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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

A Date with The Devil: 3 Part Series
A Date with The Devil (4.49)Has Mary Rose bitten off more than she can chew? Lesbian Sex 12/02/17
A Date with The Devil Pt. 02 (4.52)Now Mary Rose really is heading for trouble.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/19/17
A Date with The Devil Pt. 03 (4.27)The trap is closing on Mary Rose. Lesbian Sex 05/09/18
A Kiss That Counted (4.71)And didn't it just!  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/13/18
A Twist in the (Very Sexy) Tail (4.69)Sweet, innocent Viola hits the ground running.  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/01/18
Angie Baby (4.70)Everyone's special lady!  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/20/17
Another One Bites The Dust (4.33)After-match celebrations. Lesbian Sex 08/26/17
Art for Art's Sake (4.68)Branching out.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/09/17
Bedding the Boss: 2 Part Series
Bedding the Boss Pt. 01 (4.67)Well, who wouldn't want to?  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/07/17
Bedding the Boss Pt. 02 (4.71)Pillow talk.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/10/17
Benefits of Having a Female Boss (4.64)At last a much older woman!!  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/09/17
Brief Encounter (4.65)Brief but totally unforgettable.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/07/18
Changes (4.57)Broadening horizons.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/27/18
Come on Eileen (4.69)You know what I mean!  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/10/17
Daddy's Girl (4.51)I'd do anything to make my daddy happy.  Hot Incest/Taboo 06/24/17
Dangerous Dealings (4.48)Huyton muscles in on the wrong turf. Non-Erotic 09/30/16
Davina: 8 Part Series
Davina (4.61)Losing my virginity.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/26/17
Davina Again (4.62)Broadening my horizons and coming out.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/09/17
Davina Does Christmas (4.62)Celebrating in style.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/17/17
Davina Does Easter (4.77)Pushing my boundaries.  Hot Lesbian Sex 02/28/17
Davina does Older Women (4.62)Most of them even naughtier than me!  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/18/17
Davina Does Scotland (4.78)And I do a few older English women too!  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/06/17
Davina Does Three More (4.76)New ones, that is; I do plenty of old ones as well!  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/04/17
Davina Falls Out (4.78)More lovely new girlfriends and my first horrid breakup.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/12/17
Divas in Dubai: 2 Part Series
Divas in Dubai Pt. 01 (4.58)WWE ladies on the road.  Hot Celebrities & Fan Fiction 08/21/17
Divas in Dubai Pt. 02 (3.92)This time they really are in Dubai! Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/27/18
Doing It with Daddy (4.44)Yes, I'm unable to keep my hands off him! Incest/Taboo 07/12/17
Doing More for Daddy (4.19)This time it's revenge as well as lust. Incest/Taboo 07/28/17
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (4.59)I couldn't if I tried - or could I?  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/23/17
Dottily in Love (4.65)First time fun for everyone.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/15/18
Dottily Ready For More (4.47)Sex, sex, sex, of course . . . what else! Lesbian Sex 12/06/18
Dottily up for Sex (4.65)Just how addictive girl-on-girl can be!  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/23/18
Edith (4.50)Matchmaking the Heather Hunter way.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/24/17
Fat Bottomed Girls (4.74)Three or four is not a crowd.  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/06/17
Friday Night Fun (4.53)A party to remember.  Hot Erotic Couplings 06/06/17
Guess Who Just Got Back Today (4.61)Two wild eyed girls who have been away.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/19/18
Guess Who Just Got Ditched Today (4.73)Not my fault . . . well, not all of it . . .  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/29/18
Happiest Days (4.46)A short but sweet first time story. Lesbian Sex 12/26/17
Heather Falls in Love: 9 Part Series
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 01 (4.53)Fun while planning a gap year.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/25/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 02 (4.59)Growing ever closer in France.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/29/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 03 (4.73)Getting sexy in Spain.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/11/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 04 (4.78)Lazy loving on an Australian beach.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/22/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 05 (4.74)Breaking up is hard to do.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/25/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 06 (4.60)A long, lonely drive north.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/27/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 07 (4.56)Marooned in Cairns.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/16/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 08 (4.73)Lots of loving reunions in Albany.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/22/16
Heather Falls in Love Pt. 09 (4.65)Ingrid's Wedding.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/24/16
