You're My Cousin?!


Two pairs of legs appeared in my small window of visibility. "Do you see them?" one girl asked, breathing heavily.

"No..." said the other girl. Her legs straightened and pivoted as she surveyed the area, then walked further down the beach. "Hey, come over here, they dropped some clothes."

"Ugh, we're not going to catch them. Let's just give up and head back. We probably ruined their night, anyway."

"You don't want to see who it was? ...Fine." She joined her friend. "Well I'm holding onto these boxers. If any guys ask you about missing underwear, we'll have our culprit."

"I don't care about culprits..." her friend murmured. They both walked off in the direct whence they came.

Sisi and I kept still in the grass for a minute longer, before she finally dared to stand up and look. "We're clear," she said, and helped me up. My heart was pounding.

"Do you want to finish this someplace indoors?" I asked.

"Sure," she said. "Let's go back to my place." We brushed the dry sand off of our bodies and checked for ticks, then got dressed and walked back across the island.

We reached a two-story white house from the rear. The lights were on on the first floor, but the second floor was dark. It looked like my Aunt's house, almost. It must be a popular design on the island. Then again, with only a dozen houses or so, they probably just reused the blueprints. Sisi pulled an expandable ladder out from the tool shed and set it against the wall of the house so that it led to an open window. "You head up first," she said. "Just be quiet. I don't want us to get interrupted..." My heart skipped a beat, and I hurried up the ladder as she held it steady. She followed soon after, and pulled the ladder up after her before collapsing it and storing it under her bed.

Her room was sparsely decorated, although I wasn't terribly surprised, it being only her summer home. Her bed was wide, though, with blue striped sheets and matching pillows. The walls were seafoam green and the floor was hardwood. A full bookshelf and a dresser stood against one wall. Taking up most of the space on her walls were black and white posters of intricate engravings. One hanging above her bed was of a bust of a large-nosed man, bald except for a few rolls of hair, who wore a moustache and beard. "You have a nice room," I commented, sitting down on her bed.

"Thanks, but I'd really rather not talk about that right now," she said as she lifted her shirt up over her head. She reached behind her back and undid her black bra, letting it glide to the floor, revealing her ripe breasts. "How about you?"

My eyes were glued to her freckled chest. "We can do whatever you had in mind..."

"Good," she growled, pouncing on me. She lifted my shirt up over my arms and threw it across the room. She kissed my stomach, my chest, my neck and shoulders; she showered my body with kisses, covering me everywhere, rubbing her soft chest against me, letting her hair brush against my skin. She held down my wrists and left a trail of kisses from my lips down to my navel. Once she reached my waist, she looked up at me with a wicked smile, and her tanzanite eyes gleamed with mischief.

She released my wrists and undid my fly, never breaking eye contact with me. She undid the button on my shorts and tugged them down to my ankles. My hard cock sprung up, and her eyes locked onto it hungrily. "Wow," she said in her lilting Hibernian, admiring it with wide eyes. With one hand, she caressed my balls. With the other, she softly stroked my hard cock. "You have such a handsome cock... God, I'd fuck you with a heart and a half..." I squirmed in her grip, hoping she would keep that promise. She caressed it lightly, worshipping it with her hands. She rubbed it slowly against her lips and cheeks, her eyelashes fluttering in ecstasy. She lightly kissed the swollen head of my cock, then slowly licked the underside of my shaft from base to tip. "But I don't have any condoms," she admitted. "Do you?"

I worriedly shook my head "no." She grimaced, but kept stroking. "Well, I can do something else for you tonight...if you want..?" I nodded vigorously. She grinned, licked her lips, and wrapped her thick, pink lips around my cock, engulfing it in a single motion. She continued to rub my balls, using her other hand to keep my cock steady as she bobbed her head up and down rapidly. Her tongue swirled and twirled around my shaft, as nimble as an acrobat, while she maneuvered my cock down her tight, welcoming, warm, wet mouth.

Her light breasts bounced upon my thighs. She gripped my ass, pulling me deeper into her mouth. I watched, entranced, as my entire shaft slowly vanished between her lips and her whole mouth just buzzed. My cock was throbbing inside her mouth. I couldn't resist much longer; I didn't want to. My fingernails dug into her shoulders as I moaned, "I'm close, Sisi...don't stop..."

