Young Widow Ch. 04


I was still horny, I needed to cum again. When Tom realized this he cupped my pussy in his hand. Sliding two fingers into my hole, he moved down my body and clamped down on my clit with his mouth. He held my clit with his teeth and rubbed his tongue over its end.

"OH, GOD!" I yelled. "That's so GOOD!" I felt the cum boil up and explode inside me. It was my strongest explosion of the night, and impressed Tom with its strength.

"Damn, girl, you really cum!" he said.

It took a few moments before I could talk. I curled up beside him, hugging his strong arm, basking in the glow. "Mmmmmm, that was so good," i finally said.

"Yeah, for me too," Tom said. How many times did you cum?"

"Mmmm, three, I think. You were fantastic."

"Geez," he said, with admiration.

I woke up and the sun was up. I was disoriented. Tom and I were in his bed. I was naked, and as I pulled the sheet down I saw that he was as well. "I hope he threw away his condom," I thought to myself. I looked again at his limp penis. It seemed clean, so he must have gotten cleaned up. I felt pretty clean, too. Maybe he cleaned me up a little bit. I must have really passed out.

I looked again at his limp penis. My curiosity was up. I still had not gotten a good look at it. It was obviously different than what I was used to. It didn't look that much bigger than Ralph's had been, when they were both soft. I carefully shifted my body down closer to his crotch, not wanting to wake him. I lifted his penis into my palm. It looked powerful even soft. The head was not purple as it had been, but it was still large and exposed. I put my fingers around the shaft and pulled down on the skin, lightly. I felt the ridge on the underside. His penis started to move as it began to stiffen. I ran my finger around the head, fascinated with that particular place. It was the most different from what I was used to. It felt spongy and soft. The hole at the tip was large, seeming to be larger than the others I had looked at. I moved the stiffening shaft from side to side, just looking as it kept getting larger, both longer and thicker. It also began to stick straight up into the air. I loved to watch a penis grow from soft to hard. And this one grew a lot!

I started to pump up and down on the long shaft, feeling the veins sticking further out. A little fluid formed in the hole on top. Tom started moaning. He was awake, and enjoying this wake up service. I spread his pre cum around the head and onto the shaft. It was fully erect now. At least I thought it was. It must be. It was a much bigger size than the one I was used to playing with. I placed both hands around the shaft and pulled them down, bringing the soft skin with them. I started twisting my hands in opposite directions as I pumped, eliciting a moan from Tom. His hips were pumping as well as he watched my hands work his penis. I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth, wetting it for easier pumping, and when I licked the head he moaned again. Our eyes met as I pumped his shaft and I smiled up at him. He could not smile back, however. His penis was engorged now, that soft, spongy head now turning purple.

I reached down with one hand to hold his balls. I felt them inside their sack, moving them with my fingers. I squeezed, watching his eyes closely to see when the pain started to become too much. I knew the more turned on he was the more pain he could stand. Perhaps the more pain he enjoyed. As I abused his balls his penis throbbed more. I leaned in and took the head in my mouth again, this time biting on it just behind the head. He moaned again at the new torture, and his penis throbbed again. With my other hand I felt the shaft swell some more, and Tom was breathing heavily. His hips were pumping and he was moaning. I kept pumping his shaft and squeezing his balls hard, but didn't bite him any more.

"Come on, Baby, give it to me," I urged. "Cum for Suzie." My mouth tightened around his head just before his cum exploded out. I quit handling his balls and began swallowing his cum quickly, as it came shooting out fast and in large amounts. Tom moaned loudly, trying not to thrash around too much. When he finished cumming I tried to remove my mouth from his shaft without spilling much cum, but some dribbled down into his pubes both before and after.

"Holy shit," He said. "What a way to wake up." He lay there, looking drained. Well, I guess he was. I went into the bathroom and got a wet cloth, coming back in before he moved. I sat on the bed beside him and placed the wet cloth on his penis. I wiped it off, and rubbed through his pubes to clean up the spilled cum. I lifted his limp dick in one hand, holding it softly, examining it as I wiped it some more.

"I think it's clean," Tom said, smiling. "A few minutes ago."

"I know, but I'm having fun," I replied.

Tom looked at me, reaching out to touch. "But I think it's your turn for a while."

I smiled, but happened to glance at the clock. "Oh, damn, look at the time. We have to get going or we'll be late."

Tom bounced off the bed. "I could explain to them why we're late," he joked. "I'm sure they would understand."

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