tagExhibitionist & VoyeurZoe's Nude Day Escapades

Zoe's Nude Day Escapades


I was surfing online a couple months when I stumbled upon a website talking about the upcoming "Nude Day" on July 14. I thought it must be a joke but I did some Googling and was happy to see that it was real. It sounded like a good excuse to take my exhibitionism to the next level.

I've always loved being looked at. On a hot day I enjoy putting on a tight camisole style top that hugs my breasts, short shorts and absolutely no underwear. I head downtown to the concrete jungle where it's busy and just stroll around. Sometimes I glitz it up with Louis Vuitton sunglasses, a small Burberry handbag and high heels. I would be right at home in Cannes. Other times I would dress more simply with white anklets and runners. If I know there's a chance of being "caught" in the rain, I wear white.

After about an hour I'm usually completely drenched. My blond hair which goes down to the middle of my back is soaked, I feel drops of sweat rolling down the crack of my ass and there's a wet triangle both between my breasts and also between my crotch.

The camel toe wet patch is not just because of sweat. At the start of my walk, I get furtive glances from all the men. I know that they're looking at me sideways as I pass, usually at my perky breasts. Behind me I can feel their eyes staring at my firm round ass.

However, after an hour, it's flagrant. They openly stare me up and down. I see them moisten their lips with their tongues and I know they're just wishing they could put them around my hard nipples which would be sticking out.

By this time, it's not just the men who are staring. Most of the women are staring too. Some in anger and outrage -- the jealous ones who see the affect I'm having on their husbands and boyfriends. They're the minority. Actually, the majority of women have the same reaction as the men. The lust in their eyes gives it away. That's the main cause of the lower wet spot.

I feel high with the power I have over people. It's incredible. Right then and there, most of them would give me anything I want if I'd just give them what they want. I'm not really afraid of anyone trying to take what they want. I'm 5' 8" with an athlete's build and I've learned how to defend myself thanks to my black belt in Jiu-Jitsu that my parents forced me to earn. That combined with the fact that my teasing normally happens in crowded areas.

Usually I just meander around strutting my stuff. However, I remember one time last month I saw a beautiful brunette with long hair at a bus stop in a white halter top and a black mini-skirt. She had a nice tan, with no tan lines visible and silky smooth skin.

She had on a back pack so I figured she was a college student. She was watching me intently. I stared into her eyes as I passed her and after 10 feet I stopped and turned around and looked back. Yes she was still staring at me. We locked eyes again and I walked slowly on, intentionally putting a tiny bit more wiggle in my step.

I glanced in a store front window to make sure she was following me and I started looking around for somewhere a bit secluded. On a side street that seemed to have less pedestrians I noticed that there was a nook by a bookstore that had closed down. It seemed perfect. There were still cars going by once in a while but that was ok.

I went to the nook and stood with my back to the street staring into the empty store. I watched her approaching in the reflection of the glass. She came up behind me and just stood there. I felt her breathing on the back of my neck. Even in the heat her breath was hot.

She kissed my neck and a shiver went down my spine. While I regularly got people worked up with my teasing, I'd never let it lead anywhere -- so I was a bit nervous. I mostly dated guys. I like the feeling of a real dick ramming into my pussy. However, I do occasionally make it with a girl and I love that too. They know where to put their hands, how hard to squeeze my nipples and when to suck my pussy slowly and when to pick up the pace.

She put her hands around my waist, under my top and onto the bare skin of my stomach. I pushed my ass backwards and rubbed myself against her. I turned around, paused a second as we stared into each other's eyes and kissed her on the lips which were salty from her sweat. As I explored her mouth I noticed she tasted like a Cherry Passion tic-tac.

I lifted the front of her skirt and smiled when I saw a pair of Victoria's Secret cotton panties. I had a pair just like them that I wear when I want to make an impression while taking them off.

I reached down and stroked my fingers along her inner thighs.

"No more teasing!" she said. "Who knows how long we have before some fucking prude takes it upon themselves to interfere."

I reached into her panties and found that she, like me, was clean shaven and sopping wet. I pulled my hand out and tasted her. "Hmm." I reached back in and this time immediately inserted my middle finger into her pussy.

