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The_shadow_rising's Biography:
Sex: Male
Age: 33 to 40
Weight: Average
Height: Average
Location: The Shadow
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: No Answer
Smoke: Occasionally
Drink: Yes
Fetishes: **Cheating/Infidelity**, Incest, Risk, Erotic Situations, and so much more
Pets: None
User Number: 477083
Member Since: February 5, 2005
Last Modified: December 31, 2015
Some words from The_shadow_rising:


Ok, so yes I have been busy (yet again) with work. I am going to be immensely busy until at least the beginning of February as I run up to completing a major project at work. I am going to be changing jobs sometime this year, so I intend to get back to writing when I can.

To that end, I will not update here again until I have a new story at least in 'editing' phase. You all don't need the 'getting your hopes up and then let down' thing again (and again, and so on), and I don't need t he headache of trying to write then having something come up and people complain. So if you don't hear from me in a while, I am still here, I just won't update until the story is almost ready. When I will have enough time, I don't know. The change of job could be anywhere between April and September, and the project could wind down anywhere from March to July. So when, I don't know - but I will be back.

On a slight positive note, I have a LOT of story ideas that I want to write, and I have found some solutions to some problems from before. So when I do get the chance I will be writing a lot.

Anyway, have a great new year, try not to behave too much, and I will see you all again when I can.

- - -


(1) I always appreciate constructive feedback. Feedback that is subjective, not constructive, or just pointless, I will ignore as I really don't care about those or what your opinions on those are. So, for example, thoughts on repetition, length of the story, phrases I use, sex positions you would prefer to see, etc, are (generally) things I don't care about. I write a story as I see that story should be written and how I want it. Most of my stories are not meant to encompass the characters' whole lives, and so what they do after the story I have left open to readers' imaginations. Sometimes I do think I have done something wrong along the lines of repetition, etc, but most of the time I don't. Further, most of the time you read a story your way, rather than knowing why I have written it as I have. Simply put, if you want me to pay any attention to your messages, don't be stupid, tell me something is a problem that is entirely down to your personal opinion or a certain style of writing (that is not mine), and so on. If you want to tell me your opinion, please state that this is what it is and why, acknowledging what it is. If you want to provide feedback, even if negative, be polite and constructive. Otherwise I will just ignore you. And remember - I don't write for you, just for me. The only person I have to please with my stories is myself.

(2) If you ask me a question, leave an email address for me to answer. I can't reply to you otherwise (other than on here).

(3) I hope you all have a happy new year also. And yes, there is a lot more I have in mind for 2016. Thank you for all of your messages about this.

(4) For the millionth time, yes Wishes will have the third part written when I feel like writing it. I have it planned, but it needs a few changes and kinks ironed out.

(5) I am going to finish the story. No, I won't collaborate. No, I won't let someone else finish my stories. Make me a millionaire so I can spend every day writing for hours and then I will be able to have enough time to finish them. Unfortunately my job for the last three years has been demanding. I have not had a holiday or break in three and a half years now.

(6) I have been asked the following question - "Just a fun question I had, just how far into the riskiness and betrayal is too far for you? How extreme would a story have to be to turn you off to it? Cuckold doesn't count for purposes of this question" - I am not really sure what I'm being asked here. Having ruled out getting caught, I am not really sure what you mean by 'how far', 'betrayal', or 'extreme'. So while it would be fun to answer, I have no idea what you're really asking me. So if the person who wrote this reads this (and you were anonymous), can you clarify if you want an answer. Thanks.

(7) 'It has been three years since I submitted a story. Your fans are getting restless' - Yes, and I can understand, especially with how terrible most stories on Lit are these days. Unfortunately I have done everything I can so far. See (5) also.

(8) Yes, you can still contact me, and no I haven't gone away. I will reply to messages as and when I can. You can contact me via the feedback forms on here, or you can look on my Lit profile on the forums and contact me via email/IM.

(9) Do I prefer thinking of stories, SRP, writing stories, or talking with people? - I guess the answer to that depends. There is something fun about thinking of ideas - they are quick and fun to imagine, but then I want to write them. The frustrating thing about writing is never having enough time and how long it takes to write something that takes only a couple of seconds to read. Writing is a slow, slow process. SRP is fun as it is less time-consuming and doesn't require as much from me. The biggest downsides are that people expect you to post each day - which interrupts other things - and that you can't control if someone takes things too quick, ruins the story, does something unbelievable, or takes the story in a way that you don't like. As for talking to people, again, that depends. I prefer people to be who they are, but on here you get a lot of people pretending to be other people. Also most of the time people just want instant stories. On the other hand, talking to people can be one of the most fun aspects of this 'job'. So I guess, it depends for each, but if I had to answer I would say 'coming up with ideas' is the most fun, 'writing them' next (especially when I get into 'that zone' and the story just flows through me - HOT!), then 'talking to people', then 'SRP'.


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