tagInterracial LoveZeke's New Route Ch. 02

Zeke's New Route Ch. 02


I couldn’t wait to talk with Beverly the next day and see how her husband reacted to her coming home with hard nipples. Luckily for me the company Beverly worked for had some Express Mail that needed to be delivered before noon, so I went over there. When I walked thru the door I saw Beverly in an office, so I headed there. I noticed a sign by the door stating that this was the company’s president office.

When I entered the office, Beverly had her back to me as she was at a filing cabinet. She was wearing a grey business suit, composed of a jacket and skirt. From the rear it was not very flattering.

“Good morning Sexy,” I said.

“OH, you startled me Zeke. What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I have some Express Mail that needed to be delivered before noon, so I came over to make sure that happened.”

“OK, I’ll sign for it.”

I walked over to her desk and as I did I was checking Beverly out. As I said she was wearing a grey business suit, composed of a knee length skirt and a jacket. Under the jacket she was wearing a loose fitting white blouse that was buttoned up to her neck. It appeared that she was working on not looking good at all.

“What’s up with the outfit?” I asked.

“Oh, I just felt like looking like a true business woman today.”

“OK, you still look good. Do you still have the paperclips on your nipples?”

Beverly looked down and appeared to blush, “Yes” she replied. “When I got back to the office yesterday, everyone was looking at my hard nipples. I could hear guys muttering under their breath about them. I also heard a couple of women say how they would love to suck them. In fact, one woman outside the mailroom told me that she wanted to suck my titties right there. I was so embarrassed.”

“What did your husband think about them?”

“He was a little shocked when I came home and he saw my hard nipples, but he liked the idea. I had forgotten that it was his poker night and some of his friends came over last night.”

“What happened?”

Beverly went on to tell me how her husband enjoyed seeing her hard nipples poking out and almost ripped off her shirt to suck on them. Knowing that he had some friends coming over to play some cards, he had Beverly put on a tight white “wife-beater” shirt, white “Daisy Dukes”, a pair of white “Fuck Me” stilettos and nothing underneath. Beverly said she was embarrassed and did not want to come out of her bedroom.

Her husband talked her into at least coming out and say hi to the guys and served them their first beer and snacks. Beverly said she was very self-conscious on how she looked, but did as her husband asked. When she walked into the room, all the guys got quiet and just stared at her. As she walked around the table handing out the beers, the guys were rubbing her legs and even her ass. Beverly said it seemed as though her husband enjoyed that. She said she ran out of the room.

About a half hour later, her husband called her and asked her to bring another round and some more snacks for the guys. She said she really did not want to, but she did not want to piss off her husband. So she grabbed some more beers and snacks and went into the room. Again every one got quiet and watched her every move. The guys would not hand her the empty beer bottles or take the new ones from her. She had to reach over and around them to pick up the empties and set down the full ones, along with the bowls of snacks.

She said as she did that, all the guys were rubbing her legs and trying to bite at her nipples and tits. She did admit that her pussy started getting wet. She went on to say a couple of times; guys slid their hands up between her thighs and brushed against her clothed covered clit. Again her husband seemed to enjoy this.

She decided to hang around this time. She figured that she could distract the other players and her husband could win some of the pots. So she said she flirted around with all the guys, letting them rub their hands up and down her legs, and every so often rub her clothed covered pussy. She even shook her big ole titties in their faces, and she could see them drooling. Her husband did not object and kept on winning.

She said this went on for a couple of hours and her husband was up a couple of hundred of dollars. It was getting late, so she told everyone that it was time to leave so her and her husband could get some sleep. The guys were objecting to both her leaving and they not having a chance to win back their money. Beverly said she told them that they would have a chance to win back their money, next week at Nate’s house. She said that as a treat she pulled up her shirt and flashed them. All their mouths dropped open as she ran out of the room.

When her husband finally got to bed, she said they had the best fuck session in a long time. She dressed the way she did today, because just thinking about yesterday and last night made her horny.

After hearing her story, my cock was rock hard and I went over to Beverly and grabbed her and forced my tongue down her throat as my hands roamed over her chest. As I continued to kiss her, I began to unbutton her jacket and blouse. I discovered under her blouse, she was wearing a heavy duty white cotton bra. I reached behind her and undid the bra. She was right; the paperclips were still there on her nipples. I removed the paperclips.

“Don’t take them off, they feel so good.” Beverly said.

“I have something to take their place,” I said as I reached into my pocket and took out some nipple clips. I placed the nipple clips and her nipples. “Now take off your bra and blouse and wear only the jacket. Also take off your panties and roll your skirt up.” Beverly removed her jacket, blouse and bra, and then put her jacket back on. She reached under her skirt and removed the pair of “grandma” panties she was wearing and rolled up her skirt to her upper thighs.

I took her panties and said “I’ll see for lunch at the mailroom,” and then left.

