tagBDSMYu Ling Gets Punished

Yu Ling Gets Punished

byOrange Blossom©

Yu Ling's forehead is covered with a light sheen of perspiration. She is trying hard not to breathe too hard, nor make any groans of pleasure. Her body is shivering slightly; it is easily mistaken as a reaction to the chilly room temperature and her skimpy clothes (spaghetti top with denim skirt that was way above her knees). As the lecturer drones on, and students are busy copying the sacred notes flashed on the wall, she is clamping her milky thighs hard and concentrating on being quiet.

Only one guy notices her discomfort and grins in perverse satisfaction. She is the perfect slave, able to take instructions and endure all forms of sexual tortures inflicted on her. He sits 4 rows diagonally behind her, enjoying the show. He imagines her pussy soaking wet with her juices, her nipple rings crushed against her bra and adding pleasurable torment. His cock is also a silent ticking bomb, protesting in its confinement, oozing out its frustration, wanting that cute tight pussy that was within reach.

He toys with the remote in his pocket and chuckles silently. The moment he presses the 'OFF' button, her shivering stops and she breathes a sigh of relief. After 30 seconds of rest, he presses the "ON' button, and then proceeds to press various buttons as time goes on. His swollen cock can wait till the end of the lecture.

Yu Ling is so horny, she is tempted to just fuck it and scream out her orgasm right this instant. Her pussy is so freaking wet she's convinced it has seeped through her skirt and onto the chair. Her breasts are on fire, pleading with her to tease them and end the cruel play. Her ass is burning from the new torture she introduced this morning – butt plug.

Not just an ordinary butt plug. She didn't know it till she sat down for her morning lecture. Her mystery lecher (she presumes) had left a small bag hanging on her door knob instructing her to use it this morning. Inside was a small bottle of silicon lubricant, and a shiny pink butt plug. It is 1 inch thick, 4 inches long with a flared base. She was to lubricate it and nestle it in her ass, and go for the morning lecture. After that, she was to return promptly, remove her clothes and prostrate on her bed, ass high in the air. Blindfolded. He would then enter her unlocked room, and check if she had been a good girl. She assumed it was an ordinary butt plug meant to fill up her ass. The first vibrations made her gasp and she pretended she forgot something to cover it up.

When it was on "1", she could fight the urge. But when the vibration increased, shooting up her spine and down to her toes, her pussy throbbed. It was bad enough to have something stuck in her ass, but a vibrating one!

At least she knows a little more about her mystery lecher. Thoughts were running through her mind -

"Is he in the same course... or does he have that much time on his hands? Can't be right? Surely he has lectures to attend too?"

"OOHH... cannot think.... Have to concentrate on anything else except this motherfucker and NO NO! CANNOT ORGASM NOW! CONTROL, BREATHE BREATHE... OH GOD! (The vibrations increased) BREATHE IN SLOWLY AND QUIETLY. Chee bai! (Hokkien equivalent of fuck) I want to get off now! I hope Prof Tan will end his bloody lecture early. Luckily Meimei (the girlfriend she always sits with) is engrossed in the lecture. Hope no one is watching me. Where is that bastard?! I want to go and slap him right now!"

She pretends to search for something in her bag, taking the opportunity to look around her for any possible clues of THAT LECHER. Everybody seems to be engrossed in the lecture; no one's looking at her. Yu Ling turns back, disappointed. He grins.

"NO NO NO! (Vibrations increased yet another notch) I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Yes Yu Ling! You got to and you have to. Lala lala la laaa la lala la... OH GOD! I WANT HIS COCK INSIDE OF ME NOW! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEEE...!"

In her mind, she imagines her fantasy lover fucking her.

"His hands as large and rough as a bear's paws, they grip her hips and he thrusts his enormous cock savagely into her "unwilling" pussy. His masculine scent, his loving fingers... ARRRGH!! The image of her fantasy lover is replaced by the physical sensations of the unknown pervert. Got to get that fucker out of my mind! He is not my lover!"

Her butt muscles are aching from the constant clamping and stimulation. When Prof Tan announces a 10 minute short break, she rushes to the toilet and removes the offensive object from her sore butt. Yu Ling finds the batteries compartment, and removes the batteries. Although she dreads the punishment that he would surely mete out later, she can't endure it anymore. She needs to find release soon, and her ass hole hurts big time.

Back to the lecture, she is able to concentrate on the lesson, inwardly smirking at her cleverness. She secretly looks forward to the punishment she will receive.

He expected her to remove the object from her butt hole, silently commending her on her common sense. He shouldn't have pushed her too hard.... Oh well, at least he now knows her limit. Goodie! A good excuse to make her beg for mercy. He strokes his cock discreetly, promising it a good reward for being a 'good boy.'

The hour soon passes and students make their way out. Some will proceed to another lecture or tutorial, some will have breakfast. Yu Ling apologises to Meimei for not joining her for the usual breakfast meal, claming that there's an essay she has to hand up later in the afternoon.

The lecher is now the stalker, silently pursuing his game. He chats with other friends and keeps an eye on the prey from the corner of his eyes. She parts with her girlfriend, he follows.

Yu Ling makes her way back to her hall, a sense of anticipation building in her. She is agitated, sensitive to every movement and sound around her. She imagines him behind her, staring at her, reading to pounce and take her on the spot. But as she climbs the stairs, the only footstep she hears is hers. She trembles, ashamed at what she is about to do.

At this time, there will not be many people around. They will be having their lessons, or sleeping in.

Yu Ling closes the door, enjoying the cool air. Since the electricity in the hall is free, she leaves the air-con on for 24 hours. As instructed, she removes her spaghetti top and her black bra. She adjusts her nipple rings such that the charms dangle in the middle. She gives them a nasty pull for good luck, and unzips her skirt. She tosses her wet panties into the clothes basket, climbs onto the bed, reinserts the batteries in the butt plug, and shoves it up her ass. She wears the blindfold, and lies on the bed, face down, ass in the air. The rings in her nipples are pressed against her flesh and the bed, giving her pleasure.

