tagNonHumanYoung Wolves Ch. 11

Young Wolves Ch. 11


Author's note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age. All characters are figures of the author's imagination.


The first thing Cameron realized after he woke and regained his senses was he still hurt. He could breathe now, but his ribs were tender to the touch and his body ached all over. The second thing was that he was starving. His body needed to replenish the energy it had burned healing his punctured lung.

When all the women were satisfied that he was okay, he convinced his mother to make him something to eat.

"How long was I out?" he asked between mouthfuls of food.

"All night and all of this morning," Jenifer answered.

"What time is it?" he asked.

"It's just after noon," Beth said.

Cameron was worried. He had to face Tyler in less than twelve hours and he hurt all over. He needed to rest and let his body heal as much as possible before tonight. "Please, help me to my room. I want to rest in my own bed."

Before anyone else could move, Sarah was at his side. He smiled at her and draped an arm over her shoulder. Jenifer took his other arm and they helped him up the stairs. Beth ran ahead, opened his bedroom door, and pulled back the covers on his bed. Once he was comfortably in bed, Jenifer, Beth, and Sarah refused to leave his side. Trish and Sharon stayed in the living room and gave Cameron and the girls he loved some privacy.

"Did anyone go to school today?" he asked.

All three girls looked at him as if he were crazy. They chatted for a while, but Cameron noticed that Sarah was being strangely quiet. She opened her mouth a few times as if she wanted to say something and then closed it before looking away.

"Sarah, what is it honey?" he asked finally.

She looked startled at Cameron's question but took a deep breath and asked, "Cameron?"

"Yeah honey?" he encouraged her.

"I was wondering if you would bite me now?" Sarah asked, and then looked embarrassed. "It's just that I want to be completely with you as soon as possible."

Cameron thought for a moment before responding. "I want that too; More than anything, but I want to wait until after this business with Tyler is over. I have no choice in risking the others, but I won't risk Tyler getting control of you too."

"I understand, but I want to help."

"Even if I bite you now, it would be a few days before your change was complete. I'm sorry Sarah but the only help you can give me now is staying safe until this is over. I promise I will change you as soon as I can."

Jen and Beth raised their heads and cocked their ears toward his window. At the same time, Cameron heard a car coming up the drive. Sarah looked at each of them, confused by their sudden alert. Her human ears were unable to pick up the sound of the engine.

Beth padded over to Cameron's window. "There is a red Honda coming up the drive," she said.

"It's Mike," Cameron said, "I forgot about him."

A few moments later he heard Mike and Trish coming up the stairs. His bedroom door swung open and Mike strode in with Trish behind him. Mike locked eyes with Cameron and his scent filled Cameron's nose. He instantly knew that Mike was an Alpha werewolf.

His instinct took over and he reacted as an Alpha. Despite the pain that racked him, he threw off the covers and struggled to his feet. He took an aggressive stance and changed to half wolf. He could feel Mike's astonishment through the bond.

"You stay away from my girls," he snarled, and then a deep growl rumbled from deep inside him.

The girls were too surprised to move, but Mike promptly turned, sidled around Trish, and left the room.

"Cameron what are you doing?" Jenifer asked.

As soon as Mike left the room, Cameron's human reason reasserted itself and he changed back to human form. "Uh, I don't know why I did that," he said confused. "I realized that Mike is an Alpha and I just reacted."

"He's an Alpha?" Beth asked.

"Definitely," Cameron said.

"Can you still feel him through the bond?" Jenifer asked.


"That's weird, it usually doesn't manifest until a werewolf can assume half wolf." Jenifer looked thoughtful for a moment. "Cam, do you have yourself under control?" she asked.

"I think so," he said. "Why?"

"I want to test something," she said. "Trish open the door, and Cameron, tell Mike to come in."

Trish did as asked and Cameron told Mike to comeback into the room. Mike cautiously entered.

"Sorry about that Mike," Cameron said.

"Mike," Jenifer said drawing his attention, "Cameron says that you are an Alpha werewolf, and that means that you shouldn't have to obey Cameron unless you want to, but I noticed how you followed his command to leave instantly. Was that because he changed to half wolf and startled you, or because you had to?"

"I'm not sure," he said looking confused.

"Let's test it then," she said. "Cameron tell Mike to leave the room, and Mike you try to stay in the room, okay?"

