tagFetishYou're Like a Little Boy at Times Ch. 01

You're Like a Little Boy at Times Ch. 01


This is a femdom love story that will only make sense if the chapters are read in order. The characters don't seem to want to engage in safe sex, but in the real world we should. Enjoy.

All characters are over 18

Chapter 1

One early Summer weekend, I was hanging out with Mel an Tim in their loft. I have lived in a loft myself, an old warehouse space by the docks in Boston. The large space, the acoustics, the light always appealed to me, so it made me happy to go their loft to visit them. It is close to my apartment so I often walked over there.

I have known Mel since I moved to her city. We get on so well. She and Tim got together a year or so ago. Her roommates moved out so he moved in. He was always friendly to me. He is a pretty muscular guy and I am on the smaller side, so he would use this to his advantage, like putting me in a headlock and rubbing my ears. Tim is about 30, while I am 23, so he seemed a bit like an older brother at times.

Although I try not to be obvious about it, they both know that I am hopelessly attracted to Mel. That's another reason I like to visit.

I feel unsettled and, at the same time, drawn to Mel's catlike beauty and her graceful charm. It makes me shy and a little servile around them.

Tim doesn't seem to mind when she teases and flirts with me. Luckily. They laugh when I flush with embarrassment. It was in this spirit that Mel was modeling her new skirt for us.

"It suits you," I complimented her, trying to sound light. Trying to sound normal, really. She looked absolutely stunning .

She cocked an eyebrow, tilted her hips and pouted at me.

"Do you mind if I snap a photo? I don't have a recent one of you," I regretted my words right away, afraid I overstepped.

She looked right at me.

"Certainly, James. And how do you want me to pose for you? Should I just say 'cheese' or should I 'make love to the camera?' "

If I expose a weakness she exploits it. Fumbling for a quick comeback I managed "I.. erm," and quickly snapped a photo.

Mel pointed at me. "You always get so timid around me when I tease you."

Then she thought for a second. "You know I am a therapist. Did you also know that sometimes I incorporate some light hypnosis? Why don't we try a little session? I think I can help you with your confidence."

"When, now?" I asked, a bit too eagerly. The prospect of me being the focus of Mel's attention got my heart racing.

"You don't mind, do you babe?" She asked her boyfriend.

" I am used to Mel's sessions," Tim told me. "I find it fascinating to watch her...transform...her subjects. She is very good. Very persuasive."

He settled down on the sofa. I saw that he was not about to wander off and have a beer on the balcony or anything. It looked as though he would be present for this.

"You sit here." Mel motioned me to one end of the other couch, the antique red vlevet one. It always provides a sense of occasion to their loft.

Mel sat down close, turning to face me. Her breasts pushed against her tank top. Such fabulous breasts. She tucked one ankle under her other thigh. Before I could stop myself I stole a glance at her smooth legs as her short skirt rode up.

I silently admonished myself. "Shit. I must control where my eyes roam."

Of course it was too late and Mel had caught my glance. She looked at me knowingly, and then at her boyfriend. I dared not look his way. Sooner or later I would start to piss him off.

Mel looked back to me to find my eyes lowered. "You see? That is just what I was talking about. You're like a little boy at times.

"I think we need you to empathize with how women feel. In fact, that can be the focus of this session. Now, look at me."

I forced my eyes to hers.

"During this session I will have certain expectations of you. Sometimes I have my clients drift into trance with their eyes closed, but I think in your case I will require you to hold my gaze. You can do that, can't you?"

"I, um, yes, of course."

Green sparkling eyes and arched black eyebrows. Curled, long lashes, pale skin and black hair. As I soaked in her beauty, Mel gazed steadily back at me. I suddenly felt transparent. It was as if Mel knew the depth of my attraction to her and was about to call out my behavior with her man just a few feet away.

Mel did not do that. Instead she hesitated. "Look, we're friends and I think this will be fun, but we're going to have a real hypnosis session here. That okay?"

With some relief I said "Sure. Absolutely. Your therapy sessions sound really interesting. I have been wondering what exactly goes on in them."

She continued. "The thing is, it will get a little personal and I will need you to open yourself up to me and not be coy."

"Alright, sure," I said, thinking about the extra challenge of her boyfriend sitting on the other sofa. I guess I had kind of agreed to him being here by not speaking up before. And it is his home after all.

