tagMind ControlYou're Mine! Ch. 07

You're Mine! Ch. 07


Recap: As far as I can determine, it must have happened the day I was caught in the rainstorm on the golf course. It was a gorgeous day when I teed off but by the time I was on the fourth hole, the clouds began to gather and the thunder started. I could see lightening flashes in the distance and just then, the heavens opened and it began to pour. Without thinking I headed for the big willow tree off to the side of the fairway and ducked underneath to get out of the rain.

The next thing I knew I woke up in the hospital emergency room with a terrific headache. It seems the tree was split right down the middle by lightening and part of the bolt reached out and hit me also! I had minor burns from my head all the way down my back to my waist but was unhurt otherwise. They released me a few hours later and I went home thinking about how lucky I was to still be alive! At the time, I had no idea of the powers that became mine because of that experience but I soon found out that by looking into a person’s eyes and saying the words “You’re mine”, they would be completely in my power.


A few days later, I got an idea to have a private sex party with all my ex-girlfriends and, of course, Tyko. I drew up a list as to who I would want there and it consisted of my beautiful wife plus Machiko, a Japanese woman I used to live with; Suki, a beautiful, young Japanese girl that lived with me for about a year or so; Martha, a dark haired sexy beauty who loved sex like few women on earth; Gay, a sensationally built beauty I shacked up with for about three years; Milly, a cute blonde with a knockout figure, who lives in Hawaii; and my ex-wife, Nina, a gorgeous blonde with a wicked body. I told Tyko about the party the next day and told her that I wanted her to be the perfect hostess and make sure all our guests are well satisfied.

Only two of them were from out of town. Nina lived in California and Milly in Hawaii so I got United to comp me a round trip, first class ticket to Honolulu through San Francisco so I could stop off and meet with Nina for a few minutes at the airport to get her to come to the party and then meet with Milly for the same reason. Nina was easy. She met my plane and I made her mine as soon as she approached me for a hello kiss. I told her I'd call her with an exact date for the party and I want her to be there and look forward to having a fabulous time. Just to see if I had complete control of her, I asked her to come with me and I approached an airline employee telling her I needed a private room immediately.

She took us to a private lounge, which wasn't presently being used, and told us to lock the door and we wouldn't be disturbed. I told Nina to remove all her clothing as I wanted to see if she was still as beautiful as ever and was totally satisfied as soon as she stood before me naked. I removed my clothes, lay down on the couch and told her to make herself comfortable and work on my cock. I mentioned that we only had about 45 minutes before my flight left for Honolulu and I wanted her to drink my cum before I left. She settled herself down between my legs and began licking my balls and sucking them gently into her mouth one at a time before licking her way up to the base of my already stiff shaft.

She expertly worked her way up and around my rigid member until she reached the tip which she teased with her tongue before taking the head between her lips and sucking on it gently. Then she began to take more and more in her mouth as she slipped a wet finger into my asshole and slowly finger fucked me as she sucked me. I was deep in her throat and her throat muscles were tightening around my penis and then relaxing, giving my cock the feeling of being milked in a warm, inviting environment. She kept it up for over 30 minutes before I felt my orgasm approaching and told her so. Nina redoubled her efforts as soon as she heard that I was ready to come and it wasn't long before I flooded her throat with a continuous series of thick spurts which she gulped down as each entered her mouth.

When I finally stopped coming, she grasped my tool from the base and squeezed the last drop of come juice up the pipe which she deftly licked off as soon as it appeared coming out of the tiny hole. We got dressed and I told her not to forget what I told her about the party and then sent her home and went out to catch my Honolulu flight.

Milly was at the gate waiting for me and I made her mine as soon as we kissed hello. I told her that I wasn't going back to New York until tomorrow and that I'd like to spend the night with her and tell her about the upcoming party. We went back to her place in Waikiki and I told her that I had been looking forward to eating her superb pussy ever since I left NY. She immediately removed her clothes, took my hand and led me into her bedroom where she lay down on the bed on her back and spread her legs wide as she knew how much that turned me on. I stripped in three seconds flat and approached her waiting cunt with eager anticipation as I recalled how much I loved sucking it when we were seeing one another years ago.

