tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 02

You're the One for Me Ch. 02


Caden's smug smile was eating at Austin. There was something about it that made him want to bite Caden's face off. He didn't even have to look at Caden to know it was there, taunting him silently. Austin growled, but it only made things worse, as it made Caden laugh at him in addition to staring at him with that damn smile on his face.

Caden was trying to be supportive, but it was hard to forget how much of a pain in the ass Austin had been ever since he laid eyes on his mate. Somehow it was easier to deal with the frustration of not being able to get close to the woman when his brother was suffering just as much. In fact, watching Austin's reactions made Caden feel better. Now it was his turn to torment Austin, which was just what he deserved for the grief he had bestowed on him over the past month.

Austin tried to reign in his wolf, but it was starting to become harder to control the urge to mate with his intended. He had no clue how Caden had been able to wait so long to act. Austin's eyes never left his mate's form as he made his way through the line of the fast food restaurant inside the campus's union building. He was shorter than Austin, standing about 6'1". His lips were on the thin side, but Austin didn't care as long as his mate wasn't opposed to wrapping them around his thick cock. His green eyes and his blond hair appealed to Austin, mostly because in his dreams those bright eyes always looked at him lovingly before Austin buried his fingers in that hair to pull him down for a kiss. There wasn't much that Austin didn't find attractive about his mate. His body was muscular and his ass was round and completely fuckable.

Caden leaned over the table toward his brother. "And you accused me of staring a hole into my mate's backside."

Austin turned to Caden and growled again, this time baring his teeth in warning.

Caden continued, "But, I suppose it is the place you're itching to get to into, so it does make sense that you would be so intent on it."

Austin rolled his eyes. Of course Caden just ignored him. When did his brother ever listen to him? "Caden, shut up. You tread on thin ground."

"And you weren't all month? I think a little payback is in order, don't you?"

Austin refused to answer and instead turned back toward his mate. He was far more interesting to look at than his brother at any rate.

Caden, on the other hand, wasn't finished yet. He was determined to get Austin back for all the needless taunting that he had to bear. He was going to get it all in while he could because it was only a matter of time before Austin lost control and claimed his mate. Austin never was interested in waiting.

"Pssst. Austin."

Austin turned slowly in his seat. "What?"

Caden reached into his back pocket and slipped out small bottle of lube, dangling it in front of Austin's face. "You look like you might need this soon. I can tell you're barely hanging on and I'm sure your mate's ass doesn't lube itself. Just don't take him here in front of all these people. I don't want to see your pasty ass or his."

That was it. Austin's fist connected with Caden's face in a flash of motion. Caden flew backward, his chair tipped over and he landed flat on his back, his legs in the air. Austin's mouth dropped open. Fuck! He had hit his brother without thinking. He only hoped that his mate was too preoccupied with his meal to notice his actions. Not too many people wanted to get involved with a person that they regarded as violent. What was worse was that Caden had lost his grip on the lube when he tumbled and it had hit someone in the head. Austin was beyond mortified.

Caden laid on the floor, groaning. Austin had a pretty good punch. He should have anticipated such a reaction and been ready to dodge the blow. Unfortunately, he thought that Austin would have been able to withstand a little more teasing. His mate's proximity was wearing on him a lot more than Caden had thought. A little lube and he turned into a prizefighter. Well, nothing more than his pride was hurt, so Caden wasn't too upset. And now Austin knew how he felt the previous week. Caden couldn't wait to give him crap about it.

Caden closed his eyes briefly and rolled over so he could get up. As his hands hit the floor, his eyes fell on a pair of beat-up Sketchers. His wolf let him know exactly who they belonged to and what he wanted to do with said person. His wolf was being pretty graphic and the boner that was growing in his pants told him just how much he liked his wolf's ideas.

Caden's gaze traveled up her long, jean-encased legs, which flared out into wide hips that were made to bear children and thighs that would welcome the member of her lover between them. A sliver of smooth skin peeked out from under her bright yellow t-shirt, the color complimenting her skin tone and making him itch to caress it with his tongue. Her breasts strained against the fabric that encased them and their gentle rise and fall caused by her breathing was driving him to distraction. His eyes continued to move upward, passing a delicate throat that made his wolf damn near frantic, only to fall on a pair of eyes the color of a stormy morning set in a beautiful mocha-hued face.

