tagInterracial LoveZeke's New Route

Zeke's New Route


In case you have not read any of my previous stories, let me bring you up to date. I am a white male in my early 40’s living in the largest city in the southeast United States, Hotlanta. I work for the Postal Service as a letter carrier and the majority of my co-workers are African-American. This is great for me because I love African-American women. Through work I hooked up with Gloria who is a very nice looking African-American woman about 5’6 with nice pecan colored skin, a nice set of 40C breasts and the typical black woman’s ass; nice big and round. Her mouth looked like it was made for sucking cock. I got excited just thinking about that mouth being around my hard cock.

After Gloria had told a few other female co-workers I hooked up with Janet. Janet could be considered an ‘Amazon.’ She is 6 feet tall and I guess she weighs a little over 200 lbs, but she wears it well. Her skin tone is pecan and I would say that her measurements are 40C-40-54. That is right she had a big ole ass and wore the tightest fitting pants she could. It seemed every time she bent over, her pants seams would split open. She also had some big thighs that if she got your head between them she could probably smother you with them if she closed them tightly. Janet had made Gloria her sex slave and the 3 of us met regularly to have some fun. (Check out the Finger Lickin’ Good series)

Everything was going great, Janet, Gloria and I were fucking our brains out and having fun with each other, but it was time for me to move on and find some more African-American women that needed to be fucked by a white guy. There was a vacant delivery route at another station so I decided to transfer there. The delivery route was not a mail delivery route most people would think of. It was a mailroom that handled the mail for a big office complex. The office complex had about ten fifteen story office buildings in it. So you know there were a lot of fine looking women in the area. With this route I would go to the Carrier Station pick up the mail that was to be delivered that day and go to the mail room and start sorting it into the correct company’s mail boxes. The mailroom had a dutch door, one that was split in half, so I could assist customers if they had mail that needed to be signed for, or too large to put in their mailbox. The good thing about this dutch door, was that there was a small shelf on the lower part, to allow a place to sign the paperwork that was at the height that most women’s tits ended up resting on it as they signed, giving me a lot of down the blouse shots.

I was having a good time checking out all the fine women that came to pick up the mail. After a couple of weeks, I started to get to know them. Found out their names, what company they worked for, if they were married, had kids; you know the basic information. After awhile I started flirting with them and most of them flirted back. I noticed that the majority of the women came to pick up the mail either just before lunch. I asked a couple of them and they said that they would leave the mail in their cars, go to lunch and then head back to work.

For my lunch I would close the top half of the dutch door put out a sign “Gone to Lunch” and sit in the mailroom and eat the lunch I brought. Most the time I would start lunch with jacking off, because a fine sistah had just stopped by to pick up their mail and had to sign for some and I got a good look down their blouse at their soft titties, which made my cock hard, so I had to relieve myself.

One woman that I was constantly jacking off and thinking about was Beverly. Beverly was in her early 30’s about 5ft 6, 170 lbs 42DDD-36-40 with dark black skin. She had a great smile with full pouty lips. I loved when she had to sign for some mail, because she would put her big ole titties up on the shelf and take her time signing for the mail giving me a great show. Even though all I saw was the top curve of her big ole titties and the top part of her white cotton heavy duty bra, I still got excited. Beverly caught me looking down her blouse and smiled at me and asked if I was enjoying the show.

I stammered and said “Err’ yeah” as I bent over a little trying to hide my hard on.

“See you tomorrow Zeke,” she said as she licked her lips.

I immediately hung out my lunch sign, closed the top half of the door, whipped out my hard cock and began jerking off thinking about fucking Beverly’s big ole titties. I came almost immediately. I cleaned myself off, washed my hands and ate lunch. I had a hard time concentrating on sorting the mail for the rest of day, thinking about how Beverly acted earlier. It was time to close the mailroom and head home.

The next day I arrived at the mailroom and started sorting the mail, not even thinking about Beverly. Several women came in and got their mail and I got a couple of decent down blouse looks, even a nipple shot when one woman wasn’t wearing a bra. I knew that it was getting close to lunch, because customer traffic was picking up and I was getting more looks. Finally, just at noon, Beverly showed up to get her mail, unfortunately she did not have any mail to sign for.

When I saw her walk in my cock starting getting hard. I yelled out to her, “Sorry Bev, nothing to sign for today.”

