin with passionate, forbidden kisses.

Saturday and Sunday nights had been a kind of masturbation festival, for Scott; and the sight of mom's luscious body was at the top of his thoughts, when he multiple times ejaculated in his own hands, in the darkness of the room.

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