tagGroup SexYours + Mine = Ours

Yours + Mine = Ours


Kami and Shelly are good friends. Kami knows Shelly is bi-, and Shelly knows Kami isn't. They are close. They can talk about anything, and usually do. The general topic is sex and their husbands. Shelly is a petite 5'3, blue-eyed, blonde, with creamy white skin.

Shelly's husband Jamie is interested in Kami. Whenever the friends get together, there is alcohol involved. Jamie is always hoping to get Kami loose enough that she'll let him fuck her. Kami's husband rarely came to the get-togethers, he was too tired after work, and left Kami on her own.

Kami, 5 ft 5, auburn hair, emerald green eyes and creamy fair skin, has 38D breasts. Jamie is a breast man. And he loves watching Kami's! At every get-together he finds a way or a reason to touch them. At first it bothers Kami, then she just gets used to it. Never turned on by it, just accepts it. Even grows to expect it.

Shelly's wish is for a 3-some with Kami and Jamie. Knowing Kami isn't interested, Shelly is willing to just sit back and watch Jamie and Kami.

Kami isn't sure. She is attracted to Jamie. He is about her height, tanned from working in the sun. His hair, short on top, long in back, thick and brown with sun streaks, is perfect for sinking your fingers into. Beautiful, blue-grey, sexy, bedroom eyes. Big hands, thick fingers. And his cock! Mmmm, a nice, double-barrel shaped, 2-inch thick, 8-inch long staff of solid pleasure! (He'd shown it to her often enough that she knew exactly what it looked like.)

One night, Jaime is out at a friend's. Shelly calls Kami to come over and visit, Jamie's gone, the kids are gone and she's bored. Kami goes over and just relaxes with Shelly. As they share a few drinks, the conversation once again turns to sex and their husbands. Shelly's complaining that Jamie is not enough for her and he only shoots once then goes to sleep. Kami laughs saying there are nights she wishes her husband was like that. He always wants it all...to eat her, get a blow job, and fuck her in at least 3 different positions...and he always cums twice. Shelly asks Kami if she can borrow Charlie. Kami says only if she gets to have Jamie. They both laugh.

The phone rings. It's Jamie checking on Shelly. She tells him she's visiting with Kami. He says he'll be at his friends' for awhile, Shelly says no prob, she and Kami are having fun. They soon hang up. Kami and Shelly continue their talk. In 10 minutes Jamie's pulling into the driveway. Both women are in shock when Jamie walks through the door, as his friends live at least 30 minutes away! And he didn't even say he was coming home! Kami's already buzzed, feeling good. Jamie comes in, kisses his wife, smiles and says hi to Kami. Kami smiles back and says hi. Jamie asks the ladies what they're up to. Shelly says they're bitching about men.

"Oh Really!" replies Jamie. "And why is that?" He grabs a beer from the fridge. Kami watches as he opens it and sees his eyes on her chest as he tosses the cap. His smile widens as he listens to Shelly say why she and Kami were bitching. Shelly then tells Jamie that she and Kami are swapping men. She wants Charlie, Kami wants Jamie. Jamie asks if that's true, does she want him. Kami blushes and takes a drink.

Shelly says, "Tell him Kami."

Kami says,"Yeah, I wanna be fucked the way you fuck. I want one, long session of great sex and sleep after."

Shelly laughs as Jamie glares at her. Kami tells Jamie how Charlie is in bed and Shelly is practically moaning as she thinks about how she'd love to be fucked like that.

Jamie looks at Shelly and Kami and shakes his head. They leave the kitchen and go sit in the living room. They watch a dance movie on laser disc. Kami gets up, goes behind the couch and dances. She's so relaxed, the music feels so good. Jamie just watches. Shelly stays put. She doesn't dance. She tells Jamie to dance with Kamie. The two dance, close. Jamie touches Kami every chance he gets. Kami's getting aroused, surprising herself. Jamie sees her nipples harden beneath her clothes.

