tagNonHumanYoung Wolves Ch. 06

Young Wolves Ch. 06


Authors note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age. All characters are figures of the author's imagination.


After Cameron left to go see Tyler's mother, Beth volunteered to take the outside watch, and warn them if anyone approached the house. With Trish upstairs guarding Allen, Jenifer and Sharon were left alone in the living room. Jenifer felt Sharon's eyes studying her, and shifted her feet nervously.

"Why don't you and I have a talk, woman to woman?" Sharon said.

"All right, Sharon," Jenifer said.

"What is going on between you and my son?" Sharon asked.

"I'm in love with him," Jenifer said meeting Sharon's eyes defiantly.

"In five days you're in love with him. How is that possible?" she asked with disbelief on her face.

Jenifer hesitated; she wanted to explain this right.

"It's hard to explain, but I'll try," she said. "The human in me loves his kindness, his tenderness, his strength of character, the way he tries to do what's right, and how handsome he is. As for the wolf in me, it's his scent, his physical strength, the thrill of hunting with him, and something so powerfully masculine it overwhelms my senses. It calls to me like the sky calls to an eagle. It's very difficult to explain. I love him. I love him with everything I am, human and wolf. I know it in my soul."

"Does he love you?" Sharon asked.

"I don't know. I think so," she said, "I hope so, but if he doesn't love me now then I will earn his love some how. I don't care what it takes."

Sharon looked thoughtful for a moment. "And what about Sarah?" She asked.

Jenifer sighed. "He loves her. He wants to tell her everything and ask her to join the pack," she said. "He wants us to accept her as a sister."

"How do you feel about that?" Sharon asked.

"Honestly, not thrilled," Jenifer said, "I don't know her well, but I will accept her for Cameron's sake. Maybe in time I'll love her like a sister, the way I do Beth and Trish."

"So it doesn't bother you that Beth is in love with him too?" Sharon asked bluntly.

"What?" Jenifer was startled, "Beth doesn't fall in love. She'll use a boy to get something she wants or at least she used to before Tyler. Beth thinks love is for suckers. You're definitely mistaken."

Sharon laughed. "Jenifer Honey, you may have powers and feelings that I can't understand, but you're still a young girl," she said. "Have you seen the way her eyes follow him when she thinks no one is watching? Make no mistake Jenifer. Beth loves him whether she will admit it to herself or not. And it's best if you start getting used to it now."

Jenifer was shocked. If it was true, and somehow she knew it was, she would have to share his love with two other women. "Then why did you tell Beth she could stay here?" she asked.

"I know her mother," Sharon said, "And I'm sure you know what Beth's home life is like. Her mother is an alcoholic and has different men over all the time, or so I've heard. I just offered her a safe place if things got too bad at home."

Jenifer nodded; Sharon was basically right about Beth's home situation.

"Have you had sex with Cameron?" Sharon asked.

Jenifer blushed and nodded. "It's the only way that I know of to transfer control of a female from one Alpha to another."

"So all three of you then?"

Jenifer just nodded again.

"Wait, then that means," the blood drained from Sharon's face, "Camille, Cameron, they-"

"I'm afraid so Sharon. Unless we can find another Alpha to take her Cameron will have to. The only other Alpha that I know of is Tyler's father, and according to Tyler his father will kill us all if he finds out we exist."

"Do you think he's telling the truth?" Sharon asked.

"I just don't know." Jenifer answered.

"If Camille has to obey Tyler, what if he told her to kill herself?" Sharon asked.

"Won't work. Our survival instinct is the one thing we have that is stronger than our instinct to obey the Alpha." Jenifer said.

"Thank God for that at least," Sharon said. "Wait, being a werewolf doesn't have anything to do with the devil does it?"

"Not that I know of Sharon," Jenifer said, "werewolves are the same people they were before, good or bad."

"Is this bond between you girls and Cameron sort of like marriage?" Sharon asked.

"Stronger actually, we can't get divorced. We are with Cam for life, unless a stronger Alpha takes us from him." Jenifer said.

Sharon didn't quit know what to make of this girl. She was certainly beautiful, and if she didn't genuinely love Cameron, she deserved an acting award. Jenifer had been surprisingly honest with her and that impressed Sharon. She didn't dissemble or play games the way most high school girls would. It was clear that she willingly put her fate in Cameron's hands. She believed in him without question. What more could a mother want in a woman for her son.

