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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

100 Watt (2.86)She noticed odd umber stains in light gray paint... Erotic Horror 12/10/04
123 Faux (4.17)When she finds a bra, she learns more about him. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/28/04
186235 (3.43)Worse than what Poe could have thought up. Erotic Horror 06/25/04
18th Hole: 3 Part Series
18th Hole Ch. 01 (3.82)As her husband plays golf, she does 18 holes. Loving Wives 08/18/04
18th Hole Ch. 02 (4.08)Jenny continues her round, finally meeting her husband. Loving Wives 08/19/04
18th Hole Ch. 03 (3.91)Jenny gets fucked by her husband, then his lawyer. Loving Wives 08/20/04
2 I-s (3.79)He became both loved and lover as his hands circled. Toys & Masturbation 09/28/04
2 Tacos for $1.00 (3.72)In drive-thru line, she sucks for her own taco sauce. Text With Audio 09/27/04
412 Serum Sexual Response: 10 Part Series
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 10 (4.11)Dissolution and failure. Novels and Novellas 04/03/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 01 (4.12)Discovering the sexual possibilities of a new drug. Novels and Novellas 03/22/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 02 (4.27)The sexual possibilities of a new drug. Novels and Novellas 03/25/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 03 (4.10)Interesting complications in sexual possibilities. Novels and Novellas 03/26/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 04 (4.33)Female subject is added to research. Novels and Novellas 03/27/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 05 (4.49)Body Heat & Kathleen Turner? Novels and Novellas 03/28/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 06 (4.53)Allison's past impacts the research.  Hot Novels and Novellas 03/29/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 07 (4.47)Two subjects have a session together, in a group. Novels and Novellas 03/30/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 08 (4.55)An incredible breakthrough in the research.  Hot Novels and Novellas 03/31/04
412 Serum Sexual Response Ch. 09 (4.52)Problems begin to develop.  Hot Novels and Novellas 04/01/04
A Baffling Shower (4.01)He sees them fucking in the shower. Illustrated 12/31/04
A Big Heart (4.09)A brave act of mercy goes terribly wrong. Non-Erotic 09/28/04
A Birthday Surprise (3.79)In the parking lot, she's wearing only her gown. Illustrated 01/01/05
A Blood Donation (4.29)A blood donation appointment fulfills a fantasy. Interracial Love 09/28/04
A Box Lunch (4.24)Opening her legs, I realized this was no ordinary box lunch. Mature 10/04/04
A Break (3.71)Lost in sensation, Claire gasped for breath. Lesbian Sex 12/28/04
A Burning of Birds (3.80)You're six now, it's time you burned a bird. Non-Erotic 09/20/04
A Bus Ride: 3 Part Series
A Bus Ride (3.17)For Drew, this pleasant experience was simply foreplay. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/07/04
A Bus Ride (Redeaux Too) (3.61)Adria now takes the erotic bus ride. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/18/04
A Bus Ride (Redeaux) (2.64)Seemingly humiliating experience was just foreplay. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/08/04
A Call (3.69)Woman receives a strange phone call. NonConsent/Reluctance 11/01/04
A Car Wash (3.55)They get hot while car gets sudsy. Illustrated 07/16/04
A Cigarette (4.09)As she smoked, she fufilled his every fantasy. Fetish 09/19/04
A Curve (4.41)He ties his wife to the bed & touches her. BDSM 12/28/04
A Day: 2 Part Series
A Day (3.45)He prayed she’d be pleased with him. BDSM 12/28/04
A Day At The Races (3.93)Her visit to a garage leads to double entry fun Group Sex 08/11/04
A Deal in Images (4.04)Strangely aroused by her tattoos, he lives a fantasy. Fetish 09/18/04
A Fight: 3 Part Series
A Fight (4.30)Andy's fight with his sis Valerie suddenly turns passionate. Incest/Taboo 12/09/04
A Fight Ch. 02 (4.51)Nagged with guilt, Andy talks to Valerie.  Hot Incest/Taboo 12/20/04
A Fight Ch. 03 (3.79)Andy and Valerie intensify their relationship. Incest/Taboo 12/21/04
A Fire Drill: 4 Part Series
A Fire Drill Ch. 01 (3.82)Fire drill leads to office workers' hot morning. Group Sex 10/09/04
A Fire Drill Ch. 02 (3.82)At lunch John learns of the trio's first time together. Group Sex 10/10/04
A Fire Drill Ch. 03 (3.86)John indulges his fascination with Janet's ass. Anal 10/11/04
A Fire Drill Ch. 04 (4.27)His pale cock disappeared into her brown body. Interracial Love 10/11/04
A First Kiss (4.00)The excitement leading up to a first kiss. Non-Erotic 07/28/04
A Floral Espionage (2.75)I felt the infinite softness of her blossom. NonHuman 01/22/04
A Knock (3.77)We suddenly hear soft music from somewhere. BDSM 12/28/04
A Long Ways Home: 2 Part Series
A Long Ways Home Ch. 01 (3.87)Return home brings memories of a first time. First Time 07/18/04
A Long Ways Home Ch. 02 (4.32)Email recollection of erotic, perhaps exotic event. Letters & Transcripts 07/19/04
A Love Hotel Diary (3.54)Exerpts from the Gang Snowman Love Hotel Diary. Letters & Transcripts 10/09/04
A Lunchbreak (3.87)Mark rushes home to her bedroom for lunch. Illustrated 12/31/04
A Midsummer's Night Dave (4.00)To bea or not to bea, that iggys the question. Non-Erotic 05/23/04
A Mile Higher (4.10)"A mile higher than what?" Edward asked. Interracial Love 06/27/04
A Nanny (3.30)With wife asleep, he visits Christine in the basement. NonConsent/Reluctance 11/05/04
A Night to Forget (3.68)An odd and disturbing visit to a special house. Erotic Couplings 07/19/04
A Peek (3.70)Peek in friend's window brings incredible sight. Text With Audio 07/26/04
A Pledge (4.22)A sorority party has an amazing surprise for Holly. Incest/Taboo 08/10/04
A Precise Motion (4.36)When they clicked it was perfection. Incest/Taboo 12/13/04
A Promise (4.58)He must survive, he must tell the world.  Hot Non-Erotic 08/14/04
A Quantity of Quality (3.86)He meets the most incredible woman at an orgy. Group Sex 10/15/04
A Rat’s Return (4.29)A Tunnel Rat returns to meet a long lost love. Anal 03/25/04
A Review: 2 Part Series
A Review of Audition (3.53)Review of Audition, a movie based on a Ryu Murakami novel Reviews & Essays 05/05/04
A Review: Poems of a Penisist (3.86)Review of 1 of the world’s great books of gay erotic poetry Reviews & Essays 10/12/04
A Roundeau Redoubled (4.00)He'd imagine his hands touching her like that. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/20/04
A Service (2.56)A man with a dark secret performs a task Fetish 07/27/04
A Sexual Response to Global Warming (4.32)I would like to propose a sexual response to global warming. Humor & Satire 02/16/04
A Short Drive (4.40)After short drive, she joins her aging lover. Romance 07/27/04
A Sip of Wine (3.45)He held her against the back of the couch. NonConsent/Reluctance 10/11/04
A Tent (3.83)An early morning interlude at a campout. Text With Audio 07/26/04
A Test Drive (4.20)Test drive leads to several interesting discoveries. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/28/04