After the movie, Shelly says she wants to show Kami her newest purchases in her "arsenal" of toys. How she keeps herself happy when Jamie can't. Jamie glares at her again. Kami blushes. They all head to Shelly and Jamie's room. Sitting on the foot of the bed, Kami waits. There by the bed Shelly has a huge duffle bag of vibes and dildos. She's got cock rings, ticklers, warming lotion, lube. Kami's in shock, by the amount of toys and by their size! They're huge! Shelly's fav is a little pocket rocket that's purple. Her second fav is a huge "rabbit."

Jamie's fav is a purple jellee cockring with a vibe that hit's Shelly's clit as he fucks her. Shelly hands it to Kami so she can see how stretchy it is. As Kami holds it in her hands, Jamie pulls down his pants and shows Kami his cock. Kami's in shock. She tries to laugh it off, but is drawn to look at him. He tells her to put it on him so he can show her how it works. She sneaks a look at Shelly to see her reaction. Shelly's all smiles, itching to see them get it on. Jamie puts a hand on Kami's shoulder, near her neck, she shivers. Kami slides down off the bed and gets on her knees in front of Jamie. She slowly puts the ring on his cock. Pulling the skin tight, she holds his cock in one hand as she licks the head.

Jamie whispers a groan, "Oh yeah!" Kami smiles, kisses the head, licks up and down the shaft. Sucks his balls. On her last trip up she slips him into her mouth, taking in almost all of him.

Jamie is groaning, "Oooh yeah, suck my cock Kami, suck it good."

Kami puts her other hand on Jamie's balls and begins massaging. She tastes Jamie drip onto her tongue. She swallows, squeezing his cock, making him moan again. Turning on the vibe, Kami continues sucking off Jamie, feeling herself get wet in the process. Shelly asks if she should leave them alone. Kami says Shelly can stay, but not touch her. Both Shelly and Jamie agree. Kami continues sucking on Jamie. He's so hot, so hard. He want's Kami's pussy SO bad!

Kami stops sucking him long enough to stand up and move away from him. Giving them a great view, Kami strips for them, slowly, seductively. Jamie watches her, Shelly's watching them both. Kami and Jamie have eyes only for each other. Jamie strips off his clothes. Shelly sits in a chair by the bed, nude, with her fav toys, watching the show.

Kami gets on the bed with Jamie. As she lay down, Jaime starts kissing her, deep, searching kisses. Kami wraps her arms around him, her fingers in his hair. She's breathless. Jamie moves to her nipples, sucking, nipping, biting. Kami gasps, moans. Jamie slides his hand down and slips 2 fingers into Kami's already soaked hot box.

He moans, "Mmm, you are wet!"

"That's.. your.. fault!" moans Kami.

"You cum too easy," says Jamie.

"Is that..mmm, good or bad?" pants Kami as Jamie pumps his fingers into her.

"Mmm, good, real good." Jamie says.

Soon she feels his tongue, hot, thick, and wet, licking her clit.

Moaning she begs for more, "Yeah, oh god Jamie, Please! Lick me, suck me!" Panting, breathless, moaning. Grinding her hips into Jamie's face, Kami feels the tension mounting between her legs. Jamie's SO good! His tongue licks her clit, his mouth sucks it, then his tongue dips into her pussy, deep and fast. Kami squirms.

Jamie climbs onto her. Laying on her, he slips his cock into her. Nice and slow, smooth. Suddenly he slams into her hard!

She moans loudly, "Oh god, yeah! Do it again, please!" She's begging.

Jamie keeps pumping it slow, then slams into her again. Kami moans again. Jamie sits up on his knees, pulls Kami closer and bangs into her as she lay there, moaning, writhing in pleasure. He leans back on one arm, his other hand on her belly, holding her as he pounds into her. A few minutes later, he leans forward, putting her knees up on his shoulders. He leans onto his hands and fucks her hard, fast, deep, slamming into her, slapping his balls on her ass with each stroke. Her clit getting hit by the vibrating cockring each time.

