Yours + Mine = Ours


Slowly Charlie eased out of Shelly's ass. He smacked it once for good measure as he pulled away. As Shelly jumped, she squeezed her ass shut!

As they sat on the couch, catching their breath, Shelly spoke first.

"WOW! Kami gets this all the time and complains? I'd love to get fucked like this daily! Well, maybe not the ass part." Shelly grimaced at the thought.

"She complains? I know she's not always interested. She's usually tired after chasing the kids all day. But I didn't think she didn't like it."

Jumping to fix Charlie's assumption, Shelly says, "She loves having sex with you Charlie, she's just slowing down in how often she wants it. Me, I'd like it every day, Jamie once a week and he's happy. You want it every day, and Kami only once a week. We're all still interested in our spouses, just our timing is off." Shelly continues, " She wants you when the kids are napping. By the time you get home, she's tired and cranky. And you're usually too tired to help with the kids much before you pass out after work. Jamie's like Kami. Sex can wait. I'm like you, I can't get enough! Understand?"

While Charlie understands, he doesn't like it. Shelly goes on tentatively, "We could help each other there."

Charlie looks at her questioningly.

"We could have a little afternoon delight, maybe meet somewhere once or twice a week? That way the kids don't see us. I know Jamie will agree as long as he gets to have Kami now and then."

Remembering his wife is asleep at Shelly's, Charlie says, "Oh god! Was Kami with Jamie earlier? Don't lie to me Shelly!"

"Would her being with Jamie be any different than you being with me?" Shelly asks bluntly.

Charlie opens his mouth, then shuts it, realising Shelly's right. He can't say anything to Kami about Jamie because he was just with Shelly! "What've I done?!"

"Charlie, we all know what we want, and we all know how to fix it. Just relax and go with it. I promise not to touch Kami, if I get to have you. And Jamie wants Kami, not you, so we're all even. We still live at home, still stay with our spouse, just get a little on the side to scratch that itch now and then. Got it?"

Shelly gets up to leave. As she adjusts her clothes, puts on her coat, she tells Charlie, "You think about it. I'll go wake Kami and send her home. OK?" She leans in and kisses him.

He grabs her..."Don't, ... wake her just yet. I need a little time to think."

"Charlie, don't take this out on Kami. You could have said no. You aren't drunk, Kami is."

Charlie looks at Shelly, "So she had to be drunk to say yes?" He asks sarcastically.

"No," replies Shelly, "She didn't have to be drunk. It just happened that way."

Shelly tells him what happened. Charlie's angry at first, then realises he was and is sober, why didn't he say no?

Shelly makes to leave. "Wait," says Charlie. "I'll go with you."

Chapter 3

Walking into the room, seeing Kami and Jamie in bed sleeping is almost more than Charlie can take. But he forces himself to wake her, touching her arm.

As she stirs, Kami sees Charlie and jumps gasping. "Oh god Charlie! I'm so sorry!"

"Sshhh, it's ok, I know." On his knees on the side of the bed, Charlie comforts her. "Shelly and I talked, and probably did what you and Jamie did, too." He waits for her reaction.

Kami looks at Shelly. Shelly nods. Kami looks at Charlie, "You're really ok with this?" Shocked, she looks him in the eye.

Charlie says yes. He kisses Kami deeply. Tasting her musk on her lips, he knows Jamie kissed her after eating her. Charlie's immediately hard.

Kami's wet, she can taste and smell Shelly on Charlie. She has to suck him! Has to taste him.

Charlie makes her wait as he goes to the restroom to clean up. While he's gone, Jamie stirs and feels Kami's body. She faces him and they start kissing. As they are kissing, Charlie comes out of the restroom. Seeing them, he gets harder. Jamie spies Charlie and panicks! He tries to move away from Kami, she won't let him.

"Jamie, Charlie knows, and he's ok with it." Kami assures Jamie and kisses him again.While kissing him, she feels Charlie behind her, putting her on her knees, fingering her pussy. She moans into her kiss with Jamie. Jamie moves, get's up and sits leaning against the headboard to give Kami his cock to suck while Charlie fucks her doggie style. Shelly comes over and sits where Jamie can lick and suck her breasts while she uses a toy on her self.

The motion of Charlie fucking Kami as she sucks Jamie has the three of them moaning and getting close to orgasm in no time. Shelly watches, plays with herself, getting closer as Jamie manhandles her nipples. Soon all 4 are moaning, the ladies in the throes of wave upon wave of orgasm, and there's a cacophony of moans, groans, grunts, cries.