"Then maybe I should start thinking of you as a daughter in law," Sharon said.

"I'd really like that," Jenifer said, and lit the room with her smile.


Trish knelt with her head on Allen's leg for a while after Cameron left. She lightly caressed his leg as she enjoyed just being with him.

"I've missed you," Allen said.

"Oh baby, I've missed you too," she said.

"Cameron seems like a good dude," he said.

"He's a nice guy, but he's not you," she replied.

"Still, you had sex with him," Allen said.

"Not the way you think Allen," she said raising her head to look at him.

"What other way is there?" he asked.

"He broke Tyler's hold on me and then moved on to Beth," she said. "The whole thing lasted three seconds."

"He's never made you do anything else?" He asked.

"Nope, he pretty much lets us do whatever we want. Unless there is danger like tonight," she said. "Besides, He has Beth and Jenifer taking numbers on who gets to fuck him next. I just want you."

"Really?" He asked.

"Yep, just you," she said, "In fact with you taped to this chair. I can do anything with you I want." She stood up and straddled his lap. Her soft red curls fell onto his face, as she draped her arms around his neck.

"You smell like strawberries," he said smelling her long hair.

She smiled. "Remember what you used to call me?" She asked.

"Short cake," he said.

"I always made sure I smelled like strawberries," she said softly into his ear, "just so you would call me that." She brought her lips to his.

Allen's moan was parts anguish and rapture when Trish's soft tongue slipped into his mouth and made contact with his own. He tried to reach for her, forgetting for a second that his hands were bound. She kissed him long and passionately before pulling her mouth off his and offering her throat to his lips. Allen kissed and licked the tender flesh of her neck. He reveled in her sighs as he nibbled her soft flesh.

She moved her mouth back to his and kissed him deeply. She sucked on his tongue as if she needed it to stay alive. She finally broke the kiss and pulled her shirt and bra up to the top of her chest, revealing her breasts. She raised up slightly and presented a rose pink nipple to his lips.

Allen softly touched his lips to her nipple, barely making contact as he moved his head slightly. He smiled when she moaned in frustration, grabbed his head and forced her nipple into his mouth. He sucked on it voraciously then opened his mouth around the nipple and sucked his breath in. The cool air flowing into his mouth and across her nipple caused it to harden even more. Goosebumps sprang up around the nipple on her areola. When the cool air had her nipples fully stimulated, he sucked the nipple back into his hot mouth coating it with his saliva. She replaced the nipple with its twin and he gave it the same treatment.

"Oh Allen, that feels so good," she moaned.

Allen's cock was rock hard and caught between his underwear and his leg. It bent downward painfully. Bound as he was he couldn't adjust himself. He tried shifting his hips to relieve the pressure but it didn't help.

"Trish," he said, letting a nipple go.

"Yes baby?"

"I need help, my dick is stuck and it hurts," he said grimacing.

"Oh poor baby," she said as she swung off him. She knelt in front of him and unsnapped his jeans. She pulled down his zipper and dug her hand into his underwear. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of his hard cock and maneuvered it into the open.

"That's better," he sighed in relief.

"You want mommy to kiss it and make it better," Trish teased. She didn't wait for an answer; instead, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and gently drew her lips back over the head as she sucked lightly. She lifted his cock up and lavished the underside with her wet tongue, before taking him back into her mouth and slowly gliding up and down.

"Oh God Trish, that feels so good,"

She worked him with her mouth for a few more minutes then stood and removed her panties. She lifted her skirt, exposing the fiery red hair above her pussy, onto her hips and swung her leg over him. She took his straining dick in her hand to steady it and lowered her pussy until his engorged cock head pushed past her warm pussy lips and wedged in her tight, wet entrance.

"Oh Yeeeesssssssss," she breathed out as she slowly lowered her self one inch at a time onto his throbbing, hard cock. She felt the large head expand her entrance. She loved the pressure in her pussy as it spread to welcome his intruding manhood. And she loved the way the stress in her pussy suddenly released as the inflamed head breached her tender entrance and surged deep within her.

"Aaaaaaaah," Allen sighed as Trish's stretched pussy descended on his eager cock.

