tagInterracial LoveZane Ch. 01

Zane Ch. 01


This is part I out this story. Hopefully I can get the next part in this week. Comment and enjoy and if you have any suggestions or tips, lemme know, because this is my first attempt. I promise this first part is a teaser. The second will be a lot more steamier. ;) Enjoy.


$10,000. That's exactly how much money that Blair, Rodney, and Steph took from the old abandoned convenient store on a dusty road. What luck. They probably found it before a drug deal more than likely. Continuously on the run, this group always hit up small stores in the middle of almost nowhere, where it would take police almost an hour to get to. As if they ever cared. Typically $50 wouldn't even fill up half a tank, so no worries because that's usually how much they collected.

Damn, Blair thought. I completely didn't join this crew for an even more busted up life and robbing damn stores for only thirty bucks and a pack of cigs. But this? Ten grand? HELL YES.

Even from the age of 8, Blair lived her life in the streets. She always seemed to avoid the drugs, not the druggies, the sex, not the perverts, and the chance to have a decent life. No parents; they left her high and dry to just find a better opportunity to be around drugs. The laughter of a child didn't make a difference. Not that there was much laughter from Blair anyways. "You were a mistake. A slut child. Bye." That was what the letter they left her said.

With nowhere to go, for years she went from shelter to shelter, stranger to stranger and finally ran away with no clue what to do by the time she was 17. Right before she decided to run away she was kidnapped by a gang known for their ways of torture, but escaped right before she was more than likely going to be killed. After continuously roaming the streets in Texas for about a year, one day she happened to steal just about every man's wallet right from under their noses as they each flirted with her while sitting in an old bar full of drunkards. When she walked away with her purse full of what she hoped was cash, she never knew that a man following the same path watched her steal the wallets with swift movements. It was definitely one of her perfect skills. He ran out behind her.

"Hey! you! Wait up..."

Oh, shit, Blair though. Either she's getting hit on or arrested. She would definitely not get sent to a crappy jail to get raped my manly women. She acted calm and turned around. "Yeah, what do you want? I'm in a hurry." Her eyes met his and he gasped silently.

Wow, he thought. She is so perfectly sexy. I mean, I've never been so attracted to a girl ever before in my life. Geez, she should be a sin! Blair was very good looking indeed. She had natural long curly hair that was as dark as death. With her baby curls on the sides of her head, up against her caramel skin, it made it bring out her facial features. Her almond shaped eyes complimented her brown tinted irises, too dark to tell that they were brown and almost rode on black along with her lashes that curled up as they touched the crease of her eyelids when her eyes were open. Her face was not too long, high cheekbones that complimented her dimples and her nose that pointed upwards was perfectly shaped from a profile view. Her lips. Oh my, her lips. This man was almost drooling staring at them. They had such fullness yet looked so soft and delectable; kissable and flawless. He never realized that when he took in the time to look at JUST her face, a surmountable amount of time passed.

"HELLLO? What the hell do you want, you're wasting my time."

"Oh...um...sorry. My name...is...uh..." He snapped out of it finally. "My name is Rodney. I saw what you did in there...pretty impressive."

"So what are you going to do? Call the police? I'd kick your ass and your balls by the time they get the call," she retaliated calmly. He wished. Instead, he smirked.

"Nice. Actually, I wanted you to join me. Well...not in that way, I mean hit up joints and take a few bucks from old bars and stores and shit with my car." He noticed the seriousness in her eyes and by her stance, she was no joke, making Rodney admire her badass-ness. It worked well with her attitude. Guess that eliminated forcing a move upon her. But damn. He had a car? The one thing that she desperately needed had to come from a scrawny boy. But he did seem to hold his place okay. Well, what other choice did she have? She sure as hell wasn't getting anything done walking the roads with barely any food.

She glanced down...looked up...she had such a poker face. "...Fine...where is the car? I'll join you, but I keep whatever I find. I'll help break into the place, steal some cash, but if we get caught, you're on your own. I don't take too kindly to threats, police, crappy steals, and guys who check me out while making conversation," she replied. That made him look away and he simply just pointed to the car. Blair walked away to the parked car, all rusty and definitely stolen judging by the ripped wires that were used to jump start it. Entering the car, there was a big girl in the back seat just chilling. She looked alert but calmed down after Rodney yelled to her it was okay. Blair plopped down into the front seat, gathering the feel of a car again. It had been such a long time since she sat down like that.

