tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne Presents, Sue's Kansas City

Yvonne Presents, Sue's Kansas City


Sue here, the red-head from Yvonne's stories. She convinced me to write up some of the things Paul and I have done. I tried getting this story on paper/on screen; it was crap. I learned that I may be an exhibitionist, but I'm no writer! So, Yvonne is serving as a public ghost writer for my adventures. We'll post them as "Yvonne presents..." But first an explanation about some questions Yvonne has received.

After her first story about the sexy dinner one person suggested we find some places that would accept our "formal nudity". Several people wanted a picture on Yvonne's profile. I wish that were possible!!! Go back to through her stories and you'll see that my husband Paul owns a restaurant supply company. Our customers include most of the local restaurants, nightclubs, and CHURCHES.

We live in a large metropolitan area. But the restaurants, nightclubs, and ESPECIALLY CHURCHES make up a very small town! Any hint of scandal, like naked ladies running around screwing people, would be a MAJOR business disaster.

Sooooooooooo, we keep our activities behind tightly closed doors or hundreds of miles from home. I even chewed Yvonne out a little for her performance on Bill's balcony. She, and we, were lucky that none of the golfers recognized Bill as part of our company. But, I guess they weren't looking at Bill that day.

Back to business.

In the stories posted so far, Paul looks like the innocent party being drawn into my wild world. Well it's time for the truth. Paul is the one who made me this crazy. Or, at least, he had a big hand in it. We're working on the story of my first adventure, awakening, whatever. It's going to be long. While we work on that one, here's a story about how Paul has pushed me along the exhibitionist road, to turn a phrase.

We had stopped in Kansas City several years ago on vacation. I picked up a local paper and saw an ad for Amateur Night at one of the adult theaters on Sunday night. We went to watch the strippers and came up with a plan for our return trip. As I later found out, Paul had an expanded plan.

During the next week we found some music for me to strip to and put together a costume for the show. That's the real heart of this story. We found a cheap blouse and skirt that made me look like a school girl and bought two of each. I picked up two sets of simple white cotton bras and panties.

The reason we got two of everything was that the clothes were going to be destroyed during the dance routine. One set was for the performance, one set for practice. A couple of nights before the show we tried everything out. Paul and I weakened the seams of the blouse, skirt and panties and found a small pair of scissors for the rest of the show.

The plan was simple and sexy in the extreme! During the first song I danced around flashing the white panties and bending over so Paul could see well down my blouse. In the middle of the song I reached up and started tearing the sleeves off of the blouse. The plan was to have men in the audience grab the cuffs of the sleeves and finish the tearing off. That's why we had weakened the seams.

Next I started tearing the rest of the blouse apart and threw the pieces out to where the audience would be. Remember we're still rehearsing this in a motel room. Before long the blouse was GONE and I was starting to do the same to the skirt.

During the next song I finished shredding the skirt and threw the pieces out to the "audience". I danced around in just the underwear while teasing with quick flashes of my tits and ass. As the song finished I picked up the scissors and gave my dirtiest looks.

As the last, and longest song began I carefully cut large holes in the bras cups. Then I cut the straps off and finally cut the bra completely off by clipping between the cups. Again all the pieces were thrown to the crowd.

Finally I cut into the panties just below the waist band. I continued to cut straight down between my legs until I had on "crotch less" panties. The last step was to cut both sides of the panties so they fell off. I tore the remaining rags in two pieces and threw them out.

For the last two minutes of the song I danced my sexiest moves in nothing but a pair of shoes and drove Paul crazy. With the rehearsal, over we fucked ourselves crazy and got ready for the real thing on Sunday night.

Sunday afternoon I got everything ready and picked out some clothes for after the routine and Paul put them in a duffle bag, or so I thought. I put on the prepared costume and Paul brought the duffle bag and the scissors. We parked behind the theater, near the exit and went in to sign me up for the contest. I was scheduled to be the third of six girls in the show. Paul gave them the tape with the music. We sat in a section near the stage and settled in to watch the show.