"In order to reinforce the suggestions that come with hypnosis, I think it best that you repeat back to me when I ask you to," she pressed.

"Okay, that's fine with me, Mel."

She sighed and I caught the slightest flicker of annoyance cross her face, as if I wasn't taking the process seriously enough.

"For the sake of formality, why don't you address me as Miss?"

Miss? My chest tightened.

Hastily I responded "Yes Miss," and to let her know that I intended to be a cooperative subject added, "I will not be coy. I will be open for you."

Her face softened. "Good boy."

That phrase and her face seemed to flood me with warmth.

"For this to work, you need to trust me and be honest with me. I may lead you places that would ordinarily make you uncomfortable. Just remember to trust me and that I have your well being in mind. Do you understand, James?"

"Yes Miss, I understand."

"You're not homophobic are you? For you to empathize better with woman, we need to explore the woman's point of view. How they see and experience men, for example. We can't have you being uptight about that."

"No Miss, I am in no way homophobic," I proudly responded.

"Of course you're not. You are a lovely, respectful, liberal boy. That's why we like you. That makes it easy for us."

Mel began the process of relaxing me, counting down through numbers, as I knew was the fashion. She encouged me to lean back against the cushions and allow the tension to leave my body, focusing my attention on the muscles in my shoulders, back, legs and core. She spoke quietly and slowly, guiding me down to a nice, lazy state.

"100...99...98....Relax and listen to my voice. Open up your mind for me James, and let my words in."

Wow. Mel's voice was so soothing.

"...89...88...87.....Floating down with the numbers...."

Her lovely, caring tone made it easy for me to let go. I felt my muscles loosen up.

".....82...81...80....Feel how heavy your arms and legs have become. So heavy, like they are dropping into the soft cushions underneath you."

My limbs were starting to feel heavy. I could have lifted them if I had needed to, I suppose, but it was kind of fun to imagine that they were too heavy to move.

"71...70...69...Let yourself float down. Go deeper down for me...."

I was taking in her words, feeling like I was going to drift off to sleep, even as I was looking into her eyes.

"56...55...54....Breathing steadily and slowly.... In........and out.......falling deeper......"

Deeper. What did that mean anyway? Was it that numbness that I was feeling? It felt good, I knew that much.

"31...30...29......Floating down with the numbers. It doesn't matter if the numbers no longer make sense to you. It simply means your mind is relaxing and letting go of the unimportant things."

The number were getting a little disconnected. I found that it was easier to lose track of them than to follow them.

"18...17...16......Keep your eyes focused on mine, James. I need to see through them and into your sleepy mind."

It was now really hard to keep my eyes open at all. My blinks became extended.

"....11...10...9....continuing to fall....8...7...6....so much deeper for me"

Somewhere in the low numbers approaching zero, my mind began to drift to daydreams and my lids began to droop and shut.

I felt soft warm hands gently grasp my own. My eyes opened wide at the unexpected physical contact. Her face was closer now and her green eyes drew me in again.

"You are sliding deep into trance, James. Come down into hypnosis with me. Accept it and succumb to the blissful feeling. You like this feeling, don't you?"

She prompted, "Answer me."

My body relaxed again. "I love this feeling."

"Listen to the power of my words. Accept them and succumb to them."

My voice caught slightly as I responded, "I will accept and succumb to your words, Miss."

Part of me thought I sounded a bit silly, but she continued to gaze intently into my eyes.

"You are doing so well, James. You're a sensitive boy, so willing to go into trance. Go deeper for me."

"Guide me deeper, Miss."

"You trust me, don't you? Trust me with your sensitive feelings?"

"Yes, I trust you with my sensitive feelings."

"You know, girls are very sensitive too. Do you think you are ready to explore and experience the sensitivity that women possess? Can you feel sensitive like a woman for me? It will please me if you try."

I wanted to please Mel. "Please help me to feel what a women feels."

That did seem to make her happy. "It will be my pleasure to help you, James. The key will be to remain as honest and open as you are now. Keep yourself open to me."

I was trapped in the pools of her green eyes. "I am open to you, Miss."

"Good boy. Now, we need to re-align you ever so slightly, so that you allow a little more room for your natural feminine tendencies. You want me to help you become a bit more feminine, don't you?"

"Yes, Miss," I nodded. My heart began to pound in my ears.

