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Wife's Business Trip


My Husband has always had a fantasy about watching me with another man. I personally have never been interested in this type of fantasy. Not that I don't have a few fantasies of my own, but to be with someone else just doesn't turn me on. I don't understand why this is such a big turn-on for him seeing me be with someone else or knowing someone else has been inside of me. We have tried other fantasies involving dressing up and playing with toys, but he always seems to gravitate towards this one fantasy of me being with another man.

Some insight into our back ground. We were married 10 years ago. We are both in our mid 30's and keep in fairly good shape. I am a little on the heavy side, but my husband tells me I am perfect. I have a small waist and nice round ass, that my husband loves, but I am not well endowed. My ass is my best feature. We both work and we both travel. He tries to be at home when I travel and I do the same for him. He is in Sales so he travels far more than I do. I do have conferences that I attend, and he has even gone to a few of them with me.

Last year he started adding to my suitcase small items, nothing that I would get in trouble for if my suitcase were to open accidentally, just some sexier lingerie than I would normally travel for work with, but still stuff I didn't pack. He would ask me to wear crotchless panties to business dinners, knowing full well I was having dinner with men I worked with.

On occasion, I would indulge since I would just be in dress pants, but it would get him all worked up after dinner as he sat there at home probably reading stories or watching porn on his computer. He would also pack sexy pajamas knowing I would be in the room alone. Once he even packed my thigh highs and garter belt. I hardly wear dresses or skirts to work, so this was more for him and his thoughts than for me. All of these things combined were starting to get me a little irritated, but I put up with them. Occasionally we would argue about it, and he would stop for a while, but then a few months later he would start adding lingerie again.

Fast forward to last month. I had a quick 3 night business trip in California to attend. We were in our room at home the night before as I packed all my clothing, hair products, makeup, and shoes into my suitcase. I always pack more than I need to take so my suitcase was quite full and pretty heavy. I figured there wouldn't be any room for him to surprise me, but I was wrong.

I checked into my hotel after a short 2 hour flight and a quick cab ride to the hotel. I was dressed in my usual business clothes with a little lace thong and matching pushup bra that my husband picked out for me to wear on the plane. I had to admit the sexy lingerie did have an effect on me. I was late getting to the plane and had to take a middle seat between 2 businessmen. I tried to put on my headphones, but the one on my left would just not stop talking to me. If he only knew what I was wearing under my slacks. We chatted for then entire flight. He was very nice and kept me entertained, but when we arrived in LA, I found out he was just on a layover and would be flying to Washington in an hour. We said our goodbyes and I found my bag and headed to the hotel.

I had about an hour to kill from the time I got into my room and when the afternoon meetings would begin. I decided to unpack my clothes and hang up my Pants and shirts. About that time my husband texted me and asked how the flight was and if I was at my hotel yet. I responded to him and informed him of the plane ride and the guy that wouldn't stop talking to me.

He made a comment about how I should have shown him my bra or stood up and revealed my sexy panties to him. I told him to drop it and went on my way. As I opened my suitcase, I was surprised at seeing a dress in there I had worn on our last vacation. I can tell you this dress had my husband pawing me all night that night. It did the trick and was on the floor the second we walked into our hotel room. I knew I hadn't packed it, but I wouldn't have packed something like that for this trip. I was wondering what other surprises I would find in there.

I texted my husband I found his surprise, but I wouldn't be wearing it this trip. He sent me some cheeky response about imagining him there with me and wearing it for him. I said fat chance. I continued unpacking until I thought I was done, but then I ran my hand along the side where there was a bulge in the lining and found the rest of his surprises. I pulled out a couple more sexy thongs, including a crotchless pair, a white pair, and a black pair. I also found my thigh high stockings and garter belt and a couple negligees. Needless to say I wasn't overly happy.