She inhaled sharply and pushed her hips forward and down instinctively.

"Do it!" she said.

I brought my finger slowly out and then pushed it back in. I did that a few times and then I started to rub her clitoris, slowly at first. I kissed her all over her face as I began to move faster and faster. When I felt like she was about to come I went for her lips. I pulled her lower pouty one into my mouth and bit down until I tasted blood. She came with such a force I had to grab her back with my left hand while locking my right on her cunt.

Her spasms continued for a full minute. She leaned her head forward and rested it on my shoulder for a few seconds of recovery.

"I hope we still have enough time," she said.

"If anyone tries to stop us, I will kill them!" I said and I wasn't joking. The blood was boiling in my veins. I was so focused on our moment in time that I gave a small jump when I suddenly noticed a face staring at us through the side glass.

It was the handsome face of a dapper little gentleman with graying hair. He was staring intently at us. He backed away to the front window never taking his eyes off of us looking afraid that we would disappear like a wisp of smoke or a daydream. He let the blinds down so that they blocked the full front showcase window.

He came back and dropped the pants of his suit and the underwear quickly followed. He seemed to be reasonably well endowed. In another time and place I might have let him join us. At his age I doubted that he took part in too many sexual adventures anymore. I felt like I was almost performing a public service.

I exchanged a smile and I turned my attention back to my college nymphet. She sucked my breast through my top and gently bit my nipple. I braced my hands against the glass sides with my left hand level with our audience's penis. He moved the head of his cock to touch the glass where my hand was and started to pump while cupping his balls.

College girl looked around and must have decided it was safe. She stooped down and pulled my shorts down around my ankles. The cool breeze on my exposed pussy felt lovely.

The voyeur's mouth just hung open and I could see his tongue making licking motions.

My pretty was doing the same but her tongue was in my fuck hole. She started licking me. The sight of her head between my legs, the masturbator watching us and the open street along which a car whizzed by every once in a while was intoxicating.

I pushed my hips into her face as she licked my pussy faster. I didn't think I could hold on much longer. She went for my clitoris, alternating between sucking it and flicking it with her tongue.

As I came I saw the window was being splattered with jism at the same time. This was definitely up there in the ten best orgasms of my life.

"Lick me clean please," I said.

She did as I asked. I pulled up my shorts, leaned down and first kissed her lips and then the window where he had soiled it. I held my mouth open on it for a few seconds while he rubbed his cock on the other side of the glass.

We both stood up, smiled at him and stepped back into the sun of the real world.

I kissed her again on the mouth and then started to walk away.

"Wait, we don't even know each other's names," she said.

Without breaking stride I turned my head and answered, "You're right," and continued walking.

Much as I would have liked to get to know her and explore the rest of her body I knew that I wanted to keep this special and not taint it with any ensuing "ordinariness".

I headed for the crowded subway as I decided to leave my Audi TT downtown. I felt like torturing people with the scent of sweat mixed with wild sex with the occasional pressing of my body against a random stranger as the train came to a stop at a station.

*** I thought about what had just happened. That was the first time I had displayed a part of my naked body in public and I had liked it. I decided it was time to make some plans for July 14th.

As it was a Saturday, I didn't have to wake up early but did so anyway. Celebrating "Nude Day" at work might have been interesting, what with that lithe Carrie in accounting and Frank-the-ripped intern.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and only a few wisps of cloud were to be seen anywhere -- perfect for my plans.

For a warm up, I decided to take a walk in my back yard in my birthday suit. My neighbour, Jim, was a 32 year old high school teacher. He was living on his own for now but he was engaged to be married in the fall to a stuck up French-Canadian librarian. I have to admit though that she was pretty hot. I would sometimes fantasize about making her my sex slave after they got married and she moved in.

Jim was also good looking and by the way he looked at me it was obvious he appreciated my body. On a number of occasions I had caught sight of him in an upstairs window looking at me through binoculars while I sunbathed in a thong bikini on my deck.

My back yard is pretty secluded as I have a couple acres of land with a lot of trees. Jim's house is the only one with a view of my back yard.