Once I got into the mailroom, I made sure the door was locked and jacked off into Beverly’s panties. I cleaned up and opened the top part of the door and began to deliver the mail. During the morning, several African-American women came and picked up their company mail and made it a point to say hi. A lot of them gave me a good show, showing off their cleavage. Several of them made suggestive comments about how they would enjoy a “special delivery” from me. I laughed and said I would see if I could make that happen.

Noon rolled around and Beverly showed up, but she wasn’t alone. She had another African-American woman with her. This woman wearing a short skirt was petite, about 5 foot 2, 125 lbs, 34c-26-32 with pecan tan colored skin. She was in sharp contrast to Beverly’s 5ft 6, 170 lbs 42DDD-36-40 with dark black skin.

“Zeke this is Darlene, the woman outside the mailroom I told you about. I ran into her outside.”

“Nice to meet you Darlene, why don’t you both come in.” I said as I opened the bottom part of the door. After they had entered, I closed the door and made sure it was locked.

“So Darlene you want to suck on Beverly tits, well I think Beverly would enjoy that, wouldn’t you Beverly?”

“Oh yes, Darlene suck on my big ole titties,” Beverly said as she unbuttoned her jacket and her 42DDDs and hard nipples were ready for Darlene.

Darlene immediately grabbed one of Beverly’s tits in her mouth and began to lick, suck and nibble on it, while she used her hands on Beverly’s other tit. As Darlene continued to play with Beverly’s tits, I got behind her and lifted up her skirt. Darlene had a fantastic ass, and she was wearing a pair of crotch less panties. Darlene began to kiss down Beverly’s stomach and pulled up her skirt to begin to kiss and lick at Beverly’s pussy, while her hands continued to play with Beverly’s tits. I reached down and began to play with Darlene’s pussy and clit. Darlene thrust her ass back to take my finger into her pussy.

I stepped back and watched as Darlene continued to eat Beverly’s pussy and play with her titties. Beverly seemed to be in seventh heaven. By now my cock was rock hard, so I pulled it out and got behind Darlene. I rubbed my hard cock against Darlene’s tight ass and she reached back and guided my hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. I saw that Darlene had three of her fingers in Beverly’s pussy and was finger fucking her and trying to stuff more fingers in Beverly’s pussy.

With my hard cock poised at the entrance to Darlene’s pussy, I rammed it deep into Darlene’s pussy. I grabbed Darlene’s hips and began to slam my cock in and out of Darlene’s pussy as Darlene continued to finger fuck Beverly. By now, Darlene had four fingers in Beverly’s pussy. Beverly was squirming and moaning in pleasure and pain as Darlene rammed her fifth and final finger into Beverly’s pussy. Darlene began to fist fuck Beverly as I continued to ram my cock in and out of Darlene’s pussy.

Beverly’s pussy was swallowing Darlene’s hand and part of her arm. Beverly had lifted her ass off the desk and was forcing Darlene’s hand and arm deeper into her pussy. I continued to force my cock deeper into Darlene’s pussy.

Beverly began to shake as she began to cum. Her pussy juices were covering Darlene’s hand and arm.

Darlene pulled her fist out of Beverly’s pussy and said, “I want her to eat my pussy now!”

With that I pulled my cock out of Darlene’s pussy and Darlene got into the 69 position with Beverly. Darlene ground her pussy into Beverly’s face, before Beverly could object. Darlene then attacked Beverly’s pussy with her mouth. I got behind Darlene and spread her ass cheeks and began to lick her asshole, lubricating it.

“DAMN ZEKE!!!! That feels so good!” Darlene exclaimed.

Darlene continued to grind her pussy into Beverly’s face as she sucked on Beverly’s clit. I placed the head of my hard cock at the entrance to Darlene’s asshole and with one long, hard, deep thrust buried my cock deep in Darlene’s ass. I began to ram my cock in and out of Darlene’s ass as Beverly began to fuck Darlene’s pussy with her tongue.

We three continued to fuck like this until I felt my balls tighten and I was getting ready to cum. I buried my cock deep into Darlene’s ass and began to cum, just before I finished cumming, I pulled my cock out and began to cum all over Darlene’s pussy and Beverly’s mouth.

“DAMN!!!! That was good, I didn’t know a white boy could fuck so well,” Darlene said.

“God Almighty, I didn’t know pussy tasted so good, I have to eat some more,” Beverly said.

“I enjoyed myself also. We will have to get together again. Maybe at your husband’s card game, Beverly,” I said.

“Sounds good to me, I love to get gangbanged,” Darlene replied.

“I’m not so sure about that, we will have to see,” Beverly said.

We all got dressed and I kissed the women good bye and open back up for Postal Service business. Again several women in the lobby saw the two of them leave and just smiled at me. That night I told my co-workers Janet and Gloria about my new mail route and they wanted in on the fun. I guess we will just have to see what happens.

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