tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 08

You're the One for Me Ch. 08


The bedroom of his woman, his love, was where it would happen. It was the place where he would mate with Elise and she would be his forever. He looked around once more, needing to brand the setting in his mind. Her cream-colored walls were covered in photos of her family and friends, those who were closest to her. Her bed sat under the window, with its sky blue comforter and pillows, all decorated in brown diamonds of various sizes. Her large dresser, which stood against the wall by her closet, was covered in jewelry boxes, hair ties, and more framed pictures. Elise's room was tidy and exuded a warm feeling that Caden could not get enough of. It probably wouldn't look as immaculate after he and his wolf were done. He would apologize to Elise before he shifted.

It had taken some effort, but Caden finally convinced his wolf to let him take charge for the time being. He reminded his counterpart of their previous conversation when his human side was put in charge of loving their woman the way she needed so they would no longer have to go without her in their arms.

His wolf huffed, but conceded the point. The wolf would give him time to love their mate properly, but when the time came to claim their woman, he was taking over and making her theirs. He settled in the back of Caden's consciousness, drinking in the sensations that shot through Caden's senses as he took in their love.

Caden had enough control to go slow, at least for the moment, but it would be a struggle once he started to uncover the lovely mocha-hued skin of his woman. He pulled back the covers with one hand, the other supporting Elise as if she weighed absolutely nothing and placed her on the bed carefully, delicately. He knew that the mating would be a lot rougher, so he would try to be romantic right then to balance things out.

His lips skimmed across her neck, as he took his place next to her on the bed. His tongue tickled the whorl of her ear, slipping up and over, his mouth moving towards hers. Caden pressed a passionate kiss to her lips, his tongue slipping inside and memorizing every detail of her mouth from top to bottom. He knew the feel of her lips, the taste of her tongue, the ridges on the roof of her mouth. He committed to memory the moans and sighs that she let slip out as he plundered her mouth, claiming it for himself. It was something he had dreamt about from the very moment he laid his eyes on her curvy form, claiming every inch of her body, starting with the pretty lips made for his own.

He lifted his head when he felt her need for air conveyed through their telepathic link. Elise breathed in deep, and while she regained some of her wits along with the oxygen she had been deprived of, Caden peeled off the shirt that clung to her breasts in the most enticing of ways.

"You shouldn't wear this shirt around my brothers, it will give them ideas and I will have to rip their throats out when they make some smart-assed remark. And I know they will…because they are jackasses."

Elise struggled to focus on his words. Was he really trying to tell her not to wear something? She smiled up at him and gave him a patronizing pat on the shoulder. "You think I'm actually going to listen to you, don't you? Cute. Just because we're mates doesn't mean that you can dictate to me. Don't get it twisted, baby."

Caden chuckled. That was what he loved about her. She was feisty, as Bennett had said, and she wouldn't let him push her around. She stood up for herself and what she believed in and he knew that she would have the same kind of passion when it came to defending their pack. His wolf was right, she was the perfect compliment to him. "The only things that I'm planning on twisting are your nipples and my cock while it's deep inside of you, sweet."

That earned a laugh from Elise's prone form. "Well, get to it. I thought you brought me up here to make me yours."

Caden chuckled softly as he made quick work of the front-clasp of her bra. Her breasts fell free, her chocolate-kissed nipples pebbled from a combination of her arousal and the coolness of the air before his hands covered them. He pressed her breasts together so that he could feast on both nipples at the same time, drawing a heated moan from her lips.


His wolf smiled and so did he. There was nothing that would stop them from mating with Elise that night. He lowered his lips to her mounds, nipping at the dark areolas, running his tongue around the outer edges in a figure-8 before settling down to feast on her nipples. He spent many minutes satisfying his desire to feast on the nubbins that would nurse his young in the near future.

When he was done with her nipples, he took a leisurely tour around her breasts, sucking, licking and biting until he had Elise calling out his name. Her back was bowed in a show of impressive flexibility and in an effort to keep as much of her breast in contact with his mouth as she could manage.