Heather's Busy Week: 7 Part Series
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 01 (4.53)Adventures in and out of the bedroom.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/20/16
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 02 (4.40)Adventures in and out of the bedroom. Lesbian Sex 05/24/16
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 03 (4.60)Adventures in and out of the bedroom.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/28/16
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 04 (4.46)Adventures in and out of the bedroom. Lesbian Sex 06/02/16
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 05 (4.70)Adventures in and out of the bedroom.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/07/16
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 06 (4.74)Adventures in and out of the bedroom.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/14/16
Heather's Busy Week Pt. 07 (4.66)Adventures in and out of the bedroom.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/22/16
Heather's Hectic Weekend: 4 Part Series
Heather's Hectic Weekend Pt. 01 (4.61)The Friday evening after a very busy week.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/01/17
Heather's Hectic Weekend Pt. 02 (4.61)Spider on the rampage.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/04/17
Heather's Hectic Weekend Pt. 03 (4.74)Lesbian sex and subterfuge as Spider gets taken out.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/13/17
Heather's Hectic Weekend Pt. 04 (4.80)All's well that ends well - or is it? Farewell from Heather.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/18/17
Holding Out for a Hero (4.48)She's gotta be strong and she's gotta be up for the fight. Lesbian Sex 01/13/19
I Want Your Sex (4.71)And I want it all night.  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/20/18
Irresistible Attraction (4.63)It's a girl-sex thing.  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/30/19
It Started with a Kiss (4.62)And it led to a whole lot more!  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/14/18
Let's Twist Again (4.69)More and more sexy experience for Viola.  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/20/18
Loving Made Easy (4.49)Well, easy enough for girls who want to have fun. Lesbian Sex 06/30/18
Mamma Mia! (4.52)Now I know for sure.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/09/18
Mommy Dearest (4.44)Who would ever have thought it? Incest/Taboo 11/01/18
New Beginnings: 5 Part Series
New Beginnings (4.66)Mikki discovers her real self.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/04/16
New Beginnings Advance (4.67)Mikki discovers more about herself.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/15/16
New Beginnings Conclude (4.79)Mikki thinks she had a plan.  Hot Lesbian Sex 08/12/16
New Beginnings Falter (4.68)Mikki believes the worst.  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/25/16
New Beginnings Revive (4.59)Mikki changes her views.  Hot Lesbian Sex 07/14/16
No Holds Barred in Belfast (4.55)Trish tries to balance the books.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/17/16
No Holds Barred in Boston (4.46)Trish vanishes without a trace. Lesbian Sex 10/24/16
No Holds Barred in London (4.41)Trish gets more room service than she ordered. Lesbian Sex 08/21/16
No Holds Barred in Munich (4.62)Part Four of series - Trish and Victoria fight again.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/15/16
No Holds Barred in Sacramento (4.78)Trish receives an unexpected visit.  Hot Celebrities & Fan Fiction 04/25/17
Ode to Joy (4.68)Beautiful spark of Divinity.  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/09/18
Ruby Tuesday (4.70)Older and wiser or older and vengeful!  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/18/17
Sammy Jo Has a Night to Remember (4.51)This is not a love story.  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/11/16
Sammy Jo Has Another Big Night (4.66)Her seven year itch gets scratched  Hot Lesbian Sex 12/22/16
Sammy Jo Tries Team Building (4.52)Will the bonding ever end?  Hot Lesbian Sex 01/07/17
Short and Sweet (4.52)Chrissie's not-so quickie.  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/18/17
Since You've Been Gone (4.61)Leaving home and finding Lesbians' Corner.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/21/17
Such a Sweet Surrender (4.68)Giving up on guys should only have happened sooner!  Hot Lesbian Sex 03/16/18
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (4.74)Guess who's handing out presents.  Hot Lesbian Sex 10/26/17
Three Times a Lady (4.36)Threeway fun. Lesbian Sex 09/10/17
Tonight's the Night (4.70)Sarah-Jayne has a surprise in store.  Hot Lesbian Sex 09/28/17
Two Sides to Every Story: 4 Part Series
Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 01 (4.59)Kat strikes back.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/01/16
Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 02 (4.65)Kat has lesbian sex on Hawaiian waters.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/10/16
Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 03 (4.85)Kat's rocky homecoming.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/15/16
Two Sides to Every Story Pt. 04 (4.76)Kat's sweet revenge.  Hot Lesbian Sex 11/22/16
Two's Company (4.60)But is four a crowd?  Hot Lesbian Sex 04/30/18
Victoria's Second Secret (4.77)Yes, she has more than just one!  Hot Lesbian Sex 06/02/18
Victoria's Secret (4.72)Whatever can it be?  Hot Lesbian Sex 05/22/18
Victoria's Third Secret (4.49)Here's another one! Lesbian Sex 06/16/18
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