"Sure," Mike shrugged.

"All right," Cameron said, "Mike, leave the room."

Mike promptly turned and left the room.

"Holy shit," Beth said. "You can command an Alpha."

"What does that mean?" Cameron asked, and waved Mike back in the room from where he stood just outside the open door.

"I honestly don't know," Jenifer said, "I have never heard of such a thing before."

"It has to mean something," Trish added.

"But what?" Sarah asked. She had kept quiet until now, being the only human in the room.

"I wish I knew, Sarah. Alphas are actually a pretty rare thing. Some alphas go their whole lives without making another alpha. At least that's what Tyler told me," Jenifer said. "I wonder if every male Cameron turns will be an Alpha."

"And will he have the same control over them?" Beth asked.

"If he can, he could create a whole army of Alphas," Trish said.

"Well, regardless," Cameron said. "I'm not doing that." A huge smile suddenly lit Cameron's face.

"Why are you smiling like that?" Jenifer asked.

"I just realized with Mike being an Alpha, I won't have to have sex with Camille to take her away from Tyler. Mike can do it," he said.

"What the fuck?" Mike exclaimed.

"Yeah I kind of left that detail out, but it doesn't matter now," Cameron said. "Thank God."

He no longer had the specter of having to fuck his own sister hanging over his head and for a moment he felt euphoric, and then the gravity of still having to face Tyler injured crashed back into him.

Cameron spent the rest of the afternoon resting and eating. His body demanded food at least once an hour. Despite the rest and food intake, he felt a bone deep fatigue that he just couldn't shake. After one attempt to make it down the stairs, he had to have food brought up to him. His ribs hurt every time he moved, and he didn't want to aggravate his injury any further.

After a particularly embarrassing trip to the bathroom where Sarah had to help him get off the toilet, he made a decision. He would call Tyler and try to postpone their meeting until Saturday night. It was a hard decision to make. He desperately wanted for all of this to be over, but he could not afford to lose. Postponing meant leaving his sister in Tyler's clutches for another day, but losing meant that all the people he cared about would be in Tyler's grasp forever.

He had Beth bring him the phone and he dialed the number.

"Hello," Tyler answered.

"Tyler, It's Cameron,"

"Yeah, I know who you are, dumb ass."

"Something has come up and I can't make it tonight," Cameron said, "How does tomorrow night, same time sound?"

"Fuck that," Tyler snapped. "You had better be there, you fucking coward, or you won't like what I do to your sweet sister."

"Fine, I'll be there." Cameron said. He gritted his teeth and threw the phone across the room. No one needed to ask how the conversation went.

Cameron spent most of the evening hours brooding silently, and he only spoke when some one said something directly to him. The only good thing that happened all evening was Mike finished turning and was able to assume his half wolf form.

A pall of worry hung over the girls, and steadily grew worse as Cameron remained silent. They had become so used to Cameron's silence that they jumped when Cameron finally spoke.

"It's only a few hours until I have to face Tyler," he said. "I want to speak to Mike alone for a while. The rest of you please go downstairs and wait for us to come down."

He phrased it as a command so Jenifer, Beth, and Trish left without complaint, but Cameron had to smile reassuringly at Sarah before she reluctantly followed the others.


Jenifer and the others waited impatiently for Cameron and Mike to come down stairs. The minutes seemed to stretch into hours as the clock ticked ominously, counting down the seconds until Cameron must face Tyler. Sharon wandered around the living room lighting candles, more from anxiousness than a need for light.

"What do you think they are talking about up there?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know," Jenifer said.

"Strategy, maybe?" Beth said.

"Then why aren't we all up there planning together?" Trish asked.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Jenifer said.

"Me too," Beth said and stared at the ceiling as if trying to see them through the layers of wood.

"We will know soon enough," Sharon said lighting another candle, "No point in fretting."

Sharon's words made sense, but it didn't stop them from worrying anyway.

"One hour to go," Sarah said when the clock chimed eleven.

Jenifer opened her mouth to respond, then closed it again when she heard Cameron's bedroom door open. They all fidgeted nervously as Cameron slowly descended the stairs, followed closely by Mike. They were relieved to see that he made it down without help and didn't wince in pain with every step.