It didn't disappoint me. It was as delicious as it always was and I switched back and forth between her hot, juicy hole and her erect, throbbing clitoris. Milly was a delight! She loved being eaten and was totally into it. Her legs were splayed wide, her hips thrust forward so that I could get at all of her cunt and she was speaking softly about how good it felt and where my tongue should go next. I sucked her large clit into my mouth and held it there as I ran my tongue all over it rapidly and knew she was about to come from the way she moved and moaned. Suddenly, she grabbed my head and held it tightly to her cunt as she experienced a long and wild orgasm.

I immediately moved down to her cunthole and drove my tongue deep inside to receive her hot juices which were flowing onto it. I kept sucking her long after her orgasm was over and as soon as she began to respond to my tongue again, I got up and fit the head of my cock into her opening and leaned forward feeding my thick shaft into her cunt slowly. She gasped and gave herself up completely to the magnificent penis that was filling up her passage and giving her feelings that were indescribable! I stroked in and out very slowly giving her a little more cock with each down stroke and she felt wonderful. Her pussy was gripping him tightly and was smooth as silk as he moved around inside her. They fucked like this for some time and then I asked her to get on her hands and knees as I wanted to get at both of her sweet holes. As soon as she offered me her holes,

I slipped my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her slowly and sensuously as I reached under her and played with her clitoris. She had a gorgeous pussy and was a pleasure to fuck and I took full advantage of the situation and stroked into her lovingly and lost myself in the beautiful feelings she was giving me. I knew Milly loved being fucked in the ass and I was saving my orgasm for that particular place so, as soon as I felt my orgasm approaching, I pulled out of her juicy cunt, lubricated her asshole with some KY, and fit the head of my throbbing member to her rear opening and pushed in. The head disappeared inside and then the rest followed slowly as I stroked into her slowly, feeding her more cock with each stroke.

She began to moan and cry out in passion as she felt him filling up her ass with his huge, hard weapon. She loved a cock in her ass, especially this one! I remembered how she liked to be ass fucked and fucked her exactly the way she loved it. She was responding beautifully and her sexy moans, alongwith the sensations her asshole was giving me, brought on my orgasm! I felt it coming and told her it was going to erupt very soon now so she should get ready for some hot come filling her up. When my cock swelled and the first spurt of come pumped into her ass, she screamed and began to come with me! The two of us writhed around in orgasm and she gasped with each hot spurt of cream in her ass. When my spasms were over and she had returned to Earth also, I slowly withdrew my still hard shaft from her ass, over her objections, and lay down next to her to sleep as I was tired from the long trip.

She woke me in the morning in my favorite way. I opened my eyes to a wonderful feeling in my cock and saw her lying between my legs sucking my hard penis. She sucked me beautifully and it didn't take long before I gushed into her mouth and had her gulping down gobs of come. She squeezed up the last drop, licked it off and told me to get up that breakfast was ready. I told her about the party and told her that I wanted her to attend and would contact her with a date very soon.

After we ate, she took me to the airport and I caught my flight home. It was worth the trip to Honolulu to get her to come to the party and also spend a night with her. When I got back to NY, I arranged to see Martha for lunch and made her mine as soon as we met. I told her about the party and also mentioned that she was going to have a wonderful time and should look forward to it. We ate lunch in a small cafe near her house and I decided to test my control over her. I told her that I would like to go back to her place and make love for a while. She smiled and said she was hoping I would ask just that. As soon as we entered her apartment, she began to strip off her clothing until she stood before me wearing nothing but high heels, stockings and a red garter belt.

Her big black bush concealed a gorgeous pussy and her small but perfectly shaped breasts were capped by unusually large nipples. I lay down on the couch with my legs draped over the back and my head resting on the seat just slightly over the edge. I told her to sit on my face as if she were sitting down normally and sucked her pussy lips into my mouth as soon as they appeared and nibbled on them before parting them with my tongue and slipping it inside her sweet cunt. I tongue-fucked her for awhile and had her going crazy each time I drove my tongue deep into her hole to lick up her juices. Then I told her to give me her clit to suck and as soon as she moved it down to my mouth, I took the tiny, hard button between my lips and started to lick it with the tip of my tongue as I sucked it firmly, the way she always loved it.

