tagLesbian SexYou're Late! Ch. 02

You're Late! Ch. 02


The early morning light grows and my eyes twitch open unwillingly. In the glaze of the sun from the near window, I blink and start to turn my head. Stiff and painful, my neck objects to any sudden motion; forcing me to turn at a slow, measured pace. But this movement, any movement, is met with protests from other parts of my body as the rewards of last nights training reveal themselves to me.

I could bare Sol's learing and would have laid still if not for the other sound. Familiar and soothing, I'm drawn to it and I will myself to face it. The plush comforter covering me sighs as I turn and it cascades away from me as I make it to my side. Now I have the vantage I need to observe the making of the sound.

Stacy looks so small in Dana's arms even though the size difference is only two, maybe three inches. Or could it be the position of dominance as Dana sprawls over most of Stacy's body? Or the acceptance, or complete submission, by Stacy of this arrangement. In any event, Stacy is happy and Dana appears so as well.

The kisses they exchange are beautiful to watch. Slow and tender, these are kisses born in dreams. Rarely glimpsed, more of legend, I'm afraid to breathe and break the spell they are casting. So I hold myself immobile, not daring to blink, and gaze at their love.

"Its magically, isn't it?"

Judy's sweet voice behind me, fuels my need to mirror them. Indeed, reminded of you with me, I pledge to surpass them in the kisses of my love for you. All soreness distant and of faint memory, I spin as if on air and into your waiting arms. The warmth and luxury of your body the tonic to cure all ills, of body, heart and mind.

Part of me asks if I'm still sleeping, dreaming all this. Embracing you and the now. All that matters is now and I want it to be as perfect for you as it is for me.

Kisses and caresses, caresses and kisses. Time and space existing only for us, created and sustained soley by our will to be together. Dimly aware of one point where we were observed much the same as we had watched them earlier, the awareness of them then returning to their own bliss.

Our kisses never venturing far. They are not meant to sow the lust that is always present between us, more akin to the air we need to keep ourselves alive. The kisses changing, morphing to include long looks and sighs. Eventually, to an melding where I lost track of where I ended and you began.

And so I drifted back to sleep. The corners of my mouth upturned in a grin of total satisfaction and contentment, hearing your promise to me.

"I'm not done fucking you yet."

This sleep of shorter duration, with a purpose of allowing me to retain the singluar alchemy formed earlier between you and I, Stacy and Dana. Almost a vision than an experience. One that for purity's sake must begin and end as alpha and omega of kisses.

So my second awakening was completely different; as our needs were at that later hour of the morn. Sensual love of the earlier hour, transformed, reborn, returned to the wanton wicked lust that we craved.

It was of no surprise to find myself kicked off the bed to make room for the two of you with Stacy. Stacy sitting there, slapped from one side then the other. Only once both cheeks were blazing, did Judy restrain her arms behind her back; allowing Dana to hold one breast and tan it with her crop. Stacy's large pink areola growing ever outward, spurred by Dana's sure gardening by the lash.

I watched you switch places, demonstrating to all your own talent at bringing color and ripeness to flesh. Preparing it and its host for the pleasures to come.

Stacy's moans loud and of such character that I rub myself with a fever burning my mind. A fever I try to break but never can. Catching me, Dana leans over the side of the bed and slaps me sideways to the floor.

"Go stand in the corner, facing the wall."

Standing, I unwillingly turn to go the five paces. Now only able to listen, listen and imagine.

A chatter as something hits the floor. Scraping and more chatter as objects are pushed on the nightstand, my mind scrambling to recall the inventory upon it.


Yes, but that was earlier. Were they returned after the double pentration of Stacy last night?

Vibrator? Dildo?

Certainly, several shapes, colors and sizes form in my recollection.

What else? There was more!

My attempts to remember are jolted and torn with each sudden exclamation or creak of the bed. The desire, the need, to know what is happening fouls my senses and I'm unsure as to what I'm actually hearing versus what is occuring behind me. What I am sure of, is that Stacy is being fucked HARD and without mercy; and is loving it.


The sheer pain expressed by that single word washes all meanderings from my mind. Finding myself holding my breath, I wait for the next sound. Fearing it, yet knowing that I would gladly face it myself if commanded to do so.

Sobs accompany the next words from Stacy. "You can't stop now. Pleeaasseeeee! Not not!"

The plead cut off and the stillness returned by a one crisp, quick explosion. My own cheek burning as if caught with the transfer of the, unseen but certain, cobra strike across Stacy's face.

Needing a lungful of air but terrified of interrupting, I tremble with sweat suddenly forming on my face. Focusing on my hearing, for any indication of what is happening and what is to come. But the silence continues; and, in my mind, I see the two of you intensely examining Stacy for any sign of defiance to your wills. Daring her, in the excrucating claw of seconds trying to tick by and amount to a sufficiency that might appease her mistresses, to speak and endure another, surely greater, explosion.

