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"So tell me about the craziest thing you've ever done sexually."

It took me only a second to reply to her.

"There was this time in college. Some buddies of mine and I had been out all night at this fraternity party and this one little cooze starts draping herself all over each one of us in turn. She was petite with blonde hair, big green eyes and pert little tits which seemed to cry out to us to be let loose from this little blue top with no bra. Each one of us had had our shot with her making out in a dark corner. She'd obediently come back around and then take the next one off into a different dark corner.

"So when the lights come up and we get our things to go, this girl's still hanging around so my friend Jason, this big black guy, and I slyly wink to each other and agree to walk her back to her place.

"I don't know that we even had to give her a verbal invitation but we simply walk back to our dorm, and she follows Jason and I up to my room. Without even having the door closed yet she pops those tits out over her top and says, 'I wanna suck you guys.'

"Of course there is no hesitation on my part and my pants are off, and Jason's are off and he has out this big horse cock that she leers at and then pops into her lips. Jason starts fucking her mouth and she wraps a hand around my cock and begins stroking me off. Almost as soon as she starts, she turns her head to me and takes my cock to the hilt like she's trying to choke herself with it. At one point she does gag and stops, takes a deep breath and plunges back onto it a few times. She then gasps again and turns to Jason, popping the head of his dick between her lips and cupping my balls.

"'Such gorgeous cocks," she says. 'I want them in me.'

"She pushes me back to the bed, tears down her shorts and gets on all fours at my feet. I raise my knees up and ass up a bit as she reaches back and starts fingering her own slit. Begging for Jason to fill her up, she begins tonguing my asshole. She turns back to him with a grimace and says, 'Fuck me,' and as he pushes that rod into her she has to pause and give a bit of a yelp.

"Pretty soon Jason is pounding away at her and her face would contort as if in pain though her pleasure was obvious because she would reach back as if to pull him in deeper. His thrusts were slamming her face into my nuts as she tried to drive her tongue deeper into me. Jason reaches a head under her belly and another on the square of her back and begins ramming even harder. With this she starts screaming, letting loose.

"She turns back and sneers again, 'Oh, Yeah! Fuck me! Yeah.' I have to grab her hair and turn that slutty little mouth's attention to my own cock again.

"She can't handle it though and soon is screaming again and so just starts to jerk me off. Jason, seeing that I'm not getting near the excitement he is, grabs both her legs and throws her on the bed, flipping her over in the process. 'Fuck that slut's mouth,' he says and then begins to giggle almost like he can't believe he just said it and can't believe what we are doing. So now I'm just straddling this girl's face plunging my cock down into her gaping mouth as if to shut it up.

"Her face is red and voice hoarse now from all the yelling: It isn't just the screams of sexual ecstasy now but just yelling as if she's trying to get the attention of someone across campus. "Awww aww aw! Yeah FUCK IT!"

"Jason is fucking her hard again with her legs up on his shoulders and she is stroking me as I drive my cock deep into her hungry mouth. Every time I stop to let her breathe she gasps, 'Please come in my mouth.' It is pleading as if her life depends on guzzling down my seed. 'Please, please,' she whimpers, and I plunge my cock back down.

"Her top is still on though pushed under her tits and now drenched with sweat and her saliva. My cock makes a popping noise with each of Jason's thrusts, the popping noise you make when you stick your finger inside your cheek and pop it out. That's how hard my cock is.

"She doesn't have much voice left and so can only whimper as Jason plows away and then she turns back to my cock and makes these suckling noises... 'Mmmm mmm mmm'.

"Soon my balls are aching, and I can't take it anymore and have to pop. I sit up a bit and lift her head by the hair. My wad shoots over her chin and lips so that part of it ends up in between her eyes. Her tongue circles around, lapping it up as Jason continues plunging into her at the end of the bed.

"'Mmmm, mmm. I want more,' she begs. Even before she gets the last bits of my cum, Jason is around at her face, tugging that big horse cock, and her mouth is gaping open to receive his load too. Not content to stop she immediately has her hand on my balls again and is begging my cock back to life. As Jason's creamy jizz unloads between her lips, she shoves a finger into my ass and starts fingering it making me cry out with the mixture of pain and pleasure.

"She has one hand milking his brown snake and the other checking my prostate and her eyes are telling us that she wasn't sated yet. Those being my college years and this slut so badly needing it, it was only moments before I am almost as erect as I had been minutes before. Her bold move to my anus opened the door for the ass play, so I pull away from her and quickly have her legs up. Jason is next to her, his flaccid cock draped across her lips.

"I press my own tongue against her tight little anus letting gobs of saliva roll down it to lubricate her. With a sufficient amount of spittle there, I press a finger in as my mouth moves up to work her well-fucked pussy.

"'You want more?" Jason asks her.

"'Mmm yes, more cum.' The way she says it is almost child-like. 'Fuck my ass,' she is saying to no one in particular.

"Her ass is super-tight and as I work the head of my cock in, her hands reach down as if to keep me from plunging right in. As I shove the length of it into her she gives a grimace before sitting almost straight up to view the work I was about to do. Her legs are bowed out and I work my shaft between them slowly as if slowly drawing back the string of that tight bow. Her face contorts and grimaces as I began to move in a rhythm and I'm afraid I'm hurting her. Then she lets out a long 'Oh yeah...' and begins to slurp again on Jason's tool. Now instead of a mix of pain and pleasure, her words relate a sort of mix of pain and relief as if I am giving a hard massage. 'Mmm. Oh... Yeah... yeah, fuck my ass. Yes.'

"She reaches down to finger herself, and I marveled at how engorged her clit seems, pushing out from it's hooded hiding place. Her pussy too is dripping with her juices. I give her everything she keeps begging me for, plunging my cock away in her ass. Jason strokes himself, occasionally running the head of his cock over her face and lips.

"My pace builds. She encourages it by slamming down against my thrusts. I begin to pant.

"'Fuck me harder,' she says before slipping Jason's growing cock back between her hungry lips. Her ass is clenching my tool making the already nice tight hole even more gratifying. I feel another release and am ready to unload in her. Jason is fully erect again and seems to take more satisfaction at watching the strain on my face as I unleash a torrent of jizz up her ass. This makes her scream out with another orgasm. I think to myself finally the hungry little bitch is done, but as her quaking comes under control she looks up at Jason and again begs 'More!'.

"Jason immediately flips her back over and ploughs his dick straight into her ass, squeezing out the seed I had just planted there moments before. I feel spent but she takes me back into her mouth. I watch as Jason pounds at her for a while but soon let my head lay back and drift off to sleep to their moans and grunts.

"At one point in the night I wake up and my naked body is spooned around hers. I slide my cock into her like that and we have sex again, slowly this time, both of us near exhaustion from the earlier efforts. I don't remember coming again.

"When I woke again she was gone."

"What happened to her then? I mean, did you see her again at all?"

"Well never again like THAT. I did see her around campus after that. Even had a class with her junior year, though it was a big Econ seminar. Drunk-dialed her once after looking her up in the directory. She politely blew me off. I guess she started dating some guy."

"Guess even we sluts can find love somewhere out there," she laughs as if mocking herself, though now it is time to get to the truth...

"So what's the craziest thing you've ever done sexually?" I ask with a grin.

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