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VampirTARA's Biography:
Gender: Female
Age: November 12, 1975
Weight: Skinny
Height: Average
Location: In the dark shadows of your room
Orientation: Bi
Interested In: Friends
Status: Attached
Smoke: Yes
Drink: Yes
Fetishes: giving interracial blowjobs,interracial sex
Pets: Cat(s), Dog(s)
User Number: 2903061
Member Since: November 10, 2015
Last Modified: July 12, 2018
Some words from VampirTARA:

Hello, I'm a mortician / funeral director that operates our family's Mortuary and cemetery. I'm married in a polygamist marriage (not Mormon) we are Druids. I have three children, two teenagers and a two year old, now I have 2 Sister Wives, Toni, that's a year younger than me and she is also my biological sister with 4 children of our husband. Then there's Kathy that is a good bit younger than us, she's 23 years old with 1 child to our husband. Now, I have gotten myself into some awkward or precarious situations and ended up committing incest, something I never planned or thought I would ever do. But admittedy, I'm married to a white man and he has no idea. That I secretly have sex with very dark black men, why you have may ask. Because the taboo of it trips my trigger. If he found out he would blow a gaske that I had sex with a black man.

Well, I'm nicknamed vampirTARA back when I was in high school, because I had "Porphyria" nicknamed The Vampire disease and could not go out in the sunlight and had abnormally long K9's ( fangs). But, they didn't know all the details of my disease and that I also craved human blood because with this disease my body does not make heme. So Below is an older article that explains some of my disease... it is hard to find an article that has it all correct, because the scientists and doctors cannot agree on treatments and such for my diseases is rare and there's no cure for it, they barely understand it.


By PHILIP M. BOFFEY, Special to the New York Times

Published: May 31, 1985

LOS ANGELES, May 30— Werewolves and vampires, those dreaded beasts of folklore and superstition, may have been nothing more than people suffering from a rare class of genetic diseases, a scientist suggested here today. Dr. David H. Dolphin, a biochemist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, suggested that the effects of the porphyria diseases, which involve a malfunctioning in the body's manufacture of crucial heme, could have left some victims grotesquely disfigured, turned all of them into creatures of the night and caused them to suck the blood of their brothers, sisters, friends and spouses. Victims of the diseases, Dr. Dolphin suggested in a talk at the American Association for the advancement of Science, could have inspired the mythology of werewolves, which were humans who changed into wolves, and vampires, which were corpses that left their graves at night to suck the blood of humans.

Aversion to Sunlight

The effects of these diseases, can be devastating, he said. The malfunctions in the body's chemistry cause the skin to be extraordinarily sensitive to sunlight, with a result that exposure to even mild sunlight will burn and disfigured the skin, cause the nose and fingers to fall off, and the inscissors larger than ordinary, look like they are jutting out in a menacing, animal-like manner. The chief defense against the painful effects of the sun, Dr. Dolphin suggested, would be to venture forth only at night, as werewolves and vampires were said to do. Some victims of the disease also become very hairy, he said, conceivably one of nature's efforts to protect the skin from the sun. Dr. Dolphin said there is still no cure for the diseases, which strike perhaps one in every 200,000,000 people, but a very few can be treated. The scientist acknowledged that the werewolf element of his theory was not new, since it had been put forth by another scientist more than two decades ago. But he contended that his vampire idea broke new ground.

Treatment Derived From Blood

He noted that a major treatment today for some porphyrias is an injection of a blood product, heme. Since that treatment did not exist in the Middle Ages, when the myths originated, Dr. Dolphin said, the victims might have instinctively sought heme by biting human victims and drinking a large amount of their blood, as was supposedly the custom of vampires. However, Dr. Dolphin said he did not have evidence that the body could or could not get heme by drinking blood, and he could not explain why the porphyria victims would not have drunk the blood of animals rather than human blood. He did have an explanation for why the victims of a vampire's bite were supposedly turned into vampires themselves. He suggested that brothers and sisters could have shared the defective gene that causes the diseases, but that only one of them might have experienced symptoms of the disease. If that victim then bit a sibling to get blood, the shock of the experience might have triggered an attack of the disease in the bitten sibling, thus producing another vampire.

Explanation for Fear of Garlic

Dr. Dolphin also offered an explanation of why vampires, or porphyria victims, might well have been afraid of garlic, in accord with mythology. Garlic, he said, contains a chemical that exacerbates the symptoms of porphyrias. The article continues, but I ran out of space.

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