"Who are you? Another one of Rodney's bitches?" The girl in the back asked with an attitude.


"Well? Then who the hell are you?"

"Someone I don't want you or anyone else to know."

"Well...you might not be Rodney's bitch. You don't seem like it, but seems like you are mean like one." Blair never responded. "By the way, I'm Steph...I'm someone I want you to know...I'm his bitch."

And that she was, Blair found out after being a part of their crew. Especially nights where they were able to rent out a hotel room. Blair slept on the floor while they went at it like rabbits. Disgusting. Over time, Blair realized that they knew what they were doing. Every now and then they would rob the one store that had a couple hundred while Blair pick pocketed every pocket she could see. Other times, Rodney and Steph would beat up strangers walking by themselves in the night. Other times, the people they beat up wouldn't wake up after being knocked out. But there was never anyone around to find out about it. She never talked about her life to them or talked in general. She thought that she could trust them even though she never shared simple things like her name with them. They ended up calling her "Stormy" after time. Sometimes in the middle of the night she would wake up screaming but would never say what she dreamt about. Strangely, every time she cried from it, it would rain that next day. She was so weird and such a loner, yet could kick your ass in a heartbeat and still looked drop dead gorgeous all the while.


Now 20, and having spent 2 years with Steph and Rodney, she was finally glad she stuck around to bust into an old store for ten grand. They were all in the car sitting and talking and Rodney went into a small gas station and came out with three opened beers and put medicine into his pocket. Probably Tylenol or something it looked like.

As he jumped into the car he glanced at Blair and then at Steph.

"Hell yeah, Steph. I love you for finding that shit rack of store! We are gonna be so rich," he said as he handed out the beers. Blair noticed that he seemed very tense as he gripped the bottles to pass them out but ignored it.

"Well, it's only fair to split this Rodney, honey," she wryly replied. She glanced back at Rodney. She was never really pretty, Blair concluded. Steph was typically the stereotypical black girl with the whole "big ass, big tit" crap. Whatever. She was nothing but a fire-crotch anyways. What Rodney saw in her, she could never find...oh wait...it was always his dick. Blair thought about that and laughed. It was the first time they ever heard her laugh, let alone speak much. But that all ended after everything started to get blurry in her vision .

"Hey Rod, I think she's feelin' it."

"Yeah, she's fadin' in real quick," Rodney exclaimed. He leaned into Blair's ear and whispered, "Rule of thumb: Never trust anyone. Not even us. " Those were the last words Blair heard before drifting into a sleep like state.

It was raining. The drips slowly hit Blair's face as it gradually increased its pounding into the ground. She drunkenly woke up, feeling like she took hard shots one after another. Her mind was running in loops as she stumbled up onto her feet in the dark seeing nothing but the moon as her pupils adjusted to the lack of light. She saw two of everything, confused and scared. Looking up, Blair saw nothing but trees. Where was she? Then her brain snapped. Rodney and Steph...the motherfu...--rumble--...that sounded like Rodney's car. Gaining the will to push herself, Blair took off running in the rain, her feet sinking into the mud, making those sloshing sounds as it was now pouring drops of rain. DAMN IT! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN, she screamed in her head. Twigs and branches scratched her face and arms as she ran through the wooded area only following the sounds of the car as her only guide. Of course they would take the money and just split it for themselves! Never trust anyone. Shit. Too late for that. By the time she found the road , Rodney was far down the road smacking his hand against the side of the car as him arm dangled out the window. The tires screeched as he stepped on the gas. "You Bitch!" Blair screamed as she felt stinging tears fill her eyes. What was she supposed to do now? She definitely didn't know where she was now. When she turned her head to glance at the taillights getting smaller and smaller, she saw her only bag of few items and clothes out the window. "I hope they die," she uttered. "Because if they don't, I will kill them." She had never gotten this urge before to just kill and she didn't like it. The rain wasn't letting up at all, she had no choice but to try to find the nearest house.

