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jjsharshaw's Biography:
Gender: Male
Weight: Large
Height: Average
Location: Kansas City Metro
Orientation: No Answer
Interested In: Friends, Sex Partners, Love, Men, Women
Status: Attached
Smoke: Occasionally
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: D/s (Dom); rough sex; arterial choking; recreational drug use, to name but a few
Pets: Cat(s), Dog(s)
User Number: 59042
Member Since: October 26, 2001
Last Modified: July 18, 2016
Some words from jjsharshaw:

The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure.

The giving and receiving of pleasure is both a need and an ecstasy! - Gibran

The smell of sex, the smell of sweat, the suppleness of skin, the maddening desire of want, the swollen slickness of a woman's sex, the gruntings and moanings, the whispers of obscenities - in the dark - in the heat of passion - how wondrous! Sublime!

"When I remember Lisa I don't think about her clothes, or her work, or where she was from, or even what she said. I think about her smell, her taste, her skin touching mine." - Opening lines from the movie "9 Songs." As Roger Ebert said back in the day, "Two thumbs way up!"

Yes, jjsharshaw - Dr. Jubal JS Harshaw - is a pen name. I took it in homage to Sci-Fi writer Robert A. Heinlein. I met my name sake, Heinlein's lawyer, physician, writer of pulp fiction, screen writer, snark, gadfly, lover of women extraordinaire, Dr. Jubal Harshaw, in Heinlein's Magnum Opus, "Stranger in a Strange Land."

This is the most electrifying, fascinating character I had ever read! In my mind's eye, the movie of "Stranger" - that I would produce & direct - the personified Jubal Harshaw was immediately James Coburn. Alas, he has shuffled off this mortal coil. Now, I nominate the older James Spader (as opposed to the younger James Spader), whom gloriously animates the character of Raymond Red Reddington in NBC's "The Black List."

But, oh! If only I could be as sharp witted, smart, audacious, cool, and accomplished as Jubal Harshaw, well, really, allegedly Robert A. Heinlein himself! The JS in Jubal JS Harshaw is me.

I'm a Fan of Anais Nin (The Delta of Venus), Henry Miller (The Tropic of Cancer), Elizabeth McNeill (9 1/2 Weeks), Pauline Reage (The Story of O), Kurt Vonnegut (Welcome to the Monkeyhouse), Robert A Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land), Isaac Asimov (Nightfall and Other Stories) and Elizabeth Wurtzel (Prozac Nation).

I am Shaw's "unreasonable man." I don't fit so neatly into boxes, despite perceived appearances.

I found a new, more succinct differentiation of porn versus erotica in an article in the September-October 06 edition of "The Utne Reader." Porn deals solely with arousal. Erotica deals with human sexuality in all its facets. Increasingly those are the kinds of stories I want to write, about our sexuality and all its quirks and responsibilities and consequences and all the other baggage it brings to every one of our lives. Occasionally there is nothing too arousing about that but it still resonates about our lives or the lives of people we know. Be forewarned.

I, as with most writers on literotica and elsewhere, live for feedback. Please take time to vote on the stories, send feedback and/or leave a comment on the comment board. I thrive on feedback and while I positively love hearing "Wow, that was hot," I also take constructive criticism too. I would ask that you be as detailed as your mood strikes you - while "I doubt whether you can ever write anything erotic or sensual" or "You suck" (sentiments of a certain anonymous fan of mine) may convey your sentiments with razor sharp clarity of thought, it does me little good in terms of improving my skills.

Thank you to all who have read my work - whether you've liked it or not.

Ended my last major writer's block (though certainly not the last) which started in 06 on June 1st 2015 with my first ever Gay Male story!

Ballsy, one might say, to end your block, by writing in a genre you never have before in 14 years on literotica! Yeah, well, I was desperate and my muse basically had a figurative gun to my head. Tip: NEVER show your work to a muse who is computer savvy, knows your account password and has a professional shrink-type degree after their name who loves what you've written though you think it drivel and threatens to either post it or she will.

"Her Present," my "comeback" story, is in the works as a series that not only has gay sex with a touch of androgyny but lesbian sex, D/s and a number of my favorite paraphilias: drug use, reluctant/semi-nonconsensual sex, choking, forced orgasms and unethical and/or illegal activities - medical professionals radically abusing their Hippocratic oaths and their ethical canons & fantasy erotophonophilia, to name but a few.

Future stories in the pipeline for the remainder of 2015 into Spring of 2016 (tentative titles): "The Rapture of Adah Summers" - Adah gets a boost in her sex life, spiritual life and self esteem with the help of the Holy Trinity; "V is for Vivid" - a poly husband's remembrance in finding his wife a polyamorous male lover; "The Beard's Tale" - a story of the beard for a gay billionaire and the jealousy of his lover from his college days; and the "AT&SF Superchief" - a wife happily pulls a train on the most famous train from Chicago to LA & "Fanfare for an Uncommon Woman" - the biography of the first woman, lesbian, married pope...oh, yeah. Chica-chica...

There is an ever so slight possibility I will ATTEMPT to continue the series "Sam, Laura & Joanne," and the story, "The Accidental Lesbian," all as requested. We'll see.

Any ideas? Drop me a line. You can click on the Communicate tab & send email.


As the story count has gotten a bit high I would like to suggest you check out the following stories FIRST. I'd also like to suggest you read the essays first to get a feel for "me." (Then you can take your pick if you want. I am listing the categories in the order I guess I would read.)

Essays: A Proposed New Rating System * Real Life and the Movies * Midlife (Very Personal) * The Violence of Desire (Also personal)

Sci Fi: (A bit o' fun) * Fleshy Headed Mutants * The Secret Lives of Cats

Romance: Angela Undress * Lost Time (partially based on personal experience) * Mercies

Nonconsensual/Reluctant: Deceit (political intrigue) * Tell Him Valdez is Coming

Erotic Couplings: Collapse * Oblivion

Group Sex: (Another bit o' fun) * Intermission in the Rear Balcony

Exhibitionist/Voyeur: Four East

Lesbian: The Accidental Lesbian * She Speaks in Tongues * Sonic Girl * Transference - All Parts * The Wall and Joy's Friend

Celebrities: Somewhere Near Leavenworth (Melissa Etheridge)

Fetish: A Twist in His Sobriety (Sex & Drugs in one night in LA/A song by Tanika Tanitram) * The Little Death (Polyamory & erotic asphyxiation) * Nights in White Satin (Heroin and a cold night) * Four East (fun with danger sex and a very demanding woman)

BDSM: Sam, Laura and Joanne - all parts

Erotic Horror: The Evil Within - All Parts * Desolation

Gay Male: Her Present (to become a rather dark and kinky series) * The Second Time


It's been a while: a nine year writer's block. I am working. The good news is the amount of wondrous sensuality to write about is overwhelming! And the bad news - the amount of wondrous sensuality to write about is overwhelming! There are never enough ways to stimulate mind and body!

Fall 2015, from Kansas City, the home of the 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals.

BTW, I think I have a handle of the use of to & too. Whether I do or not, you need not expend effort to point out that particular failure. :-)

Take Care.

And Front! (it's Harshaw's repeated line in the book. I love it. You'll have to read the book to understand it. Sorry.)

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