"Sometimes my male subjects mistake sensitivity for weakness, but it really translates to a kind of power. For instance, women can be vulnerable to the physical strength of a man, but still powerful. Do you understand what I mean?"

"I'm not exactly sure......" I murmured, trying to concentrate. I was conscious of a low hum vibrating through me. It seemed to be muddling my thoughts.

"Let go, James. Just accept my words. Let your masculinity slip away and you will begin to open up. Are you willing to let go? You do want me to help you don't you?"

I felt again as though I was disappointing her, and heard myself say, "Yes, Miss. Please help me to open up."

"Breathe for me, relax and go deeper. You are feeling vulnerable yourself now, aren't you James?"

"Yes, I am." I felt timid and disorientated.

"I can see your mind and body opening wider for me. Let me in. Don't fear me. I'll keep you safe. Will you let me keep you safe and warm?"

"Please, yes, keep me safe, Miss."

Mel squeezed my hands and I sank further into her spell.

"You are wide open to me now, James. I can see all the way inside you, to what makes you tick. That makes you feel a little anxious, I know. But I'm looking after you."

I wished at that moment that Mel would cradle me in her arms.

"Think about how you are feeling. Now, why do you think women sometimes feel vulnerable? And what can they do about that? Let's explore it together. Let's think about the female sexual experience for a minute."

"Um, alright, Miss."

"'Normal' sex means that a woman is penetrated by the man. Obviously, right? A penis penetrates a vagina. Sometimes it is described as the man 'taking' the woman. Our legs are spread. Our body is invaded by a man who is bigger and stronger than us. As he takes us, we give our bodies to him and succumb to him.

"During oral sex a man may penetrate a woman's vagina with his tongue, whereas when a girl gives a man oral sex it means that we take a penis into our mouth. Believe me, a girl can feel vulnerable when a penis is thrust into her mouth," Mel said, with a discernable twinkle in her eyes.

"But women know that we can turn our vulnerability into power, even as we accept the male organ into our body. Even as the male ejaculates into our bodies. Accepting and enveloping a man is part of a woman's sexual force. It is a seductive strength that men famously have little power to resist."

I was following her logic. But the sexual slant of Mel's therapy was affecting me greatly. I couldn't allow myself to be turned on by this. As I struggled to pull myself together Mel worked on breaking me down further.

"Don't tense up on me. Relax and breathe. Don't be frightened. It is natural to feel aroused when you feel vulnerable. It is a natural physiological response. I want you to feel aroused. Deliciously aroused, like a girl."

Mel sounded so convincing. She knew I was getting turned on and it seemed she was fine with it. I felt myself give in a little further and allowed my cock to stir.

"These feelings can become your courage and power, James. I see this as your path to becoming more confident in yourself. Not the masculine, aggressive power of taking, of penetrating. Rather the feminine, soft power of seducing and accepting."

Her words continued to disarm me as I tried to connect the dots that Mel was carefully laying out for me. I must have looked confused.

"Poor boy. I can see you fighting and trying to make sense of it all. Empty your mind and let my words in. You don't have to think. I am thinking for you."

I supposed I was fighting. Against what, I wasn't sure.

"You don't have to fight anymore. Let go now. It's easier to just give up and accept my words deep into your mind. Just how does it feel? Tell me, James."

"I....it....your words feel....warm...I mean...I feel warm, Miss. I don't think I've ever felt quite this good before."

"Good boy. You are a wonderful subject. You can feel me gently wrapping up your soft, squishy mind. Keeping you warm and safe, with me."

"Warm and safe.." I mumbled.

"I want you now to see yourself as a woman sees herself. I want you to feel what a woman feels when she is attracted to a man. I want you to accept yourself as you are truly meant to be. In your correct role, if you will. You want to discover your true place, don't you James?"

"Yes Miss, I want to discover my true place."

"That's right, of course you do. You're doing so well," she said as she held my hands tight. "I'm proud of you. It takes courage to be honest with me and with yourself."

Warmth was filling me as I let down more of my guard.

"James, I want to you to see what I see when I look at boys. Look at Tim for me."

I snapped back into myself and shifted in my seat.

"I thought as much," she said, her eyes boring into mine. "Trust me and know that I'm keeping you safe and warm."

"Safe and warm," I repeated. I tried to relax and recapture that feeling of bliss.

"You are struggling to understand my words and trying to think again. I want to make it easy for you. Your muddled mind needs it to be easy. Let my suggestions in. Deep into your poor, confused, relaxed mind. You don't need to understand, you just need to accept. Accept and obey. Will you do that for me, James?"

