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I find a hook first on a wall or a door, then when I find one, I'd beckon you over to me all sweetness and smiles. I'd wait until you were stood right before me before raising my lips to yours and brushing them ever so gently against them... my lips slightly parted so you could feel my breath so close to your lips, yet drawing back at the moment where you leaned towards me. I'd laugh and ask you to close your eyes for me. I'd tell you it was a surprise, so I couldn't tell you what i was doing. You'd do so for me, not expecting in the slightest what I had planned for you...

I'd take your hands and handcuff them together above your head, then using a length of ribbon would tie the handcuffs to the hook above you, so you're stood before me with your eyes still closed and your arms tied above you. This time I walk up close to your body, standing mere millimetres before you and tell you to open your eyes. You look at me, slightly amused, smiling as if I'm going to let you go if you ask nicely. I tell you that you're very much mistaken if you think you're getting anything you ask for. I have complete control over you I remind you...

As I walk away from you you test the handcuffs, tugging on them, expecting your strength to be able to break away from the wall easily, but you find to your surprise that the ribbon and hook rendering you helpless remain firm, keeping you restrained. You turn back to look at me and like what you see... I'm standing a few metres away from you, unbuttoning my blouse to reveal red lacy underwear beneath. You smile and I laugh at you as I proceed to slide my skirt down over my ass, turning and bending over for you to watch it sliding down my tight, peachy ass. I keep my heels on as I step out of my skirt and push it to one side. I do a pirouette for you, smiling as you nod in appreciation... noticing that you are already starting to get hard as you watch me.

I reach behind my back and remove my bra... letting it drop to the floor... my nipples hard and erect, showing just how turned on I am at the prospect at having you all in my control... I reach down to a bag a have with me to pull out a bottle of oil, and you watch helpless as I start to dribble the oil from the bottle, all over my naked breasts, dripping over my body. I'd place the bottle down, and as you start to tug at your handcuffs, your cock so hard for me, I'd begin to rub the oil all over my breasts, all over my stomach... moving my hands back up to my breasts again to rub in yet more oil... closing my eyes and gasping with pleasure in front of you as I pinch my nipples, turning myself on even more.

I squirt some oil into my hands and turn around, bending over with my legs slightly spread in front of you as I reach round and start to rub yet more oil all over my ass, letting you watch my fingers slip down to my pussy as I'm bent over in front of you... a finger sliding into my tight wet pussy as you watch... I'd moan and push another finger into my pussy... gasping as I moved them in and out. I'd stop and turn to face you once again, my hand moving back down to my pussy to fingerfuck myself in front of you as my other hand moved up my body to my breasts and started rubbing them, pinching and pulling slightly on my nipples... turning myself on so much in front of you. Your cock would be so hard by now... wanting to get your hands on me so bad yet not being able to... you can only watch as I finger my tight pussy harder and harder... watching me fuck myself faster in front of you, moaning more rapidly as I get closer and closer to cumming, until you watch as I cum so hard in front of you, my pussy so tight around my fingers as I cry out, smiling as I watch you, helpless before me.

I walk over to you and reach my mouth up to kiss you, my lips finding yours, my tongue pushing into your mouth and kissing you hard, my body pressed up hard against yours... feeling your cock so hard through your jeans. I walk back over to my bag and pull out something else... a longer and thicker piece of ribbon. I walk back over to you and reach behind your head with the ribbon, and it is then that you understand I am blindfolding you. You feel me tie a hard knot in the back of the blindfold and then my breath on your cheek... next to your ear... my tongue running across your lips... then my fingers starting to unbutton your shirt. I pull your shirt open, revealing your hard chest before me, and inwardly I moan at the sight of you and how gourgeous you are. My hands begin to undo the button of your jeans also... hooking my thumbs into the waistband of your jeans and boxers and pulling them down... getting you to step out of them for me. You sense me, rather than feel me rise, left now helpless, blind to what I am doing and naked before me. I raise my lips and begin to kiss your neck, small kisses, occasionally giving you a gentle bite... and across your collarbone... biting your shoulder slightly harder as I tease you... my tongue moving slowly down over your chest... flicking across your nipples before kissing my way down your stomach...