With his wonderful cock fully enveloped in her hot pussy, Trish sat without moving. It had been so long since Allen had been inside her she just wanted to experience the delight that only his cock could give her.

He was smaller than Cameron was but his size and shape matched her pussy perfectly. She thought Cameron was too big. Allan's cock was about the same size as Tyler's was, but where Tyler's cock was strait, Allen's had an upward curve that put delicious pressure on her upper pussy wall when he made love to her.

"Aaaah, Trish it's been so long, it feels so good inside you," Allan moaned as she slowly began sliding up and down on his hard shaft.

Their soft moans, grunts, and sighs of pleasure filled the room as Trish made love to Allan. They had lived for months without each other and now that their bodies were reunited, the pleasure was more than they could stand. In a matter of moments, their pent up passions had them both rushing toward climax.

"Oh God Trish you feel so good I can't hold out much longer," he moaned.

"Yes, Oh yes Allen, cum in me. I want your cum in me so bad baby. Please fill me with your cum," she cried.

"Oh Trish, Trish, Trish, I'm cuming, I'm cuuuuuuming!" he cried.

"Oh Allan, I'm cuming with you baby." she moaned

When Trish felt Allen's cock expand and then unleash a flood of cum deep inside her gripping pussy, her own climax washed over her.

Their eyes locked as their orgasms peaked together, and they made no more sounds only gazed into each other as their pleasure crashed through them.


Beth had climbed onto a shed that sat to the side of Cameron's house. It was a good spot to watch the road, and the breeze eddied and swirled sending her scents from all directions.

She was mad at her self for showing emotion when Cameron's mom hugged her after offering her a place to stay if things got bad at home. The fact that Cameron might have seen it made it worse. Since when did she care what anyone thought?

'Damn it, I'm thinking about Cameron again,' she thought, 'Stop it.'

Cameron was becoming a constant source of irritation to her. He was either standing around looking so damn desirable or he was running off by himself into danger. He didn't even ask her if she wanted to come along to watch his back, the damn fool.

'God damn it Cameron get out of my fucking head,'

Boys had always made fools out of themselves trying to get close to her. They would practically do or say anything for a glimpse of her big tits. They gave her what she wanted, at least until she was turned. Now she couldn't even look at Cameron's brown hair without wanting to straighten it. She couldn't look into his eyes without her heart beating faster in her chest. She couldn't watch his muscled body as he moved without her pussy growing moist. Now that she had Cameron, no one else was ever going to see her tits again that was for damn sure.


From her perch, she could also see in Cameron's bedroom window, so she could keep an eye on Allan as well. She looked away when Trish and Allan started making love. A little while later, she glanced back. They seemed to be finished now, but Trish still sat in his lap with her head on his shoulder.

She turned away and stared into the darkness wondering if Cameron was all right.


Cameron dressed while Karen watched him, lazily cleaning her self of his cum with her finger and then sucking it into her mouth. When he finished he picked up her robe and panties and tossed them to her. She climbed off the bed, pulled on her panties, slipped on the silk robe, and sat in the chair where he had licked her pussy. She looked up at Cameron waiting for him to speak.

"You said there were things I needed to know?" Cameron asked.

"Sugar, it would help if I knew how much you already know about our kind," she said.

Cameron told her everything Tyler had told Jenifer, and she had passed on to him. When he finished, Karen took a moment to get her thoughts in order.

"Most of that's right. Some of it's not," she said. "My mate might have you all killed, and he might not."

"Please explain," he said.

"Tyler is the one that has broken our laws; not you. He started an illegal pack. We strictly regulate our numbers so the human population does not discover us. If that were to happen, they would kill us as they have in the past. Samuel may have you all killed to restore that population limit, or he may call a vote of the Alpha Council to decide if the limit can be expanded."

"Samuel is Tyler's father?" He asked.

"Yes and also the Governor of the Alpha Council," she said.

"What are the chances he will call for a vote?" he asked.

"Not good. It is Samuel's son that is breaking the laws that he helped make, and is supposed to enforce," she said. "That would be very embarrassing. Politically, the best thing for him to do would be to kill you all, and make this whole thing go away as fast as possible."

"Exactly what is this Alpha Council?" He asked.

