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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

(Es)corting Mischief (3.98)First day as an escort and Xyta's feeling nervous . . . Text With Audio 01/18/18
A Date Turned Sour (3.99)Please stop . . . you're hurting me . . . Text With Audio 12/07/17
A Little Something Different: 2 Part Series
A Little Something Different Pt. 01 (3.97)You want to use handcuffs, darling? Um . . . very well. Text With Audio 05/03/18
A Little Something Different Pt. 02 (4.14)Oh, oh! Is that urine? Ha, women don't ejaculate! Do they? Text With Audio 05/10/18
A Night at My Parent's House (3.90)Do you really plan to tie me down and tease without mercy? Text With Audio 09/07/17
After The Beep . . . (4.28)A little message for you. Text With Audio 09/07/17
At Your Service, M'lord: 3 Part Series
At Your Service, M'lord #01 (4.26)A timid maid greets her master as he returns from the hunt. Text With Audio 05/18/17
At Your Service, M'lord #02: Still at Your Service (4.27)Timid maid serves her master and his friends in private. Text With Audio 11/23/17
At Your Service, M'lord #03: Forgive Me, M'lady (4.26)Service you, M'lady? But I don't know how. You'll teach me?! Text With Audio 07/05/18
Bend Over, Bitch (3.64)Feel me fill your ass, you cocky man-whore! Text With Audio 04/27/18
Better Than You (4.26)Watch this stranger fuck me good . . . Text With Audio 09/27/18
Break Up Make Up (4.38)How can you ever make it up to me? With your tongue? Oh yes! Text With Audio 08/10/17
Caught in the Act (3.62)Caught out by Daddy, Xyta must now force herself to come. Text With Audio 03/01/18
Daddy, I'm Sick (4.02)I'm sick, Daddy. Pleeeeeeeease take care of me. Text With Audio 03/15/18
Deadlines (4.29)You want to play do you? Get on your knees, pet. Text With Audio 07/13/17
Deal with a Succubus (4.18)Lick my pussy, you little worm! Give your soul to my master! Text With Audio 05/09/19
Did You Miss Me? (4.40)New sound, new life, new sexy smoothness. ;-) Text With Audio 11/08/18
Don't Keep Me Waiting (4.31)This dildo and I can't wait, baby . . . Text With Audio 09/20/18
Fun On The Night Bus (4.20)Your voice makes me so fucking horny! Wherever I am . . . Text With Audio 03/30/19
Going Down (4.16)Stuck in this lift with nothing to do. Distract me? Please? Text With Audio 06/29/17
Happy, Happy, Joy, JOI - For Girls (4.60)Hour long JOI for girls, Xyta Style.  Hot Text With Audio 03/09/18
I Don't Want To Sleep (3.77)No, Mamma, I don't want it to be bed time! Text With Audio 07/19/18
I See You (3.84)Jerk off while you listen to me . . . Text With Audio 11/16/17
If Only You Were Alone . . . (3.97)One to enjoy on the move. Text With Audio 02/08/18
Just Desserts (4.50)No one can see; slip off your panties baby, give them to me.  Hot Text With Audio 06/07/18
Let Me Guide You (4.06)Come on, babe. I'll show you how I like it. Text With Audio 09/13/18
Light Reading, Heavy Breathing (4.26)Extra curricular activity in the library after closing time. Text With Audio 04/12/18
Me, Myself and You: 2 Part Series
Me, Myself and You (For Boys) (4.08)Sit between us, boy. Let us tease you . . . Text With Audio 04/11/19
Me, Myself and You (For Girls) (4.28)Sit between us darling. We'll show you how much we want you. Text With Audio 04/11/19
Measuring Up (4.36)Open your legs for me. Let's see how you measure up. Text With Audio 10/05/17
Mrs Stapleton (4.60)Join me on the moor, Mr Holmes. No one around but us...  Hot Text With Audio 10/12/18
My Movie Night with Daddy (3.77)Daddy, this is boring! Can't we do something else? Text With Audio 06/15/17
Never Too Busy (4.15)Hey babygirl. Sorry I've been busy. I'll make it up to you. Text With Audio 05/02/19
On The Fly Storytime (4.38)When I let my mind wander, what kinky treasures emerge? Text With Audio 10/25/18
One For The Girls (4.58)Xyta spends time with her baby girl, guiding her to come ...  Hot Text With Audio 01/04/18
Pit Stop (4.06)A quick stop to pee in a bush. What could go wrong? Text With Audio 06/14/18
Playing with My Sissy Bitch (3.98)Whispered fun and games with my Sissy Bitch. Text With Audio 04/05/18
Pt. 01 - Doctor: I Love You (3.86)I'll take of you, Doctor. In every way. Text With Audio 01/17/19
Pt. 02 - Doctor: I Want You (4.58)I have you now, doctor. Don't worry, no one will disturb us.  Hot Text With Audio 02/02/19
Pt. 03 - Doctor: I Need You (3.94)This is the only way, Doctor. I'll end it. For both of us. Text With Audio 02/07/19
Queen of the Sisterhood: 3 Part Series
