Your Suprise


With your instructions in mind, I went to the club nearby. As I entered, I saw a couple possibilities, but finally my eyes settled on the perfect target. Of course she was smaller than me, a shy girl standing against the wall, watching her friends dance. Knowing that girls are rarely worried when another woman approaches, I went over to her and started talking. Soon, I was dancing with her, our bodies grinding up against each other. Once I had sufficiently gained her trust, I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her softly, her mouth tentatively meeting mine. Soon her lips parted, and I began to explore her mouth with my tongue. She grabbed onto me, and I knew I had her hooked. I whispered in her ear, asking if she wanted to go somewhere more private. She nodded and we quickly left the club, making our way to our "private" place.

When we entered, I purposely left the door unlocked as I guided her into the room. We continued kissing as we sat on the couch, slowly removing all of each other's clothing. I saw you appear in the doorway at the same time that I slid my finger into her wet slit while biting gently on her neck. She moaned and told me how she was so turned on and just wished I had a cock so I could fully penetrate her. I smiled and told her that maybe she would be surprised, as I leaned back on the couch, telling her to lick my cunt. She went to work, greedily lapping at my juices, pushing her fingers into me as her tongue flicked over my cunt. I moaned softly, her crouching position forcing her ass up in the air. I asked if she was still horny, if she still wanted a cock inside her; she moaned and nodded into my cunt. I laced my fingers in her hair, holding her firmly against my soaking cunt, as I smiled at you approaching her from behind. She struggled against my grip as she felt your hard cock forcing its way into her tight, wet pussy. She tried to say something, but it was impossible to understand her as she was speaking into my delicate folds. Soon, she was moaning, sending vibrations into my clit, as she pushed her hips back against you, inviting you deeper inside her. I watched as you grabbed hold of her hips, thrusting hard into her.

You heard my moans getting louder, and watched as my back arched and muscles spasmed as I reached my climax. I released my grip on the girl's hair, which was soon replaced by your hand, forcing her to rear backwards, allowing your cock to penetrate deeper inside her. She grunted as your dick hit deep inside her. I sat up and took one of her breasts in my hand, tweaking her nipple as I pressed my mouth against hers, massaging her tongue with mine. Her moans got louder, echoing into my mouth as her body yielded to you. You pounded deep into her and felt her cunt squeeze your cock, her orgasm wracking her body. You leant forward and asked her if that was what she meant when she said she wanted a cock inside her, and she nods. You removed your hand from her hair and instead placed it on her back, pushing her down in place. I smiled with accomplishment and leant forward, kissing you deeply.

You grabbed me by the throat and pushed me back slightly. As you continued to thrust into the girl beneath us, you told me that she was not the only one that would be surprised that night. You watched as my eyes changed from confused to shock as I felt a hard cock slide into me from behind. I tried to turn around to see who was fucking me, but you squeezed gently on my throat, watching my face as I moved from being shocked to enjoying the unknown dick fucking me. My moans mingled with that of the girl's, as both of us reached our climaxes. I leaned forward to kiss you, but you only let my lips just brush against yours before you pushed me back again, enjoying watching my face as I enjoyed having my cunt violated by another dick.

Without warning, you released your hold on my neck and instead grabbed one of the girl's legs, turning her over. I was then able to see your dick buried in her cunt and couldn't resist; I leaned forward to run my tongue over her clit, licking your cock as you penetrate another woman. She moaned and did the same to me; I felt her mouth kissing my slit, her tongue tenderly running over my clit and the dick entering me. I reached up with one hand, playing with your nipples while looking up at you; you saw the pure lust in my eyes, as I tasted the juices of the woman you were fucking. All of a sudden, I heard a loud cracking sound and felt a stinging on my ass and realized that the strange man was spanking me. I moaned loudly and couldn't help it as my hips started bucking back against him.