It was only a few minutes later that she announced her impending orgasm and begged me to continue just what I was doing as she bore down on my mouth and began to grind her cunt into my face as she came. She moaned all through it as I licked and sucked up her juices from every part of her sweet pussy. I went back to lightly tickling the tip of her clit with my tongue for awhile until she started to get aroused again and then suggested that we retire to the bedroom and get into bed. She knew just what I wanted and lay down on her back and spread her legs wide as she stuffed a small pillow under her gorgeous ass and reached for my throbbing shaft with impatient fingers.

She held it lovingly in her hand for a moment before inserting the tip into her hungry hole and bearing down on me as I surged forward burying my cock deep inside her. Her passage was perfectly lubricated and satin smooth as I forged in. When I got it all the way in, I felt her pussy contract around my shaft, milking it, and the sensation was wonderful. I kept it all the way inside her and let her milk it with her talented pussy.

The feelings were fantastic and I felt my thick cock get even thicker with excitement as she squeezed it with her cunt. Then I started a series of long, slow strokes in and out of her hungry cunt which brought cries of joy from her lips everytime I plunged deep inside. I felt it coming and told her to get ready for my hot juices and then let go with the first spurt which I pumped deep into her pussy. She whimpered with each spurt and then grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in close as she went into her orgasm also. After we rested awhile, I got dressed and told her to wait for my call as to the date of the party and left for home.

The next day I called Machiko and, since she was friendly with Suki, asked her to have Suki at her place that evening since I would stop by to talk to them about 8 pm. As soon as I walked in, I made both of them mine when I kissed them hello. We sat down in the living room and I told them that I would like it very much if they attended a party at my place within the next week or so on a Saturday night. They both agreed to come and I decided to test my power over them just to make sure it was working, since I was still pretty new at this. They were both gorgeous Japanese women with fabulous bodies. They both had small breasts but very large nipples, which has been my experience with most Oriental women. Both were perfectly built from the waist down with nice, full asses, (which is unusual for Orientals), well rounded hips and gorgeous legs, especially their thighs.

I asked them to undress for me since I wanted to see if they had changed at all in the few years that I hadn't seen them. When they were both nude in front of me, I stripped off my clothes and told them to sit on the couch alongside one another, lift their feet onto the couch and spread their legs wide so that I had a perfect view of their charms. As soon as they were in position, I dropped to my knees and licked my way up Machiko's thighs until I reached her pussy. I teased it lightly with the tip of my tongue and then ran the flat of my tongue up her delicious slit to the rigid clitoris waiting patiently at the top. I sucked the excited organ between my lips and into my mouth and teased it with my tongue as I slipped a well lubricated finger into her asshole.

She began to groan and thrash around on the couch and was holding one of Suki's breasts in her hand as she lost herself in pleasure. I sucked her clit in and out firmly and she began to fuck my mouth and then suddenly screamed out and went into orgasm. I sucked her gently for a while after her orgasm ended and then moved over to the waiting Suki who had been playing with her pussy as she watched us. I kissed the insides of her magnificent thighs and worked my way up to her hot cunt which I began to kiss all over and suck into my mouth. Then I drove my tongue deep inside her pussy and tongue-fucked her for awhile before licking my way up to her erect clitoris and sucking it into my mouth as she gasped in breathless passion.

She held my head in her hands and spoke softly about how good it felt and how much she wanted to come. I knew from past experience that she liked strong tongue pressure on her clit when she was really horny and I began to apply more pressure on it. She immediately responded with even more pressure by grinding her pussy into my face as hard as she could and I decided to drive her over the edge and bit down gently on the pulsating organ. She cried out in passion and held my head tightly to her cunt as she came. I sucked her until her spasms ended and then hopped up on the couch and lay back on the comfortable cushions with my huge, throbbing shaft standing straight up in the air. Machiko settled herself between my legs and began to lick my shaft from the base up until she reached the tip which she took into her mouth and lightly teased with her tongue.

