tagErotic CouplingsYour Trailer or Mine?

Your Trailer or Mine?


After my divorce I was devastated in all ways, emotionally, spiritually, financially you name it. Luckily we had no kids, so I was spared the pain of seeing what they would have had to endure. I don't resent my ex wife, we were just not compatible from the start. I guess you could say all we had was sex and a lot of it. We fucked on the first date and continued that thru our two year marriage, just about everyday. My ex wanted it in any and all holes almost all the time.

I never went to college so I started at the auto parts warehouse at the edge of town right after high school. I advanced quickly and went from stocker to fork lift driver to supervisor after 18 months. Finally I got a foreman job with some perks and a salary of 50K. Becky, my ex, did not work, so most of that time we struggled to get along. But we were young and foolish and spent what we had and also got into debt. We did manage to buy a little ranch house, but with our debt load, the mortgage got rough month to month. Of course like other couples we fought over money issues, but due to our libidos we fucked our way out of any arguments.

Becky wanted things so finally she got a job in a club as a waitress. It was a pretty wild place on the weekends and that's when she got most of her tips, both liquor and food.

Becky was bringing in some money, but instead of paying down debt, she began to spend more and we slid further down. About this time the club got new owners, two black guys that wanted to revamp the place and drop the food and covert it to a strip club. All the employee's got an option to stay or go, and would have to adapt to the new format. Becky decided to stay thinking the bar tabs would increase, so her tips would be better.

Well that didn't quite happen as the customers spent more on the dancers and table dances than drinks. She was now about half of what she earned before and I told her to quit over it, plus her hours sucked, she was gone most nights till 2am. She hung on thinking I guess that things would improve. On the contrary, my salary was frozen since times started to get tough, plus I had to fill in for people that were let go, so my hours went way up. This made our time together even more difficult as I was gone from the early morning till early evenings and that's when Becky went to work. Even the weekends were compromised with work.

The collectors were calling all during the day; our answering machine was on fire. We didn't have time to sit down and discuss our problems, let alone have a good fuck. We did arrange for one afternoon that Becky would bring lunch to the warehouse and we could sit out in the truck and go over our problems. I was also hoping for a little ass since it had been about six weeks that we were together in that way.

Right away Becky was acting weird. She did not want to discuss our bills, our work schedules or her job. She started off by saying how slighted she was by the lack of sex between us and how she could not handle it. I told her it was tough on me too, but unless she stayed home more, I could not see an improvement in the near future. That's when she laid the big news down. She was handling her sex drive by screwing with the two black owners of the club. While I sat there in shock with a ham and cheese stuck in my throat, she relayed the first time she got shafted by these goons. Evidently this had little impact on her being married, since then she had been screwed by one or the other daily for the past month. In fact she was so into this life, that she wanted a divorce to give her more flexible time.

I knew we had both been unhappy but I did not suspect the infidelity going on. I was shocked and scared at the same time since my whole life, since I was a child, everyone I knew had been divorced. In fact the couple that had been together the longest was my grandparents on my momma's side and that had only been 12 years. I remember the years of unhappiness around me because of the people's issues with divorce.

I asked Becky to reconsider and maybe we could work on it if she would agree to stop the outside sex immediately. I got back a blank stare and a nonchalant "I love fucking those guys and others if I want to". So hell, that was it, I was going to be another statistic of marriage failure.

The house quickly went into foreclosure, hell we even paid one attorney to draft the papers for us both. Things were amicable I guess, considering we owned literally nothing and we each had notes on our trucks. We parted ways, drove away in opposite directions and as far as I know, never looked back.

Of course for me, housing was now a top priority. I moved back home with my mother for about three months so I could sort my bills and get some credit built back up. I paid some rent money and furnished the groceries so I didn't feel bad crashing in my old bed. I might have stayed longer but Mom had a man friend who came over a lot and fucked her around the house. I came home one day from work and he had her chest down on the kitchen table, slamming her pussy hard. Mom glanced up at me, turned away and went back to howling her orgasm. I decided then to move out, but where?