As I left my gazebo, I made a point of banging the door closed in the hope that he would hear and take a peek. I walked the length of my property and as I walked back I was pleased to see a brief glint in an upper story window. It was too bright for me to see inside from here but I knew he was there.

I stopped where I figured he'd have the best view and then started to do some stretching. First my arms, my neck and my sides. I turned around, did my quads, some lunges and finally spread my legs and touched the ground. This would give him a perfect view of my pussy and I sure both of us were imagining him taking me from behind doggy-style.

I keep a bottle of sunscreen in a container in a shaded part under my deck. I got it out and started applying it to my face and arms. I spent some extra time on my breasts caressing them slowly and pinching the nipples.

I was sure by now Jim was stroking himself. I did my tummy, my butt, my legs, finishing up with my inner thighs. I slipped my middle finger into my pussy. I grabbed a lawn chair and sat down facing Jim. I spread my legs and put each one on the arm of a chair. I put my head back and let my hair hang down the back.

Looking through half slit eyes I could now see that Jim had made his way to their bay window and was completely naked with one hand holding his binoculars and the other pumping away. I inserted first one, then two and finally three fingers into my pussy. I've never tried fisting like I've seen some girls online do. I pushed them in, all the way in.

Jim seemed to like -- he was stroking even faster. I also sped up. I always enjoyed watching someone else masturbate. It didn't take long for me to feel the pressure start to build. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming. I didn't really want to share my orgasm with the whole street -- just a select few. I came and enjoyed every second of it. Looking up I saw as Jim started spewing. His eyes were closed so I sat up and waited.

When he opened his eyes he saw me staring at him. His face seemed to flush even redder. I blew him a kiss, got up, waved goodbye and headed inside. I thought I heard him say, "You're amazing Zoe!" No arguments from me.

I drank a glass of cool water. Orgasms make me thirsty. I get thirsty a lot. I had a good breakfast. I was planning on making the most of "Nude Day" and needed my strength.

It was time for the next adventure.

I went upstairs and put on a tank top. I bunched up the bottom and tied it in a knot so that it just covered my breasts. I figured that the top with a pair of shoes was enough of a compromise on "Nude Day". I grabbed my purse, sunglasses and keys and headed to my car.

I put the top down and drove out of the garage.

*** The previous week, as part of my planning, I had scouted out a local fast food joint with a drive through. I was called "Dogs R Us". I was surprised they hadn't been sued to change their name. I'd dropped in about the same time last Saturday and ordered a lemonade. The kid at the counter who seemed about eighteen was kind of cute and I felt sure that I left him with a hard-on. I was hoping he'd be on duty again today.

I pulled up to the impersonal machine where you place your order and asked, "I'm hungry, so what's your biggest sausage?"

"That would be our King Kong, ma'am. It'll fill you up, don't you worry," came the reply and I was happy to hear that it was the voice of my cutie. Didn't like the "ma'am" comment though. I'm only twenty-three but I guess to an eighteen year old that might seem like ages.

"Would you like the meal with that?"

"Yes please. Large fries and a large Coke. Also a large bottle of water -- I get thirsty."

"That'll be $12.50. Please drive up to the window."

As I pulled level with the pay window, I handed him a twenty.

He could only see the upper part of my body but it was enough to make his eyes bulge a bit. I was betting that it wasn't the only thing bulging.

As he handed me my change I said, "With the line-up behind me how about I go park and you bring it to me?" with an emphasis on the "you".

He looked up behind my car and saw that it was completely empty. He looked back to me and stammered, "Uh...yes ma'am. Of course."

I pulled away. The parking was at the rear. I reversed into my spot. It was an open field behind me and I was facing the wall of the restaurant -- the back of the kitchen. There wasn't anyone else around as it was only 11am. I opened a newspaper and pretended to be reading.

After about ten minutes I saw him come out with my order. I folded the newspaper and put it in my lap. As I took the paper bag I said, "Let me check the order." I took the fries out of the bag and dropped them on the ground. Next the bread of the hot dog -- I kept the sausage. Last was the Coke. "Ooops," I said.

The confused look on his face was charming. "Go tell them that you need to come out to clean this mess -- get someone you trust to cover for you in case it takes a little longer than you anticipate."