Myself, I'm tormented as well. Tortured by beads of perspiration leaking into my eyes where the salt calls for tears. Tears afraid to come in the blinks required to bring them. The blinks that might send my entire body to quaking if I were to chance any movement.

My mind ordering my mouth to open, to scream; afraid I'll go mad if I don't. But chancing insanity, insanity inflamed with the excruicating pain of every muscle of my body begging for the tinest movement; more afraid of the reaction my interruption might spawn.

Nearing the breaking point, I gasp for air as the creaking of the bed followed by footfalls on the floor shatter the onrush of madness. Finally, the tears come as well. Tears aided in forming by the force ripping at my hair and spinning me around.

The open room before me, I spy Stacy laid face down on the bed with her feet on the floor. Her arms tied behind her back but otherwise unbound. A large bright blue wand or rod, appearing to be made of plastic, lays next to her. The rod populated by a series of ever-larger balls, gapped evenly along its length.

I watch Dana pick up the rod and push the smallest ball at Stacy's rosebud. Then I watch it, and the next three, disappear quickly up her ass. Stacy's moan the only sound accompanying this insertion. I try to count the remaining balls but Judy jerks me to my knees and cuts off my view.

Without a word or hesitation, Judy's arm goes skyward before arcing down to slap me. My cheek instantly recalls last night's warming and I feel the glow returning. I'm transfixed by the flexing of her shoulder muscles and by the tendon on the side of her neck each time her hand rises and falls, hitting me harder and harder each time.

Soon Judy has a grip in my hair and holds my head up for three last slaps. When Judy loosens her hold, I slip to the floor on my side. I look up and see her smiling, pleased that I have taken the beating so well without complaint or extra tears.

Dana had been watching this and took this pause as her clue to continue with Stacy. Turning, she dug her fingers into the fleshly meat of Stacy's ass before pushing three more balls up her ass. Then with a quick jerk, they all are visible again for a moment; soon to return deep into her rectum.

Judy's foot pushes me onto my back and I'm now flat on the floor looking up at her. She steps one foot over me before taking a kneeling position with her hands sliding along my legs for balance. Judy's pussy slowly lowers and I lift my head to greet it, licking eagerily and hungrily having been denied its essence last night.

My tongue probes Judy as she settles down on my face. My nose in her ass as she starts a slow grind on me. I gasp and moan as a finger moves over my mound, tracing round it before giving my clit a tickle and then a pinch. Her fingers part my folds and, as I feel her breathe blow over my hard and tingling nub, my muffled cries become louder.

I piston my tongue into Judy's pussy, fucking her with it as best I can, and I'm rewarded with several grunts and a steady grind. She pushs back and her clit hits my lips. Its so full that I wrap my lips around it and suck and suck and suck. Her grind then becomes a rocking as she works her clit in my lips.

Judy's legs clamp on my ears and I'm squeezed as she tenses then floods my face. I open wider but it still soaks me as she cums. After a few moments, Judy moves and rolls off of me.

My attention still on Judy's large erect clit, I feel her hand move inside my thigh. "I need to fuck my bitch." Her fingers then collecting some of my wetness and bringing it to my lips. I suck and lick at them, savoring the flavor of myself and in showing my willingness to please her.

Across the room, Dana's reaming of Stacy's ass has picked up steam. The rod being replaced, however, with a large plug that she pops in and out. Stacy's hands clutching the bedsheets and her head up.

"Mmmm, you'd like to fuck that bitch too wouldn't you? I shouldn't let you so I won't. Not without me that is." Tossing her head, Judy continues, "Assuming Dana leaves anything to fuck."

Judy stands and reaches for my hand. I rise up with her help and she leads me towards the bed. Sitting on the edge, she opens a dresser drawer and retrieves my collar, which she afixs around my neck. She then touches my chest with her index finger, nudging me backwards so that I am looking up at Stacy's face.

Stacy is breathing deep and sweating. Looking in my face, she forces a smile, "My ass is burning..." With that, she lowers herself and kisses me.

Judy spreads my legs before crawling up on top of me. My legs go around her hips as she presses her sex to mine, her clit so large that I feel it poking into me. She pushes it to me as Stacy pushes and pulls her tongue in and out of my mouth, finding myself being fucked at both ends.

Judy's tongue attacks my ear, making my pussy just drip. A whisper then, "Do you like the taste of my ass on her tongue? Dana had her bitch wake me that way and she did a wonderful job."

In response, I suck harder and draw more of her tongue into my mouth while raising my hips to hump on Judy's clit. Stacy's tongue fights its way out and her face lifts up, lifted by Dana who is gazing down at me. Dana's lips finding mine and our tongues slide back and forth.