Her eyes looked deeply into mine as she bobbed her head faster and faster. My whole body begged for orgasm. I bucked my hips, thrusting my thick manhood into her mouth. "I'm cumming," I warned her, but she took it as an invitation. She gripped my cock firmly between her lips while my cock spasmed inside of her. I felt my cock spurting my hot cum into her as she swallowed deeply after each shot. A thin line of ivory cum dripped from the corner of her mouth, but she greedily swallowed every drop she could.

With a hot breath, she released my cock from her mouth and tenderly stroked my wilting penis. "Mmm, you're delicious," she moaned.

There was a loud knock on the door. "Elizabeth," my aunt asked, "have you seen your cousin William? He's been gone a while."

The world stopped.


I looked down at the beautiful, buxom maiden still resting on my thighs, my cum still on her face, my cock still in her hands.

"You're name's Elizabeth?" I whispered.

"Yes, why?" she asked, absent-mindedly stroking my dick.

"Elizabeth O'Donnel?"

She froze. "Yes... You're not... Don't tell me you're...William? You're my cousin?!" I nodded gravely. Her jaw dropped. "Why didn't you tell me?!" she hissed, her eyes flaring

"I didn't know it was important! What kind of a nickname is Sisi for Elizabeth, anyway?"

"And Fritz is any better?! None of those letters are even in 'William,' you idiot!"


"Elizabeth?" my aunt, her mother, asked again from behind the door.

Glaring at me, but with the voice of an angel, she replied, "Yes, he's in here, mum. We'll be downstairs in just a moment. He's...helping me unpack."

"Glad to hear you two are already so close!" she said as we both winced simultaneously. "Well, I'll see you soon!"

Sisi got up and paced back and forth. "What are we going to do? Oh my goodness, I can't believe this happened! Oh my god, I sucked my cousin's cock! And I liked it! We're such perverts! We'll be outcasts forever!"

I got up and held her. "It's okay, Sisi. We just won't tell anyone. It'll be just between us. No one else ever has to know."

Her panting slowed. "You're right. You're right. We'll just keep it a secret and no one ever has to know...that I blew my cousin!" she screamed. "No, no, it's okay. You're right. We never tell a soul. Ever. Deal?"

"Deal. But, um, Sisi, you still have a little of my..." I gestured near my lips.

She brushed her hand against her mouth and looked at it. "Oh goooood!" she began anew.

"Come on, we have to get dressed and head downstairs, Sisi, or they're going to come up here and find us like this," I said.

She looked down at us: her still topless and me completely naked. Her gaze froze on my body momentarily before she clenched her eyes shut and turned away. Even though she was my cousin, I had to admit, she still had an amazing ass... And I had probably lost my chance to ever give it a good spanking... No, no, no! Can't think that way anymore. She's your cousin. Your hott, topless, amazingly-good-at-blowjobs cousin... My cock began to stir, already eager for another round with Sisi's tongue. I hurriedly dressed, keeping my back to Sisi as she did the same.

We finished and turned back to each other. "Well?" she asked, breathing heavily, straightening her tussled red hair. "Am I presentable?" I scanned her quickly. She was still a tad mussed up, but she wouldn't attract suspicion. And most importantly, she didn't have any more semen on her round, angelic face.

"You look fine," I reassured her. "Let's head downstairs."

We walked downstairs slowly, from the shadows into the light. Our parents were seated around the table, still talking. "There you two are!" Aunt Morgan said when she saw us, and got up to introduce us. "This is Elizabeth, our oldest."

"Oh, she's just lovely, Morgan. Isn't your cousin beautiful, William?" my mother asked me.

"What?! I don't know," I stammered. "Why would you ask me that?"

"William, don't be snippy. It was just a question," she scolded me. "I'm sorry, Elizabeth. You're a very beautiful young woman. Do you have a boyfriend yet?" she asked, as we both looked away from each other at some especially interesting corners.

"N-no," she said.

"Well I'm sure you'll find a handsome young man soon enough," she predicted, before going back to speaking with my aunt and uncle. The two of us sat awkwardly next to each other the whole conversation, only speaking when spoken to, and furiously blushing whenever any comment was made about each other. I felt like I had the word "incest" branded on my forehead.

After an eternity, Stephen noticed the clock on the wall. "Midnight already? I think we've kept you up late enough. You all must be tired from your trip. Ada, you and Ian can take the guest room. Will, you don't mind bunking with Elizabeth tonight, do you?"