It felt like a few hours had passed. She still walked the rainy road with her bag she picked up. They took almost everything except for her clothes and left her an empty purse. Fuck her life. She saw a police car from a distance and the last thing she wanted was to be captured by a cop and possibly tied to any of the robberies. Hell no, she wasn't going to take all the blame. She dove off into the woods and figured it'd be safer to travel by that than the road. As she continued to walk through the bushes, she felt tired and hungry with barely anymore energy to hold herself up. She dropped her bag into the soggy mud and fell to her knees. Maybe the water will drown me, she thought. Who cares. Just as she started to cry, the storm hardened with thunder clasps. She never noticed the gun that was pointed at her.


She laid slouched over onto her stomach as the tranquilizer settled into her bloodstream. She couldn't move or scream. She only saw feet in her eye sight before she once again fell into a sedated state.

What the hell, he thought as he picked up the girl he shot. He simply pulled out the needle and threw her over his shoulders and grabbed her bag. A number of things went through his mind as he walked, getting pelted by the rain. He figured she was a cop in disguise and he was not going to let them trick him again. He just threw her onto the porch of his cabin, launched deep into the woods where no one knew existed. Pulling his hair back, he opened her bag to rummage through everything to check to make sure nothing was tracking him. Nothing. Shit. Well it has to be on her if it's not in the bag. He picked her up once again and brought her into the dark lit cabin. Blair's clothes were stripped off of her body so fast to get a very thorough body search. If only she was awake to see what was happening, he'd be dead. He looked through her clothes very carefully and when there was nothing but her ragged, naked body, he felt through her hair, her ears, mouth...nothing. Then her parted her legs slowly. He took one finger and slid between her thighs and into her body very carefully to see if a tracking device was inside her body. He twisted his finger slowly inside, feeling her walls to double check. He quickly cursed then pulled out. Great, a random naked girl is in his cabin. He couldn't just throw her back outside. He decided to dry her off and put one of his dry long shirts onto her. He carried her to the couch and tucked her into some warm covers and then retired to bed himself. Tomorrow he'll ask questions.

Blair jumped up. Then she felt intense pain throughout her body, especially between her legs. She had no idea what had happened. Then she took note that she was in a house with a change of clothes on. She was on her defensive side now and got up when she heard someone walking down the stairs. She ran into what seemed to be a kitchen and on the table was a gun that had just been cleaned. As he got to the bottom step to turn the go into the living room, he noticed she wasn't there. "Shit." He whispered and turned to go grab his jacket. He froze when he heard a click.

"Wait a damn second," Blair easily spoke as she pointed the gun at him. "Who are you and where the hell am I?" He slowly turned to face her and her breath quickened. She took his breath away. He looked her up and down and loved her body from that second. Her hair was still long and curly as it touched the middle of her back, her eyes intently fixed upon him. Her body was slender and she seemed very fit. Her breasts were almost close to falling out of the buttoned up shirt and her legs seemed to go on forever as they stuck out from the bottom. Wow, she looked that good in the morning after getting up and even more sexy in his shirt. He could get used to that. "Hey, white boy! I asked you some questions. Answer them before I blow your balls off Mr."

"Take it easy. Okay? Names Zane. I found you sneaking around last night and I thought you were a cop so I shot you with my tranquilizer, which by the way is the gun you're holding. I found out you were clean so I let you stay inside instead of leaving you out there to die. You should be thanking me. Now, if you put the gun down, I won't hurt you or anything. Let's just talk this out." Blair looked him over and decided he was telling the truth. Zane was very handsome. He had such a built structure about him. His face was a little wide but his features were well proportioned. His nose was medium sized compared to his almost bushy eyebrows. Though his eyes were an icy blue that would make any woman melt, it only made him look even more irresistible with his rugged beard. His dirty blonde hair draped dover one of his eyes as the rest was pushed behind his ears and curvy-like cut off at his shoulders. Apparently, he just got out of the shower, because he nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and his chest glistened with water. With the sunlight coming through the window, it defined his rock hard abs with the happy trail that lead into Nirvana. His thighs and legs were massively built but he didn't have much hair on his legs or it was so blonde that you could barely see it. She exhaled carefully and relaxed the gun out of her grip but kept it in a way where it pointed at him, making the shirt move a little to almost expose her areola. She didn't notice but Zane definitely did.

