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A Holistic Approach (4.42)I visit a men's health group for help with my rimming fetish. Gay Male 09/13/13
A Man in My Bed (4.50)My first night spent with another man starts awkwardly.  Hot Gay Male 12/03/13
A New Flame (4.17)I make a confession to my girlfriend with a surprise reaction. Gay Male 10/28/16
A Walk in the Park (4.05)I hope the fresh air in my local park might clear my mind. Gay Male 08/04/13
Adam and Steve (4.21)Time spent with two friends fuels my new sexual fetish. Gay Male 08/04/13
Air BNB (3.92)Dave stays over with two gay guys to avoid a hotel bill. Gay Male 04/04/16
Awake with Jake: 4 Part Series
Awake with Jake Pt. 01 (4.44)The story of how I and my mate Marcus first hooked up... Gay Male 05/09/14
Awake with Jake Pt. 02 (4.52)I continue telling my dad about my first time with a guy...  Hot Gay Male 05/24/14
Awake with Jake Pt. 03 (4.40)Sharing my bed with a uni friend, I struggle to get to sleep. Gay Male 06/06/14
Awake with Jake Pt. 04 (4.58)Unable to sleep, I nip to the bathroom to tire myself out...  Hot Gay Male 06/19/14
Badly Drawing Boy (4.10)I get called to my son's college because of a lewd cartoon. Gay Male 11/11/13
Bedtime Stories (4.21)Two days after I'd rimmed a guy, my son drops a bombshell. Gay Male 07/16/13
Blast from the Past and from my Son (4.07)My son finds a blow-up doll under my bed. Gay Male 12/20/16
Both Ways (3.91)A quiet Sunday finds me wondering about my bisexuality Gay Male 10/28/13
Bunk Buddies (4.32)Two friends discuss the time one of them was in prison. Gay Male 03/24/15
By Popular Demand (4.19)As I think about sex with a man, I get an offer from a woman Gay Male 10/15/13
Candid Cameron (4.32)I finally find someone I can talk to frankly about rimming. Gay Male 09/27/13
Carried Away (4.23)I sneak a sly wank while my son is downstairs... Gay Male 10/03/13
Coupling Up (4.11)I sneak back to the toilets where I saw two men having sex. Gay Male 08/28/13
Danny Comes to Stay: 2 Part Series
Danny Comes to Stay Ch. 01 (4.19)A married man’s well-hung ex-boyfriend comes for a visit… Gay Male 02/20/17
Danny Comes to Stay Ch. 02 (4.50)Danny gets to work helping out in the marital bedroom...  Hot Gay Male 02/28/17
Doing the Dirty: 2 Part Series
Doing the Dirty Pt. 01 (4.40)My son and I get turned on describing our secret fantasies. Gay Male 06/16/15
Doing the Dirty Pt. 02 (4.32)I find it unexpectedly enjoyable to masturbate with my son. Gay Male 06/21/15
Don't Freak Out: 2 Part Series
Don't Freak Out Pt. 01 (4.20)I offer to show my son how my boyfriend and I make love... Incest/Taboo 05/05/17
Don't Freak Out Pt. 02 (4.18)Guy reacts well to seeing my new relationship with my son... Gay Male 05/06/17
Doubling Up: 3 Part Series
Doubling Up Pt. 01 (4.10)My friend catches my son and his mate doing something odd... Gay Male 08/20/14
Doubling Up Pt. 02 (4.48)My son and I discuss using a double-ended dildo together... Gay Male 09/09/14
Doubling Up Pt. 03 (4.65)My son and I perform for friends with a double-ended dildo.  Hot Gay Male 09/30/14
Driving Home for Christmas (4.46)My son makes an announcement I had been half-expecting. Gay Male 12/23/13
Dropping the Bottle Opener (4.30)A straight lad is surprised by his gay friend's admission... Gay Male 11/17/16
Everything Changes at: 2 Part Series
Everything Changes at 21 Pt. 01 (4.27)My son's 21st birthday changes our relationship forever... Incest/Taboo 03/29/17