"We only have one guest bed, sweetie, and it doesn't sleep three. And you two are the same age. I'm sure you'll get along great. Tomorrow we'll set up the cot, but I'm sure you'll survive one night in the same bed. He hasn't got any fleas, has he, Ian?"

"No, we had him sprayed just before we left, I promise."

"See? It'll be fine."

"But-" Sisi began.

"No buts! Upstairs, you two!"

There was no point in arguing. We couldn't give away our reasoning, anyway. With a shared look of dejection, we trudged back upstairs to her room. We sat on opposite edges of her bed in silence for a while. "Let's just sleep," Sisi declared, "and then we never have to do this again."

"Alright," I agreed. Stephen had placed my suitcase in the room, and I opened it to find a new pair of boxers in which I could sleep. I found a pair of black boxers and undressed hurriedly with my back to Sisi, slipped into my boxers, and turned around.

She was completely nude, bent over the bed, pulling back the sheets, her tits hanging down from her chest. "What are you wearing?!" I asked.

She covered her chest with both arms, buoying up her breasts. "Sh-shut up! I can't sleep wearing clothes; it's too uncomfortable," she protested. "Just ignore it and stay on your side of the bed!"

"Fine," I sighed wearily. I just wanted this day to end. Sisi turned out the lights and we both got under the thin sheet, our only covering in the warm night air. Even in the small amount of available moonlight, I could easily make out the all-too-obvious outlines of her breasts under the sheets, two firm peaks drilling through the soft fabric.

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore my cousin's body, naked just inches away. She jostled under the sheet, making herself comfortable, emphasizing her beautiful curves. My cock rose to life, growing slowly as I tried to will it down. But the sharp outlines of Sisi's pebble-hard nipples were too much. For all it concealed, the sheet might as well have been a shadow cast onto her body.

It was going to be a long night...

I awoke to a warm summer day. Sunlight streamed through the window. I felt refreshed, invigorated, rejuvenated. Today was a brand new day! All of that...stuff that happened yesterday was in the past, forever. I'd never have to think about it ever again. Ever.

I stretched my arms, sat up in bed, and froze. Never was now.

During the night, Sisi had pushed her sheets down to her navel. Now, just inches away from me, she was lying completely naked, her freckled breasts exposed, her small, pink nipples rigid. Her bright red hair surrounded her head like a flaming corona. Her arms lay at odd angles as her chest slowly rose and fell under my intense gaze. I became deeply aware of my morning wood, which was turning the whole sheet into a miniature circus tent.


I sat there, ogling her body. Her complete lack of modesty, her innocent nudity, the complete disregard of shame that came with sleep, all of it lay before me, vulnerable and exposed. I reached out a trembling hand towards her. And stopped. Through gritted teeth I hissed a frustrated sigh and got out of bed.

I silently opened the door, and with a last lingering gaze, walked out into the hallway towards the bathroom. I completed my morning ritual, but my virility was undeterred. I was going to have to handle it myself. The bathroom door had no lock, but the only bedroom on this floor was Sisi's, so I wasn't overly worried about my aunt or anyone else walking in on me. The shower was a glass booth, frosted below my chest and above my knee to protect the bather's modesty. A chrome torus, studded with regular holes along its bottom, hung above the shower, attached to the ceiling by a central pipe.

I deftly stepped out of my boxers and into the shower. I twisted the handle, and was instantly welcomed by a cascade of hot water from above. I let it caress the nape of my neck, cover my body, wash away my worries and my sins. After I had relaxed sufficiently, I took the bar of soap and lathered myself up. My cock was already erect, ready for some relief. Even last night's stunning orgasm had done nothing to diminish the frustration I now felt from spending the entire night next to a nude goddess, unable to so much as touch her. Even looking at her had felt wrong.

She was my cousin. It was wrong to be attracted to your cousin...wasn't it? Then why was I? Could my attraction really have a morality? Was there any harm in it? If we used protection, there were no consequences, no victims. Why should anyone else care? Why did we?

I sighed. This was going to be a long weekend. I began to stroke my aching cock, savoring the tight grip of my hand, pumping back and forth as I remembered and embellished last night's festivities.