Soon Kami's moaning louder, "Yeah, Jamie, please," pleading with him, begging him, "Fuck me, Jamie, fuck me hard, please!" Jamie smiles and slams into her, driving his cock deeper and deeper. He feels the head hitting her cervix. He knows if he hits it just right he can slide into it.

Shelly's watching them, fucking herself with her rabbit, slow when Jamie moves slow, fast and hard as he slams into Kami. Her eyes are on them. She's got a perfect view of his cock in Kami's pussy.

Jamie slows and pulls out. Kami moans, "No, don't stop!"

"I'm not, I wanna eat you again!" he tells her.

Squirming as Jamie's tongue dives into her pussy, Kami moans, "Oh god! Yeah, yeah! Please, 69 me Jamie, I gotta suck that dick!"

"Yeah Kami, you want my cock?" Removing the cockring, he slides his cock into her mouth. Her head on the edge of the bed, she takes it all in. "Yeah Kami, suck it, uuuhh, suck my cock, oohhhyeah!"

Kami loves it, the taste of her on his dick the taste of his precum. Oh god! It's SO good. She sucks him, squeezing hard, softly grazing her teeth on him...

Jamie moans, "Uunnhh, mmmmm"

He starts licking her clit, tonguing her pussy, making her moan on his cock, vibrating him. He licks her clit again and slips his fingers in her box.

Shelly's moans match Kami's. Shelly's got the rabbit buried deep in her box, the ears vibrating her clit. Her eyes are closed, she has a hand on a breast, playing with a nipple. She's getting close. As she opens her eyes, she tells Jamie to fuck Kami again, on her knees.

As Jamie gets up, Kami rolls over, her ass facing Shelly. Jamie gets behind her. Sliding into her, Jamie slaps Kami's ass. Kami jumps, moaning. Jamie does it again. Kami gets louder. Jamie starts pumping into her. Slow, all the way in, all the way out, even popping the head out and then sticking it back in. Kami's writhing in pleasure. Jamie slides in and, grabbing onto Kami's hips, starts slamming into her, fast, deep, strokes, his balls slapping her clit.

Kami's moaning, "Oh god, Jamie, yeah, fuck me hard, make me cum, uuuuhhhh, yeah, oh god!"

Jamie feels Kami's pussy pulsing as she cums. "Yeah Kami, cum on my cock, soak it with your pussy juice."

After Kami cums, Jamie gets off of her and eats her again, sucking out the juice from her pussy, finger fucks her pussy again, and spanks her ass as Shelly watches. Shelly's eyes roll back as she cums on her rabbit. Kami and Shelly are moaning in unison as Jamie keeps spanking Kami's ass and finger banging her pussy. Kami watches Shelly cum onto her toy.

Jamie gets back on Kami and starts pounding away. He's no where near cumming. He's enjoying fucking Kami's pussy, so wet, so tight, so hot. Minutes later he has her cumming again. "Oh god, Jamie, yeah, oh yeah, fuck me hard, I'm cumming again, hhoh, mmmmmm, hhhooo, aaahhh, yeah, yeah!"

Jamie loves it, her pussy is soaking his cock making it slip in and out SO easily. He hasn't had to use lube once yet. He continues fucking her til her orgasm washes away. Pulling out he feeds her his cock. She eagerly takes it, sucking it, licking it. Loving the taste.

Shelly watches. She sucks her rabbit as she uses her pocket rocket on her clit.

Kami tells Jamie to fuck her pussy hard and fast again. He gets behind her again. Kami's moaning, close to cumming again. "Yeah, fuck me, fuck me baby!"

"Ooh, yeaah, cum on my cock, cum Kami, fuck my cock!" Jamie's hard, moaning.

As Kami cums she cries out, "Jaime! Yeah, fuck my pussy oohhh, gon-na, cu-um, yeah, NOW! Hhhooohhh, aawwhh, yeeah, yeah!" Kami cries out loud, nearly yelling her orgasm.

Jamie feels her pussy squeezing him, feel his cock getting harder. He knows he'll be cumming in a few minutes.

As Kami finishes her orgasm, what she says next shocks them all. "Feed your cock to Shelly, let her taste my pussy juice!"