You shudder as you suddenly feel my lips on the base of your hard shaft... my lips kissing their way up to the head of your cock... stopping just short of your head and moving back down again. My lips kiss all over your hardness... working my way each time to the head of your cock. I begin to run my tongue up and down you... licking the pre-cum from the tip of your cock before finally letting my lips slide down onto the head of your cock, wrapped so tightly around you. You'd moan as my lips sunk further down onto your cock, my tongue running against you, teasing you as I began to suck your cock... my head moving up and down as I take your cock between my lips, sucking on you harder and harder... your cock would be so hard between my lips... sucking harder and faster on your hardness as I feel you growing bigger and harder between my lips...

I'd stop before I allowed you to cum... wanting you to wait just a little longer before I let you go... I'd again squirt some baby oil into my hand but this time would rub it over your hard cock... my hand rubbing up and down, careful not to let you cum, but hard and fast enough to tease you...

I'd stand up, my hard nipples pressed against your chest and my breath tickling your neck as I reached up to untie your hands. I'd whisper in your ear that I'm letting you go on the condition that you behave and do only as I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. You feel your hands drop and the handcuffs click as I undo them, and immediately you tear the blindfold off your eyes and look at me with revenge in your eyes. I push my hands against your chest, keeping you away, but you back me into the wall. We stay frozen for a split second... my back pushed against the wall and my hands pushing against your chest, before we both simultaneously give into each other... my hands dropping and you stepping forward to kiss me... your hips grinding into me... keeping me pinned against the wall as your hard cock is pressed against me... I wrap my leg around your waist and whisper that I want to feel your hard cock inside me right now... I want you to fuck me so bad...

You hold my ass as you lift me slightly... the tip of your cock just pushing at my wet pussy... before dropping me onto you... my weight forcing me down onto your hard cock as you thrust up into me at the same time... hearing me cry out as your hard cock pushes inside my tight pussy... your cock so much bigger than I have ever had... my pussy being stretched around your cock as you thrust in and out of me... slamming your hips into me, pushing your hard cock into me to the hilt... completely impaling me on you and holding me against the wall as you thrust into me... fucking me so hard. You can feel my pussy growing so tight around your hard cock... my breathing getting shorter and your cock growing harder inside me... I look at you and say to you: 'Please... fuck my ass... I want you so bad... I want you to fuck my tight ass for me'.

I smile mischievously as you groan with pleasure... letting me go. I walk over to the bed and crawl onto it on my hands and knees, legs spread wide for you on the edge of the bed. You come up behind me and position the head of your cock at my ass, and begin to push slowly... I moan and bite my lip... trying not to cry out as you force your hard, thick cock deep into my tight virgin ass. The head of your cock pushes into my ass and you stop... giving me a second to breathe, before starting to work your way in and out of my tight ass as I moan... pulling out slightly before pushing back harder into me. I reach down to my pussy and start to rub my clit and push two fingers inside my pussy as your cock stretches my tight virgin ass around your big, hard cock. You place your hands on my hips and without warning, slam the full length of your hard cock deep into my tight ass as you pull me back onto you. I cry out in pain... starting to moan as you begin to fuck my ass harder... your hard cock forcing in and out of my ass...

You start to feel me push back against your cock as my fingers work my pussy harder and faster... once again so close to cumming... the pain of your hard cock offset by the pleasure of being so close to cumming... You start to thrust harder into me... making me moan as you get faster... your cock getting harder and bigger inside my ass... fucking me so hard until you feel my body start to convulse, my back arching as I start to cum so hard over my fingers... my ass clenching tighter around your hard cock and sending you over the edge as you cum so hard inside me before we both collapse onto the bed.

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Where are the women like this? I need a mistress

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