I was thrusting violently back against his cock, wanting him deeper, harder, faster. I looked up at you and saw you smiling down on me, and then I saw you give him a strange smile. You pulled me up towards you and asked me if I was going to be your good little slut. I nodded and told you that of course I would be, you smiled kindly and kissed me deeply, tasting the woman's juices on my tongue. I felt a different kind of pain behind me, and realized that the man behind me was forcing a dildo into my ass while still fucking my cunt. I was trying to resist him, and attempted to pull back from your kiss. However, you grabbed a fist full of my hair and kept your mouth against mine, my cries muffled by your tongue in my mouth. As my tight entrance relaxed, my cries turned into moans. You pulled away from the kiss, and as you continued to pound into the girl still below you, you growled and pulled my head to the side, exposing my delicate neck before biting down fiercely. At first I moaned, and then cried out and screamed as you bit my tender flesh, toying with the line between pleasure and pain.

The man behind me pulled out of my tender pussy, wanting the girl to suck his cock instead. You whispered in my ear that my abuse was not nearly over and ordered me to turn around. I heard the girl below me gasp as you gave her a few more hard thrusts before removing your cock from her sore entrance and immediately entering my cunt, sliding deep into me easily with the help of our combined juices. She moved closer to the man whose cock she was sucking, her swollen pussy right in front of my face as I was on all fours being pounded from behind by you. I felt your cock stretching my already sore cunt, having no mercy as you thrust into me to the hilt. I arched my back slightly, wanted you to hurt me, wanted you to bury your cock deep into me, but at the same time I used the slightly different position to reach her cunt with my mouth. Her delicate flesh was swollen from her arousal combined with the intense penetration you gave her. She shuddered when I first began licking her, but her body wanted more and she was soon pushing her hips back against my mouth as she bobbed up and down on the other cock.

Seeing me sucking another woman's cunt, you started pounding mine even harder. You then grabbed a hold of the dildo still deep in my ass, and started thrusting it in and out of my tight hole. It soon felt as though I was having a continuous orgasm as my climaxes merged into each other, forced into multiple orgasms by the two pistons fucking both of my holes. I was so caught up in my pleasure that I didn't notice when you said something to your friend. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor, still licking the cunt of the girl who was still on the couch, as you and your friend were now each in a hole. I saw the dildo that was previously in my ass lying on the couch. You watched as I grabbed it, wanting the girl to have a similarly enjoyable sensation; I pushed my fingers into her cunt at the same time as I forced the glass cock up into her ass. She squealed, and tried to pull away, but you and your friend held her in place until I had it all the way up inside her. Soon she her moans and cries were mingling with mine as she was experiencing one orgasm after another.

I saw she was getting exhausted, and she started begging me to please let her rest. I told her that she was asking the wrong person, that I was going to keep making her climax until both men were satisfied. I saw you smile at your friend, as you both continued to thrust deep into me. Behind me, I felt your friend tensing and knew he would shoot his hot fluids into me, and I wanted you to fill my cunt, too. You let me lean down and suck one of your nipples into my mouth. I heard you moan as you, too, got close to orgasm. With one last deep thrust into my ass, your friend came inside me, filling me with his cum; soon thereafter, you grabbed onto my body, using me for leverage as your muscles constricted and you shot your sperm all the way inside me. At this point I finally stopped fucking the poor girl's ass and let her rest, as you and your friend pulled out of my swollen and sore holes.

Completely exhausted, I collapse against your chest. You let me calmly rest there for a few moments, but then pulled away slightly, pushing my chin up gently to look in my eyes. You asked me if I thought I had been a good girl, at which point I nodded and asked if I had pleased you. You smiled gently at me, saying that while I had pleased you, I had done something to disappoint you. Panicked, I wracked my brain trying to think what it could have possibly been. You kissed me softly and told me that you wouldn't punish me now, but that I was definitely in for serious abuse as I hadn't asked for permission to cum. I gasped, wondering how I could have possibly forgotten something so important. I apologized and told you that I would happily take whatever punishment, that I deserved it and hoped I could make it up to you. You smiled and tapped my ass lightly, telling me not to worry about it tonight, that I had been your good little slut and you would enjoy teaching me my lesson another time.

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