Elise's breathless pants, her keening cries, the way she moaned his name, it all served to spur him on, taking him to levels of arousal that he had never imagined. He needed more. His lips searched hers out as he unbuttoned her pants and worked them downwards. She kicked them off once they reached her feet and Caden took the opportunity to lie between her thighs.

"Sweet, you don't care for these covers do you?"

Elise's eyes popped open, the dark gray orbs struggling to focus. She moved her head so she could get a good look at Caden. What was he talking about?

"Huh? What?"

"I'm sorry, but we will probably destroy these sheets and maybe the mattress when I take you. When we mate and I make you as I am, there is a good chance that we will lose control. There's no telling what damage will be done."

Elise brows furrowed in deep thought. She had paid a lot for the bed and it had taken her months to find the exact right sheets and comforter to compliment her walls and the general color scheme of her house. They were probably out of stock…but, she really didn't give a damn at the moment. Caden was rock hard and pressing against her mound…and her stomach. What was a bed when she could have the man of her dreams deep inside of her, bringing her to more of those outstanding, earth-shattering orgasms that she had grown accustomed to during their interludes earlier?

"Caden, as long as you promise to repaint my walls, buy me a new bed, complete with covers and sheets, then I'll let you and your wolf go wild."

Caden chuckled deeply, his voice affected by his wolf's closeness to the surface. It wouldn't be long before he took over, so Caden got back to work. "As you wish, sweet."

His lips pressed against hers briefly before he moved again, planting butterfly kisses along his path downward. He paused to run his tongue over her jugular, nipping softly at the softness of her shoulder. He tried to ignore his previous bite and the way Elise shifted to expose more of her neck to him. If he thought about it too much, he would lose control. He ran his hands down her arms, locking his fingers with hers and bringing their interlocked hands to rest above her head.

"Leave these here. Don't move them."

"There you go again, thinking that you can dictate to me."

She could hear the rumble in Caden's chest as he growled softly before he began to chuckle. He leaned in, his nose nearly touching her own, his smile nothing short of predatory. And damn if it didn't make the moisture pool between her legs.

"Here, in this bed, you belong to me, my sweet. I live to bring you pleasure and satisfy those secret fantasies that I have seen floating around in that pretty little head of yours. Now, either you leave those hands there or I find something to tie you down."

"You'd like to tie me down, wouldn't you?"

"Oh, sweet, there are many things I'd like to do to you. Now, if you'd please leave your hands there, I can get on with some more of those things."

Elise giggled, but complied. She didn't want to be too easy, but she was eager for more of his touches.

Caden shot her a stern look before he continued on. His lips skimmed her belly, curving down to her hips and moving on to her legs. Her toes wiggled in anticipation as his hands caressed her feet. With a kiss on each arch, he placed her feet where he wanted them for the moment. Spread far from each other, her glistening pussy was put on display, the slick browns and pinks were calling him home.

He raised his nose, inhaling the sweet scent of his mate. It caressed him, causing his member to become a steel rod. He ripped the boxers he was wearing from his body, letting his cock spring free. It pulsed as his arousal soared, throbbing with each beat of his heart.

He lowered himself onto all fours, crawling slowly towards his goal. He licked his lips in anticipation of the feast. His body lowered to the bed, his face meeting the paradise between his mate's thighs. He needed her nice and wet for what was coming. His cock was large as a man, but shifted, it was huge. It would stretch his mate to her limit until he turned her and then her body would better accommodate him.

His tongue lapped at every part of her sex, the fingers of one hand toying with her clit while the other held her down as Elise bucked wildly against his face. He buried his tongue inside of her, fucking her with it and tasting the juices that flowed from her. She screamed as she came, her hands gripping the headboard above her head instead of grabbing the dark mop of hair between her legs, like she wanted to. Caden luxuriated in the way her body thrummed with pleasure, the feeling of her pussy gripping his tongue so sweetly as she came.

"That's it, sweet, come for me again."

He buried his face back in her pussy, lapping up some of the cream that coated her thighs before teasing her with his tongue again. His fingers slid into her sex, curling upward and searching for her spot. As his probing digits found it, Elise cried out, her words a flurry of curses and moans. He stroked her in and out, his mouth finding her clit, sucking on it, his lips tugging gently.