At work my buddy Eddy had suggested a few times to move into the trailer park he resided in. He said they had a few rentals open or I could buy a used one and have it located there. I took his advice and bought a FEMA return for just under $3,000. It had some damage and wear and tear, but nothing that bothered me to any extreme. It was small but comfortable and best of all it was mine.

I moved it into the Singing Pines Trailer Park on the outskirts of town, less than 10 minutes from work. There were about 120 trailer homes in the park which was landscaped with pine trees throughout. Amenities included a general barbeque area and a small pool. It housed a small general store that really only had wine and cigarettes and the proverbial frozen food, chips and soups. Attached to it was a Laundromat with half a dozen washers and dryers. Everything was a little dated but kept relatively clean by the elderly couple managing it.

My first couple of days living there were uneventful. My co-worker Eddy came over once to see how I was doing and to give me a general layout of the community. There were a wide variety of people in the park, some married couples with kids, elderly and some singles. Some biker dudes and chicks that routinely partied a lot. He even told me of some hookers in case I got lonely or bored, which I was not interested in. Then he said I had to meet Mona, a woman who lived about a dozen trailers down on my lane.

When I asked him why I had to meet Mona, Eddy got a huge grin on his face and began laughing causing his beer belly to wobble back and forth. He explained that Mona ran the bar down the street and was the resident party girl and had been for a long time. I filed all this information in my brain, never with the intent to use it, but you never know.

Since I had left my mom's house hurriedly, I had quite the loads of laundry to do and off I went to the park's facility. I quickly had three machines running so I decided to step outside for some fresh air. While outside I sat next to an older woman who was leafing through an old magazine with the cover torn off, dangling a cigarette out of the corner of her mouth. She had severely blonde bleached hair, piled quite high on her head, a tanned yet ruddy looking complexion, a nice figure and obviously store bought tits because they were larger than her frame and body type. Plus the fact, that they stood straight out, and didn't sag like the rest of her, arms and all.

I figured that by the appearance of her hands and skin she had to be in her 50's, but really she could have been older. Trying to be polite I introduced myself and told her I was new to the park and I was trying to catch up. Glancing up from her read, she did a quick body scan of me with her eyes, took hold of the cigarette in her mouth and took a giant drag. Exhaling a billowing cloud around me, she remarked that she was Mona.

It would be an understatement for me to say I was not surprised. Based on Eddy's account, I think before she spoke, I already knew who she was. Well if this was the park's party girl she had been rode hard and put up wet countless times. Mona stood up, maybe to impress me, I don't know, but as she stood she reached to the bottom of her frayed blue jean shorts and pulled on them. She also tugged on the crotch, maybe to highlight her camel toe which was pronounced. At least to me with every pore of her body, Mona was relaying that she was a slut. Mona glanced at me again, tossed her finished cigarette and went inside. I next saw her walking up the lane with a laundry basket under her arm, swinging those hips and ass like she was advertising a novel ride.

With my laundry finished I headed back to my trailer. It was almost 7pm, getting dusk and most of the residents had returned for the day to their homes. Passing one I could hear loud noises inside along with some rocking music. Stopping briefly to recognize the music, I heard loud and clear the word fuck, over and over again. I thought the heavy music was rocking the trailer, but no, some gal was getting pounded and loving it. The sound went into a high screech and then a pitched voice saying to fuck my ass hard.

I started walking again since some of the other neighbors were peering out their windows to the trailer in question; I did not want to appear like a peeping tom.

I threw my basket onto the sofa and reached in the fridge and got a cold beer. For a moment after sitting down I had a somber feel, like I had fallen down the food chain to end up here. But that thought passed as I knew as soon as I had things more patched up, I was going to move and buy a home again.

Now women were another issue. I was not the type to procure a hooker or do the one night stand thing. I did like the feel of being married, even if it didn't last. Being married made me feel better about myself, but there was no rush to get back to that and considering where I now resided, probably not much hope of it either.

Looking to get another beer, I noticed I had just gulped down my last one. Did I feel like driving to the store a couple of miles away, or up the road to the park's little store. I decided the park store was best, plus I could pick out a frozen dinner to nuke later.