"There are three werewolf territories within the united states. Eastern, Western, and ours is the Central territory," she explained. "Each Territory governs itself how it sees fit. In our Territory, there are twelve Alpha leaders and their packs. Each pack can have no more that thirty werewolves including its Alpha leader and any young Alphas. Each Alpha leader has a seat on the Alpha Council. They elect a Governor to lead them, and they make the laws that we live by."

"They don't fight to see who the leader is?" Cameron asked.

"It used to be done that way. If it still were, more than half the Alphas on the council would be replaced by the younger Alphas in their packs," she said. "Perhaps even Samuel, but I doubt he's so old that Tyler could defeat him, but it's possible. We learned a long time ago that younger leaders usually resulted in disaster, so now we vote like civilized people. The way we do things now has brought us wealth and prosperity."

"Do any of the other Alpha leaders treat their packs like Tyler does?" he asked.

"It happens from time to time. The other Alpha leaders take care of it when it happens."

"What happens if a young Alpha decides to take over his pack?" he asked.

"The other council members come to the Alpha leader's aid, or destroy the young Alpha if it's too late to help the old," she said. "Which brings me to the information that could save you. Tyler is planning to murder his father."

Cameron was shocked. Tyler had raped his own mother, and now wanted to murder his father. "Won't that just bring the other Alpha leader down on him?" Cameron asked.

"I didn't say challenge him. I said murder him. He is going to murder his father and eventually all the other Alpha leaders in the central territory," she said.

"How does he hope to accomplish this?" he asked.

"With help, of course," she said, "He plans on giving vampires free access to the central territory if they help him secure total leadership."

"Vampires! I thought vampires didn't exist," he said incredulously.

"Sweetie, I bet you used to think werewolves didn't exist too," Karen said. "We drove vampires out of the united states a hundred years ago. Mexico, central and south America are their territories now, but they have wanted in the states for years. We kill any that try.

"Vampires are not like us. We live and love, have passion, and compassion. We are alive, but vampires are death walking, cold and deadly as vipers. They feel nothing except their thirst for blood. They are the enemy of all living things."

"No offence Karen," Cameron said, "Do you expect me to believe that Tyler came up with this plan?"

"Honey, do I look stupid to you?" She asked. "I'm certain it's the vampires plan. Tyler is just the power hungry dupe they found to carry it out." She looked pained and tears formed in her eyes. "He was my darling little boy once. I don't know what happened to him. I tried to be a good mother. Maybe if his father had been around more." She shook her head as she got control of herself. "Whatever the case, my little boy is gone and only a monster remains."

"Why don't you and Tyler live with Samuel?" Tyler asked.

"Oh, the usual reasons couples don't work out," she said, her tears threatening to spill again. "We mated and had Tyler but we didn't get along anywhere but the bedroom. You know there is no divorce among werewolves so it was easier on us both if I came here. He still comes once a year, and for a week or so our passion blooms and then he goes back before we start fighting." She stared blankly and a tear rolled down her cheek.

"I'm Sorry, Karen," Cameron said.

"Oh, It's not your fault, Sugar." she said ignoring the tear.

"How did you find out about all this?" he asked.

"Tyler never told me I couldn't listen to his phone conversations," she said.

"Now that you're free of Tyler are you going to call your mate and tell him about this?" He asked.

"You're my Alpha now, I guess that's up to you," she said.

"Karen, fifteen minutes ago this was between me and Tyler, and I was just trying to get my sister back," he said. "This whole thing just got a whole lot bigger. I need a minute to think."

"Take your time, Honey," she said.

Cameron paced the room for several minutes. Karen watched him silently. If only her own son had turned out like this young man. She watched his earnest face as he came to a decision.

"Karen when is Samuel Coming for his next visit?" he asked.

"In about two months," she answered.

"My guess is that's when they will strike," he said, "That gives us some time for me to free my sister, Allan, and John. We will tell Samuel about this plot long before then so don't worry. I hope that he will be grateful enough to call a vote on our survival. But know this, if he decides to kill me and my pack I will fight."

She nodded her head in acceptance, and their discussion continued. They decided that she would be safe staying home as a spy since Tyler never used her sexually except for the one time when he joined her to his pack. If she learned anything useful, she would call Cameron on his mother's cell phone. Finally, Cameron said he had to get back home and headed for her bedroom door.

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