Everything Changes at 21 Pt. 02 (4.35)My son is angry about what I did to him when he was drunk... Incest/Taboo 04/06/17
Father and Son Moments (3.62)I think back to times I've spent sharing a room with my son. Gay Male 11/02/13
Football Match (3.59)An overnight stay results in an unexpected room share. Gay Male 07/03/13
Friday Night at the Furlongs': 3 Part Series
Friday Night at the Furlongs' Pt. 01 (4.51)Shane worries about what sex with his cousin might be like.  Hot Gay Male 04/16/16
Friday Night at the Furlongs' Pt. 02 (4.52)Shane's Uncle Rob invites a friend over to show him gay sex.  Hot Gay Male 04/30/16
Friday Night at the Furlongs' Pt. 03 (4.69)Shane and his cousin try sex with Uncle Rob looking on...  Hot Gay Male 05/17/16
Furlong Four Play: 3 Part Series
Furlong Four Play Pt. 01 (4.35)Jake's friend from uni comes to stay with him and his cousin. Gay Male 05/31/16
Furlong Four Play Pt. 02 (4.43)The lads test Uncle Rob's sense of smell with a raunchy game. Gay Male 06/21/16
Furlong Four Play Pt. 03 (3.92)Shane awakens to find his cousin and friend having sex... Gay Male 10/06/16
Further into the Furlong: 2 Part Series
Further into the Furlong Pt. 01 (4.47)Shane decides to stay longer with his uncle and cousin. Gay Male 03/10/16
Further into the Furlong Pt. 02 (4.62)Me and my cousin snapchat pictures of our dicks to his dad.  Hot Gay Male 03/24/16
Game Boy: 2 Part Series
Game Boy Ch. 01 (3.80)A young man in the shopping mall asks me for a favour... Gay Male 05/28/15
Game Boy Ch. 02 (4.57)The young duty manager takes me to his office...  Hot Gay Male 05/31/15
Getting Together (4.53)I strike up a friendship at the office Christmas party...  Hot Gay Male 11/26/13
Giving Smithy a Bum-Job (4.11)Two straight lads play along with their horny gay mate. Gay Male 01/03/17
Go Ahead (4.28)A visit to the town bus station provides a pleasant surprise. Gay Male 07/12/14
Guilty Pleasures (4.40)I discover that what I enjoyed with Guy is called rimming. Gay Male 07/09/13
Having a Laugh (4.21)Me and my mate film ourselves doing gay stuff for a laugh. Gay Male 08/05/14
How Do You Like It? (3.31)My evening with Debbie takes an unexpected turn. Gay Male 11/22/13
Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Ch. 01 (4.25)I pick up a hitch-hiker on the way home from a meeting... Gay Male 03/15/14
Hypothetical Hitch-Hiker Ch. 02 (4.52)My hitch-hiker proves more inquisitive than I had hoped...  Hot Gay Male 03/27/14
Jake's Christmas Present (4.52)My son arranges a very unexpected Christmas present for me.  Hot Gay Male 12/17/13
Just Like My Dad: 2 Part Series
Just Like My Dad Pt. 01 (4.24)Ivan the car salesman seemed to know just what I was after. Gay Male 08/11/15
Just Like My Dad Pt. 02 (4.43)Ivan tells me why he started hooking up with men for sex... Gay Male 08/15/15
Like Father Like Son: 2 Part Series
Like Father Like Son Ch. 01 (4.59)I am kept awake by my son and his university friend  Hot Gay Male 02/17/14
Like Father Like Son Ch. 02 (4.44)I interrupt my son and his college friend late one night... Gay Male 03/01/14
Mankini Bearcub: 2 Part Series
Mankini Bearcub Ch. 01 (4.52)Bazza is intrigued by comments about his ice bucket video.  Hot Gay Male 01/09/15
Mankini Bearcub Ch. 02 (4.71)Barry's hook-up with Todd behind his wife's back continues.  Hot Gay Male 02/03/15
Medical History (3.61)My doctor explains why I have become interested in rimming. Gay Male 08/09/13