Kami sucks off Jamie, cumming on Charlie. Her fantasy come true, a cock to suck and one to fuck! As her pussy convulses around Charlie's cock, he convulses behind her. Shelly's cumming on her toy, moaning loudly. Moving away to sit in a circle on the bed, as they all come down from that high, it's very quiet in the room.

Kami speaks softly, "Shelly, did Charlie get you good?"

Shelly looks up, smiles, "Yeah, he got me real good! Fucker got my ass!" She laughs.

Jamie is in shock! "You fucked her ass?! Man I've been trying to get that for years, how'd you get it?"

Charlie just shrugs, grins and says, "She begged for it!" They're all laughing.

"Jamie, would you be up to fucking my pussy again," asks Kami

"Oh yeah! Why?"

"Charlie? My turn?" Kami grins, mischievously.

Charlie, who thought he was done for a week, feels himself getting harder. Kami wants a 2 on 1! Her first!

"Ready when you are baby!" He tells her eagerly.

Climbing onto Jamie's cock, Kami slides her swollen pussy down, gasping at the size. He feels so much bigger with her puss swollen. As she slides up and down, she moans, Jamie's cock hitting ALL the right spots. Jamie's playing with her nipples, a sure way to get her hot, wet and ready. She's soon wet. She slides off of Jamie so Charlie can fuck her wet pussy and get his dick wet. As she slides back onto Jamie, they both moan!

Once on Jamie, all the way down, Kami leans forward. Jamie strokes Kami's back, relaxing her, as Charlie gets behind her and slides his dick slowly into Kami's ass. She cringes at first, then relaxes. Charlie fills her ass, and wiats. Now he starts pumping into Kami. Slow, steady, deep strokes.

"OH YEAH! Fuck me, baby, fuck me!" Kami's eyes nearly roll back into her head. Jamie is laying there, stroking Kami, feeling her being pumped in the ass, making her pump his cock.

"Yeah, fuck her ass, man, make her cum on my cock!" He groans.

Charlie is feeling it, the tight little ass squeezing him, tighter because the pussy's so full! He starts pumping her, faster, then slow, then fast and hard.

"Yeah, oh yeah, your ass is so tight, Kami! I'm gonna cum soon! I'm gonna fuck you hard and shoot cum deep in your ass baby!"

He grunts and groans as he gets closer.

For Kami, the feeling of two good sized cocks filling her holes is too much! She's moaning, crying, screaming out, "Yeah, fuck my ass baby! Oh god, Jamie, I'm gonna cum on your cock! Oh god! Fuck me, FUCK - ME!" Jamie kisses her, drowning her moans.

Shelly's enjoying the show as she stands behind and watches the two cocks fill Kami's holes.

Jamie groans, as he cums in Kami, who's still cumming on Jamie and Charlie. Charlie lets out a loud "RRAAGGHH!" as he explodes cum into Kami's ass! He's pulsing, Kami's cumming, squeezing both cocks, Jamie's groaning. As the orgasm subsides, Charlie gets off of Kami. As Kami goes to get off of Jamie, he pulls her in for another kiss. As Charlie moves off the bed, Shelly grabs him and kisses him. He wraps his arms around her and kisses her in return.

"Thanks for coming over earlier," he tells her when he breaks the kiss.

"Anytime." She tells him with a smile. "So do I get to have both of you buried in me too?"

Jamie and Kami are still kissing, arms entwined, his cock still buried in her pussy. Kami slowly emerges and says, "Yeah, it's Shelly's turn guys."

Getting off of Jamie, Kami moves to the other side of the bed. As Charlie goes and cleans off, Shelly joins Jamie. They begin kissing, caressing.

Charlie comes out of the restroom. Shelly lay on her back as both men kissed her nipples, touched her, felt her. They took turns licking her, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She's moaning, "Yeah, eat me, lick me, suck me! I'm so close! Please! Make me cum!"

While Charlie licks her clit, Jamie fingers her ass. Shelly moans, "Oh god, now, NOW!" She starts writhing as the orgasm wracks her body.

Jamie gets on the bed and has Shelly climb on top of him, she moans as his huge cock enters her pussy. Charlie gets behind Shelly and slowly enters her ass. "Oh Yeah! Fuck my ass Charlie! Pump me onto Jamie's cock!" Shelly's moaning, getting louder with each stroke.

Charlie's groaning, "Yeah, fuck his cock Shelly! Fuck him while I fuck your ass!"

Shelly's moaning, yelling with each wave that hits her, squirming between the men. "Oh yeah, oh god, fuck me, fuck me! Harder Charlie!"