She moved further down and took the entire head into her mouth and began to suck on it firmly as she ran her tongue all around it. Then she worked her way down taking as much of me as possible until her throat was full and, try as she may, she couldn't get any more down. Her mouth was warm and wet around my cock and felt wonderful! I gave myself up to her mouth completely, and was lost in a world of pleasure as Suki began to kiss me and slip her tongue into my mouth. Machiko started to suck with long, deep strokes and pulled deeply on the head each time which drove me wild. I felt it coming and told her to get ready for a ton of cream when I come. It came up the pipe at that moment and poured into her voracious mouth.

She gulped each load down and squeezed the shaft from the base up to get the last drops out as I slowly relaxed after my powerful orgasm. I told them that I had to go and would call them within a few days about the party.

I always filled Tyko in with the latest happenings and told her about my session with Machiko and Suki as soon as I got home. The thought of what the three of us did to each other got her hot as hell and she removed her panties, lifted her dress and sat down on the couch with her thighs parted revealing all of her magnificent pussy. Then she asked me if I would like something to eat since she had been preparing it for me all day. I couldn't possibly refuse such a delicious looking offering so I got down on my knees and began to lightly lap at her cunt like a dog would do. She loved it and raised her hips off the couch to give me more cunt to lap.

Then I worked my tongue deep inside her hot hole and tasted her delicious juices that were flowing down. After drinking at her fountain for some time, I worked my way up to her huge clitoris which I sucked into my mouth like a mini cock. It wasn't too long after this that she began to moan and tell me she was about to come. Her orgasm hit her like an express train and she almost passed out from pleasure as she entered a world she wanted to stay in forever. I kept sucking her cunt gently long after she came back to Earth and then looked up at her and asked if she could make any more of this dish sometime. She smiled and said she would have a fresh batch for me every day and we got up and went about our business as if nothing had happened.

Now that that everyone was told about the party, I called each of them and told them to be in my apartment at 8 pm sharp this coming Saturday night. I also told Nina and Milly that we had plenty of room and they would be staying with us for as long as they decided to stay in New York. As an additional surprise for them, I decided to have Jo, the gorgeous she-he, come over later in the evening for some variety and asked her to stop by about eleven o'clock.

By eight that night, everyone was already seated in the living room having a drink and getting acquainted, since most of them didn't know each other. I decided to start the party and asked all of them, including Tyko, to get totally nude and come back into the room as soon as possible. Tyko showed them into the dressing room where they all got undressed and hung away their clothes. I went back to my bedroom and removed my clothes and rejoined the women in the living room.

I gathered them around me and told them that I wanted them all to know Tyko's body as well as I do and I want Tyko to know each of them the way I do. I asked them to form a line with the first person being the first women I knew, the second the next one I met and so forth. Nina, my ex-wife, was first on line with Gay next and I asked all of them, except Tyko, to sit on the huge, semi-circular couch in the same order. As soon as they were all comfortably seated, I asked Nina to put both of her feet on the seat and spread her legs wide so that Tyko could see every part of her pussy. I told Tyko that I wanted her to spend the next five minutes tasting and sucking Nina's cunt and that she would love every minute of it. Then I told all of them that they were going to have a wonderful time tonight and that they would love everything we do.

Tyko got down between Nina's spread legs and began to lick the glistening flesh as Nina closed her eyes in pleasure and slowly lifted her hips to give Tyko more access. I could see that my wife was really into it as she drove her tongue deep inside Nina's hole to lick up her juices. When the 5 minutes were up, I asked Tyko and Nina to get up and had Tyko assume the same position on the couch and told Nina she had five minutes to get to know Tyko. Nina dropped to her knees without hesitation and began kissing, licking and sucking my wife's fabulous pussy. Both were groaning in passion when the five minutes were up and parted reluctantly, only when I told them that they would have plenty of time to finish each other off later.

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