"My name is Bla...um..Stormy. Sorry for pointing at you. I haven't had a great day. I guess...I owe you a thanks Mr. I'll be on my way soon. I'll just grab my bag from the couch and go."



"You're in no condition to go anywhere. You have a nasty bruise on your arm and a nice cut on your thigh. It's bandaged now, but I need to give you some stitches to patch it up. All your clothes are out on the line drying but you have some fresh clothes waiting upstairs near the bathroom. If you don't stay under the covers, you'll get sick. I gave you a shot to ease the pain, but it'll come back soon. You leave here you're probably going to die." Blair never even noticed the bandage on her leg. God, how could her life get any worse? She didn't have a choice, once again. Of course what he said was entirely true, so Blair gave in.

"Fine. But don't expect any gracious thanks from me anymore. I'm almost being close to being held here against my will." She dropped the gun back onto the table. Now that she knew that her leg was hurt, she felt the little stings with every step she took. Too much adrenaline really does get rid of some pain. Her leg gave out and she began to fall. Zane reached out just in enough time to catch her. She landed against him with an umph Leaving her body. As a natural reflexes, she wrapped her arms around his neck to break her fall. He raised her up to regain balance and he took in the time to relish this moment of being this close to such seductiveness. Their bodies were close. Too close. Blair started to take in the feel of his abs against her stomach through the shirt and felt the thumping against her pelvis. Slowly but surely she realized it was his erection. To make it seem that she didn't notice she said, "Are you hoping my leg to heal now or are you going to lead me to a couch?" He cleared his throat,

"Sorry. Yeah, over this way." He definitely had a hard-on now. Here was this sexy girl on him like this with just his shirt on, but he couldn't touch her like that. At least not yet. Zane kept telling himself that she is stranger, but there was something different about her and it had been such a long time since a woman had been in his house. He was a little bit taller than her, but she hobbled to the couch with her arm over his shoulder and his hand on her hip. He would peek some glances down the buttoned shirt hoping to catch a nipple or two, but no luck. Damn it. Blair eased onto the couch and Zane grinned at her. Wow those dimples he had. She noticed how nice he looked when he smiled just like that and dismissed the thought. Must be the medicine. "I'll be right back to get the kit and stitch up that cut Stormy. So don't move. I know these woods better than you, so I'll just catch you, because I need some answers from you." He jumped up to go get dressed and hopefully let his erection fade. Yeah right. As he changed clothes he couldn't keep her body out of his mind. He grabbed her tank top, bra, underwear, and a pair of shorts with some socks that cut off at the ankles even though he'd rather see her hobbling around in his shirt. He readjusted his dick to where it wouldn't show and grabbed the kit as he headed down to the couch. Blair sat with her back against the arm of the couch with one knee pulled up, her right arm resting on it, while she had her left leg stretched out, lifting the bandage out of curiosity. She grunted when the bandage rubbed the wrong and groaned with pain. Though with Zane's ears, he heard it as a sex groan. Maybe the sound she would make when he would smack her ass cheeks bent over the bed. She needed to stop being so sexy. Blair looked over her shoulder kind of disappointed that he put a shirt on. "Here's your clothes Stormy." He tossed it on the table in front of the couch. Zane then lowered to his knees to deal with her wound.

"It kind of hurts," Blair shyly said.

"I'll be careful, but maybe you should change clothes first or at least some underwear." Oh my God, she never realized how naked she was under the shirt! She grabbed a pillow and placed it on the bottom of the shirt.

"Oh...um...yeah I'll do that...but can you turn...around?" If blushing could show on a black person, she would be so red! He chuckled and turned away. Grabbing the underwear, swiftly she put it on and then grabbed the bra slid her arms out of the shirt and quickly slipped it on. Zane wanted to look so bad but didn't want to ruin any chance he had with her. She noticed his patience getting the best of him and said, "Hey...I'll just put the rest on later, you can go ahead and stitch my leg first."

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