Jamie asks Kami if she's sure. Seeing her nod yes, Jamie walks over to Shelly and feeds her his Kami-soaked cock.

Shelly practically pounces on it, licking it, sucking it, slurping up every drop of Kami's juice. Jamie's moaning, the thought, the reality that he's fucking Kami and feeding his Kami-juice-covered cock to Shelly is almost too much for him to take. He's getting close.

Shelly feels it. She stops sucking him and tells him, "Fuck Kami, fuck her hard and fill her with your cum!"

Kami's on her knees but Jamie rolls her over. He remembers hitting her cervix earlier. He plans on planting his seed Deep into her! Putting Kami on the edge of the bed, Jamie stands against it, Kami's knees over his shoulders Jamie starts pounding into her. Soon he feels that cervix again. Grabbing onto her, Jamie slams deeper into Kami. Suddenly he feels his cockhead slip into Kami's cervix. She screams as she feels it. Jamie dives deeper, harder.

Moaning, "OH, Hhooh, Kami, fuck me, soak my cock, OOH, YEAH, AAWWHH, Uunghh! Y-E-A-H!!!"

His cock deep in her womb, Jamie unloads his cock into Kami. Moaning, almost crying, Kami cums with Jamie. "Hha-awwhh, OH GOD, oaahhh, JAMIE! Yeah, fuck me, I'm cumming too, hhmmmmmmmm!"

Their cum mingled deep in Kami's womb, ensuring what would happen 9 months later.

Pulling out of Kami made her scream again. Jamie loved it. Laying next to her he started kissing her, touching her nipples. He couldn't get enough of her.

Shelly watched them, smiling. She knows exactly what Jamie did, she knows he planted his seed deep in Kami's womb.

Kami's lying there, satiated, floating in a sexual paradise. Totally loving the good fucking she just got. Wrapped in bed with Jamie, cuddled in his arms as he places soft kisses upon her face and head, Kami drifts upward.

She and Jamie fall asleep with each other.

Chapter 2

Shelly goes and watches tv for awhile. Soon the phone rings. It's Charlie. Shelly tells him Kami fell asleep, that she got a bit buzzed. Shelly tells Charlie she'll wake Kami in a couple of hours if he doesn't mind her sleeping it off there. Charlie doesn't sound happy. Shelly asks if he needs anything.

"No, I just wondered when my wife was coming home." He grumbles.

"Aww, are you lonely Charlie? I'll come keep you company." Shelly offers.

"Uummm, no that's ok Shelly, thanks anyway." Charlie stammers. He knows Shelly has wanted him. Kami has always told him about their talks. Kami mentioned Jamie's interest in her, and how she was attracted to him too. Charlie wondered...No, Kami wouldn't, would she?

"Um, Shelly, is Jamie home?" Charlie asks, hoping for a negative answer.

Shelly says, "Yeah, he came home awhile ago. Why, did you need him for something?"

"Shelly, your husband isn't with my wife is he?"

"Charlie, why would you ask something like that?" Shelly stalls.

"Kami told me about your talks, how she and Jamie want each other... and you want me." Charlie gulps.

Shelly says, "So you know I want you. How does that make you feel? Do you want me too?"

Charlie feels his almost 8 inch dick getting hard. "Umm, Shelly, this isn't a good idea."

"No, it's not. (a pause) Charlie, I have a better idea. I'll be right there."

Charlie's easily 6 feet tall, black hair, brown eyes and brown skinned. Knowing they'll be alone, he panicks. The kids are gone for the weekend, so they won't be interrupting. Before Charlie can protest, the phone has gone dead and he hears Shelly on the porch. He hangs up the phone and goes to the door.

Opening the door, Charlie's dick all but stands at attention seeing Shelly on the porch wearing nothing but a thong and a bra under a long coat.

As Charlie closes the door, Shelly drops the coat and reaching up, wraps her arms around him as she plants a deep french kiss on him. Shocked Charlie doesn't respond at first.

