tagLoving WivesYour Wife For The Contract

Your Wife For The Contract

byTony King©

It had been nearly three hours since I dropped my wife at the hotel and the suspense was killing me. I knew she was getting fucked by two men, after all, that had been the deal, but was she enjoying it, how big were they, would she still want me afterwards? A million thoughts flew through my mind as I sat and waited, literally a million.

It was the biggest deal of my life and once completed would mean that at the grand age of 43, I could retire. I had spent six months working on the arms contract that would net the company fifty million pounds and me a cool one million in commission. It was all going great until the day of the signing. My boss John suggested I bring my wife to lunch with the customers, "add a bit of glamour," he said. Of course, when I told Terry she was delighted and dressed just that extra bit sexy. She always was an exhibitionist.

Terry is 35 and an ex model. She's tall and blond and has the most gorgeous figure with long models legs and a perfect 37-24-36 figure. When she walked in the restaurant wearing her high heels, transparent white blouse, black bra and short mini skirt every man in the place stopped and stared. Throughout the meal Jarmel and Dahad, our Saudi customers just couldn't take their eyes of her and, playing the part perfectly she happily flirted with them both.

After lunch John took his leave leaving me to sort out the paperwork. That's when they dropped the bombshell. They would only sign the contract if Terry agreed to spend the evening with them at their hotel. They left the table telling me to send her to their room at 8pm or the deal was off. That was it, no discussion, no nothing, we fuck your wife or you loose your retirement fund. We drove home in stunned silence.

"Well, I don't know how I'm going to explain this one to John," I said dejectedly. "Explain what," Terry demanded. "How I lost the biggest deal the company ever had," I replied. She came over and sat on my lap. "Who said you have to loose it?"

"WHAT! You think I'd let those two fucking Arabs touch my wife. Not even for a million quid." She was still wearing the mini and transparent blouse she'd had on over lunch and I could see her nipples stiffen through the sheer lace bra. "C'mon, how bad can it be? Besides, you've always had this fantasy about watching other men fuck me. This is worth one million pounds." It was more her fantasy than mine, ever since she watched a blue film of two men fucking some blond bimbo at the same time. My mind was in turmoil, I couldn't believe she was actually considering it but I must admit the thought was turning me on.

Terry squirmed in my lap. "Look, how about I wear that black set you bought me, you know, the stockings, suspenders and under the nipple bra, and... I'll wear those really high fuck me shoes. You know the effect that has on you, two seconds and it's all over, how long do you think there'll last, huh?" Her nipples were poking through the thin material and I was straining to keep my cock from getting any harder. "You're getting turned on thinking about it aren't you?" She said feeling my hard cock pressing into her arse. I must admit, the thought of these two elderly Arabs fucking my wife did have a certain appeal but I couldn't give in that easily. "No way, anyway, my fantasy was to watch and it's just that, a fantasy." She slid to the floor and released my stiff member from its confines. The heat as her lips closed over the end was incredible. Her big brown eyes locked on mine as she ever so slowly took the entire length into her mouth, past the gag reflex and into her throat. If it's one thing she excelled at, it was blowjobs.

"Imagine me doing this to them," she said, pausing for a second, "just how long do you think they could last. I bet they can't get it up twice and lets face it, one million for a few minutes blowjob is good value for money." She went back to sucking my cock. The things she was saying were starting to make sense. OK, she'd have to suck them off but at least they wouldn't get to fuck her. She started to hum as her mouth worked its magic, sending vibrations up and down the shaft. I shut my eyes and imagined the two men fucking her lovely mouth. "Oh yes, yes, lets do it," I said just as the first spurt shot down her throat. She finished sucking me dry and then headed for the bathroom to prepare for the night ahead. "There's one condition," I said, "you keep your kinky gear on and tell me every detail of what happened when you get home. Oh, and I want you back by midnight, you tell them that's the deadline."

I watched as she started to get ready. First, she tied her long blond hair back into a ponytail. "Don't want this lot messed up," she laughed. Then she applied her make up. Bright red lipstick, black mascara and blue eye shadow. She painted her toe and finger nails to match the lipstick and once that was dry she started to dress. First the black stockings with the seam up the back. She took her time making sure the seams were straight, teasing me by leaning forward further than necessary. Then it was the matching suspender belt and transparent black G string, her freshly shaven pussy clearly visible through the flimsy material. Standing up, she heaved her ample tits into the under nipple bra, adjusting them to make sure the nipples stood out straight. The final touch was a pair of black patent leather platform shoes with five-inch heels. "Well?" she asked, parading round the room, checking herself in the full-length mirror.