I texted my husband that I had found the rest of his presents, as he liked to call them, and that I wouldn't be needing any of it this trip. I even told him I left my diaphragm at home so no one would be getting into my panties this trip, and that he better stop or he might lose the privilege as well. He apologized and said he loved me and that it was just for him to imagine me in. The thought did cross my mind that I should show him up, but then I remembered I had to get to a meeting soon. I freshened up and headed downstairs.

I work in a male dominated industry so there are just a few girls that go to these meetings. I immediately found my group of girls and we headed in. The meetings that day flew by, and at the end we were all trying to decide where to go for dinner. We had a little while, and I needed to go back to my room before dinner, but I figured we should get this item solved before heading our separate ways. While we were deciding, a few of the men left behind came over. I knew a couple of them, and that's when we were invited to join them for dinner.

This isn't uncommon on these trips. Once it was decided, we went our separate ways. I looked at my phone as I knew my husband had texted me a while ago, and answered him, told him I was heading up to my room to change for dinner and that a group of us had decided where to eat and at what time. He asked where was I going and who would be joining me. I answered that it was a group, and that it was a nice seafood restaurant a couple miles from the hotel, that a couple of the guys had cars and would drive us all there.

I waited for a remark from him but got none. Once I was in my room, I changed my clothes, freshened up and used the bathroom. As I was sitting there, a text came up on my phone from my husband asking what I was wearing to dinner. I responded with jeans, tank top, and sweater, as it was a little chilly there at night. Next came the inevitable, what did I have on under that. I told him the same underwear I left the house in. This got a big smile out of him, and he just said have fun. I knew what he was getting at and said fat chance. I headed down to the lobby and headed out with the group.

Dinner was nice and we all had a few drinks along with some great food. We headed back to the hotel and as I was getting ready to head to my room, one of the girls said they were going to grab a couple of drinks at the bar and that I couldn't let her go the bar alone. Against my better judgment, I went to the bar with her and we ordered our drinks.

Before long a fresh round appeared in front of us. The bartender pointed down the bar at a couple of nondescript guys, we raised our glasses and went back to talking. Before long both of the men were behind us asking our names and where we were from. I looked at my phone and saw I missed a text. I excused myself and went to the ladies room.

I answered my husband that I was at the bar in the hotel talking to a co-worker. The drinks must have made a little loopy, along with the sexy lingerie I was wearing when I told him a couple guys are trying to chat us up. My phone went crazy. I told him to settle down, that I wasn't going to invite anyone to my room or go to anyone else's room. Just thought he would like to know. I told him I had to go back to make sure my friend didn't do anything stupid, and again I just got a "Have fun". I told him I would text him when I got back to my room alone and that I loved him. I turned my phone off and headed back to the bar.

As I entered, I noticed a few less people in the bar. I sat down with my friend, the guys had taken seats around us. She was engrossed in her conversation with one and the other was sitting there looking all sad. I sat down, grabbed my drink as he started talking to me.

He turned out to be a nice guy from Ohio who was travelling on business for the month. He said he hadn't been home in 2 weeks and was scheduled for 2 more cities before being able to go home. I told him I was there for a couple nights but would be going home to my husband on Thursday.

He said he wasn't married, and hadn't dated anyone in a while. Of course I complimented him on his looks and his personality and tried to let him down easy that he wasn't getting into my panties this trip. He tried a few more times that night, but it was getting late and I had to get up early. He said he hoped to see me again the next night. I told him there was a possibility. He was a great conversationalist and was very entertaining.

I said my farewells and tried to convince my other married friend to leave, but she wasn't having it. I headed out to the elevator and pushed the button. I was hoping it would open before Larry decided he needed to head up as well. No such luck. He turned the corner just as the door opened, so we road the 14 floors to his floor talking away. We said goodnight and as the doors were closing he blew me a kiss and turned around. It was then that I caught a glimpse of his ass in some very nice, tight slacks.

I'm sure he got a good look at my ass both times I walked away from him, as did his friend, but hey, what can I say. As I rode the elevator to the 18th floor, I grabbed my phone and turned it on. I was shocked to see it was already 11 o'clock. I still had to take off my makeup and get ready for bed.

