You're the One for Me Ch. 08


He pulled a sleek black cellular phone out of the back pocket of his jeans and held down the number three button, speed dialing Bennett.

The voice that answered was strained at best and his panting reminding Caden of someone who had been running a marathon. "Yes?"


"Yessss…brother. How can I…help you?"

"Bennett, what the hell are you doing?"

A pause. "Noth…ing."

Caden's eyes narrowed, hearing the stifled moan of his brother. "Okay then, what about the meeting?"

"It…has been…possstponed," Bennett stated shakily.

Caden heard a moan in the background that accompanied Bennett's sudden grunt and came to the conclusion that his brothers were a bunch of sex fiends…not that he had been any better the past two days, but still.

Elise watched as Caden's eyes widened in understanding. She could only wonder what was happening on the other line.

"The meeting has been postponed until when?" Caden asked.

"Threeee…fuck…hours from now."

"Where is Takis?"


Caden could only imagine what Takis was busy with. More than likely, it was with Bennett's cock up his ass. "Alright, then where is Achlys?"


"Oh geez, Darius isn't fucking him too, is he?"

Bennett's uproarious laughter was loud enough to make Caden pull the phone away from his ear. He scowled at the phone and then gingerly moved it back into place. "Please tell me he isn't."

Bennett chuckled once again. "No…they are hunting."

Caden blew out the breath he had been holding. "Okay, well when you are finished doing nothing, escort Takis back to his quarters and meet me at the main house. There is much we need to discuss."

Caden could tell that Bennett was grinning when he replied, "All this doing nothing...has made me tired. I think…I'll need a short nap afterwards. See…you in a few," Bennett finished on a sigh.


"Love you too, bro."

Caden hung up the phone just as Austin and Ben emerged from the cabin. Caden frowned at his brother. "You didn't think to call me?"

Austin shrugged. "I was…busy. So was Ben. There wasn't any time to call you."

Caden growled. "All of this being busy has got to stop. Today is important for the well-being of our pack and you and Bennett are fucking around…literally."

Elise turned to look at Caden. "Who's Bennett fucking at a time like this?"

"Takis, the ambassador from the pack whose territory borders our own. I was on the phone with Bennett when Takis strolled into his room butt-naked, threw himself on the bed, and spread himself out like a feast. That's about all I got from Bennett before he hung up on me," Austin answered.

"Well, he's apparently taken him up on his invitation because he was definitely fucking him when I called. He didn't even have the decency to stop while he talked to me. He was panting like a dog in between trying to form sentences," Caden added.

"Who in their right mind would stop having sex just to talk to you? Conversations with you, I'm sorry to say, are far less enjoyable than sex," Austin teased.

"Whatever. He could have at least moved the phone away from his mouth in between responses so it wouldn't have been so obvious."

"You may have a point."

Caden sighed. "Well, let's go find Darius and Achlys. We'll send Achlys back to his rooms in the guest cabin and then talk out our options."

Austin nodded and pulled Ben to his side, nuzzling his nose into the neck of his mate. He was half tempted to put Caden off for another hour or so, but knew it was important that they talk. "Lead the way brother and we will follow."

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