A Three Sum: 2 Part Series
A Three Sum (4.02)Odd threesome & a phone add up to incredible sex. Toys & Masturbation 10/29/04
A Three Sum Ch. 02 (4.50)The erotic phone call suddenly gets out of hand.  Hot Erotic Couplings 11/02/04
A Toy Horse (4.18)Tragedy interrupts presentation of a birthday gift. Non-Erotic 06/25/04
A Woman in Red (3.28)She immediately caught my attention. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/28/04
A1A -- August, 1983 (3.91)He sees her in the water, in the waves. Toys & Masturbation 07/11/04
Ache (4.08)It was slow & humiliating, just as Janet craved. BDSM 08/16/04
Addio (3.76)He watched her grow from a promising young girl. Mature 06/18/04
Airport (3.83)Stranded passenger finds hot sex in empty airport. Toys & Masturbation 09/01/04
Alicia: 5 Part Series
Alicia Ch. 01 (4.14)Alone in a kitchen Alicia is surprised by an intruder.. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/08/04
Alicia Ch. 02 (4.10)She simply gave into the situation. Anal 09/09/04
Alicia Ch. 03 (4.11)Can you believe that illiterate twit called me a moron? Anal 09/16/04
Alicia Ch. 04 (4.27)Excited by Alicia's story, Connie seduces a virgin. First Time 09/22/04
Alicia Ch. 05 (4.27)Hungering for a virgin, Alicia goes down on Connie. Lesbian Sex 09/23/04
All White (4.02)Cock & cunt became their only existence. Incest/Taboo 08/02/04
Almost Ass (3.95)The most expensive piece of ass in modern history. Anal 08/14/04
Almost Transparent Blue (3.94)Review of Ryu Murakami's first novel. Reviews & Essays 04/10/04
An Accident (3.27)An accident victim becomes a victim again. NonConsent/Reluctance 09/26/04
An Apple Pie: 5 Part Series
An Apple Pie Ch. 01 (4.10)Mesmerized by her pie, he tastes her tart pussy. Mind Control 09/25/04
An Apple Pie Ch. 02 (4.26)My apple pie adventure continues: the machine is restocked. Mind Control 09/26/04
An Apple Pie Ch. 03 (4.17)Trying to cheer me up, Gabrielle spreads her legs for me. Mind Control 10/06/04
An Apple Pie Ch. 04 (4.44)Vending lady brings apple pies. Mind Control 10/08/04
An Apple Pie Ch. 05 (4.03)He gets in trouble sharing pie with boss' wife. Mature 11/12/04
An Experienced Flight (4.57)Flying an USAF C-130 just before my tenth birthday.  Hot Non-Erotic 07/21/04
An Hour (3.80)He took things into his own hands Toys & Masturbation 07/27/04
And Everything Nice (4.08)The recipe was all she could think of in the cold room. Non-Erotic 06/01/04
And I Just Called Them Jesus Freaks (4.40)The pilgrims who followed a star. Non-Erotic 06/25/04
Another Hour (4.05)It's Jim's wife's turn now. Toys & Masturbation 07/28/04
Apple on a String (4.30)Plan was more than he bargained for. Erotic Horror 06/25/04
Arachibutyrophobia (4.59)My fear of peanut butter  Hot Fetish 08/06/04
Arietta (3.04)A strangely afflicted woman suffers at her doctor's hands. NonConsent/Reluctance 06/30/04
Art or Porn? (4.44)When does presentation of sexuality cross the line? Reviews & Essays 06/29/04
Autoeroticism: A Review of Crash (4.50)A review of J.G. Ballard's underground classic.  Hot Reviews & Essays 02/29/04
Balancing Act (4.67)Staying balanced was getting to be a pretty tough thing.  Hot Non-Erotic 05/11/04
Balcony (4.39)Striving to regain intimacy at a bed & breakfast. Erotic Couplings 12/27/04
Best Friends: 2 Part Series
Best Friends (4.13)A video shows him too much. Loving Wives 04/20/04
Best Friends Ch. 02 (4.14)Matt was dead, it's Katie's turn now. Loving Wives 05/28/04
Better Than. (4.34)I used to think sex was like fishing. Humor & Satire 06/27/04
Black Buffalo Woman (4.07)While you walk to the sunset... Loving Wives 05/28/04
Blood Test (4.28)He sits down into a slow motion nightmare. Gay Male 06/17/04
Bondage, An Anthology of Passionate (4.62)Review of anthology of bondage articles & stories. Reviews & Essays 05/08/04
Brown Sugar (3.78)How'd you like this brown sugar, honey? Interracial Love 08/07/04
Bus Stops (2.97)He reminds himself he has nothing to lose. NonConsent/Reluctance 03/05/04
Call Me: 2 Part Series
Call Me (4.23)From their intense hatred, they found something more. Interracial Love 10/27/04
Call Me Ch. 02 (4.44)Ain’t it amazing what a little touch of color will do? Interracial Love 11/22/04
Captive Spirits (3.95)The bike was still there. Non-Erotic 05/12/04
Car Wash (4.06)Car wash turns leads to interesting situation. Gay Male 05/18/04
Cascading Effervescence (4.55)A drop of spilled wine cascades down her body.  Hot Romance 06/30/04
Casino (3.71)Slot machine pays out a lot more than just quarters. NonHuman 06/25/04
Catch a Tiger (3.54)Hide and seek, we played it all the time. Non-Erotic 01/28/04
Chemistry: 2 Part Series
Chemistry 101 (3.93)He jokingly said, “What’d you put in that drink?" Mind Control 08/26/04
Chemistry 102 (3.89)"What did you put in his drink?" Mind Control 08/26/04
Chicken Skin: 2 Part Series
Chicken Skin Ch. 01 (4.04)A guitarist gets together with his lead singer. Text With Audio 08/02/04
Chicken Skin Ch. 02 (4.31)The guitarist visits Ms. Earline's room. Text With Audio 08/02/04
Cold Moon (4.17)Review of erotic haiku book by Gabriel Rosenstock. Reviews & Essays 04/13/04
Collected Poems of Georges Bataille (4.82)Book review of erotic & often profane poems.  Hot Reviews & Essays 04/17/04
Consequence (3.94)The sensation of icy water woke Peter from his trance. Non-Erotic 02/15/04
Cook-off (4.16)Secret recipes abound in chili contest. Non-Erotic 06/04/04
Counting (3.55)She was disorder, she lacked rhythm... Erotic Horror 11/22/04
Creative Mythology (4.37)An odd twist to a legend. Non-Erotic 08/19/04
Customer Relations (3.12)Dissatisfaction in cell phone's "special" features. Letters & Transcripts 06/11/04
Damned Bluegrass (3.21)What's streetlights got to do with bluegrass? Toys & Masturbation 07/04/04
Dear Abbie (4.51)Hot correspondence with an advice columnist.  Hot Letters & Transcripts 04/30/04
Dear Edith Etiquette (4.53)A before dinner fuck raises a question of etiquette.  Hot Letters & Transcripts 08/23/04
Dear Santa (4.33)Santa gets caught with more than Rudolph's nose flashing. Letters & Transcripts 12/09/04
Death Eater (4.00)After her father's death, the strange visitor came. Non-Erotic 09/26/04
Deep Twilight (3.76)He remembered how her breasts bounced as she ran. Romance 06/08/04
Delta of Venus, Erotica (4.04)Review of Anais Nin's short erotic fiction. Reviews & Essays 05/07/04
Dessert... (3.47)Laid-off dessert chef loses more than his job. Non-Erotic 06/10/04
Dick Dickson's Hetero Horoscope (4.29)Star reading for Sunday, September 4th. Letters & Transcripts 09/03/04
Distant Fingers: 5 Part Series
Distant Fingers (3.86)Heather watched him from her rooftop. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/08/04
Distant Fingers Ch. 02 (4.64)Michael signs an introduction.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/10/04
Distant Fingers Ch. 03 (4.42)Heather finds a partner for her performance. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/13/04
Distant Fingers Ch. 04 (4.89)Heather enjoys her alternate lover, as she watches Michael. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/15/04
