tagSci-Fi & FantasyZeus & Tara Ch. 02

Zeus & Tara Ch. 02


Tara dragged herself off to work after her tryst with Zeus, Lord and Master of the Universe. Going to a regular job didn't seem as exciting to someone who had just mated with the King of the Gods. She certainly hoped that He had been serious about helping her win the lottery. That would be very nice of Him, indeed. After all, He had told her that she would conceive, and even a semi-divine child would need food on the table.

She also worried about Hera finding out that she had slept with her husband/brother. Zeus may have taught her a lesson about jealousy, but that was long enough ago for the Goddess to have possibly forgotten it. Would His sister/wife try to exact revenge on her? She shivered at the thought of an enraged Queen of Heaven.

When Tara got back home, she was not too stunned to see a woman in her apartment. The bigger surprise was that the lady was completely nude. She evidently had some sexual purpose for her appearance, but that in itself was shocking to Tara, since she had not really done much with girls. The woman was gorgeous, with dark hair that reached her tailbone. Ms. Walton wondered how she functioned with hair that long.

"Excuse me. Who are you?" she demanded to know.

"Someone who could squash a presumptuous little girl such as yourself like a bug. I am Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and daughter of Zeus. You seem to be my father's newest mortal paramour. Congratulations. Unlike some of the Gods and Goddesses, He actually looks out for his lovers. That's more than Ares or Aphrodite could say for themselves. He seems to have given you His seed. You will bear him a son or daughter. That's very good news for you," the Goddess told her.

"I am honored to meet you, O Goddess, but why are you nude?" Tara inquired.

"I want to get my chance to actually experience physical pleasure for a change. First, I want to try it with a woman, namely you. Then I will seduce Father. He should be quite stunned to have His virgin daughter pursue Him. Frankly, I'm tired of chastity. After so many millennia, it's boring. It's a lonely, monotonous life. Would you be willing to let me enjoy you? I doubt Father will mind, given how many women he loves," Athena announced.

"You offer something quite tempting. I don't mind sharing your father, so why should He expect me to be exclusive with Him? If He's as great a God as I think, he'll see the fairness of it," she observed.

"If? Believe me, He is very much as great a God as you think and then some. We don't call Him 'The All-Wise' for nothing," the Goddess reacted.

"Very well, then. Should I go down on you first, since you're naked?" Tara offered.

"Naturally. Start with my pussy lips. They ache for something new to touch them after thousands of years of masturbation," Athena directed her.

Tara got on her knees and began to suck on the Goddess's lips. Athena responded by lying backward on the sofa and letting the mortal woman taste her. Despite her lack of experience with ladies, Ms. Walton did surprisingly well, mainly out of enthusiasm for the act. The succulent sex of a girl was incredible! She was particularly happy that Zeus's daughter had shaved her pussy. That made it smooth and silky in her mouth.

Athena relaxed for a while, but Tara's next move got her rather excited. She began to nibble and lick the Goddess's clit, making the virgin very wet. Then she started sucking her clit, which doubled the wetness of the cunt facing her. She completely enjoyed eating this literally divine womanhood, while Athena felt a sublime pleasure from being orally serviced by the plump mortal blonde.

The sweet aroma of a soaking pussy was always enough to get Zeus's attention and it worked this time for sure. He appeared and saw His new love slave devouring His own daughter. It wasn't one of the daughters that He would have expected, either. It was Athena, not Aphrodite. He had wanted badly to fuck the Virgin Goddess for centuries and she had apparently changed her mind about celibacy. Obviously, the Fates were sucking up to Him or something.

"Well, it seems that you've met my daughter," He spoke up at last.

Tara turned her head to see the King of Heaven standing behind her. For a second, she was frightened of His possible reaction. Then she remembered that He was a fair God, not to mention a ladies' one. He would surely understand her experimenting with lesbian sex, right? She hoped that she was correct about that.

"Yes, Sir. She wanted me to eat her out," she explained.

"Then keep at it. Don't disobey a Goddess, my love. She will tend to get angry about such a thing. Don't worry. I'm not upset at you. I'm very just, so I have come to learn that wise mortal saying, 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander'. There are no double standards with me anymore. I wouldn't mistreat you in that way," He declared.

Now that she had her lover's blessing, Tara resumed licking and sucking Athena's pussy. The knowledge that Zeus watched it was another source of excitement for her. Her own cunt had begun to moisten and drip its juices. The Goddess noticed it as she herself started to climax. Ms. Walton's mouth was driving her nearly mad with ecstasy. At last, she finished cumming, with her fluids drenching her bald pussy.

"Well, Tara, I think it's my turn at Athena now. I'll finally screw my raven-haired daughter, now that she isn't a total virgin," He insisted.

"Yes, Sir. I will content myself with watching and masturbating," she answered Him.

"That's good until or unless I decide that I want you to join in. Be prepared for that to happen, because it might," He informed her.

Since Athena's legs were already spread, Zeus easily broke her hymen with His now erect dick. It was a cock that stood at 8 inches and definitely hurt His divine daughter as it slammed into her cunt. How had I taken it up my ass without hurting too much, Tara wondered. Well, He is a God, she remembered.

That the Goddess had recovered from the pain and accepted the monstrous manhood now banging her mercilessly was apparent, given how much she switched from whimpering to moaning. Her pussy now welcomed the God's meat, taking it further inside her with each powerful thrust. Zeus clearly didn't feel like being gentle this time around with His muscular daughter.

While her Master pounded His flesh and blood with His dick, Tara found herself slipping fingers down her pants into her own sex. Her pussy continued to dampen in her panties. Athena's groans as her father fucked her relentlessly were also very arousing to the student. She was watching daddy-daughter incest between 2 deities, both of whom were very sexy.

Finally, however, Zeus shot His divine load inside Athena. The Goddess of Wisdom responded to that by having yet another orgasm. Her tight maidenhood was not so tight or maiden anymore. Obviously, it milked the King of Heaven out of His usual level of self-control, which was hardly a shock when deflowering a Virgin Goddess.

As thrilling an encounter was it had been, all three needed to recuperate, even Zeus. He just had rough sex with His favorite daughter, the one who made Him proudest of all. She was worth every bit of the agony from having His head cleft with an axe and stitched back together. He was glad to know that some sex had actually come out of His excruciating delivery, one that would make the most belabored pregnant woman cring in terror.

"Well, Sir, you've screwed your daughter now. Was she as much fun for you as she was for me?" Tara teased Him.

"Of course. You do realize that I want you to suck my dick next, don't you? To make it even more work for you, I'll have Athena eat you out while you're doing it," He taunted her back.

"Good, because I wanted to do that anyway, Father. I just hope that she likes receiving it as much as I did," Athena added.

"Believe me, daughter. She does!" He remarked.

"Then I can't wait to taste her cunt," the Goddess replied.

"That's too bad, because you'll have to wait until the poor girl is rested. She's had a grueling day, haven't you?" He quipped.

"Yes, Father," she responded, which made both her and Tara giggle.

Zeus howled with laughter too, thinking girls will be girls, whether they are 21 or 80,000 years old.

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