Queen of the Sisterhood Pt. 01 (3.96)You will answer me, spy. I know I can persuade you. Text With Audio 12/07/17
Queen of the Sisterhood Pt. 02 (4.04)I will break you, spy, if it's the last thing I do! Text With Audio 01/18/18
Queen of the Sisterhood Pt. 03 (4.14)The spy fights back . . . with devastating results. Text With Audio 04/27/18
Sensual and Experimental: 4 Part Series
Sensual and Experimental #01 (4.10)Pop in your headphones/earbuds & enjoy my latest experiment. Text With Audio 02/01/18
Sensual and Experimental #02 (4.34)Another yummy experiment . . . with added moans ;-) Text With Audio 02/22/18
Sensual and Experimental #03 (4.19)Moans, whispers and anal . . . what more could you want? Text With Audio 06/07/18
Sensual and Experimental #04 (3.86)If I could get my hands on you, girl, just what would I do? Text With Audio 06/21/18
Sleepover: The Feisty One (4.31)Hey, stop drinking my booze...or you'll have to pay for it. Text With Audio 10/04/18
Sleepover: The Pretty One (4.31)So, pretty girl, you have fantasies about me? Text With Audio 09/06/18
So You Want To Be My Bitch: 4 Part Series
So You Want To Be My Bitch? #01 (4.17)Seeking pathetic 'lil fuck boy to be my bitch. Is that you? Text With Audio 08/02/18
So You Want To Be My Bitch? #02 (4.17)Let's see what you've got for me, bitch. Text With Audio 08/09/18
So You Want To Be My Bitch? #03 (4.56)Make. Me. Cum. Now.  Hot Text With Audio 08/16/18
So You Want To Be My Bitch? #04 (3.71)Take it for me. Accept the pain. For me. Text With Audio 08/23/18
Taking The Edge Off (3.96)Stressed baby? Don't worry, I'll make it better. Text With Audio 05/17/18
Teacher's Pet (3.97)Hey, I'm trying to teach here . . . turn that oooooooff! Text With Audio 05/31/18
The Butler Did It (4.33)Take your hands off me immediately, I'm your employ-aaaaah! Text With Audio 05/24/18
The Lab Rat (4.56)An orgasm-inhibiting drug? We'll see about that!  Hot Text With Audio 09/21/17
The Sweet Girl Next Door (3.86)Come here, baby. We're going to make a baby... Text With Audio 11/08/18
Thirty Minute Delay (4.50)There must be some way to make this journey more interesting.  Hot Text With Audio 09/07/17
Tip The Babysitter: 3 Part Series
Tip The Babysitter Pt. 01 (3.90)What do you mean, teach me a lesson?! Text With Audio 11/29/18
Tip The Babysitter Pt. 02 (4.16)Count the spanks? Y-yes, Sir. I'll count. Promise. Text With Audio 12/07/18
Tip The Babysitter Pt. 03 (4.39)Fuck the lesson into me?! Uh oh . . . Text With Audio 12/14/18
Tip Your Waitress: 3 Part Series
Tip Your Waitress (Part 01) (3.62)Oh, you'd rather deal with this between us? Hmm...fine! Text With Audio 02/21/19
Tip Your Waitress (Part 02) (3.79)Fucking slut, come on my fingers. That's right! Text With Audio 03/09/19
Tip Your Waitress (Part 03) (3.97)And now . . . lick me. Make me come on your face. Text With Audio 03/10/19
To Conceive a Royal Baby (4.04)You boy! Yes, son. Fuck her. Put a baby in her. Text With Audio 03/14/19
Truth or Dare (4.00)Kiss her? Damn right I'll kiss her, and more if you let me! Text With Audio 12/20/18
Watch Me Fuck You Up (3.93)Tied down and at my mercy? Good, you fucking prick. Text With Audio 07/12/18
Welcome Home, Daddy (3.98)Please, please come home, Daddy. I miss you. Text With Audio 04/06/17
What Do You Want From Me, Boy? (3.94)Xyta prepares to take requests. Text With Audio 01/25/18
What Do You Want From Me, Girl? (3.87)I want to know what you like, girl. Text With Audio 01/25/18
What Should I Call You Today? (4.19)Want me to call you names? Step up . . . Bitch . . . Text With Audio 04/04/19
Why, Why, Why? (4.36)Why do I do this, pets? Mmm . . . I'll tell you. Text With Audio 02/15/19
Working Lunch (3.73)Your office? Of course, Sir. Whatever you say . . . for now. Text With Audio 06/01/17
Xyta Challenges #1 — 100-1 (4.52)Edging from 100-1. Can I make it? Let's find out...  Hot Text With Audio 07/03/18
Xyta Notes 01: 'A Date Turned Sour' (4.56)A moment off-script to discuss a past audio. Text With Audio 03/09/18
Xyta vs Xyta: Xyta's Revenge (4.67)Good Xyta shows Bad Xyta what she's been missing  Hot Text With Audio 02/22/18
Xyta vs. Xyta (4.57)Two sides of Xyta Midnyte 'discuss' pleasure giving methods. (m/f voice)  Hot Text With Audio 04/27/17
You Are My Sun (4.10)I feel so warm when I think of you. Please be mine.  New Text With Audio 05/23/19
You. Serve. Me. (4.29)Uncomfortable sitting on that butt plug, are you? Hahaha... Text With Audio 03/30/19
My Wicked Plan (by Lord Hardon) (5.00)See? Xyta can do culture too. Kinda... Poetry With Audio 07/26/18
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