Distant Fingers Ch. 05 (4.62)Andrew and Heather go at it on the dining room table.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/16/04
Dust (3.85)She watched the lone rider approach in the dust. Erotic Couplings 12/27/04
Early Morning Shopping (3.95)An early morning shopping trip brings a surprise blow job. Erotic Couplings 07/27/04
Eclipse (4.71)The moon slowly moved over the sun, its curve forming a dark Non-Erotic 09/28/04
Edgar's Eyes (3.53)Smething in his eyes inspired her. Erotic Horror 05/14/04
Eight by Eight (3.76)He finds way to come watching her. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/06/04
Eleven (3.48)She's all grown up? Non-Erotic 08/20/04
Equine Surprise (4.40)He discovers the beauty of ponygirls. Fetish 01/04/04
Erotic Haiku (4.03)Erotic possibilities in haiku & senryu. How To 04/12/04
Excursion: 3 Part Series
Excursion Ch. 01 (3.53)Following a couple, Stephanie focuses on the woman. Lesbian Sex 12/28/04
Excursion Ch. 02 (3.99)Stephanie follows another woman into fitting room. Lesbian Sex 12/29/04
Excursion Ch. 03 (3.93)Stephanie arranges to meet the perfume lady. Lesbian Sex 12/30/04
Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement: 2 Part Series
Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement (4.17)Johnny and Mrs. Alcand have an audience. Mature 10/17/04
Fast Times at Ridgemont Retirement Ch. 02 (4.31)Ethyl was giving him a hummer. Mature 10/27/04
Fatal Mistake (3.75)Was giving in to Sara and Ed his fatal mistake? Group Sex 09/07/04
Feeling Adventurous (4.17)Figuring he would never be this way again, he took a chance. Anal 07/28/04
For Forgiveness (4.48)Odd man comes to ask for forgiveness. Non-Erotic 10/27/04
Four Families (4.08)The path and true cost of a diamond. Non-Erotic 12/29/04
Fragrant Dreams (4.38)Sanjay bemoaned the sand, his dreams carried him away. Romance 07/06/04
Freedive (3.50)The deeper they dove, the better they did. Non-Erotic 02/21/04
Friend-to-Friend (3.88)With Wally passed out, I find a true surprise in the shower. Erotic Couplings 10/26/04
Garbage (3.95)This is garbage - a tale of garbage. First Time 10/27/04
Georges Bataille’s Story of the Eye (4.44)Erotic classic of a couple exploring the boundaries of taboo Reviews & Essays 04/14/04
Gilligan's Discovery: 8 Part Series
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 01 (4.15)Gilligan answers the question, "Ginger or Mary Ann?" Celebrities 07/04/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 02 (4.51)Gilligan is discovered using his makeshift periscope.  Hot Celebrities 07/05/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 03 (4.31)Mr. Howell's dark secret is revealed. Celebrities 07/12/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 04 (4.45)Mrs. Howell steps from shower to surprise Gilligan. Celebrities 07/13/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 05 (4.47)Mr. Howell remembers Mary Ann in dominatrix attire. Celebrities 07/27/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 06 (4.33)Mr. Howell recalls Mary Ann's glorious cock and ball torture. Celebrities 08/04/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 07 (4.44)Gilligan eats Mrs. Howell's cream pie. Celebrities 08/05/04
Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 08 (4.11)Will castaways be saved or just continue fucking? Celebrities 08/21/04
He Hated Flowers (4.27)I can picture them now: wilted, dying, and rotting Non-Erotic 02/09/04
Heading Home: 2 Part Series
Heading Home (4.34)Returning home with several old friends. Non-Erotic 04/06/04
Heading Home Ch. 02 (4.61)The attraction to Melanie is finally realized.  Hot Romance 07/06/04
Healings (4.64)I'm gonna bring the healing hand of God to a poor soul.  Hot Non-Erotic 02/09/04
Her Colors (3.51)As he worked, he remembered her hands moving. Erotic Couplings 05/28/04
Her Masterpiece (3.92)His body became a canvas. BDSM 05/08/04
Hero… Assassin? (3.55)The people call me a hero. Erotic Couplings 03/07/04
Hieroglyphics (4.67)She didn't understand, it must be French.  Hot Non-Erotic 06/25/04
Hints from Harriet (3.87)Copious cum cleanup advice from famed columnist. Letters & Transcripts 08/14/04
His Colors (4.46)Raul's best days were behind him. Mature 05/12/04
His Trouble with Glass (4.27)Whenever his parents heard the crash of glass, he was nearby. Non-Erotic 02/08/04
Homecoming (4.08)They've all come home again, they've all come home. Non-Erotic 01/27/04
Hot Evening Hike (3.28)An evening hike in July leads to some fireworks. Romance 11/13/03
House of the Sleeping Beauties (3.25)Kawabata's erotic yet different view of sleeping beauties. Reviews & Essays 04/28/04
How to Eat an Oyster (4.57)Instructions on one way to eat an oyster... perhaps.  Hot How To 04/14/04
Hymens: 10 Part Series
Hymens Ch. 01 (4.21)"Another case of a spontaneous orgy?" Group Sex 08/06/04
Hymens Ch. 02 (4.05)Investigation continues as Chief goes anal with Margret. Anal 08/07/04
Hymens Ch. 03 (3.51)69 with my sister, & it was good. Incest/Taboo 08/12/04
Hymens Ch. 04 (4.02)All I could think of was getting him cum Incest/Taboo 08/13/04
Hymens Ch. 05 (3.96)He had never done this with a man before. Gay Male 08/14/04
Hymens Ch. 06 (4.41)He dipped his tongue into an ambrosia. Letters & Transcripts 08/15/04
Hymens Ch. 07 (3.61)Delicate lips together in beautiful cunt-to-cunt kiss. Lesbian Sex 08/16/04
Hymens Ch. 08 (4.18)Private viewing of video lead to an interesting phone call. Toys & Masturbation 08/19/04
Hymens Ch. 09 (4.14)Juan & Margret watch the video together. Interracial Love 08/20/04
Hymens Ch. 10 (4.15)A spontaneous orgy at the police department, exposes a truth. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 08/30/04
I Been to Graceland (3.14)Elvis explained it to him, you see. Celebrities 05/19/04
I Burn for You (3.21)A voyuer falls in love with the woman he watches. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/05/04
I Hate Sharing (4.50)If something is mine, it's not anybody else's.  Hot Non-Erotic 05/11/04
I Will Kneel (3.40)He kneel to you, bare his wrists for you. BDSM 12/28/04
I’m a Middle-aged Head-banger (3.71)Yeah, you read that correctly. Non-Erotic 12/29/04
Ignatius, or End of the World Blues (3.31)Surprised by lady in a shower, they both join her. Illustrated 12/30/04
Imago (4.53)She flowed from the flames of form in a pirouette.  Hot NonHuman 05/31/04
In Roentgen Whispers... (4.29)Radium woman always gravitated to him. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/28/04
In the Beginning (3.67)Alberto knew the time had come. Non-Erotic 06/03/04
In the Gloaming She Answers (3.80)Sexual encounter with the devil Erotic Horror 07/27/04
Insectuality (3.73)Lab accident leads to odd, sticky encounter. NonHuman 06/12/04
It’s Like Peonies (3.17)A couple in parking in a graveyard are watched. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/27/04
Jigsaw (3.47)He knew her form, the pieces that interlocked. Mind Control 05/13/04
Just a Small One: 2 Part Series
Just a Small One (3.00)A small drink, a flash of neon & a monologue. Gay Male 09/17/04