He watched as she fell apart on the bed, limp, spent from the prolonged orgasm he had brought her to. He had never seen anything as beautiful as Elise as she came apart under his ministrations. One more time, he had to see it once more before he could move on. He set about rousing her from her stupor with teasing twists of her nipples as his tongue worked her clit, flicking it rapidly. He watched as her eyes opened and her body writhed beneath him, trying to get closer even as she tried to get away. She screamed her pleasure once more and he pulled back, her juices dripping from his chin.

"Now, my sweet, I want you to be absolutely sure…Will you become like me and be my mate in every way?"

Elise could barely open her eyes, let alone speak to give her consent. Hell, she was so spent, she couldn't even manage a nod.

"Elise, I…I need to know that I'm not rushing you into anything that you'll regret. This is forever, sweet. Once we do this, I will not let you go."

She opened her eyes briefly, giving him a pointed glare. She remembered their link and decided to give Caden his answer in the depths of his mind. Caden, I told you yes before, I wouldn't take that back. I want to be yours forever. I love you. Now, mate with me or I'll cut your balls off.

Caden laughed and began to pile pillows in the middle of the bed. It seemed as if Elise wouldn't be able to support herself as they mated, so he would help her out. He lifted her gently; rolling her onto her stomach and propping her up on the pillows he piled high, her pussy once again on display for him.

It sparkled in the light and the scent drew his wolf forward. He was tired of waiting as his human side prepared their woman. It was his turn. Caden had the presence of mind to insert himself into Elise's consciousness, already soothing her and preparing her mind for what she was about to see. It was one thing to be told that a half-turned, hybrid wolf was going to be thrusting wildly inside of you, it was another to actually see the wolf as he was doing it.

Caden entered her slowly, his eyes shifting as he slid home. Her pussy was pure heat, scorching him as he buried his cock inside of her. His wolf pushed forward again, fighting for dominance. He pushed back, succeeding in holding him at bay for the time being.

He began to thrust, his hips slapping against the softness of her bottom. As he realized that she was moving with him, copying his rhythm and amplifying his pleasure, he felt the overwhelming need to mate with her rise up within him. He sped up, his cock ever expanding as he lost control of his wolf. His padded fingers grabbed Elise around her waist, ramming his dick deep, bottoming out. He could feel the fur sprouting from his arms and back, his jaws lengthening, his ears growing longer. He let out a howl of satisfaction, feeling his mate's sex gripping him tightly, rippling in her pleasure.

Elise could feel the changes taking place and peered over her shoulder, her curiosity getting the best of her. Her eyes ran over the wide, fur-covered chest, the elongated muzzle and blue eyes of her lover.

She could feel fear threatening to intrude on her delight at the way Caden was turning her pussy out, but before it could take hold, it was overshadowed by the presence in her mind. Caden was ready, since he had anticipated this reaction, replacing her fear with his love for her, urging her to accept him in this form as well, and helping her feel secure in the knowledge that he would never hurt her intentionally.

The calming effect that he had aided in getting her closer to that plateau, her thoughts no longer tinged with fear, but with love, acceptance and arousal. Her pussy rapidly alternated between feeling like it was going to be ripped apart by his crazy big dick to dousing her with orgasmic pleasure with every thrust. It hurt so damn good and she was so close.

A clawed finger carefully toyed with her clit, forcing her over the edge into the welcomed abyss. The sharp teeth of her mate, breaking the skin and sinking down into her flesh, interrupted her bliss. She could feel the blood dripping from the jaws of the wolf and down her shoulder, but as he continued to thrust into her, she found it grew easier to ignore the pain, which lessened with each passing second.

Oh shit, Caden, what's happening? she questioned as he pounded her into the mountain of pillows on the mattress. Her mouth continued to scream out her pleasure, even as she directed her thoughts toward her mate.

Just let it happen. Give in to what you're feeling, what your body demands. I won't let anything bad happen. We are one now, sweet.