The first two girls were great and I was hot as hell when my turn came. The routine went great the audience loved the fact that I was destroying everything I had on and throwing them the pieces. They went wild when I ripped the panties and gave them a clear view of my red pubes. Before the last song was over, I was close to orgasm with pussy juice running down my thighs.

I took my bows, ran back to my seat, kissed Paul, and grabbed the duffle bag to get dressed. It was then I learned Paul's part of the plan. Instead of shorts, t-shirt, and undies; all that was in the bag was a small hand towel from the motel. I had NOTHING to put on! I clutched the towel and gave Paul a look that could kill. "What the fuck is this for?" I asked Paul. The towel was too small to wrap around me or even cover my boobs. Paul took the towel and spread it on the seat and motioned for me to sit down. "Where the hell are my clothes? Do you expect me to sit here naked for the rest of the show?"

Paul's smile just got bigger. "Hey, babe, everybody here has already seen you naked. What's the big deal if they see you naked a little longer?" Since it seemed like I had no choice I sat down.

As the next girl started to dance Paul's hand slipped down between my legs. I tried, not too hard, to push it away. Paul brought me right to the brink about three times but would stop every time I got close. Finally I asked him if he was ever going to finish what he started and he said, "No, if you want to cum you're going to have to do it yourself."

So here I am buck naked in a sleazy theater surrounded by horny strangers. Some of them are watching the half naked girl on stage but most were watching the totally naked chick in the third row playing with her pussy. I never came so hard in my life!

Through the rest of the show men came walking over carrying pieces of my clothes for me to autograph. While I sat there nude chatting with my fans, it looked like nobody was watching the other dancers.

After the last girl performed, all the contestants were called back to the stage for a quick dance and the voting. When I walked on the stage still naked and hot from multiple orgasms the crowd went wild and I won with a standing ovation. The prize was a free night in a nearby "No-Tell Motel".

Now it was time to leave and I still didn't have a stitch to wear. Paul pointed to the exit door and said, "You can stay here or make a dash for the car." Well, by now I had no shame what so ever and told him, "To hell with a dash. Let's take a slow stroll." I walked slowly through the crowd waving and saying hi while men admired my body and a few even copped a feel or two. When Paul caught up with me we walked out the exit and to the car. You should have seen the looks I got from a couple of young boys in the alley who had no business being out that late.

Once in the car I told Paul wanted to use that gift certificate right now. He said he couldn't think of anything better. We found the motel and Paul said he would go check in and get the key. "Hell no!" I told him. "I won this and I'm doing the checking in." Paul's jaw dropped but he figured why stop now.

He pulled up where he could watch the door and see the desk. I grabbed the envelope opened the car door and walked into the lobby wearing shoes and NOTHING else. The desk clerk came out of the back room when he heard the door and almost had a heart attack when he saw me standing there. Before he could even open his mouth I handed him the envelope and said, "Here, I just won this and I want a room."

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "What the fuck! I've seen it all now." He pushed a registration card and a pen toward me. I stood there and filled the card out while the clerk watched, and I don't mean the card. He handed me a key and said the room was right around the corner. Before I walked out the door I dropped the key and give him a great show while picking it up. The clerk waved and told me to come back any time at all. I just smiled, waved and shook my tits at him as I walked out the door.

Back in the car, Paul was laughing and wondering if he had created a monster. He opened the door for me but I pushed it shut and leaned in the car window, giving the desk clerk another great view. I told him, "Just park the car and meet me in room 12." As Paul stared, I took the key and walked slowly around the motel to the room. There were three near accidents before I got there.

By the time Paul got the car turned around and parked, I was in the room. I had left the door wide open and was lying on the bed with my legs spread and both hands working on myself. We stayed there fucking and sucking most of the night. Paul figured we better leave while it was still dark. You see, I still had to sneak back into our regular motel room.

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