Just a Small One Ch. 02 (3.70)They move into his limo for their experience. Gay Male 09/18/04
Kim's Walk (3.29)She clearly heard someone chasing her. NonConsent/Reluctance 08/08/04
Lamentation: 2 Part Series
Lamentation (4.50)On searing world, they come together with a Cente.  Hot Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/27/04
Lamentation Ch. 02 (4.44)He knew the depth of perversion he was preparing to explore. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/13/04
Last Dance (4.17)In another time, another world, they danced. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 05/15/04
Last Love (3.23)You brush against her, ready. NonConsent/Reluctance 07/07/04
Like Dust Beneath the Stone Wheel (4.36)The stone wheel rolled. Romance 05/07/04
Lilac, Lace & Cascading Blueberry (4.75)That was a crazy thing to say.  Hot Non-Erotic 01/29/04
Little Birds, Erotica by Anais Nin (4.28)A review of Anais Nin's second collection of erotica. Reviews & Essays 04/26/04
Long Boats In Time (4.29)In the province, you either were a fisherman or you left. Non-Erotic 03/18/04
Lord of the Rings: 5 Part Series
Lord of the Rings: Bifur (4.16)Luthien finds out if the rumors about dwarves are true. Chain Stories 09/22/04
Lord of the Rings: Fangorn (4.16)Ancient time millennia before the Great War. Chain Stories 07/30/04
Lord of the Rings: Goldberry (4.39)Merry's secret tale of beautiful a sexual performance. Chain Stories 09/20/04
Lord of the Rings: Queen Beruthiel (4.12)Banished queen sails, seeking more perversion. Chain Stories 08/16/04
Lord of the Rings: Ugluk (3.96)Orc leader takes two females, one experienced the other not. Chain Stories 07/31/04
Love Is Cold (4.00)A deep love and the frozen cold of the moon. Romance 06/30/04
Manipulating Moments (2.50)The mist settled across the pond like a cottony blanket... Non-Erotic 07/21/04
Massaum – Sacred Rendezvous (5.00)Mo'ki felt the wind as she circled in the Ghost Dance. Non-Erotic 09/26/04
Mathel Hated Change (4.15)And yet that is all her life seemed to be now. Romance 04/14/04
Mathematical Madness (4.08)All original thought as communicated in words will cease. Humor & Satire 06/26/04
Midnight (3.32)Her nipples were the largest he ever saw. Interracial Love 09/01/04
Mirror, Mirror Ch. 06 (4.71)Someone from Charles' past comes to the bungalow.  Hot Chain Stories 05/07/04
More on Haiku: 4 Part Series
More on Haiku: Anthropomorphism & (3.36)More on Haiku: Anthropomorphism & Suchness How To 01/25/04
More on Haiku: Books (4.13)Delve deeper into haiku with these helpful books.  Editor's Pick How To 01/30/04
More on Haiku: Kireji... (4.00)Through break, true beauty of haiku is realized. How To 04/10/04
More on Haiku: Nature & Kigo (4.20)The use of Nature in haiku. How To 02/05/04
Moribund (4.79)"Navi'shini'maih," Littlebear shouted.  Hot Non-Erotic 05/14/04
My Friend (4.17)Wife is off with "friend," so he finds his own. Text With Audio 07/26/04
My Playmates (4.00)He secretly ventured with his playmates in those awestruck days. Romance 06/07/04
My Relationship? (4.06)An odd twist in a murder investigation.  Editor's Pick Non-Erotic 04/09/04
My Whispers to: 2 Part Series
My Whispers to (an Orchid ) (3.69)Orchids bloom as the greenhouse gets very hot. Illustrated 08/27/04
My Whispers to (an Orchid Replies) (3.89)The greenhouse gets even hotter. Illustrated 08/28/04
Newstand (4.25)Pissed at his wife's "headaches" he visits a newsstand. Gay Male 07/19/04
Not Seventeen: More on Haiku (4.28)Continuing investigation into English Language Haiku. How To 01/20/04
Nu Shu (3.34)Lin thought of the words she wrote. Lesbian Sex 05/11/04
Nude Descending (4.28)A visit to the museum becomes something more. NonHuman 06/17/04
Opposition (3.67)Their opposing lips touched in the darkness. Interracial Love 05/09/04
Ordinary Hero (4.37)He noticed something extraordinary. Non-Erotic 02/27/04
Our Victim (3.93)The thought of torturing pesky little kids was delicious. Non-Erotic 06/30/04
Overdue Message (4.67)Envelope rekindles harsh memories from the Holocaust.  Hot Non-Erotic 10/12/04
Patty's Tellin' (3.13)Truth need be told, truth be in the tellin’. Text With Audio 05/10/04
Pearls (3.61)“Janis, push the pearls inside me..." Lesbian Sex 08/12/04
Pho (4.21)I drift back to when I last saw a woman so beautiful. NonConsent/Reluctance 08/23/04
Phone Call (2.88)I need the drugs, so he gets whatever he wants. Anal 07/19/04
Pocket Protection (4.50)Katie becomes tightly bound to Derrit, the consumate nerd.  Hot BDSM 08/04/04
Postcard (3.84)Kenny knew of the pain, of the lonely. First Time 08/11/04
Private Party (4.01)Josh wanders into a very private party. Group Sex 05/19/04
Produce (3.70)I ran my fingers over his gentle curve like a cucumber. Gay Male 11/17/04
Pump-cum Pie (4.10)She needed his special incredient for her pie. Text With Audio 11/22/04
Puppet Show (3.96)Triple Xs danced hypnotically & rippling "Live Nudes". Text With Audio 08/02/04
Questions for a Hitchhiker Just 30 (4.29)Odd conversation with exceptional hitchhiker. NonHuman 05/28/04
Re-Emergence (4.00)I waited to descend to the source and face the sacred spirit. Non-Erotic 06/30/04
Rebound (3.57)He's trying to rebound after being dumped, honestly. Erotic Couplings 12/24/04
Reluctant Hero (3.68)Hero? Hell, I'm no hero. I just saw him in the water. Non-Erotic 02/19/04
Rendezvous in Old Dime Box (4.38)A meeting for internet lovers has a surprise. Humor & Satire 06/16/04
Review of Malcolm McLaren's "Paris" (4.83)CD mixes sexy jazz and popular rock. Reviews & Essays 10/09/04
Rocky Relationships (3.29)Earthbound, they could only dream. NonHuman 05/30/04
Rude Ones (4.61)The Navajo call us Anasazi or ancient enemy.  Hot Non-Erotic 03/15/04
Seven Hundred (3.90)The numbers seven, zero & zero were the key. Mature 05/21/04
Shakabootie: 2 Part Series
Shakabootie (3.43)A reality survival set goes very native. Humor & Satire 06/03/04
Shakabootie Too (3.79)The natives take over the equipment. Humor & Satire 06/04/04
Shakabootie, The Final Conflict? (3.86)Bob steps in to save the network. Humor & Satire 06/05/04
Shawna (4.14)Meeting with entertainer leads to intense evening. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 07/02/04
She Wanted Fish (3.62)He finds them naked, dripping in urine. Fetish 05/19/04
Silent Cure (4.50)We had Alexander tested before the results were inconclusive  Hot Non-Erotic 05/25/04
Simply a Good Man (4.36)No, there is no story here, simply an empty wheelbarrow. Non-Erotic 07/28/04
Sixtieth (4.55)A non-news story becomes a headline for a reporter.  Hot Non-Erotic 04/12/04
So Venomous (4.22)At first she played upon my darkest desires, my fascination. BDSM 08/08/04
Soft Decision (4.29)After such a long wait I was finally here. Humor & Satire 07/01/04
Some Fairy Tale (4.00)Some fairy tale this turned out to be. Non-Erotic 05/12/04
Some Storm (3.93)1457 Avenue B. Miss Ida Mae Pinwright lived there Non-Erotic 05/24/04
Something More (4.29)While waiting, she recalls losing her virginity. First Time 11/10/04
Spring Break 1972 (4.13)I guess you call it blossoming. First Time 04/25/04