Retracing my steps I had taken an hour earlier from the laundry room, I passed the same trailer that had the load music and sex action. The music still blared, but the residents were outside now, smoking and drinking. Two guys, both looking like bikers, were mauling on a tattooed woman, grabbing her ass and tits thru her clothes while she was squealing and laughing. They just casually glanced my way as I walked up the gravel road.

At the store I bought a six pack and threw in several cans of tomato soup and headed back outside. A car racing up the drive, gravel flying everywhere, had stopped just behind me. A woman, clutching a broken looking suitcase and looking fearful, partially fell and or stepped out of the car. She stumbled at first, dropping her broken case open on the ground; a man in the car threw another suitcase in her direction. He then got back in the car, spun around, again with gravel and dust going everywhere and sped off, leaving the two of us in a cloud of rubberized smelly air.

I had one arm free so I helped the woman get up while she frantically tried to toss some items back into her case. I let her continue and reached back and picked up the other suitcase that was on the road.

We both stood and faced each other, she eyeballing me carefully, me looking at a disheveled scared looking gal. She had brown hair that grazed her shoulders, a figure hidden by the sweats she had on, plus little if any, makeup. I put her in her mid 20's or so. After a few more moments of us just standing there, I thought it best to at least say something.

"Are you living here in the park, or are you visiting?" After I said that I felt stupid, after all she was literally tossed out in front of me.

"No, I mean, yeah I gonna see my mom" she replied awkwardly.

We started to walk and I could see her arms in the faint light, they seemed to be bruised, both old and new. My brain was thinking ahead that she must be in an abusive relationship with that jerk who threw her out. My heart went out to her since I had witnessed my aunt growing up under the same circumstances. My uncle finally got what was coming to him; some guys one night beat the shit out of him and robbed him, leaving him in a wheelchair. My aunt left him and he died a few years later in a nursing home.

I decided that this girl might feel better if I engaged her in more conversation. "What's your name?"

"Collee Poole" she responded softly.

"Collee that is a name I haven't heard before. How do you pronounce it correctly?" I wanted to know.

"It's pronounced Coal lee and I was told my dad got it from a race horse that he won on, Coal Jett Lee."

We continued walking down the lane, me carrying her suitcase, she clutching her broken one, trying to keep things from falling out.

We stopped abruptly, Collee looking toward a trailer on the left. "This is it."

Well shit, if it wasn't the home of slutty Mona, I would not have guessed this sweet innocent looking girl would have that woman as her mom. I felt quite disappointed in that fact and followed her up the walk to the front door. Placing her case on the ground, I excused myself, told her I would see her around and if she needed anything I pointed out my unit to her. I got back on the gravel road bed when I heard the trailer door open and a gravelly impaired voice asked "what the fuck are you doing here?"

I glanced back to see Collee frozen on the steps, waiting to go in, but Mona had the way blocked with her body. Another cigarette planted in her lips and a cocktail in her hand. Mona looked down upon Collee and said bluntly, "What did you and Brett get into now? I've got someone here right now, wait outside."

I had heard all this while still walking back to my home, thinking what a skank, not letting her daughter inside.

Before entering my trailer, I looked back once more to see Collee, still cradling her suitcase, sitting on a lawn chair in her mother's yard. For the next hour or so, I peered out through the blinds to check on Collee, each time still seeing her planted in that chair.

I don't know if my heart or anger motivated me more, but I couldn't take anymore and went outside to walk back to Mona's. Once close, I called out to Collee, and asked her if she wanted to come inside my trailer for the night instead of sitting where she was. She looked several times toward her mom's trailer and then slowly got up and met me in the street. I could see the exhaustion on her face and body, and knew that she needed to rest and do it soon. Without much as a word, she walked with me to my unit, me again carrying her suitcase.

Once inside I told Collee that she could have the bedroom and I would make due on the small couch. She asked if I had anything to eat as she was feeling weak, so I offered her some of the tomato soup I had purchased earlier. Once she sat down I gave her another going over with my eyes. Yes, those marks on her upper arms really did look like bruises and for the first time I noticed some on her face, basically the left cheek.

