tagChain StoriesZodiac Girls Ch. 05

Zodiac Girls Ch. 05

byJoseki Ko©

Headstrong Taurus

Who smiles through life-except when crossed?
Who knows, or thinks he knows, the most?
Who loves good things: baked, boiled or roast?
Oh, Taurus!

Zodiac Girls: Taurus; Jenn

It was nearing midnight when I spotted him. I was out at the best bar in town. Chey Chocolat. (at least if it's not the best show me a better one and I'll go there) I looked down to make sure everything was perfect. I was dressed in a light purple silk dress with black 6 inch stiletto heels. It showed off my slender body to maximum effect. My light blonde hair fell to my shoulder blades and was styled to the nines, so I wasn't to worried about that. But I still felt anticipation as his eyes searched the bar. I've been clubbing for about 3 months now looking for just the right guy. It's amazing what I'm willing to go through to find what I want. Only the best will do and it doesn't matter how long it takes me to get it. But when I find it I revel in it. And my stud looked like he'd be great to revel in.

"Hey baby what's your sign?"

I looked around and to my horror found this weasely little man addressing me. I must admit I was kind of stunned. This guy couldn't have been over five feet five inches tall and he was encased in a whole cow. Leather from head to foot. It didn't do much for his looks either. They matched his dark hair and swarthy complexion, but he looked just awful.

"My sign is STOP!" I sniffed at him as I said this. That usually works with most guy's they get the hint and leave. I'd been beating idiots off my table all night. I began to wonder if he was alight in the head when he just didn't get it.

"Not a problem baby I can stop right here."

I still really wasn't paying attention to him but this brought me around. I thought I'd have to use my best line for this guy. So I held my hand up a few inches over his head. I'm five feet eight inches myself, "You need to be this tall to ride this ride."

He looked up at the hand I held over his head and grimaced. His mouth started to open so I finished him off.

"God loves you Harry have a great day."

The guy finally took the hint and backed off. I went back to looking at my stud and realized to my horror that his eyes had passed over me while I was dealing with the jackal. He'd locked on to a redhead and was headed her way. Well sometimes it works that way. But that's ok I was patient I'd wait till Mr. Right came along.

I motioned to the waiter and ordered some Belgian Truffles and another glass of Dom Perignon to go with them. After all my motto has always been it doesn't matter what I've got as long as it's the best. That has to be the best thing about a chocolate bar, Chocolate.

As the night passed it became clear that nothing else worthwhile was coming through the door. So I started to get my things together when the waiter showed up at my table. He was carrying a single Champaign flute and a strawberry dipped in chocolate. He set them down in front of me and nodded to my right.

"The sweater by the door madam."

I turned and looked to see who my benefactor was. I was surprised to see my stud standing there with an amused look on his face. He was still gorgeous. A little over 6 feet and a nice chest. Long blonde hair flowed about his face and he had such a cute throat and a strong neck. I admit though, what he was wearing caught my interest the most. He had a cream colored cardigan sweater over a white silk shirt. Light brown pants and patent leather shoes completed the outfit. He was elegant.

I leaned over and picked up the strawberry and turning back to him I began to tongue it ever so lightly, just barely tasting the chocolate. He was beginning to take a very keen interest in what I was doing. I narrowed my eyes and let the strawberry come to rest in the palm of my hand. Looking at him under my lashes I picked up the strawberry with my tongue and began to suck on it. I watched his eyes grow in fascination as I finished my snack.

He began to walk over to me and I gave him one of my better smiles.

"Good evening my lady, my name is Steve. May I sit down?"

"Please be seated." I laughed. I've always thought the best pick up line in the world was hello. It was nice to see he thought the same. "So what brings you to my table?"

He thought this over for a minute and then with a twinkle in his eye asked me if I wanted the truth or the lie. Now that kind of set me back. But I'd rather have the truth so that's what I asked for.

"Very well, it is my intention to take you for a drive in my car end up at my apartment, entice you inside for a drink and make sensual love to you."

Now that was quite a statement for a guy who didn't even know my name.

"Really, and what makes you think I'll go for that?"

Steve smiled "Because you've always wanted to drive a Beamer."

I had to grin at that because it was true. We really got to talking things over and he was just amazing. We stayed at the bar for several more hours. As the bar closed they finally asked us to leave. As we headed out the door Steve handed me the key's and told me I should take a test drive. I wasn't really sure that he meant the car.

Steve and I drove around for an hour or so before I asked for directions to his place. It turned out that lived in a very nice loft in the city. As we parked he leaned over and began to nibble at my neck. His tongue was very talented. We really began to get heated as he nuzzled me. I kept running my fingers through his hair. It was soft and baby fine. He'd moan every time my hands swept through it. Some how we made it out of the car and into the elevator. I loved the feel of that silk shirt on is body. He also surprised me by having lots of muscles. That sweater hid them well. As we swept off the elevator into his apartment he half carried me into the living room. I was very surprised to see no less than two dozen candle already burning in the darkness.

I dearly love a man's neck and I really began to taste Steve's. Just the right amount of salt and some very nice vanilla bodywash. I felt him set me down on a couch and began to fumble at the straps on my dress. I helped him get those off and removed his shirt. He really did work out a lot. As I began to undo his belt my anticipation grew. I was surprised when he knelt in front of me and buried his face in my panties. His arms worked their way around me and I was really impressed by his hands. He began to knead my lower back and bottom.

I let him finish undressing me and his tongue was everywhere.

"Nice tattoo." He said.

I grinned and he tongued my Little bull. I'm a Taurus and I have a little bull tattooed over my pussy. He helped me to the bed where he laid me down on my stomach and began to work my body with those magic hands. If you ask any ten people, you will find that all ten know how to inflict some kind of torture, but only two of those ten will know how to give a good backrub. He was definitely in the two. I began to fell more relaxed than I had in along time, as Steve kept running those magic hands over my body.

As I lay there on my stomach I truly thought I'd never had a better massage. I rolled over and found that Steve still had his pants on. It was nice to find someone who was willing to devote the time to making me feel good before attending to himself. I reached out and loosened his belt. I saw something pass across his eye's but it was gone before I knew what it was. As his pants hit the floor I wasn't surprised that he was hard, I was surprised that he was four inches tops. He leaned down and planted his lips on my pussy. He began doing wonderful things to me and then began to run his tongue up my body. About the time his lips were teasing my breasts I felt his cock pushing between my legs. I opened my legs and began to gently squirm back and forth. The farther his lips moved up my body the farther he penetrated into me. Just as he finally buried his tongue in my mouth and his dick in my pussy he gave a convulsive shudder and fell on me. I couldn't believe he'd cum already. He smiled and went back to lapping at my pussy. It didn't take him that much longer to bring me to the edge. He leaned back to look at me and I grabbed his head and buried it in my pussy. His tongue shot out and encompassed me fully. Waves of pleasure washed over my body as his tongue worked me. I held him there for what seemed like forever. His talented tongue kept working me. I've always heard that if you don't have it between the hips you'd better have it between the lips. And he did.

As I fell asleep in his arms I ran him through the checklist.

He had looks, style, muscles, and lots of lovely possessions. He had fantastic hands and a great tongue, a four inch dick was fine with me but he just couldn't use it. So he wasn't the best. (Sigh) Well I'd keep looking.

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