"Excuse me, but I believe this is yours," the young woman said, lowering the little bottle of lube into Caden's line of sight.

Caden found himself wavering between wanting the floor to open up and swallow him and wanting to claim his mate right then and there. It was a good thing he had more control over his wolf than Austin did or his would be the ass flailing in the air as he took his woman.


One of the shoes close to his hands began to tap impatiently. "Okay, let me amend that statement. I know it's yours and you owe me some kind of apology, seeing as it hit me in the damn forehead."

Caden slowly rose, towering over the angry woman in front of him. The only thing he could think was, 'Mine.'

"Yes, I know it's yours. We just went over this."

Caden groaned. He wasn't sure how in control he was anymore, but he had to hold it together for just a little bit longer.

"I...I'm sorry. It was an accident. My brother...I...Please forgive me," Caden bowed low, hoping he hadn't totally screwed up his chances with his love.

The woman let out a deep sigh and tossed the thick locks of her dark hair over her shoulder. "Well, since you're cute and you seem pretty repentant, I'll let you off the hook. It's not every day that a guy bows to a girl. Next time, though, you owe me lunch." With that, she tossed the lube to Caden and turned to walk away.


She pivoted quickly and stood with her hands on her hips, a pose that Caden found both sexy and alluring. "Yes?"

"Please tell me your name."

The corner of her mouth twitched before she answered, "Elise Roberts."

Caden smiled, his wolf rumbling contentedly. Now they had a name to call out at night as they dreamt of the day that Elise would finally be theirs.

"And what about you, pretty boy? What's your name?"

"Caden Alexander."

Elise nodded before turning back towards her previous destination. "Be seeing you around, Caden."

Caden was frozen to the spot, watching Elise's ass wiggle as she walked away. There was so much that he was looking forward to getting to know about her. She was kind of blunt, but he liked that she was up front about things. Plus, he had the added advantage of spending so many years with Austin. He could handle blunt and beautiful.

Caden pulled his chair upright and sat down heavily in it. He glanced at Austin, who had both hands clasped over his mouth to keep himself from laughing loudly in Caden's face.

"Thanks, little brother. Because of you, I hit my mate in the head with a bottle of lube. Next time, get your own."

Tears rolled down Austin's face as his broad shoulders shook with laughter. Caden crossed his arms and glared at Austin. "Who's on thin ground now? I should take your head for the embarrassment that you just caused me."

Austin cackled. After five minutes, he pulled himself together enough to address his brother. "Your lady is pretty feisty, Caden. Are you sure you can handle her? She might be the one taking heads in your relationship."

Caden slowly turned his head, staring at his mate longingly. "I will do much more than handle her soon. My sweet Elise, her every movement calls to me. Her scent lingers and it makes my wolf prance around knowing that she belongs to us. Besides, like you said, my wolf wouldn't lead me astray. She is just what I need."

"I did say that, didn't I? Huh. Well, my wolf caught me totally unaware. I mean, I've been interested in members of both sexes ever since I was old enough to pop a boner, but I never thought my mate would be a man. Although, I have to say, it didn't take us long to get used to the idea. Lately, all our fantasies and dreams have featured a certain blond man when just last week, it was that cute little librarian, 'Kita."

"Nikita would never suit you. You're too bold for her. I don't worry about you managing your mate, it's the other way around. I truly hope your mate can handle you because I really don't want your sorry ass on my doorstep lamenting some stupid mistake you've made to make your man throw you out."

Austin grinned. "Always thinking of the future, brother, but what about now? What are you going to do to get your mate to talk to you again? I wouldn't suggest hitting her with any more sexual objects until after you've claimed her. Now that I think about it, she'd probably like that. I bet she's the spanking type."

Caden growled. "Shut up. You will not speculate about my mate and her proclivity for spanking. She and her sexual tendencies are off limits to the likes of you."

Austin shrugged. "And this coming from the man toting around a bottle of lube for my mate. You're a hypocrite, Caden."