He took his time returning to the hall, making sure Yu Ling cannot see him, and to give her time to prepare for his arrival. She approached the hall from the left, he walked to the right. He strolls to his room, gathers his equipment, checks his mail and leaves for her room.

Quietly opening the door, he catches her rubbing her breasts against the bed, groaning and moaning with her ass wriggling from the effort. At least the butt plug is where it should be, the pink base a delightful contrast to her fair ass cheeks.

Without a warning she feels the butt plug spring to life. She quickly laid her chest on the bed, hoping The Lecher was outside the room. He slammed the door, causing her to whimper.

"Stupid bitch! You think I don't know is it! Think I so stupid!" He growls at her.

She hears a SWISH, and then a sting on her ass cheek. He has a whip, and he is angry. Bad combination.

"I know you took the plug out after the break"


"Did I say you can do that?"


"Did I say you can remove the batteries?"


"What did I tell you to do after the lecture?"


"To be a good girl right"


"I told you to lie on the bed"


"Did I say you can play with your nipples"


"Did I say you can rub your breasts on the bed"


"You dare defy me"


"All you care about is yourself"


"Your own pleasure"


"Is your pussy your master or am I your master?"


"Are your breasts more important than me"


"You Slut!"


"You Bitch"




By now her ass cheeks have numerous angry lines. Her dignity and pride whipped away with each stroke of the whip. The butt plug is still humming away, and Yu Ling, tears in her eyes from the pain and pleasure and her orgasm reaching the peak, wails and arches her back. She ejaculates on the bed, her body finds release, a pure bliss. Her pussy and ass throb as the orgasm slowly ebbs.

He roughly turns her over, spreading her legs apart. He is livid that she came without permission, and in the middle of a punishment! She needs to learn to obey him, and not do as she pleases.

"You still dare to defy me"


Now he aims the whip at her wet pussy.

"Did I say you can come?"


"You dare to come while I punish you"


"You are very daring ah"


"You like to come right"


"I make sure you come and come and come till you beg me not to make you come"


Yu Ling squirms with each lash on her tender pussy. Her fists clutch the bed sheets, her teeth biting her lower lip as she tries not to cry out.

His anger spent, he sits down beside her, panting.

He regains his composure and checks her. She is laying still, her raw pussy exposed and still dripping with nectar. The butt plug is still vibrating in her sore ass. Taking pity on her, he switches off the butt plug. He turns her over in the doggie position. Her fresh wounds cause her to moan.

While she is still in the prostrate position, he quickly sheds his clothes. His cock is swollen and red, ready for action. He switches on the butt plug to the max, causing her to sway her hips and buck. Getting behind her, he guides his cock to her waiting pussy and plunges it in. He grips her hips and enjoys the feel of her soft tightness. He groaned with aching pleasure. It was like coming home. Or as if Yu Ling's pussy was made for his huge cock. All warm, moist, hugging his cock and sending him to heaven. Resisting the urge to come now was painful.

He withdraws a little, and thrusts inside again. He pauses to enjoy the sensation. He can feel the vibrations of the butt plug. She arches her back, her long hair spilling over her back and side of her face. His cock fills her up, claiming her pussy as his possession. Her lover, so warm and hard against her ass cheeks, is exactly as she imagined. He builds up a steady rhythm.

In... and Out

In... and Out

In... and Out

Over and over again. Her moans are getting louder, his groans matching hers. Her heavy breasts, dangling from her body are also jerked to and fro with each violent thrust. Her charms sway to and fro, adding a bit of weight and making her feel slutty. His hands, gripping her sweaty hips hard, play her like an instrument.

With each thrust forward into her pussy, his balls slap against her perineum, adding more pleasure for both. Each thrust also means his body will hit against the gashes on her ass cheeks, causing pain. Each withdrawal and thrusting in also rub her whipped thus sore pussy. Over and over, waves of pain and pleasure competing with each other for her attention, her mind totally fucked. Her elbows press hard on the bed, her shoulders heaving and shivering. They are both sweating heavily even though the air-con was running. The bed sheets are getting crumpled from her clenched fists. Vibrations continue to course through the lovers.

The feeling of withdrawing and then plunging into the tightness is exquisite. Yu Ling is going crazy over his cock and the sensations. It is as if his cock was going to stretch her pussy permanently, and rubbing the tip of her womb. The constant high vibrations are running through her petite frame, goading her to come. But Yu Ling learns her lesson. She will not come without his permission. Even if she can feel her ass cheeks burn with pain, or her pussy lips stinging. She controls her orgasm, waiting for his command.

He quickens the pace, she accommodates by matching his rhythm, pushing her butt backward and forward, increasing the intensity of his thrusts.

He thrusts harder and harder, faster and faster, when he finally gives the command for her to come, he tugs her nipple ring. She screams and bucks her hips, trembling all over. He forces himself not to come, controlling himself. He feels every bit of her orgasm; the hips against his body, the shivering, her pussy clutching hard on his pulsing cock, her pussy juices bathing his cock inside of her.

"I'm not done yet bitch."

Pulling his cock out of her pussy, it is soaked in her juices. His fingers start massaging her shameless clit as he licks her ass rim. He savors her feminine taste and scent. He licks around it, over it, up and down, left and right. She flexes her ass muscles in response to his arousing touch. Her orgasm is over, another one is starting.

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by Black_Jade12/06/16

great writing

very descriptive writing. I wish she figured out who the mystery man was. I was also hoping that their interaction would have at least a few tender moments.

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