As the kiss deepens, Charlie responds, giving as good as he gets. Shelly's out of breath.

Charlie pushes her onto the couch, gets on his knees in front of her, pushes her thong to the side and starts licking and sucking on her clit.

"Oh yeah, oh Charlie, yeah." Shelly's moaning. She's overly sensitive from playing with herself earlier, so she's closer to cumming faster than ever.

As he licks Shelly's clit, Charlie slips 2 fingers into her box and probes, twisting them, bending them, feeling her all around.

"OH god! Charlie, what are you doing! Oh yeah! YEAH!" She's moaning so loudly.

Charlie begins pumping her box, slow and easy. Shelly's getting wetter and wetter. Soon he feels her pussy contracting and hears her cry out! "CHAR-LIE! OH GOD, I'm cumming! Ooohhhh, uuuhhhh, yeah!"

Charlie keeps pumping her til she's begging him to stop. He gets up, strips, and comes back to Shelly. Pulling down the cups of her bra, Charlie attacks Shelly's nipples, licking, sucking, nipping. Shelly's writhing in pleasure.

She places her hand on Charlie's dick. Though not as wide as Jamie's, it's about the same length. She starts rubbing it up and down, making him moan.

Charlie leans away and guides Shelly's head down to suck his dick. She does, licking the head, sucking it into her. She licks his balls, his shaft, then sucks his dick more.

Needing release, Charlie lifts Shelly up and says, "Get on your knees on the couch, by the arm."

Shelly does. Charlie gets behind her, fingers her pussy, then dips his cock into it. Moaning Shelly wriggles against Charlie. He can see the hole of Shelly's ass watching him, like an eye. Licking his thumb, Charlie guides his hand over Shelly's ass, his thumb in her crack. He knew she'd never done anal before, but he was gonna try it anyway.

Shelly moaned at the intense sensation of Charlie's thumb on her ass. She wriggled against it. Charlie took that as an invitation. Slipping his thumb into her ass slowly, he fucked her pussy with his dick.

Shelly gasped, moaned, "Oh god, Charlie, no, oh!"

"Relax, just don't tense up shelly, Kami loves this! She loves when I fuck her up the ass!"

Listening to Charlie talk about fucking Kami up the ass, Shelly gets wet, she's cumming again, with Charlie's dick in her box and his thumb up her ass.

"Yeah, fuck me Shelly, I told you you'd love it."

As he continued to fuck her pussy, he started to move his thumb and fuck Shelly's ass too. She started getting into it. "Oohh, yeah, wow! I never thought it could feel good! More, fuck me more!"

Charlie always loved to hear a woman beg for more, and that's exactly what he gave her. Slipping a finger in with his thumb, he felt Shelly tense.

"I told you to relax Shelly. It only hurts when you tense up." He practically whispered.

Charlie moved slowly in her ass, still fucking her pussy with his dick. As she relaxed, he started pumping his finger and thumb faster. He pulled them out and slid in 2 fingers. Shelly moaned for more. On a whim, Charlie took his fingers out and placing his hands in just the right spots, slipped both thumbs into Shelly's ass, slowly spreading it.

Shelly was growing accustomed to the pain, the stretch and the burn. She was starting to enjoy it. She never thought she'd even think about anal,and here she was moaning as her ass was plugged with 2 thick thumbs.

Charlie started stretching her hole, slowly, so she wouldn't notice at first. As it got wider, he slowed his fucking motions in her pussy. He was close, but wanted to shoot up her ass.

Shelly begged for more. Charlie slammed into her a few times, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, making her ass wider and wider.

"OH GOD! Charlie, I'm gonna cum! Oh god!" Shelly was practically screaming.

As Shelly came, Charlie slid out of her pussy and into her ass. She screamed as he fucked her for 5 or 6 strokes and shot a huge load of cum into her virgin ass!

"I'm gonna cum Shelly! Uunngh! YEAH!, Yeah! Oh, yeah!" He convulsed, his dick pulsing, shooting, dripping cum into Shelly.

"Oh god Charlie take it out, please! It hurts!"

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