"Anyone would think you're actually looking forward to this," I said, the butterflies churning away inside me. She came over and sat beside me on the bed. "I'm sorry Hon, of course I'm not looking forward to it. I told you, if I can turn them on quickly, I'll probably get away with a quick blow job each. Just keep thinking, one million pounds." Standing up, She pulled on a short button up the front dress as she talked, finally standing in front of me, hands on hips. "Will I do?"

"Terry, are you really sure you want to do this. There'll be other deals you know."

"Sweetheart, in a few hours it will all be over and we'll be one million pounds richer. It'll be OK, I promise." A few minutes later and she was in her car on her way to the hotel.

It was nearly 1am when she finally arrived home. Apart from the make-up being slightly askew and her hair hanging loose she looked perfectly reasonable. I was sitting on the sofa and she came and stood in front of me. "Well?" I enquired. She pulled her wet panties from her handbag and threw them on my lap, I could see that she was slightly tipsy. Leaning forward slightly I ran my hand up her leg, enjoying the feel of the silk stocking as I made my way to her cunt. She opened her legs to give me easy access. What I felt made my heart jump. Her cunt was running with spunk. "I'm sorry love, I'm so, so sorry." She started to cry. Cradling her in my arms I took her up to bed. I had intended to help her undress, bathe her and put her to bed but when I removed the dress and saw the love bites on her tits and the spunk running from her cunt my cock seemed to take over.

I stripped off quickly and lay beside her on the bed, my hand automatically going to her juicy cunt. "Want to tell me about it?" I asked, softly brushing the hair from her face. "I thought it would all be over in ten minutes, I just didn't realise..." She started to cry again. "Hey, it's alright, just take your time and tell me everything that happened. "You do still love me don't you?"

"Yes, of course I do, now start from when you got to the hotel room.

"It was awful. The older one, Jarmel, he opened the door and led me into the lounge area. Before I could say anything he gave me a glass of champagne and made me sit on the sofa. I couldn't see the other one but Jarmel sat beside me and started to touch me up."

"What do you mean, touch you up?"

"You know, he started to run his hands up my legs and tried to feel my pussy. When I kept my legs shut he..." Tears started to well up in her eyes again. "He what?" I said impatiently. "He slapped me!"


"Oh it wasn't hard, just enough to show me who's boss he said. He told me I had to do everything they said or they wouldn't sign the contract. Then he started to run his hand up my leg again and this time he made me spread them wide. He spent ages just rubbing up and down my thigh, I think the suspenders turned him on. Eventually he moved his hand on to my cunt and started to gently rub it through my panties." Just the sound of her saying the word cunt made my cock grow another inch. My fingers were still working away at her sloppy pussy and every time I caught her clit small tremors would run through her.

"He said in his country only sluts shave their pussy and asked me if I was a slut. I said no but he grabbed my cunt and squeezed it really hard. Then he asked me again so I said yes. This seemed to please him and he started to rub it again."

"Did he make you cum?"

"I didn't want to but you know how I get when you stroke my mound. He kept pressing harder until eventually my lips opened and his fingers made contact with my clit. I could feel the material of my panties roughly rubbing against it, honestly love, I'm really sorry, I just couldn't help it." I kissed her deeply and told her it was all right. She looked into my eyes, "I really am a slut, aren't I." I could feel her rock hard nipples poking into my chest. "Then what?"

"After I'd cum he made stand in front of him and take my dress off. I could see the bulge under his robe as he looked at my tits. Then he took my panties down and made me stand with my legs apart. He stood up and ran his hands all over my body, it was like he couldn't get enough, his hands were everywhere. He spent ages playing with my nipples and then made me kneel in front of him. I knew what was coming. He undid his robe and let it fall to the floor, he was naked underneath." She went quiet. "Well? I suppose he made you suck his cock huh?"

"Oh God, it was massive."