“Aw too bad, I was looking to give you another show,” she replied.

“Would have loved to seen it.”

“Come over here and I will give you a sneak peek,” she said and she placed her bit ole titties on the shelf.

I looked over and saw those massive titties spilling out of a sheer white bra that was struggling to contain them. My cock got rock hard and was very uncomfortable being restrained by my pants. I knew that Beverly could see the bulge.

I walked over to the door and said “Well I guess it is lunch time, gotta close up for awhile.”

Beverly smiled at me and said “Ok, Zeke see you tomorrow. Enjoy your lunch.”

I closed the top part of the door, released my cock from its confines and stroking it. I was still standing next to the door and about ready to cum, when the top part of the door started to open. I realized that in my haste I had forgotten to lock it. I stood there with my hard cock in my hand and tried to stuff it back into my pants as the top of the door continued to swing open.

“Don’t put that away, I wanted some white meat for lunch,” Beverly said as she looked at my hard cock. “Let me in and you can have some chocolate pussy for lunch.”

I opened the bottom part of the door and Beverly entered and immediately dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock. I closed both parts of the door and made sure they were locked as Beverly took my whole cock deep into her mouth. As she continued to suck my cock, she began to unbutton her blouse and pull it off. I looked down and saw that her massive titties were being restrained by a sheer white bra and her big black nipples were protruding out. The bra looked as though it was going to burst open at anytime.

I pulled Beverly up and began to suck on her nipples though the bra as my other hand reached under her skirt and began to play with her inner thighs. Beverly reached down and began to stroke my cock.

I didn’t play around with the bra fasteners, but just ripped the bra off to let her massive titties free. Her titties were still firm and did not droop at all. I continued to suck on her nipples and pushed her back against the desk. She pulled up her skirt and I saw that she was nude underneath it. I reached down and began to play with her clit and pussy, which was already soaking wet. She spread her legs and slid a finger into her pussy.

Beverly moaned and said “Fuck that black pussy with that white cock,” as she jumped up and sat on the edge of the desk and spread her legs.

I released her titties and stepped back and grabbed my hard cock. I began to rub my hard cock around the outside of her pussy and slap her clit with it. I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to Beverly’s wet pussy and with one long, deep, hard thrust buried my cock into her pussy as I buried my face between her massive tits. I began to pound away at Beverly’s pussy with my cock as I licked, sucked and nibbled on her tits and nipples.

I threw her legs over my shoulders and leaned back and drove my cock deeper into her pussy. Beverly grabbed my ass and forced my cock deeper into her pussy. I looked down at her and saw her titties pressed together and ready to get fucked.

“I want to titty fuck you,” I said.

“I have never been titty fucked, how do you do it?” she asked.

I explained to Beverly how I was going to titty fuck her. I told her to lie on the floor and push her titties together as I climbed onto her and slid my cock between her titties. I began to slide my cock back and forth between her titties. As I continued to fuck her titties, I grabbed a couple of paper clips off the desk and put them on Beverly’s nipples. Her nipples grew rock hard.

“Ow, that hurts, but feels good at the same time,” Beverly said.

I could feel myself ready to cum, so I grabbed the back of Beverly’s head and pulled it up and place my cock in her mouth as I began to cum. I fill Beverly’s mouth with cum and she swallows it all. I pull my cock out of her mouth and a few drops of cum land on her titties. I rub the cum into her titties.

I stand up and help Beverly up. Beverly reaches up to remove the paperclips from her nipples. I take her hand and tell her to leave them on.

“But my nipples will stay hard, and show through my clothes. Everyone will see them,” she complained.

“Yes, I know, but just think about all the men and women you will drive crazy seeing them.”

“Ok, I will take them off when I get home.”

“No, leave them on until I tell you to take them off.”

“But my husband will see them. What will I say?”

“Tell him one of your girlfriends told you about it and you wanted to try it out,” I said just before grabbing her and pulling her close and giving her a deep romantic kiss. “I hate to say it, but my lunch time is up, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Beverly got dressed and I opened the door, as she went pass me I gave her ass and good smack. She turned back and smiled at me and I could see her hard nipples through her blouse. There were several women in the mailroom lobby, getting their mail as Beverly exited. She smiled at them and walked out the door. A couple of these women smiled at me and left. I guess I will have a few more to play with.

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