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You're Mine


For years I have been practicing forms of magic. I've learned a lot about spells and potions that can bring you good fortune or completely obliterate another man's life. As I became more familiar with these spells and was able to do them successfully, my mind shot in 10 different directions. There were so many things I could do with this kind of power.

As my skills progressed, I moved past the petty spells that I had started with. All were temporary, so if I used one to take care of my money issues, I always found a way back. Unfortunately, the magic never lasted long enough and it was becoming apparent to me. Interest began to wane in my studies until I saw her.

Eva Perez was a curvy Latina with breasts that seemed rather large considering her height. The black hair flowed all the way down to her ass and it was impossible not to stare at her. She was absolutely stunning. Right away, I knew I had to have her, one way or another.

Any time I'd pass by her or see her somewhere I'd say hello and try to strike up a conversation, which lead me nowhere. There was no interest and it was obvious when looking in her bright green eyes. The attraction wasn't there and I was heart broken. It seemed getting over her wouldn't be easy either. Efforts were futile.

Out of nowhere, it hit me. If she didn't want to notice me, I'd make her notice. I flipped to the page in my book, but then my mind quickly jetted off to other options. Why have her just see me when I could have her do whatever I wanted? Eva could be my slave. Whatever I wanted her to do, she would have to do. Sick sexual images floated through my head. Eva Perez was going to be my personal sex slave and I was going to enjoy every second.

"Fuck," I blurted out to myself as I read from my book.

One week. I'd have one week before she turned back into her normal self. She wouldn't remember a thing but it would go back to me being a ghost.

"God I hope this works."

I lit the candles then closed my eyes, repeating the lines, word for word. After 3 times, I opened my eyes back up. One of the candles blew out, purely coincidental. Did it work? I must know!

I'd jumped up to race down the stairs before realizing that perhaps it was a little late. Eva worked Thursday mornings so she was probably asleep. Tomorrow would have to do.

The morning couldn't have come sooner. Sleeping felt pointless. My excitement was bursting out of me. Perhaps I was coming off too happy but it couldn't be contained.

Luckily when I pulled up to the diner where she worked, Eva was in her car alone, having a cigarette before starting the work day. At least now I could test it without being humiliated in front of a bunch of people if the spell had failed.

"Hello Eva, how are you doing today?"

After taking a deep inhale on her cigarette before putting it out, she smiled and said, "I'm doing well. Thank you. What about you?"

My mouth didn't want to move, I was speechless. She was talking to me! Here was the real test though.

"I'm doing great. Maybe...sometime later...when you are off work...maybe do you want to come over to my house?"

"Absolutely Steven."

The grin on my face was huge and would not leave. What really shocked me is that my name was known to her, despite the fact that she never showed any interest.

"Well I'll see you at 8 then. See you later Eva!"

That smile made me melt as she waved goodbye. My first thought was I've got to get some things to make this week even better. Since she is forced to do whatever I tell her, why not explore my fetishes and sexual interests?

Later that night, right at 8 on the dot, there was a loud knock on the door. Eva stood in the door way smiling until I told her to come in.

"You look sexy as usual but today I purchased you an outfit I want you to wear for me tonight. It's upstairs. Is that okay?"

"Yes. Ofcourse Steven."

"You will refer to me as master. I own you now and you are my slave."

"Yes master. I'll go right up and change."

In disbelief, I watched her walk up the stairs, her ass swaying back and forth. This was actually happening. My dick was hard as a rock and nothing had happened yet. I ran up the stairs.

As I pushed the door to my bedroom open, there she was standing up, waiting for me. The leather bra looked great on her, pushing her breast together, and the leather crotch less panties looked good as well.

"Hello master, what would you like for me to do for you?"

She ran her hand down the smooth leather that stuck tightly to her skin.

"Um...um...I...I'd like you to...suck on my dick."

"Ofcourse, master. Whatever you would like."

Without wasting a second, she dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants. My erection popped out. Her eyes stared into mine seductively as her tongue swirled around the head. Then she took every inch into her mouth. The gag reflex kicked in and it gave me an idea.

I've seen many porn videos with girls getting their faces fucked so hard they throw up. It had always interested me.

"What's wrong my slut? Is my cock too big for you to handle"

"You are very large master. I'll still take all of it into my throat just for you."

"Yes you will, whether you can handle it or not."

All the videos I've seen flashed in my mind. My hands pulled her hair back, tilting her head. She opened her mouth wide as I guided my cock to the back of her throat. I began to pound hard and fast. Eva gagged as her mascara ran down her face, struggling to keep herself from puking. Saliva hung from her glossy lips. My fingers held her nostrils as I shoved it to the back of her mouth and held it. She struggled to release herself as breathing became more difficult. I wouldn't let up.

"Mm very good. Got all of it in your mouth like a good whore."

She nodded right before throwing up all over my dick and balls. I let her go. She panted and gasped for air. I reach down and rub her nipple through the leather bra before slapping her breast.

"You did a good job but your master still needs to get off. I want you to bend over this bed and hold your ass cheeks apart."

"Yes....master," she said in between breaths."

Eva stood up as saliva dripped off her chin down to her breast. As instructed, she bent over with her ass up in the air. I had a clear view of her asshole.

"Ready to become my ass whore?"

"I'm ready. Please fill me up."

From the moment I started pushing my cock inside of her, I knew that she had never had anal sex. It took a lot of effort to push my way inside. The only lubricant I was using was my spit and after it was stretched a bit, I had little trouble.

"You got such a tight asshole. Did you like giving me your anal virginity, slave?

"Better you than any other. Thank you."

"I own this ass. I'm going to fill you up with all my hot cum."

Gripping onto her ass cheeks, I pushed myself in all the way before retracting. Occasionally I'd push the cheeks together to feel the friction against my dick. Eva rocked back and forth, pushing herself into me, driving deeper.

"Fuck, I can't keep this up, I'm cumming."

My orgasm began to build up and I felt my body start to shake as my pace quickened. I viciously rammed myself into her asshole.

"Oh yeah, fuck my ass! Pound my asshole!"

The dirty talk was too much for me, we thrust into each other one more time as my cum started shooting deep into her rectum. I could feel it pouring out into her body

"Fuck. God, that orgasm was great. You are a very good slave."

I withdrew my dick from her tight hole and she lifted herself up. We stared into each others eyes and I kissed her deeply.

"Listen Eva. Tomorrow, I want you to come straight here from work. We have got things to do. Go home and I will see you tomorrow afternoon."

"I'll see you then. Thank you master."

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