"And you're a major pain in my ass. I didn't see you talking to your mate. What happened to not standing idly by?"

Austin rose from his seat in a huff. "I will have him. I just need some time to gain better control over my wolf. I don't want to scare him off the first time I meet him."

"Just as I thought," Caden smirked up at his brother, holding up the lube bottle again. "Then you will be needing this. You should just keep it with you. You're becoming quite unpredictable."

Austin glowered at Caden, but snatched the bottle out of his hand. "I'll see you later, brother. I've got some thinking to do if we're going to win our mates quickly."

Austin walked off, burying the lube in his back pocket. Caden wondered if he should follow, but decided to stay and eat the rest of his burger. After all, Elise was still there and he would not pass up an opportunity to gaze upon her form. That and his cock was still raging in his pants.


Caden shifted uncomfortably in the tights that went with the ridiculous Robin Hood costume that he was trying on for his brother. Austin had the grand idea to find their mates on Halloween while out at a party, wooing them and mating with them that very night. Caden almost laughed in his brother's face. Austin was always so impulsive. He never thought things out or worried about the consequences. Caden had been quick to remind him that their mates may not go out to parties and they might have dates or significant others that would have to be dealt with before any mating could take place.

Austin had shrugged off his concerns and dragged him out to the nearest costume shop he could find. Halloween was coming up soon and Austin wanted to be ready for that night, the night that he would plunder his intended's booty. And as such, he was currently rooting through the store's pirate costumes to find one that he liked.

Caden frowned at his reflection in the mirror. He wasn't looking to be Robin Hood and the tights would do nothing to hide the steely hard-on he was sure to get when he was face to face with his woman. Shaking his head, he turned to head back into the dressing room to try on a different costume, when he collided with a small figure that went down in a pile of lace and fabric.

"I'm sorry. Here, let me help you," Caden offered as he reached down to the woman on the floor, who was still covered by the numerous costumes she had been carrying around.

A slender brown hand shot forward from the pile and as Caden grabbed it, he felt his cock threaten to rip those damn tights in two. As he freed the woman from the clothing, his violet eyes fell on the face that had been haunting him for weeks. It was Elise and somehow he hadn't sensed her. Maybe suppressing his wolf was affecting him more than he had thought it would. Or perhaps it was the fact that she smelled more like musty costumes rather than her normal mix of lavender, vanilla, and her own unique scent.

"Thanks. It's Caden, right? I'm sorry I crashed into you there. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I was trying to get that stupid Victorian collar out of my face," Elise explained as she turned to retrieve her costume piles.

Caden nodded, but realized that she couldn't see him, bent over as she was, presenting her round ass to him. If he had been Austin, he would have slung her over his shoulder and claimed her in the dressing room, but because he had more control and forethought than his twin, he decided that he would take a more subtle approach.

"Here, let me help you with those, Elise," Caden said as he crouched next to her.

She turned her head to regard the handsome man that she had mistaken for a brick wall a few moments ago. His inky black hair was messy, falling into his eyes and past his shoulders. His eye color seemed too unreal to be true, reminding her of polished amethysts, and his facial features only served to make him more appealing. He was beautiful and his body, well, what she felt as she crashed into him and what she could see, was muscular and fit. It had been hard to get him out of her head before and now she had even more fodder for her fantasies. Her vibrator was going to get one hell of a workout.

"Thanks, but I've got 'em. They aren't paying me to let the customers do my job," Elise said, with a slightly embarrassed smile on her face. She needed him to get away or she would start rubbing up on him like a cat in heat.

Gosh, she was adorable when she looked at him like that. "You work here?"

"Yep. I clean up the dressing rooms, work at the rental counter, and mend the costumes that some of our customers accidentally rip. I like to think of myself as a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to this lovely costume shop. The owner, Francine, is really nice, she pays me well, and I get my Halloween costume for free. I can't really beat that."

Caden nodded. "That's a sweet deal."

Elise smiled at him as she picked the last dress up off the floor. She rose, her eyes widening as Caden stood, finally getting a good look at him. She remembered from their first meeting that he was cute and tall, but her mental image of him did not do him justice.