My heart leapt into my mouth as I imagined this old Arab towering over my beautiful slut wife with his massive prick swinging in front of her face. "What, seven, eight inches, what?" She looked into my eyes and pressed her cunt harder against my hand. "More like ten or eleven," she said, tremors coursing through her body as she remembered. She spread her legs as I climbed on top and slid my modest seven inches into her. "He kept slapping it against my face, brushing it over my lips. I tried to get it into my mouth but it was too big, I could only manage a few inches. He made me lick it all the way from the tip to his balls and then he fucked my mouth again. I kept thinking, if I can just make him cum it will soon be over. I used my hands to wank him into my mouth while I licked round the rim, like I do to you. I could feel him start to shake and his balls felt really heavy. Then suddenly he just started to cum. Christ, there was so much of it I had trouble keeping up."

"You swallowed it?"

"Hmmm, some of it dripped out but I got most of it."

The thought of this massive Arab prick filling my wife's lovely mouth was just too much. With a deep thrust I added my own load to her freshly filled cunt but amazingly my cock remained rock hard, so I left it there. "My, we are turned on aren't we," Terry said feeling my cock remain hard. "Your really getting off on this aren't you?" she said squeezing her cunt muscles.

"I wasn't sure whether to tell you the rest but as your enjoying it so much I will. I was still on my knees licking the drips off his cock when I felt hands on my arse. I assumed it was the other guy, Dahad, but I couldn't see him. Fingers were working into my cunt and then I felt a cock being pushed in. Boy, were these guys hung. He held my hips and slowly fed it in, it just kept going, I thought I would split in two. I was so relieved when I felt his balls slap against my arse cheeks. He said something to the other guy who simply got up and walked away. I thought if I could make this guy cum quickly then I could get dressed and get out of there." She started to grind her hips against me.

"Um, I don't know how to tell you this but, another guy stood in front of me and pushed his cock in my mouth."

"What? How many were there, there was only supposed to be two of them, that was the deal," I said angrily. "I know, but I was hardly in a position to stop them, and what about the contract. Anyway, this guy was a bit smaller than the other one and I managed to get it all in. They both fucked me at the same time and I thought once they cum that will be it. The first guy was sitting there watching with his cock all limp so I reckoned once these two were finished then I could escape. I started to squeeze my cunt muscles and used my deep throat technique on the one in mouth. They both came at the same time."

"What about you, did you cum?"

"I think so," she said coyly. "What do you mean, you think so, either you did or you didn't."

"OK, I did." She was grinding her cunt into me again and using her cunt muscles to milk my cock. We changed position, leaving her sitting on top, her hair sticking to her face and her make-up smudged, making her look the complete whore. I played with her nipples as she continued.

"When the two guys had finished, I got up and started to put my dress on. They told me to stay as I was and to get on my knees again. Then they lined up in front of me and made me take turns sucking then hard again while they called me dirty names, fuck slut, whore, that sort of thing. Jahmel really liked calling me slut and made me tell them what a big slut I was. "Tell me you like to suck cock."

"I like to suck cock," I repeated. "And tell me you are fuck slut."

"I'm a fuck slut." He kept on, making me repeat things, all the time slapping his monster cock against my face. "Now beg us to fuck you."

They took me into the bedroom and laid me on my back on a king sized bed. I had to beg for cock. Then Jahmel climbed on and started to fuck me while his two friends watched. He made me tell him how much I was enjoying it and..." She paused, fully impaled on my cock looking down at me, "he made me tell him how much bigger his cock was than yours."

"You really liked their cocks didn't you." She looked at me. "The truth," I said, "you really liked being fucked by their big cocks didn't you slut." I exploded into her cunt for the second time that night just as the fucking bitch had a major orgasm thinking about some other guy's big cock. We were both panting hard as we came back to earth.

Finally my prick went soft but Terry had other ideas. As she licked it clean she told me how the others had taken their turns fucking her. They wanted to fuck her arse but she told them that she had never done that before and reserved that right for her husband, something I had begged her to let me do on several occasions. They made her lick them all clean before finally sending her home with the contract. "Oh, I nearly forgot, the contract." She jumped of me and retrieved her handbag, returning with a large envelope. "Here we go darling, this will make it all worth while, one million pounds." Her eyes sparkled as I opened the envelope.

"This is only for £25 million." I said reading it aloud. "Wait, there's a note. It's an invitation to a party, for both of us. It says 'The balance to be paid after the weekend performance'. What the fuck does that mean," I asked looking at her. "Well darling, you did say you wanted to watch!"

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