With that I lifted my newspaper to start reading again. This exposed my bottom naked half to him. He froze in shock staring into my crotch.

Into the silence I said, "We don't want them to start wondering where you are..."

"Pete," he said.

"Pete. Now go do as I said. I don't have all day."

Pete did as he was told. He hurried but was trying not to run. I was hot thinking about what I was going to be doing soon. I started to rub my pussy which got the juices flowing. After a few minutes he came back with perhaps every cleaning product in the store.

"I told them that you were allergic to something in the sausage and threw up but that you agreed that if I cleaned it up, including your car, you'd be willing to just forget about it."

"Well, well, well, you're a smart boy Pete," I said smiling. "That should give us a good fifteen minutes. Let's see what -- I mean whom -- we can get done in that time."

He blushed.

"Now pretend you're sweeping up what's on the ground."

He dropped all the other stuff on the ground except for the broom and started to sweep. His eyes were fixed inside my car as I opened my legs and picked up the sausage. It had cooled down enough by now. It was almost two inches in diameter and about a foot long -- perfect for my needs.

I picked up the sausage and performed oral sex on it. I took it out and looking Pete in the eye, slowly inserted it about half way into my pussy. I pulled it out and pushed it back in a couple times and then put it in front of Pete's mouth.

"Bite it," I said.

Pete didn't need to be told twice. He first sucked two inches of it and then bit off one inch.

Back in to my pussy went the sausage. We did this a couple more times and then I shoved King Kong all the way into my snatch.

"Out of the way," I said. Pete stepped aside.

I opened the door and turned to put my feet on the ground as wide apart as I could.

"Now finish me off."

Pete dropped the broom and got onto his knees. He made quick work out of the sausage sticking out until his lips reached mine. He used his tongue to then lick me from my anus up across my pussy to my clitoris. He sucked it for a second and then he sucked a bit of the sausage out, bit it, chewed and swallowed.

He pushed his hands up and under my top so that he could squeeze my breasts .

"Suck them!" I said.

He exposed the nipples and alternated between sucking one and squeezing the other. He seemed to know what he was doing and I almost came. I put my hands on his head and pushed him back onto my cunt. I hoped that the dog would finish soon so Pete could just focus on my pussy. He must have read my mind as he sucked some out and chewed and sucked and chewed.

"Now you're done eating the doggy, eat the pussy!"

He started rotating his tongue around the sides of my pussy lips. It felt good. He started flicking my pussy with his tongue. He started to suck me slowly. Normally I'd be happy to take it slow, but to be honest, having cunnilingus performed on me in my car in public with an eighteen year old fast food employee who was going to be missed from his job soon was not for me "normal".

"Kid, I'm ready to explode and if you want to have a chance for me to milk you, I'd suggest you pick up the pace." If he insisted in calling me ma'am, well then I could return the favour.

I wrapped my legs around his head and pulled him into me.

For the second time today I felt myself building to orgasm.

With his ears covered, he couldn't hear me going, "Ahh, ahh, ahh." As I got close, I started bucking my hips while holding onto his head with my hands. I came hard into his mouth and held onto him while I went through my aftershocks.

I released him from my headlock and he looked up. He had a big grin on his face. I think he was proud of himself. I smiled too.

"Ok, drop 'em," I said.

He wasted no time jumping to his feet, unbuckling his jeans and dropping them and his jockeys. A nice seven inch cock popped out.

I sat up and cupped his balls with my left hand. I massaged them a bit. I took his prick into my right and started to pump slowly.

"Oooooh," he said.

I leaned forward and took the head of his penis into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around his cock, pumped him a few more times and then took him all the way into my mouth. I like the taste of cock and pre-cum. I started pumping faster when we heard someone yell, "Pete, you coming soon?"

Pete answered truthfully, "Yeah, I'm coming!"

I picked up the pace another notch alternating between pumping and giving him a blow job.

Pete leaned onto my car. "Yes, yes, yes, I'm coming!" he started to shout.

"I heard you the first time," the voice replied and with that Pete exploded into my mouth. I pumped every last drop out of him and swallowed it all. When he had recovered, he leaned over and kissed me on my mouth.

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