For a moment, I think that the bitter musk from Stacy's tongue has lingered and that I am trading it with Dana. Then your voice, huskier than normal, in my ear, "Dana did a lovely job of eating my ass too baby. I think she must have learned from you."

My head swimming now. Partly with the thought that I managed to sleep through this pleasure you received from both of them but mostly with the knowledge that you have made Dana your bitch. Fucking her last night and then enjoying her tongue in your ass this morning.

Its this thought that brings my orgasm crashing through me, causing me to gyrate wildly on your clit. Pushing and rotating while my legs pull tighter to you. Hoping to bring you to climax as well but you're not ready; you want to fuck me and will do so at your own pace.

Stacy's tongue finds my other ear and now I'm completely mad with lust as my orgasm spreads its warmth into my torso. But soon my ears are left wet and cold, as you pull her into an embrace over that of mine and Dana's.

Suddenly, Judy's weight is gone from me as she separates from me. Pulling my left leg up then pushing it towards my chest, Judy scissors herself between my legs and begins a slow hard fucking. Using my pussy for her pleasure; fucking completely and totally, making me her's once again.

Judy's clit stabbing me while I beg for more. In the midst of this, she sits still and reaches to the nightstand, return in her hand, the clamps and chain from last night.

She stretches out one nipple then the other. The clamps seizing my swollen nipples and keeping them extended and raw. Grasping and pulling the chain, Judy resumes fucking me, tugging on the chain to make me squirm against her even more.

Judy's foot is close to my face and I twist to kiss and lick at it. Cradling it in my hands, I take her big toe into my mouth. Sucking it much as I had sucked her clit, and men's cocks, before.

This only makes her pull the chain more and increase the pounding into my pussy. And Judy pounds me, and pounds me and pounds me, until at last she cries out and cums.

Judy lays with me for a bit, kissing and caressing me, as I do her. Dana is once again slapping Stacy and I can sense Judy's interest in that activity as well. She tells me, "That bitch really can take a beating," lightly touching the small bruise on my jaw.

"Dana is very demanding," my fingers covering Judy's on my face, "but so are you. And you do things to me that no other comes close to doing."

Judy nuzzles her face into my neck, giving me light kisses there. A hot rush of air along the now slightly wet flesh, "Tell me what you want. Ask me for it. But say it loud so they hear."

"I am your bitch. Use me as you wish. But I want you to beat me and ass fuck me."

"Yes baby, I will."

Judy stands me against the wall and winds her hands back and forth as she slaps me. Her hands striking my breasts, my face and my pussy. But mostly my face, and hard.

Several times she has to pick me up off my knees or the floor. Only to strike me again and again until I'm down, dazed and looking up at her. This time she leaves me there and goes to the closet, returning with a large strap on dildo.

Behind her, I can see Dana is again fucking Stacy. This time Stacy is riding Dana's dildo with Dana pinching, pulling and slapping Stacy's swinging tits. I can't help but think how hot Stacy looks fucking herself like that.

With a jerk, my head is twisted up to Judy and pulled close to her crotch. She hasn't stepped into the harness and her fur brushes my nose as she positions me. I can smell her excitement, which only adds to my own.


I barely part my lips when the first blast of her hot piss hits my face. I open quickly and catch as much as I can. Judy pushes my head down at one point and soaks the back of my head so that it runs down into my hanging hair.

"Oh fuck that's hot." Stacy's words carrying across the room to me followed immediately by a hard slap as Dana quiets her. Turning towards the sound, I see Stacy pulling her own nipples with her eyes on me as she grinds her hips down on the buried cock.

"She shared with you last night, you need to share with her."

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you."

Standing on shaky legs, I go to the bed and reach for Stacy. Kissing her deeply, her mouth sucking at my lips and tongue, we share the remaining hot golden wetness.

A finger, slick and cold with lube, finds my rosebud and deposits lube over it before plunging in deep. It probes and twists, turning upwards a bit so a second lubed finger can join it. Both of them working deep in preparation of the third that is forced in with them.

I'm moaning and squirming under the attack of Judy's fingers and Stacy is holding me as her mouth and tongue cover my face and neck. In a rush, the fingers are gone and I feel the hard smooth head of the dildo enter me. I hold still as Judy slowly sinks it into my bowels.

"Is this what you wanted Baby?"

Before I can answer, Judy's hands are on my hips and she pushes and pulls her hips, fucking my ass. Stretching me, filling me, emptying me. Over and over and over.

"Yessss... Make me your bitch!"

We are all bouncing together on the bed. Stacy on top of Dana, me before Judy. Stacy and I holding together, kissing and caressing as best we can.

"Come on Baby, show them how you can fuck!"

"Make her ass burn Judy. So she knows how good it feels and that she knows she's been fucked."

I cling to Stacy, my screams muffled but not lost as my ass is impaled over and over. And I cum and cum and cum...

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