tagBDSMYour Little Bitch

Your Little Bitch


I rush down the sidewalk to the restaurant where you instructed me to meet you at 5 o'clock sharp. I am already a few minutes late and know you will not be pleased to have been kept waiting. My 5 inch heals and short skirt are flattering, but not made for running.

I finally reach the front doors of the restaurant and glance at my watch to see that I am ten minutes late. I approach the hostess stand and tell her that I am meeting you and she immediately escorts me to your table.

You are looking at the menu and don't look up. I'm in trouble, have displeased you.

"Sit down and slide you panties off under your skirt and hand them to me," You tell me as I seat myself next to you.

I look up quickly to see that the hostess has heard your words. Appearing shocked, she rushes away from the table.

I flush a bright shade of pink, but don't dare disobey you. I try to inconspicuously shimmy my panties down my thighs without having to raise my skirt too much and bring attention to myself from the other diners.

I reach under the table to untangle my red lace thong from my high heals where they have become stuck. Finally, I bring them to my lap and then place them in your outstretched hand. You don't try to hide them or be discreet. You take them, hold them to your face and smell my arousal. They are damp already from anticipation. You then slide them into your pocket.

The waiter approaches the table and you order wine while sliding your hand up my thigh and under my skirt. You give nothing away to the waiter as you order, but your hand continues its journey to my smooth, waiting pussy.

I try not to give anything away, but a small gasp escapes my lips and a second blush creeps over my skin. As the waiter leaves the table you run your finger through my wet slit making me shudder with need for you.

"Whose pussy is this," You ask me.

"Yours," I reply with my head bowed.

"Then why did you keep me waiting for it?" You ask me sternly.

"I am sorry," I tell you, but do not make excuses for my tardiness. I know you don't want to hear them.

"Come here, my little bitch," You command me.

I scoot closer to you on the seat and you look me in the eyes for the first time since I came into the restaurant. You raise your fingers to my lips and I know immediately what you want me to do.

Using the tip of my pink tongue, I begin cleaning my juices from your fingertips. I suck the end of your middle finger into my mouth and hear you moan quietly. A rush of intense pleasure courses through me to hear evidence of your arousal.

"Good girl," You praise me and lean in and kiss me softly.

The waiter approaches the table with the wine you ordered and you stop him before he can begin opening the bottle.

"We will not be needing that," You tell him. "We are going."

With that, you stand from the table, take me by the elbow and begin escorting me to the front doors. I can tell from your pace that you are impatient to be alone with me. I know I have not paid penance for my tardiness yet. I both fear and crave what you will do to me.

Rushing me down the sidewalk, you lead me into a parking garage near the restaurant. Your car is parked in the back corner and you walk me to the passenger side, but do not open the car door.

Instead, you spin me around to face the car and push me against it. You yank up my skirt and expose my bottom for your viewing.

"Spread your legs for me, baby girl," You tell me.

I obey you immediately as I shake with equal parts fear and arousal. I have never felt this alive.

I hear your belt and zipper as you release your cock from your pants. You press it against my ass and I can feel how hard you are for your little whore.

You don't enter me right away. Instead, you run your hands up my sides as you are pressed against my back. Your reach around and squeeze my breasts hard through my thin cotton top. My nipples harden under my shirt and you pinch them hard enough to elicit a cry from me.

Removing your hands, you adjust my skirt to ensure I am totally exposed. Whack! The first blow surprises me and immediately brings tears to my eyes.

"You must be punished for making me wait, little one," You tell me before landing more quick, hard spanks to each side of my bottom.

When you are satisfied that my cheeks are pink and hot enough from the spanking, you stop and caress them, admiring your handiwork.

"You have a lot to learn about obeying and pleasing me, Jodie," You whisper in my ear as you fondle me and press your hard length into the crevice of my bottom. I quietly nod my agreement.

With that, you take me by the hips and slam your entire length into my waiting pussy.

"Uhhhh," I cry out in both pleasure and pain. It has been several weeks since we have been together.

You continue to thrust hard into me from behind as you grip my breasts and fuck me hard up against your car.

"Mmmm, I love to fuck My sweet little pussy," You confess as you slam into me over and over.

I moan and cry out your name. I am in a frenzy for you. Can't get enough of your cock. With you, I become something I have never been before. A slave to desire and need. To Your desire and need.

Suddenly you stop, pull out and spin me around to face you.

"Get on your knees," You order me.

I obey you immediately and kneel in front of your beautiful cock. It is unbelievably hard with its wet, pink tip ready to be sucked.

"Suck me until I come," You demand.

With a growl of pleasure and need I suck your shiny, red head into my mouth. I love your taste and the feel of your cock on my tongue. You grasp my hair in your hands and being thrusting between my lips.

"Yea, that's it, suck it baby girl," You groan as you force my mouth lower on your shaft and push towards the back of my throat. I gag a little, but that does not stop you from taking what it yours.

I make little sounds in the back of my throat that let you know the pleasure I am getting from serving you like this. Your hands begin to grip more tightly in my hair and I can sense that you are getting close.

"Uhhhhh, I'm coming," You warn me. "Swallow it, my little bitch."

I swallow as soon as I feel your seed pump into my mouth in hot spurts. You pull out of my mouth a little and come on my lips and cheek as you watch my face intently.

I know better than to waste any of your cream and begin licking my lips and bringing the come on my face to my mouth with my fingers.

"That's a good girl," You praise me. "Clean up every drop."

When my face is clean, you take me by the upper arms and raise me to my feet. You look into my eyes and gently kiss my mouth. You are pleased with me again. A whimper escapes my mouth, telling you of my continued hunger for you.

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