Elise felt something stirring deep inside of her. As it surfaced, she let it take over her body, recognizing it as an animal, her wolf, its urges primal and instinctual. She could feel her body changing and Caden's wolf made his pride at successfully turning his mate become known.

He stared at the beautiful, deep brown fur of his mate. Her ears were tipped in black and her eyes shone a bright crystal green color. She was gorgeous and it spurred him on. He drove into her deeper, harder, answering her unspoken request. His hands cupped her furred breasts, which were prominent in her hybrid form.

She howled as she came again, the orgasm catching her off guard because she had been so engrossed in the change. Her mate answered, his howl signaling his own orgasm, his cock buried deep inside her welcoming hole.

As they came down from their high, Caden hugged Elise to his chest, laying her down beside him as he slipped to the bed. The mattress and sheets had been shredded by both of them, their claws finding purchase as they came together. It looked like Caden would be making good on his promise to replace her bed.

Elise loved the fullness of his cock as it stayed inside of her. She didn't struggle as he cleaned her shoulder, lapping at his bite, his arms wound tightly around her. He had told her about the knot and how he would be stuck inside of her for a while, so she wasn't surprised. She liked the fact that he couldn't get away immediately after sex. As they calmed down, Caden coached her through shifting back into her human form and joined her, pulling her close once again.

Elise was enjoying the way her body felt. She could feel the power running through her veins. Her senses were enhanced and she could smell her blood, her own scent, and Caden, her mate. She rumbled contentedly in his arms. He smelled so damn good. But, a niggling thought in the back of her head brought her from her foggy state.

"Caden, didn't you say we had to talk?"

"Yes, my mate, we do."

"Alright, tell me what I need to know," Elise murmured.

Caden smiled. There was a lot to go over and remember, but he had no doubt that Elise would do well.


Elise snuggled closer to her mate as they strolled through the forest, her arm wrapped around his waist and his draped over her shoulders. She was ready to meet the pack that she would help rule by Caden's side. He had started to explain the role that she would be filling, but the remaining day-to-day tasks that she would be in charge of would be shown to her by the current Alpha female, Lilia. Elise wasn't sure that Lilia would be so welcoming, but Caden didn't seem to have any doubts that Lilia would be open and friendly, so she tried to stow her worries away.

Caden had taken the time, in between trying to get inside her pants, to show her the things that she would need to know. The day before, he had taken her out to the edge of the forest and taught her to shift properly. They ran together for quite some time before they heard the distinct yowls of Benjamin as Austin took him once again. Without words they both paused and turned back to the house that had become their escape, not wanting to intrude on Austin and Benjamin's moment.

Instead, they engaged in their own sexual escapade in the comforts of Elise's home. Caden was much more patient a lover after the mating was complete. He took her as often as she would allow, unable to get enough of her, but he was more likely to let her ride him like a horny cowgirl or bend her up like a pretzel and love her face-to-face than to do it doggie-style. But, the times when she ran from him, teasing him and riling him up, those were the times when she was taken, mounted from behind, his teeth gripping her shoulder and holding her in place as he reasserted his dominance. And those were the times when she howled for him so loudly, he was sure that the neighbors would call Animal Control on them.

They were on their way to the meeting that Bennett had set up. As much as Caden loved being with his mate, the pack was the most important thing and Elise understood that fact. He couldn't help but admire her courage and the determination that he saw gleaming in her eyes.

"I can smell…sex," Elise murmured, her nose wrinkling up.

"Austin and Benjamin. Let's hope they showered because they're going to have to go to this meeting as is. We're running late," Caden answered, attempting to hide the smile on his face.

They stopped walking when they reached Austin's porch. Elise's ears picked up the shuffling of the pair as they finished getting ready.

"Austin! Come on out, we're going to be late!" Caden yelled.

A head covered in a mop of black hair emerged from the second floor window of the cabin. Austin scowled down at the pair. "We're coming, we're coming."

Caden smirked up at his brother before turning to his mate. "He's stark naked up there. There must be something I'm missing, because I doubt that even Austin would disregard a meeting of this importance."

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