He positioned himself in front of them with Mike standing off to the side. His eyes looked troubled as he scanned over the women he loved.

"I have made a decision," he said softly, "Mike and I are going alone."

Pandemonium instantly broke out as everyone shouted at once in protest.

"Quiet," Cameron barked, and stunned silence filled the room.

"Why are you doing this son?" Sharon asked.

"Because I am still hurt and I don't think I can win," he said simply. "I won't risk you all falling into Tyler's hands."

He had to wait until their protests died down before he continued.

"These are my instructions," he said. "You are to stay here. If Mike doesn't call you by one hour after midnight, you are to run. If you sense any danger or smell anyone approaching but one of us, you run. Get in the car and run, I don't want to know were you go. Just go somewhere and try to have a life free of Tyler. If either me or Mike survive, we will call you when we can."

"Cameron please don't do this?" Jenifer begged, tears spilling from her eyes.

"You need us Cameron," Beth said desperately.

"We want to help you," Trish added.

"I'm sorry," Cameron said, "No."

"Son, think about what you are doing," Sharon said with a hint of panic in her voice.

"I have mom," he said. "If they go and I lose, which is probable, Tyler will take them right then. I have no choice but to go. If I don't, he will hurt Camille."

A deep growl rumbled from Mike when Cameron mentioned Tyler hurting Camille. Cameron glanced at Mike before continuing.

"Mike and I go alone. That will at least give all of you a chance to stay free."

Sarah rushed to him and gently cupped his face with her hands. She looked up at him with fear and desperation in her eyes. "Please don't go," she begged, "I can't lose you again. Please, baby?"

He reached up, took her wrists in his hands, and removed them from his face. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. "I love you," he whispered to her, and saw the heartbreak written on her face as he stepped back from her. He looked up at the rest of the gathered women. "I love you all."

He turned and strode out of the house. Mike glanced at the distraught women and followed him.


John and Allan watched Cameron's house from the tree line. A gust of wind rustled the leaves and Allan raised his head and sniffed. The wind blew gently from the west, across the old house to their concealed vantage point in the shadows of the black jack trees.

"Almost time," John said. "One more hour."

"This fucking sucks," Allan said and snapped a branch he had picked up.

"Tell me about it," John agreed solemnly. His eyes were focused on the house, but the only thing he could think about was Camille; her beautiful face, soft skin, and the sounds she made when he was deep inside her.

Neither boy was happy about the tasks Tyler had assigned them. Allan was to kidnap Sarah and bring her to the confrontation, and John was to do the same to Cameron's mother. Tyler planned to use them as leverage, and hinted at another surprise he had planned for Cameron, but wouldn't let them in on it.

Allan had first gone to Sarah's house only to find she wasn't there, so he came here looking for her. His enhanced eyes had seen her pass in front of the window earlier, so much to his displeasure, he would have to follow Tyler's orders.

Both boys snapped to attention when they heard Cameron's front door open. Cameron's scent reached them as they watched him descend his front porch steps.

"What the fuck?" John was astonished when he smelled another Alpha and Mike Stamper followed Cameron out. He watched as the two boys climbed into Cameron's Impala.

"Holy shit," Allan said as he watched the black car pull down the drive and turn onto the main road. "Cameron must have turned him. Mike is Camille's boyfriend after all."

A surge of jealousy slammed into John's chest at the thought of Camille and Mike together. He sighed; there was nothing he could do about it. She loved Mike, and the one moment he and Camille had shared was gone. "Doesn't change what we have to do," he said glancing at Allan.

"I know," Allan said. "He didn't take the girls with him. What if they try to stop us from taking Sarah and Cameron's mom?"

"We will have to take them by force; we have no choice."

"Well if it comes to that, let's do it as gently as possible. I don't want to hurt any of them."

"Agreed," John said, "You ready?"

Allan nodded.

Suddenly a twig snapped behind them. Both boys spun toward the sound, and had only a split second before they were knocked to the ground, to realize that being down wind so Cameron couldn't smell them also meant that they couldn't smell anyone sneaking up on them.


The women stood in stunned silence for a moment after Cameron and Mike left.

"Oh God," Sarah said, breaking the silence. "What just happened?"

"I have no idea," Jenifer said woodenly.

"Fuck!" Beth screamed. "Sorry," she added when Sharon looked at her.