Stalin's Language of Humanity (4.07)Stalin did a lot for humanity. Reviews & Essays 07/06/04
Stiff Confession (4.00)Anyway, the guy needed action quick, you see. Humor & Satire 05/23/04
Storm Over Hotevilla (3.86)Dark clouds were building toward his ancestral home. Non-Erotic 03/13/04
Sunlight (3.94)The sunlight's bright rays penetrated... BDSM 12/28/04
Superstitions: 2 Part Series
Superstitions Ch. 15 (3.47)Quatorzien: Kai makes it lucky fourteen at the orgy. Chain Stories 10/16/04
Superstitions Ch. 16 (3.57)Hair: Her lover's discovery might change her life forever. Chain Stories 10/30/04
Syzygy (3.40)The strange alignment of planets brought her to him. NonHuman 06/08/04
Tears of Strength (4.65)The survivors, the strong, cried the tears, the weak died.  Hot Non-Erotic 04/19/04
Tenderness Echoes: 2 Part Series
Tenderness Echoes (4.46)A strange man, his intense tenderness. Non-Erotic 11/17/03
Tenderness Echoes Ch. 1.5 (4.50)The rest of the story...  Hot Non-Erotic 06/28/04
Terminal Sweetness (4.33)An important message can wait, until after. Romance 06/06/04
That Whispered Hiss of Foam (3.10)Jason is surprised when he reaches up her skirt. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/28/04
The ABCs of Possession (4.64)As of 9 a.m., he owns the alphabet.  Hot Non-Erotic 04/15/04
The Advisor (3.65)He's committed to their education. First Time 08/02/04
The Arrangement (3.94)Pact between friends has ecstatic results. Loving Wives 07/19/04
The Blue That Carries Rain (4.00)The people cried of their thirst. Non-Erotic 03/11/04
The Burrito: 3 Part Series
The Burrito (3.12)She picks up guy while they're at dinner. Loving Wives 08/02/04
The Burrito Letter (3.13)Part two of The Burrito, Kelly makes Chase write a thank you Letters & Transcripts 08/02/04
The Burrito Revenge (3.98)Chase snaps and then exacts his revenge on the burrito slut. Loving Wives 08/09/04
The Club: 4 Part Series
The Club Ch. 01 (4.15)Annie finally talked me into taking her to the club. Group Sex 07/19/04
The Club Ch. 02 (4.30)"Have you ever fucked on the dark side?" Anal 07/20/04
The Club Ch. 03 (4.22)Annie and Dan bring in a young new member. Group Sex 07/20/04
The Club Ch. 04 (4.17)Charlotte, who was watching, joins in. Mature 07/21/04
The Cock of Amontillado (4.07)His failing erection leads to a horrible end. Erotic Horror 09/27/04
The Deposit (4.15)He sells sperm, at the local sperm bank. Toys & Masturbation 05/11/04
The Ebony Clock (4.25)Proud George found the solution to plague. Erotic Horror 07/03/04
The Erection (3.32)Seaker shocks the West Wilkington Women's Poetry Society. Mature 09/10/04
The Exorcism (4.00)He could hear moans and understood their urgency. Non-Erotic 07/27/04
The Final X (4.41)Argument with girlfriend lead Josh to Glory-hole ecstasy. Gay Male 07/31/04
The Friend (3.15)Suddenly he was facing a beautiful naked woman. Lesbian Sex 07/19/04
The Global Effects of Sexual Orientation (4.67)The world is a fragile place.  Hot Humor & Satire 06/10/04
The Hotel Window (3.85)Hotel window provides welcome break from traffic. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/31/04
The Hunt (3.64)The roads were much better before the volcano. Non-Erotic 06/02/04
The Hypnotist (4.21)Jack bribes hypnotist to get into Charlene's pants. Mind Control 08/10/04
The Ikebana Artist (4.30)He's strangely drawn to odd woman. Incest/Taboo 05/07/04
The Important Route (4.09)They listened to the pigs in the trailer. Fetish 05/29/04
The Late Workout (4.35)She rubbed her face in his underwear. Fetish 07/27/04
The Lightning Child: 2 Part Series
The Lightning Child Ch. 01 (4.43)The child looked very healthy. Non-Erotic 06/26/04
The Lightning Child Ch. 02 (3.89)Stephen & the baby head to police station. Non-Erotic 06/27/04
The Literotica Olympics Day 16 (4.78)Event: The Marathon.  Hot Chain Stories 07/30/04
The Logic of Stripes & Plaid.... (4.26)Their Martian lives down the street. NonHuman 06/02/04
The Long Shot (3.54)"Respect!" she whispered to herself, smiling. Lesbian Sex 06/30/04
The Making of Mystery (2.70)It was a masterful plan. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/25/04
The Man Who Talked to Stars (4.00)Man seeks answers from an ancient shaman. Non-Erotic 10/11/04
The Moment (4.17)Awkward moment suddenly becomes much more. Erotic Couplings 07/19/04
The Opposite of Blue (4.10)I noticed the article's title: "Boat Sinks in Mississippi. Non-Erotic 02/02/04
The Park (3.47)One woman's lonely afternoon heats up. Text With Audio 07/26/04
The Perfect Cock (3.94)Another group passed, all sporting erections. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/28/04
The Ride Home (4.13)Ride home is sexy sight for lucky trucker. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/11/04
The Salt Lick (3.48)What did Millie see in the salt lick? Mind Control 09/26/04
The Sandmother (4.76)He talks to daughter of his "sandmother".  Hot Non-Erotic 05/29/04
The Seething Nightmare Vision... (3.33)He radiates heat through his charred skin. Erotic Horror 06/05/04
The Sensuous Arts of Sushi (4.62)Sushi, or is it something more?  Hot Erotic Couplings 01/14/04
The Sign (3.67)He saw a flaming bush, Old Testament, type of sign. Non-Erotic 05/09/04
The Slang of Exotic Dancing: 3 Part Series
The Slang of Exotic Dancing Ch. 01 (4.36)Slang can add color, humor and distinct realism to dialogue. How To 07/09/04
The Slang of Exotic Dancing Ch. 02 (3.58)Slang adds color, humor & realism to dialogue. How To 07/10/04
The Slang of Exotic Dancing Ch. 03 (3.40)Slang adds color, humor & realism to dialogue. How To 07/11/04
The Slang of Pornography: 4 Part Series
The Slang of Pornography Pt. 01 (3.97)Slang can add color, humor and realism to dialogue. How To 07/06/04
The Slang of Pornography Pt. 02 (3.46)Slang can add color and humor to dialogue. How To 07/07/04
The Slang of Pornography Pt. 03 (3.94)Slang can add color and humor to dialogue. How To 07/08/04
The Slang of Pornography Pt. 04 (3.79)Slang can add color, and humor to dialogue. (Continued 3) How To 07/09/04
The Slang of Prostitution: 3 Part Series
The Slang of Prostitution Pt. 01 (4.03)Slang can add color and humor to dialogue How To 07/12/04
The Slang of Prostitution Pt. 02 (3.58)Slang can add color and humor to dialogue. How To 07/13/04
The Slang of Prostitution Pt. 03 (4.28)Slang can add color and humor to dialogue. How To 07/14/04
The Steel Halo (4.23)I am an angel, a makeshift angel, I guess. Toys & Masturbation 05/28/04
The Sweet Smell of Success (4.36)Worst thing working with Jeff was that he was dead. Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/15/04
The Swim (4.12)Swim leads to scratchy romp in the sand. Fetish 06/05/04
The Tiniest Stones that Float: 5 Part Series
The Tiniest Stones that Float (4.07)Hal finds the benefits of a miniscule cock. First Time 10/05/04
The Tiniest Stones that Float Ch. 02 (4.00)Hal's girlfriend catches him. First Time 10/11/04
The Tiniest Stones that Float Ch. 03 (4.45)Hal pleases the ladies. Group Sex 10/27/04
The Tiniest Stones that Float Ch. 04 (4.22)Hal's tiny cock tries her tight opening. Anal 10/28/04