Charlie feels his orgasm building, feels his cock growing harder. "Yeah, I'm getting close! I'm gonna cum in your ass Shelly!"

Hearing this, Jamie gets harder. Feeling his wife's ass filled as he fills her pussy turns him on! He's getting closer, growing harder. "Yeah, cum Shelly, cum on my cock! Fuck his cock with your ass!" He's groaning.

Soon a familiar cacophony of moans, groans and yells fills the room. The smell of raw sex is everywhere as the three orgasm together. They climb off of each other as they come down from their orgasmic high.

Shelly goes to sit on Charlie's lap, wraps her arms around him and they kiss. Jamie and Kami cuddle together, kissing, caressing.

"Promise we can do this again?!" Jamie says aloud as he breaks his kiss with Kami. They both turn to Charlie, who's got Shelly on his lap, his hand on her breast.

"Well, Yeah, we can do it again, but how? Don't we need ground rules or something? How do we keep from getting carried away? This is all too new, too wierd." Charlie says.

Kami understands full well. She could fall for Jamie all too easily. She loves having him in her, filling her. She needs rules.

"I say we meet once a month, here at Jamie and Shelly's place." Kami suggests. "It's not too often, it's in a comfort zone, we're close to home for both of us in case something comes up with the kids. What do you say?"

Jaime shook his head, "Only once a month!? I say at least twice a month! I need more than once a month of Kami!" he said as he kissed her again. Melting into his kiss, moaning, Kami knew this was dangerous ground.

Shelly spoke again. "I think Kami and Charlie are right. Once a month for now, and IF we ALL agree, twice a month. But no more than that. And we only meet together, no clandestine meetings! Got it Jamie!" She glared at him as she said it.

Kami made to move away, Jamie held her. "See you in a month." Kami slowly slid off Jamie's cock, moaning.

She got up, got dressed and waited for Charlie to finish kissing Shelly before he too dressed and they went home.

Chapter 4

At home, they showered. Kami felt so alive! Yet SO tired! She'd never been so fucked in all her life! Charlie held her in bed.

"So are you glad we did it?" He asks her.

"Mmm, yeah. Thank you Charlie! I love you so much! But even more now because you trust me. I love you Charlie!"

"Mmm, I love you too Kami!" he pauses "I also loved getting Shelly's ass! hahaha"

Kami laughed. "Yeah you are an ass man!"

"Yeah, I could use more!" he growled.

"NO WAY! No sex for a week...unless the swelling goes down sooner! I'm SO sore Baby!"

Charlie knew she was. He slammed into her pretty hard. And he knew Jamie liked it rough too, so Charlie could just imagine how well used Kami's pussy was.

Even though they said once a month, that first week, they were all sneaking to fuck each other daily. Kami and Jamie would meet somewhere. Then Shelly and Charlie. They always knew about it, but they had to be cautious with the kids home. Every night Kami and Charlie were at each other for hours! So were Shelly and Jamie.

No one gave a thought to Kami and Jamie fucking bareback. Jamie shot deep into her womb, they came together, and he fucked her several times, pushing his seed deeper still. So when a baby arrived 9 months to the day after Jamie first fucked Kami, well, it changed the dynamics of their relationship.

Kami and Jamie still met weekly. They weren't anymore cautious than they had been. She still rode Jamie bareback. She had to feel him shoot his seed deep into her womb everythime. Having sex with him made her desire it more with Charlie, it made her feel more sexy. Shelly and Charlie also met once a week, scratching that itch that seemed to have hit them all.

Shelly was really getting into anal, and Charlie was excellent at it. Shelly and Kami took turns being double plugged by Charlie and Jamie. They both loved it! Kami just loved the way Jamie filled her. She loved to suck him after he's been in her, loved the taste of his cum. She also loved Charlie for allowing her the best of both worlds. Charlie daily, Jamie weekly. Kami was always filled with cum. As was Shelly. She got her weekly anal thrill when she and Charlie got together.

Kami still wasn't interested in women, so that part of the men's fantasy wasn't fulfilled. But she would lie next to Shelly, her head next to Shelly's ass, as the two men had their way with the women. Fucking them, feeling them, pinching their hardened nipples, and feeding their pussy-juice-covered cocks to them. Neither woman was up to allowing Jamie into her ass...he was just too big! But they loved the feel of him in their pussies as Charlie pumped into their asses.

This lustful four-some goes on for years, until Shelly and Jamie move. The four are still friends, talking on the phone constantly. Maybe one day, again?

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