Mudchute Services (4.48)I discover a new raunchier side to my sexual interests... Gay Male 12/31/14
Online Briefing (3.89)I bid on some underwear on e-Bay which is 'customisable'. Gay Male 08/12/13
Operation Simon: 4 Part Series
Operation Simon Pt. 01 (4.15)My friend plans to hook up with his son like I do with mine. Gay Male 05/31/17
Operation Simon Pt. 02 (4.49)Guy's plan to hook up with his son doesn't quite work out... Incest/Taboo 06/09/17
Operation Simon Pt. 03 (4.45)The four of us guys share two double beds in the hostel... Incest/Taboo 06/21/17
Operation Simon Pt. 04 (4.38)We continue trying to persuade Simon to hook up with his dad. Incest/Taboo 07/09/17
Pantomime Cow (3.74)My son presents me with a fascinating scenario... Gay Male 08/16/13
Pleasant Thoughts (4.15)After a date with a woman, I lie in bed thinking of the past. Gay Male 09/06/13
Questions and Answers (4.26)An envelope left at work reads: 'From a fellow butt monkey'. Gay Male 09/19/13
Roadside Assistance (4.46)After my car breaks down, an AA man proves most obliging... Gay Male 11/04/13
Silas in the Library (3.52)I visit a library to find out why I'm interested in rimming. Gay Male 07/18/13
Sons and Lovers (4.07)A visit to a friend of his dad's turns dirty and smelly... Gay Male 01/24/17
Stain Devils (4.23)A meal in a posh restaurant takes an unexpected turn... Gay Male 10/28/13
Surprise at Rogerson Shopping Mall (4.18)Before meeting up with my son, I pop into a public toilet... Gay Male 03/09/17
Taking It All In (4.48)The morning after the first night I spent with another man. Gay Male 12/10/13
The Bride's Brother: 2 Part Series
The Bride's Brother Ch. 01 (4.35)After a wedding, we invite the bride's brother to our room. Gay Male 04/16/14
The Bride's Brother Ch. 02 (4.48)The visitor to our hotel room enjoys learning about gay sex. Gay Male 04/29/14
The Furlong Gene (4.37)Jake's Australian cousin starts to enjoy his visit to the UK. Gay Male 01/08/16
The Halfway Inn: 2 Part Series
The Halfway Inn pt. 01 (4.14)An overnight with a work colleague proves most entertaining. Gay Male 10/29/14
The Halfway Inn pt. 02 (4.37)The conclusion of my hotel stopover with a younger colleague Gay Male 12/08/14
The Paint Job: 4 Part Series
The Paint Job Pt. 01 (4.58)A wedding artist receives a request from two gay men.  Hot Gay Male 11/01/17
The Paint Job Pt. 02 (4.56)The two men show the artist how they'd like to be painted...  Hot Gay Male 11/07/17
The Paint Job Pt. 03 (4.56)The two grooms show the wedding artist their consummation...  Hot Gay Male 11/14/17
The Paint Job Pt. 04 (4.47)The wedding night artist finishes sketching the two grooms. Gay Male 11/21/17
The Right Trousers (4.23)A tailor gets overly close to me when measuring me up. Gay Male 08/21/13
Troy Story (4.09)What happened in the tent between two men on a hiking trip. Gay Male 11/15/13
Up At the Crack (3.92)My friend Edward and I discuss our teenage sons... Gay Male 02/25/15
What Happened in Harvey's Room: 2 Part Series
What Happened in Harvey's Room Pt. 01 (4.05)Grant wonders why his friends are jerking off over guy stuff. Gay Male 02/03/16
What Happened in Harvey's Room Pt. 02 (4.26)Harvey shows Grant how much fun two guys can have together. Gay Male 02/13/16
What Lurks Beneath (4.65)The man I'm sharing a room with starts quietly masturbating.  Hot Gay Male 07/06/13
Work and Play (4.05)My fascination with the idea of rimming other men grows. Gay Male 07/17/13
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