The Tiniest Stones that Float Ch. 05 (4.41)A few beers & Hal is showing off. Gay Male 11/12/04
The Virus (3.38)"Language is a virus from outer space." William S. Burroughs Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/27/04
The Wall: 2 Part Series
The Wall (3.45)Wife gives prisoner husband a private show. Illustrated 08/02/04
The Wall: Sara's Story (4.17)After visiting her husband, she meets a prison guard. Interracial Love 08/08/04
The Weaver (4.11)Everyone has a story. I must simply weave it. Non-Erotic 03/09/04
The Welder (4.08)She takes the old welder back to her truck. Illustrated 12/30/04
The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 13 (2.88)Sam meets Magdalena. Chain Stories 07/31/04
They Called It Claude Glass (3.62)Curved & tinted lens gives a different view. Gay Male 03/16/04
Thomas Faraday (3.11)Their lives were determined by clouds & weather formations. Celebrities 07/21/04
To Fuse with Plaid in Stripes (4.19)The permutations seemed endless. NonHuman 06/03/04
Tongamundo: 3 Part Series
Tongamundo Ch. 01 (4.31)A strange island & an amazing woman. Non-Erotic 01/16/04
Tongamundo Ch. 02 (3.80)A relationship ignites. Non-Erotic 01/19/04
Tongamundo Ch. 03 (4.33)A hurricane changes everything. Non-Erotic 01/24/04
Tribal Touch (3.58)Jacob is shocked by a horrible discovery. Erotic Horror 12/07/04
Turf (3.12)"The clues are there!” he told himself as snuck in the door. Loving Wives 08/10/04
Two-Spirit (4.09)He was more beautiful than many of the women. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 08/27/04
Ukulele (4.07)It nestled perfectly between Jolie's breasts. BDSM 08/21/04
Undying Love (3.74)He knew his love was forbidden. Fetish 05/21/04
Urgent (4.36)She wrapped her arms around her midriff. Non-Erotic 05/08/04
Wetherill’s Hat (4.44)Anthropologist's hat triggers ancient memories. Non-Erotic 04/16/04
What is Haiku? (4.52)An initial introduction to haiku.  Hot How To 01/15/04
What is Senryu? (4.09)What is the "exact" difference between haiku and senryu? How To 02/11/04
What is Zappai? (3.29)To characterize all zappai as failed haiku or senryu would How To 02/22/04
Wheels & Her Perfect Hands (4.15)Wheels & perfect hands of his enabled lover. First Time 07/18/04
White Buffalo (4.42)The end of a people, the end of the strange Oglala. Non-Erotic 09/19/04
Why Nagasaki? (3.83)Relationship is shattered with devastating results. Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/29/04
William (4.39)It was his 99th birthday, but he wasn't prepared for her. Mature 07/27/04
Xaymaca (4.00)...the Spaniards! They came and left as they will. Non-Erotic 03/10/04
60 Sheets/Gregg Ruled (4.78) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/02/04
A (4.80) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/01/04
A Birth of Me (4.50)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 05/14/04
A Clay without Man (triolet) (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/07/03
A Fall (Villanelle) (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/28/03
A More Perfect Motion (3.75) Erotic Poetry 11/26/03
A Perfect Poem (4.12) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/18/03
A Poem of a Horse (4.80) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/18/03
a rain (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/28/05
A Reign Again (4.38) Poetry With Audio 12/20/04
A Secret? (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/09/03
a single drop (3.88) Poetry With Audio 02/16/04
A Slice in the Pattern (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/14/03
A Snakeless Tooth (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/14/03
a sparkling bridge of sighs (3.78) Illustrated Poetry 02/09/04
a streetcar's called a trolley (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/01/03
A Thousand Voices (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/08/04
A Walk with Anne (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/15/03
Ace (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/08/03
Acrylic (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/22/04
Aerodrome (4.80) Erotic Poetry 11/12/04
afternoon (x.xx) Erotic Poetry 10/18/03
Agitato (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/03/03
Almost (4.43) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/12/03
Alveolus (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/17/04
Amelia's Plane (Triversen Proper) (4.80) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/30/03
An other Sonnet (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/29/03
An Endless Winter (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/21/03
An ode to an ode (4.71) Erotic Poetry 01/08/04
And Forty-Nine? (4.88) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/16/04
Anon (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/14/04
Apercu (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/23/03
April, 1983 -- A Slow Drive on A1A (4.31) Poetry With Audio 02/16/04
Arrived (4.43) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/28/04
Aubade (4.55)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 10/23/04
Ball Turret (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/15/03
Ballerina (4.31) Illustrated Poetry 06/16/04
Beatrice (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/23/03
Bellicose (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/28/03
Bengali Shadows (3.12) Illustrated Poetry 01/30/04
Bent Brass Panic (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/20/03
Bitter Passion (5.00) Erotic Poetry 10/21/03
Blame the Birds for Horizons (4.88) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/09/04
Blood Lace (4.62) Poetry With Audio 11/27/04
Blue Sestina (4.17) Illustrated Poetry 01/24/04
Boxed Man (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/01/05
bridge (4.67) Erotic Poetry 10/16/04
Building (5.00) Poetry With Audio 12/13/04
Cable Stayed (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/27/03
Caesura (4.64)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 03/01/05
Calling Crows (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/07/03
Caveat Emptor (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/21/03
Chance of You (4.00) Poetry With Audio 02/16/04
Chronic Exhumations (4.50)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 01/30/04
Clarinet (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/28/03
Construction (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/24/03
Could It? (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/13/04
Coyotes (4.20) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/04/04
Crocuses (4.64)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 05/22/04
Daisies in a Chain (3.50) Erotic Poetry 11/13/03
Damn, the Blue Shirt (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/28/03
Delusional Ballet (4.79)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 10/13/05
Depth (4.71) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/27/04
Digital (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/12/04