Now she noticed how his muscles rippled beneath the Robin Hood costume that left almost nothing to the imagination. The clothing molded to him like a second skin, exposing every ridge of his body to her greedy eyes. Elise couldn't stop her mouth from dropping open as she took in one ridge that she doubted would have been hidden in any clothing that Caden donned. Man, but he was hung.

Caden watched as his mate ogled his body and only hoped that he wouldn't scare her off with his wayward member which was looming largely, not to mention that it got even bigger when he was in his Were form. His wolf was too busy trying to convince him to get her down on all fours to worry about such things.

He cleared his throat, bringing her gaze upwards toward his face. She closed her mouth and blushed before averting her eyes. He looked down at her and tried to come up with something to say.

"Umm. Well, I have to be going. Let me know if you need any help with anything, Caden."

Caden's smile was bright and Elise knew that she had to get away from him soon or she would be ripping those tights off and popping his dick in her mouth. Talk about lust at first sight, her pussy was aching already from what she had put it through in the few days since they first met. Now it was throbbing, but for an entirely different reason.

"I will, Elise. I suspect you will be hearing from me again soon."

Elise nodded, not knowing what to make of the comment. "Well, see you then, Caden."

Caden watched as she retreated to the back of the store with her load. He liked the fact that she was a hard worker and wasn't afraid to do things for herself. She would not be one to demand that he cater to her every whim, though he would do that anyway once he claimed her. It was just nice to know that it wouldn't be expected.

Caden also liked the sway of Elise's hips as she walked off. "Until we meet again, my sweet Elise," Caden murmured before retreating to the dressing room that held his clothing. He would try on the other two costumes that Austin had picked out and be done. Besides, ending the costume search for the day gave him a reason to come back the next.


Austin frowned at his reflection in the three-sided mirror that stood outside the changing area. Perhaps a pirate wasn't what he wanted to be for Halloween, despite the fact he was looking to plunder some booty. The costumes that they had in his size were not flattering enough. If Austin was going to meet and woo his love in one night, his costume would have to be something that would attract his mate's attention and stir his lust.

Austin stood in the mirror and tried to envision a costume that could do those things, but nothing was coming to mind.

"Trying on another costume, I see," a cheerful voice sounded from his left.

He turned and regarded the person who spoke. Ah, it was Caden's mate. He perused her form, noting the nametag that was pinned above one of her ample breasts. Caden would have fun playing with those when he finally got around to staking his claim. Austin was briefly tempted to pretend to be Caden and help him along in his pursuit of his mate, but then he thought of the consequences of such an action. Brother or no, Caden wouldn't hesitate in trying to rip his arms out of his sockets for touching her. He was extremely possessive of her for someone who knew nothing more than her name.

"I guess this is the second costume I've tried on. I was thinking of being a pirate, but there's no way I'd get to bury my treasure dressed like this," Austin replied.

The look of distaste on Caden's woman's face made Austin realize that he spoke before thinking again. "I mean...."

The woman shook her head. "I got what you meant."

Austin cursed under his breath as he watched her walk away. "Hold on!"

She turned slowly, the look on her face made it clear that she wasn't really interested in talking to him again. "Can I help you?"

"Umm...yes. Elise. That's a nice name."

"Tell me something I don't know. Like how you turned into such a dick in the span of ten minutes." Elise crossed her arms and frowned at him.

Austin raised an eyebrow. "Ten minutes?"

Elise stared at the man like he had lost his mind. Why was it that the cute ones were either gay or crazy? "Yes, ten minutes. Remember? I ran into you and you tried to help me out. Is your memory really that short?"

Realization washed over Austin's face and he smiled at Caden's fiery woman. She really was going to be a handful. "I'm sorry. You've got the wrong Alexander. I'm Austin, but it sounds like you had a run in with my twin, Caden."

Elise's mouth dropped open, embarrassment coloring her features. "Shit. I am sooo sorry! I didn't mean to be so harsh. Its just, well, you seemed so nice before and then you turned into an ass. I don't mean you're an ass, it just that your comment was a little crude and I...I'm babbling."

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