I was quite angry, but I had to make sure what I was seeing was what it really was.

'That guy who drove you here, did he have anything to do with the marks on your body?"

I asked.

Collee acted upset and fidgeted in her seat, which pretty much confirmed my suspicions about her condition. She looked down to the floor, probably like most battered women do, unsure and not feeling safe to answer. Finally she did mutter some words.

"We had a small argument and I fell, no big deal" was her defense.

"Well Collee, it looks like you fell right into someone's hands, considering there are handprints imbedded on your arms"

Her reactions instinctively went to cover her arms with her hands, another indication that I was more at the truth than she wanted to admit. However I didn't want to make her anymore skittish, so I dropped the quizzing and went about getting her some food.

She thanked me for the soup and allowing her to spend the night as she went into the bedroom. I made myself as comfortable as possible on the couch and soon was sound asleep.

I awoke in the morning to the sound of sizzle, and after rubbing my eyes, discovered Collee in the kitchen, cooking. The smell of bacon and coffee entered my pores with a jolt and after a quick pee and brush of the teeth; I was at the table to a better than mine ever breakfast. Collee looked refreshed and had her hair done nice with her face slightly done with makeup. I caught myself staring at her, realizing how pretty she was.

Collee looked at me like I lost it as she got some toast out and prepped it with some butter.

"I take it you got some sleep cause you look great" I told her how I really felt.

"Why thanks, I did really rest and I want to thank you again for letting me spend the night" she responded.

"So what are your plans for the day?"

"Well I work at the Piggly Wiggly on Broadway as a cashier, I'm on at 8 this morning" Collee said between bites of her eggs.

"Hey that's cool. I would be happy to take you there for your shift if you like."

Collee looked at me and smiled. "Thanks, but I should have my mom take me and get my things to take over to her place and let you have your space and bed back."

"Nonsense, I replied. You are welcome to stay here as long as you need, plus I need some groceries in here. I can have you check me out" I grinned.

Collee laughed back but insisted that her mom would step up. I told her that her things would be ready to pick up if she really had to go. She offered to clean up after we finished eating but I told her to get going as it was getting late. She thanked me again for everything and left the trailer with just a sweater and her purse.

I generally cleaned up our mess and got my stuff together to head out. I needed to get an earlier start as I needed gas and mail some stuff. As I left the unit, I looked up toward Mona's and saw Collee standing by the door, knocking.

As I drove by, I called out to Collee if everything was Ok, she just shrugged. I stopped my truck to see if she needed any help, but she came toward me with a forlorn look on her face as if this was a common practice of her mom, basically to not be there. I quietly asked if she wanted that lift to work now.

Without any hesitation, she jumped in the cab next to me and commented that her mother must have already left for somewhere. I thought that might be incorrect since a bartender would probably not leave at 7am but rather may be just coming in.

As I pulled up to the Piggly Wiggly, I asked Collee when she got off. She remarked it would be at 8pm and that her mother would get her. Nonsense I told her, I'll pick her up. She left me with a slight smile and a skip to her step so I knew I had made her feel better about herself if nothing else.

Collee had given me a much needed spark; I worked the whole day happy and looking forward to the evening and on seeing her again. I got home a little after 6pm and after pulling into my parking spot, I noticed what appeared to be the same car in front of Mona's trailer that had thrown out Collee. Immediately I got weird thoughts, primarily was this guy lying to his girlfriend's mom to get her in his corner. I don't know why this was my primary thought, it seemed that it fit more with the characters.

I got some of my chores done as the sun went down, and I noticed that the car was still by Mona's. Getting curious and with the cover of some darkness, I walked down to Mona's to see if this might be the same vehicle and guy that had tossed Collee. Climbing the steps to the little porch area, the sounds of some rock and roll was blasting out of the trailer. The side window was open slightly with the shade partially up so I thought to make a quick glance inside to confirm the occupants. What I saw was a bit more than I expected.

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