Distant Light (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/15/03
don't read this poem (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/14/03
Dream-touch (4.67) Erotic Poetry 11/14/03
Drought (4.33) Erotic Poetry 09/26/04
Dying Young (4.78)  Hot Poetry With Audio 11/22/04
Echoes (4.00) Erotic Poetry 12/27/04
Embrace the Vibrations in Rhapsody (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/16/04
Ennui (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/29/03
Entropy (4.80) Poetry With Audio 02/23/04
evening (5.00) Erotic Poetry 10/18/03
Expiation (3.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/17/03
Fantasia (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/03/03
Fish, Watermelon and Despair (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/25/03
Flamenco touch, fire kiss (4.00) Erotic Poetry 01/13/04
fleeting art (4.36) Erotic Poetry 12/27/03
flesh (4.14) Erotic Poetry 10/03/05
For Our Names Felt in the Voices (3.50) Erotic Poetry 11/22/03
Forgive Me Paterson, William Carlos (4.86) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/05/04
Forgive Me Sylvia (4.88) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/12/03
Forgotten? (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/06/05
French Horn (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/27/03
Genshi Bukadan (Original Child Bomb (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/09/03
Gesellschaft (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/24/03
Ghost Dance (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/01/04
Girl Indigo (4.64)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 01/30/04
Goshin (4.67) Illustrated Poetry 06/16/04
Gracile Ice (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/23/04
Graustark (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/09/03
Grinding Corn (4.71) Erotic Poetry 10/22/03
gulls (3.80) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/07/04
henry lee (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/20/05
her knee bent (4.00) Erotic Poetry 10/18/03
Heresy of the Rain (4.86) Non-Erotic Poetry 05/28/04
Hours of Air (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/17/03
Humidity (4.75) Erotic Poetry 03/19/04
Hurricane Season (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/15/04
I Am Shadowman (4.33) Poetry With Audio 02/16/04
I began, not began, begin (4.62)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 04/09/04
I Best Remember Just the Mud (4.88) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/07/04
I Could Kiss You (4.80)  Hot Erotic Poetry 11/17/04
I Dreamed I Was Her Zipper (4.00) Erotic Poetry 11/22/03
I Know YDD (4.15) Non-Erotic Poetry 05/08/04
I Rain (3.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/06/03
I Sleep 10,000 Years (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/20/04
I Want (4.43) Erotic Poetry 11/13/04
I was Called Poet (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/28/04
I wish I danced ballet (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/29/04
Ice Age (4.80) Poetry With Audio 02/16/04
Ignis Fatuus (4.89) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/24/04
In a Saxophone Summer (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/02/03
In Answer to Billy's Question (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/06/04
In Blackbirds’ Field (4.43) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/05/05
In Faintest Ink (4.67)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 03/04/05
In Garden Verse (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/30/03
in October (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/20/04
In Ripples Like Rain, Tears (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 04/01/04
In the Air (5.00) Erotic Poetry 10/23/03
In the daffodils (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/15/03
In the Dunes (3.00) Erotic Poetry 11/22/03
Insolent Indulgence (3.60) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/17/03
intimacy 4 poems (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/10/03
Isadora Fall (4.25) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/02/03
Jazz (cinquain) (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/14/04
Jesus Saved (4.60)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 12/08/04
Just: 2 Part Series
Just (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/31/03
Just in Time (4.75)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 06/04/04
Kalashinikovs (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/18/04
Killing Schrodinger's Cat (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 04/02/04
Last Dancers (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/06/04
Last Order (4.55)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 05/08/04
Liars (4.73)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 05/21/04
light lingers (haiku) (4.83)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 10/09/04
Lightning is a Flute (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/28/03
Limbo Couch (4.14) Non-Erotic Poetry 04/29/04
loved (4.86) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/21/04
Maid of Orleans (4.30) Poetry With Audio 05/31/04
Mary Poppins’ Response to War (4.43) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/16/04
Melioristic (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/02/04
Midnight Wishes (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/28/03
Migra (3.83) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/05/04
Moonlight on the Rocks (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/30/03
More than Raindrops on Tiny Lives (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/16/03
morning (3.67) Erotic Poetry 01/14/04
Mustache the Night (4.50) Erotic Poetry 03/25/04
My Fingers Rain Over You (4.00) Erotic Poetry 10/30/03
Nano-love (3.50) Erotic Poetry 01/17/04
Never Written (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/29/03
Night Storm (4.75)  Hot Erotic Poetry 11/01/04
No Longer (x.xx) Erotic Poetry 11/11/03
Nocturne (Triolet) (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/26/03
North Beach (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/04/15
Nouveau Art (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/25/03
Nude Descending A Staircase (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/29/03
Of Flanders Field (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/18/04
Oh Steffi (4.33) Erotic Poetry 01/18/04
On the Autobahn (4.00) Erotic Poetry 12/07/03
On Thinking of Anchorage or a Poet (4.17) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/16/03
One More Reunion (4.64)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 02/01/05
Only: 2 Part Series
Only (4.70)  Hot Erotic Poetry 04/13/04
Only the Strongest Shop (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/14/05
Passion Plays (4.25) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/12/04
Passion Wanes (4.80) Poetry With Audio 01/26/04
Penumbra (3.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/10/03