Her words flowed over me and into me, calming me. "I will accept and obey."

"You see? Your mind responds to easy. It makes you feel so good to obey me. And it makes me feel good when you obey."

Mel's voice was so soothing. I felt lazy and fuzzy again. It felt good knowing my obedience was pleasing her.

"Let's think about boys again. We need to dismantle your masculinity. Promise you won't get flustered and remember that your mind needs to trust me and obey me."

"Yes, Miss. I will trust and obey you."

"Look at it from this point of view: you watch porn don't you James? There's no need to be shy about it. We all watch naughty videos."

"Um, I watch porn...sometimes," I said shyly.

"Nice, heterosexual porn, yes? The kind where nice straight boys boys are fucking hot girls?" she politely inquired.

"Y-yes. Boys with girls."

I felt heat radiating through my body from my groin. My eyes went to her lips as they formed that word again so deliberately.

"Boys 'fucking' girls, is what I said."

She emphasized it a third time in a seductive whisper.

"Fucking, James."

"F-fucking. Boys, um, boys fucking girls," I stammered.

"That's better. Honest and open, remember? After all, that's what boys and girls do. They fuck." Her eyes shone as her pretty mouth uttered that word.

"Picture it then. Who do you prefer to see doing the fucking? Some rotund Ron Jeremy type or a fit young handsome stud like Tim?"

" A fit handsome stud, Miss."

"A fit, handsome stud like....?"

"A fit handsome Stud....like Tim, Miss" I forced out, hoping Tim didn't catch it.

"Look at Tim for me." She urged. "That is why he's here."

I looked at Tim, embarrassed but wanting to please Mel. Tim did not look at all embarrassed, but neither did he look at me condescendingly. I felt a little more at ease. Now Mel turned and sat next to me, so that we could both look at Tim sitting there quietly: strong, masculine and confident.

A waft of Mel's perfume filled my nostrils. Her bare arm was against mine. One of her hands still gripped my hand while her other rested on my thigh. My body jerked slightly and my cock grew to full, aching hardness.

Her mouth moved to behind my ear. I could hear the wetness of her tongue and feel her hot breath as she spoke "I feel your body reacting, James. Your feminine side likes what it sees."

" But, I was reacting to you.. I.."

"Shhh, quiet now, baby. Be honest and expose your minds desires to me. I am looking right at your straining cock James. Don't deny what your body is so clearly telling you."

I jerked again at the word 'cock'. Mel was using my body's reaction against me. I knew through the fog that she was manipulating me, working me around to her suggestions.

"Tell me what you see. Obey me."

"I see.....I see a sexy man," I admitted.

"Good boy, much better. Now, back to those naughty videos. When you see the cute boys and those pretty girls you need to see the penetration, right? We all want to see it actually go in, don't we? I know that's what I like to see."

"Yeah, I like seeing that." The image filled my mind.

Mel kept pushing "You need to see his cock sliding into that girl's wet pussy don't you?"

"Ooooh... Yes,Miss. I need to see the cock-"

"-His cock," she corrects me.

"Uhh, fuck. I need to see his cock slide into her pussy," I panted.

Her hand rubbed up and down my thigh.

"Oh, I know, baby. It is getting you all excited to think about seeing his cock. It's okay. That's just how I feel. I have an idea: let's look at it together. James? Shall we have him show his cock to us?" she teased.

"What? I thought that you were talking about...."

"Let's ask him. Tim, can you please show us your cock? Now you turn. Practice feeling like a girl for me. Go deeper, obey and ask him out loud."

I began to tremble. I was confused and well out of my comfort zone. At the same time I felt exhilarated and safe to be so close to Mel.

I was also so turned on that it came out as a whisper when I said "Please, Tim, can we see your cock."

"So good, such a brave, good boy. Although I think Tim deserves the same respect that you show when you address me. Just call him Sir, I think."

"Yes, Miss."

"Try again. A little louder this time, and more personal. I need to hear what it is that you want."

This time it came out as a whimper. " Please Sir, please I want to see your cock."

"Mmmmm you did so well." Mel congratulated me. "You even sounded like a girl."

She nodded at Tim. "You should take your clothes off for him babe. He asked so nicely." Tim seemed unperturbed by her request. Had he done this before?

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