The first text came through as the elevator door opened up. Not surprisingly, it was from my husband. The usual being raked over the coals for the details. I answered, told him I had a good time and the guy was nice, but I was walking to my room alone, like usual. He prodded some more, and I started to get a little angry. I told him I had a nice time talking to him, but that was it. It wasn't going any further. I also reminded him that I had nothing with me so even if I wanted to, it wasn't happening.

He apologized and said he would drop it. I asked what he was doing up so late, and he said reading some sexy stories. I imagined him in his boxers at the computer in the dark and chuckled. It was about the time I got to my room that I noticed I had another message. I opened the door and stepped in as I opened the message from a random number.

It was Larry, the guy I was talking to. Guess he had gone back to the bar and gotten my number from my friend. Some friend I thought, as I thought about ignoring it and getting ready for bed. I started taking my makeup off, as another message came through. I looked at this one, now knowing who it was from. He was apologizing and just said goodnight.

I decided to respond and just said I had a nice time, that maybe we would see each other tomorrow at the bar again, and goodnight. He said he hoped to as he couldn't get the image of me out of his head.

I thanked him and said he was very good looking, but nothing was going to happen and good night. Then he surprised me by asking for a picture. I said I had already taken my makeup off so no way. He then said to send him one in the morning. I teased that if he couldn't remember what I looked like now, how was he going to recognize me at the bar tomorrow.

That's when we sent me a picture of him, so I would be able to pick him out. I said thanks and goodnight. I sat there looking at the picture as another one popped up. It was him at the bar with my friend and his friend. I said goodnight one last time and turned over the phone. I knew I wouldn't get to sleep if I continued talking to him. I took my clothes off, leaving just the thin, silk material of the thong on, then went to my suitcase to grab my regular sweats.

I started rummaging through my suitcase thinking I had packed them when a thought crossed my head. I bet my sneaky husband took them out and only left me with my silk nighties to wear. I looked through one more time and couldn't find them. I texted my husband but didn't get a reply. I grabbed the short white silk nightie he had packed for me and slipped it on and crawled into bed. It felt strange being in a hotel room all alone in this, but what choice did I have.

As I lay there, I heard the buzz of the phone and thought it was my husband. As I opened it up, I saw it was from Larry. I decided to read it. He said he could still smell my perfume and how he couldn't stop thinking about me. I started getting turned on, and against better judgment responded to him that he was sweet and that I thought he was a great guy and very handsome.

We chatted a while when I asked him what he thought my best feature was. He took the easy way out and said my eyes. I then asked him what color they were, and was a little taken aback when he said green. I didn't think he would have noticed.

I asked if they were still at the bar and he said they had closed the place down and that he was in his bed in his room. I got an instant mental picture of him laying there naked with his cock up to his belly button, stroking it thinking about me. I ran my hands down my nightgown, feeling the silk material, then back up to my breast. I gently squeezed my breast through the soft material as I texted him back, saying he was quite handsome and I was flattered he was thinking about me.

Just as I hit send, I pinched my nipple and felt a jolt all the way down to my crotch. I let my hand roam down my stomach as I thought about him grabbing his hard cock and stroking it while reading my reply and sending his own. I was on pins and needles as my hand inched toward the waistband of my panties, wondering what he was typing.

His reply was a request at a pic again. I was feeling very loose by now as my hand sunk lower over my panties and I almost jumped when I touched my clit through my thong. I decided what the hell, I knew I had a canned pic in my phone, so what would it hurt. I looked through but couldn't find one I liked. I turned the camera on, flipped it around and said what harm could come from one picture. I took the pic, looked at it and threw it away. It wasn't until the 4th pic that I decided I liked it. I figured he was probably asleep anyways so he would get it in the morning. I hit send then realized my fingers were tracing the outline of my pussy through my panties and I was getting very wet.