Piccolo (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/27/03
PoeteSs (5.00) Erotic Poetry 11/14/04
Potato Peeler (4.50) Erotic Poetry 10/20/03
Primal Thanks (3.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/12/04
promise (4.50) Poetry With Audio 05/31/04
Prophets I have known (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/04/04
Pythagorean (4.00) Erotic Poetry 10/25/03
Reading (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/18/04
Rebirth (4.75) Poetry With Audio 02/09/04
Red Blossoms (Tanka) (4.57) Illustrated Poetry 02/06/04
Refusal (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 04/14/04
Remember Dorothy? (4.80) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/21/03
Return (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/17/04
Roadkill (4.73)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 04/04/04
Roentgen Whispers (4.50) Erotic Poetry 11/10/03
Salvation by 9:00 (4.20) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/11/04
Scenic Route (4.70)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 10/15/05
Scent of a Virgin (Once Tried) (4.80) Erotic Poetry 12/15/04
Schocolate Serenity (3.67) Erotic Poetry 11/01/03
shadow fusion (3.00) Erotic Poetry 10/16/03
shattered trees (haiku) (4.69)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 11/20/05
She is The Spring (2.00) Erotic Poetry 01/16/04
She's the Whisper (4.62)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 05/09/04
Sheltered (4.80) Erotic Poetry 11/12/04
Shh! whisper beat (4.60)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 01/19/04
Silicone Rising (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/22/03
Skating Saturn's Ring (4.50)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 03/26/04
Slippery in Endless Damp (4.80) Poetry With Audio 02/09/04
Small Wonder that We Would Pray for (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/15/04
So Eloquent (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/28/04
Some Crushing Ecstasy (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 05/28/04
Spice Rack (4.60) Erotic Poetry 01/19/04
Spiced (4.25) Erotic Poetry 01/12/04
Spring: 2 Part Series
Spring Storm in Arkansas (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/03/04
Spring: fire (4.00) Erotic Poetry 01/13/04
Spying Sylvia (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/08/03
Still (4.27) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/26/04
sunrise (haiku) (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/21/05
Superlative (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/25/03
Sweet Agony (roundeau redoubled) (5.00) Erotic Poetry 10/18/03
Sweet and Liquid (3.50) Erotic Poetry 01/15/04
Sycophant (3.80) Non-Erotic Poetry 05/16/04
Sylvia at Ninety (3.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/13/03
Tasting Bitter Fruit (4.27) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/04/04
Tell Him about Tenderness (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/06/03
Terminal Twilight (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 10/31/03
The Bells in August 1966 (4.73)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 01/13/04
The Bruise of This (4.60) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/31/03
The Columbines Wont Bloom This Year (4.20) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/21/04
The Efficacy of Your Whine (3.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/16/04
The Ghosts of North Beach (4.81)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 12/27/03
The Great Yearning (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/23/04
The Numerology of Trees (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/24/03
The Passage from Virgin to Bride (5.00) Erotic Poetry 12/01/04
The Pies We Despise (3.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/14/04
The Rope Dancer (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 04/11/04
The Rose (3.00) Erotic Poetry 12/26/03
The Salty Sweet (4.00) Illustrated Poetry 06/08/04
The Sensuous Art of Sushi (4.67) Erotic Poetry 10/24/03
The Subtleties of Proximity (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/13/04
the trouble of horses (4.25) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/18/03
The Twisted Hues of Survival (4.78)  Hot Illustrated Poetry 01/23/04
The Water's Touch (rondeau) (x.xx) Erotic Poetry 10/29/03
The Wine Stained Napkins of Summer (4.73)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 06/18/04
Thigh Music (4.62)  Hot Erotic Poetry 11/30/05
Thirteen Degrees of the Sun (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/30/03
Three Memorials (haibun) (4.71) Illustrated Poetry 01/30/04
To a Poet Who Commented Kindly (4.40) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/20/03
To Show in the Kentucky Seahorse Derby (x.xx) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/23/03
To The Poet in the Jar (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/15/03
To Vera-Ellen in Yellow (4.86) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/13/05
Touching you deeply (5.00) Erotic Poetry 11/20/03
Trombone (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/01/03
Two I-s (4.69)  Hot Erotic Poetry 03/18/04
two nights, two mornings, one after (4.33) Non-Erotic Poetry 05/19/04
uh, eyes (4.33) Poetry With Audio 05/31/04
Unopened (4.43) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/11/03
Vachel Lindsay (sonnet) (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/03/03
Vacuous (4.50) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/30/05
Venomous (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/26/03
Vestige (4.67) Erotic Poetry 12/30/04
Vestigial Autumn (4.33) Illustrated Poetry 02/11/04
Video Triangle (x.xx) Erotic Poetry 11/02/03
Vivandieres (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/06/04
Voice of Water (4.69)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 06/06/04
Waiting for the Tide (4.80)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 01/12/05
Warm Your Cold Hands (4.60)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 12/02/05
We Are Like This (4.60) Non-Erotic Poetry 11/19/03
Weave (4.67)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 05/23/04
What I want to be (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/10/04
Wheels and the Perfect Hands (4.75) Non-Erotic Poetry 01/21/04
Where Hearts are Winter (4.00) Poetry With Audio 02/16/04
While Explaining One of My Poems to (4.75)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 03/09/04
Whispers to an Orchid (4.75) Erotic Poetry 10/24/03
Winter Bliss (4.70)  Hot Erotic Poetry 03/30/04
Winter Moon (Sedoka) (3.83) Non-Erotic Poetry 12/18/03
Witness to the Whimper (4.67) Non-Erotic Poetry 06/11/04
Word Drops (5.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 02/10/04
You Don't Know Jack (4.64)  Hot Non-Erotic Poetry 12/25/03
Your Immolation (4.00) Erotic Poetry 06/03/04
“Kill Bill” (Pantoum) (4.00) Non-Erotic Poetry 03/20/04
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