I imagined how she would have looked on her knees in front of me, her deep blue eyes looking into mine, her pink lips wrapped around my cock as she sucked and licked with unbridled passion. Her breasts heaved as she struggled to take my manhood as deeply into her mouth as she could. Her cheeks sunk slightly as she suckled my shaft, a kitten eager for cream. Her hands caressed my balls, guiding them towards release as she coaxed my cock to orgasm. She moaned and cooed with delight at the feeling of my cock in her mouth. Her body quivered in pleasure. A blush spread across her firm, pert breasts, dewed with freckles, as she hungrily, greedily, thirsted for my hot cum.

My hand was a blur now, flying across my shaft. I was close. I could feel the end coming...

A loud knock banged on the door. "One minute," I said, continuing to stroke myself.

The door opened anyway, though, opened by Sisi. She strode in and closed the door behind her. I instantly released myself, hoping my face betrayed nothing. "I said 'one minute!' What are you doing?"

She stood there, still nude, not having bothered with any clothes after waking up. I tried to maintain eye contact, but I couldn't. Her bare breasts swayed slightly and her broad hips swayed as she shifted her weight to one side. "I...I wanted to make sure you were alright. When I woke up, you were gone. I had to make sure you hadn't gotten lost or anything."

My cock was sore. My scrotum ached. I had been so close... Just a few more seconds and I would have had my relief... "Well, I managed to lead an expedition to the bathroom with only a few casualties. As you can see, I'm fine. Can I finish showering now?"

"How long have you been in there?"

"I don't know...ten minutes?"

"You're going to use up all the hot water! I'm not waiting until dinner for the hot water to build back up. Let me in," she declared, her hands on her hips.

I glanced down at my angry red cock. "I'm not finished. Give me a minute..."

"You've had enough time. If you want to keep showering, you'll have to make room for me," she said, wrenching the door open. "Oh wow!" She covered her mouth with both hands as she saw my hard-on. After a moment, her eyes finally made their way back up to mine. "Oh my goodness, were you...? Oh my god, you were, weren't you?"

She got in and closed the door, studying my erection as I tried to continue my shower as nonchalantly as I could fake. "Wow, it's huge... What were you thinking about?" she asked, leaning closer to me, putting her breasts directly in my line of sight.

"Well, um...I mean..."

She smirked. "You were thinking about me, weren't you? What a pervert...thinking about your own cousin," she teased. Her wet hair now clung to her chest, just barely concealing her breasts, her nipples poking through brazenly. "Do you want to finish? I can turn around..."

"No, it's fine," I grumbled.

"Isn't it bad for guys to jerk off and not finish? I had an ex once who said blue balls could really yours hurt right now? They don't look very blue..."

"They hurt a bit, but I'm fine."

She bit her lower lip. She looked to the door briefly, then back to me. "I really think you should cum..." she said, her eyes locked onto my bobbing, soapy manhood. "If you're not going to do it, then I'll do it for you..." she proclaimed.


Her hand was already wrapped around my cock, slowly playing back and forth along my shaft. Her chest was against mine, her wet breasts pressed against my bare skin. "Just shut up and let me do this for you," she said, averting her eyes from mine. "It's my fault, isn't it? So it's my responsibility. Just...just think about whatever you want... Imagine it's someone else here, if you prefer," she said, her strokes getting faster, longer, harder.

I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. I should stop this I should stop this I should stop this. But my arms hung weakly at my sides. I knew in my heart of hearts I wasn't going to lift a finger to stop what was happening. She slid down onto her knees. Her hands milked my cock as she alternated her hands in long, downward strokes. She was focused entirely on my dick, watching it eagerly, greedily, as though she were eyeing a prize she expected to soon belong to her alone. "Are you alright?" she asked.


"So...Wwh are you thinking about?"

"Honestly? You..."

"Really? Hmph, you are a pervert..."

"What?! You jerk! You're the one jerking me off..."

"It's a medical procedure!" she claimed. "I'm just doing this for your health. I take no pleasure from this..."

"You litt-I-I'm gonna cum..." I tried to hold it back, but I had passed the point of no return.

Her smile lit up. She pumped faster and opened her mouth wide. I watched entranced as my cock spasmed, releasing its load onto her tongue. Jet after jet of thick, white cum shot out of me into her mouth. She giggled as she slowly squeezed the last few drops of semen out of my cock, before licking the tip clean. She moaned and swallowed.

"I thought you said you didn't enjoy it..." I reminded her.

She blushed. "It's a waste to let something so delicious just go down the drain... And anyway, I don't hear you complaining. Do you feel better now?"

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