I removed my hand from my panties, closed my eyes, and just as I started to drift, I heard my phone go off again. I decided it wouldn't hurt to look so I picked it up and saw him laying in his bed with no shirt on! I was speechless. Ripped abbs and nice shoulders, smiling away at the camera in the dark.

I couldn't help but run my fingers down to my pussy again and start rubbing my clit. That's when the next message came through. you are beautiful. You don't look a day over 25, and how beautiful my eyes were. I looked at the time, almost 1am. I knew I had to get some rest, but I couldn't stop looking at the picture he sent.

That's when he asked for another of me. He was getting bold this one, I thought. I just kept looking at his request as my fingers continued to trace the outline of my clit. I started to pull my panties to the side and just touch myself for a second, when a second request came in. I thought how my husband would love to know about this, me rubbing my bare clit, looking at a picture of an Adonis, while contemplating sending him another pic.

I thought I should send my husband something to whet his appetite, but knew it would be a gamble. My devious side won, and I sent him the pic of my Adonis. Right then I turned the camera back one, pulled the sheets down, to my belly, strained to pull my fingers away from my clit, looked at the screen of my silk white nightie and how it made my breasts look, and hit capture. I looked at the phone for what felt like an eternity until the image popped up. I stared at it for a second, then before changing my mind, hit send.

That was it! I couldn't believe I was sending a picture of myself in a white nightie with my nipples visible through the lace cups. I put the phone down and turned to my side. I could barely breathe. What if my husband gets mad, what if this guy thinks I'll do something with him, what if I decide to do something? My mind was racing. That's when the phone buzzed. I nearly fell off the bed reaching for it.

I opened it up and it was from my husband asking what that was I sent him. I told him it was a pic from the guy I met. I said please don't be mad, I just wanted to tease you a little. He said mad, How could I be mad, he was so turned on that he was jacking himself off to the pic of the guy I sent him! I told him nothing was going to happen and that Leslie, my friend had sent me the pic. That's when the phone buzzed again. This time it was already in my hand.

I switched over the message, and stared at the screen for what seemed like forever. My hand went straight for my clit, right under my panties, then slid easily inside me. I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful, long, hard cock on my screen. I thought about sending it to my husband, but changed my mind. That was until I got the second pic of his hand stroking his magnificent cock.

I was so wet looking at it I could have slide my hand inside my pussy. I decided what the hell, took the first pic he sent and sent it to my husband as matter-of-factly as I could. I said see what could be inside me right now! How would you like that and didn't wait for a response.

That's when I received another message from Larry. It was simple, just said "where is mine". I laughed and said I couldn't. He said of course you can. At this point, he really didn't have to push too far. I wanted to turn him on, I wanted to make him cum all over his stomach and hands just as badly as I wanted to cum myself.

I started imagining my hand stroking his magnificent cock as his fingers plunged deep inside me, working my clit with my juices coating his fingers. The next image in my head almost took me over the edge as I saw myself straddling him, guiding that big hard cock deep into my soaking wet pussy.

I had to remove my fingers from my clit for a minute to calm down. That's when I saw a text. It just said "I'm waiting". Very simple. I liked it. I rolled over onto my side, pulled my nightie down, aimed the camera at my barely covered ass, and hit capture. I looked at it and thought it was gorgeous. If I were in to chicks, I'd be turned on by it. You could just see the bottom of my ass, the white nightie, then the faint outline of the white thong. Beyond that was a nice portion of side boob and my face.

I clicked send before I changed my mind. I rolled back over onto my back and slid my panties off, imagining his hands pulling them down. I figured I was done with pics, and they were getting in the way. I slid my hand down and started pretending it was his hands again on my clit.

The phone buzzed, and the pic I got made me cum so hard. It literally snuck up on me. It was his hand and stomach covered in his beautiful cream. I couldn't put the phone down, I couldn't pull my fingers away, I just kept cumming on my fingers looking at the image on my phone. I just kept thinking how good his big hard cock would feel inside me releasing that massive load. Over and over in my mind that image kept playing.

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