"Let's not count my son out just yet," Sharon said pointedly.

"No one is counting him out," Jenifer said, "I believe in him. I just never thought we wouldn't be there to help him."

Everyone heard the boards in the front porch creak and looked at the front door, hoping Cameron had changed his mind and come back.

"Cameron," Sarah breathed in relief, and started for the door. She had covered half the distance when the door exploded from its hinges as though hit with a battering ram. Sarah covered her face and fell to the floor as splinters rained around her.

Everyone gaped at the silhouette of what appeared to be a hulking man in the doorway. Jenifer, Beth, and Trish changed to half wolf and sprang to protect Sarah who lay stunned.

Before they could reach the fallen girl, the windows on either side of the living room shattered. They spun toward the sound of breaking glass and saw several men clothed in black climbing through the windows. The curtain fell from one of the windows and landed on one of the candles Sharon had lit and burst into flame.

Flames began to lick up the wall peeling the wallpaper as the women faced their assailants.


"What do you think?" Mike asked Cameron as they observed Tyler's pack den from the cover of the trees.

Cameron pursed his lips as he surveyed the dilapidated house. It sat about thirty yards from the trees and the yard was overgrown with weeds. There was the remnant of a road that led to the highway. The house felt empty to Cameron. "I'm not sure," he said.

The breeze picked up and rustled the leaves above them. Cameron sniffed the air and then wrinkled his nose in distaste. The house reeked of ammonia.

"Why does it smell like that?" Mike asked shaking his head, trying to get the pungent odor out of his nose.

"Tyler has doused the place with ammonia. He is trying to mask any scents we might pick up. He doesn't want me to know what's inside."

"What do you think is in there?" Mike said, looking at the house for a clue as to what might be inside.

Cameron probed his tender ribs with his fingers as he gazed at the house. "I guess we will find out." He glanced at his watch. "It's time. Are you ready?"

"Let's do it," Mike said gathering his courage.

Cameron took a deep breath and then winced as his lungs pressed against the inside of his injured ribs. "Here we go," he said, and strode out into the clearing in front of the house. He strode purposefully and came to a stop with Mike to his left about ten feet from the porch.

As he stood waiting for Tyler to appear a fury like he had never felt came over him. The rage at Tyler sprang from deep within him and could not be contained.

"Tyler!" He thundered. His sonorous voice echoed off the trees.

Only the sound of crickets chirping in the night answered him, and his anger reached new heights.

"Tyler!" He roared again. His cry deafened the night with the power of his rage.

With a creak, the front door slowly swung inward, revealing a darkness so black that even Cameron's wolf eyes could not pierce into the interior. For a moment, the black doorway yawned before Cameron like the entrance to an abyss from which only his worst nightmares could materialize.

The blackness stirred; a hint of movement, and then slowly, ethereally, Tyler emerged from the darkness. The moonlight rippled across his face as he became visible, and Cameron instantly noticed that Tyler the braggart and bully was gone, only to be replaced by a Tyler that was deadly serious and determined.

As Tyler cleared the doorway, two more men followed him out into the night. Cameron was so intent on Tyler that at first he thought they were John and Allan. It wasn't until the acrid stench of poisonous snakes, which even the ammonia couldn't disguise at this distance, assaulted his nose that he realized he was mistaken.

Cameron's rage fled as quickly as it had come at the sight of the vampires. It was replaced with resignation. He knew now that he and Mike would not survive the night. Now he needed to buy his mother and the girls as much time to get away as he could.

The vampires flanked Tyler, one on either side of him as they approached Cameron and Mike. The vampire on the right had long black hair while the one on the left's hair was equally dark but cropped short. They gazed at Cameron with black eyes as lifeless as the grave. The longhaired one said something in Spanish and they both laughed. The sibilant sound of their laughter sent a chill down Cameron's back.

Tyler and his vampire escort stopped about five feet in front of Cameron. "Where are the girls?" Tyler asked calmly.

"Thought I would give them a head start in case I lose," Cameron said just as calmly, as though they were discussing something as mundane as the weather.

Tyler nodded in understanding.

"And my sister?" Cameron asked.

Tyler tilted his head toward the house. "Inside, Tied up. She can't change to half wolf yet so I thought I would keep her out of the way."

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