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This page shows a list of stories and/or poems, that this author has published on Literotica.

60 to 1 Countdown to Cum Challenge (2.78)60 to 1 Countdown to Cum Challenge Audio 10/15/23
60 to 1 Cum Challenge (2.00)60 to 1 Cum Challenge Audio 11/19/23
A Black Woman's Guide (1.00)A Black Woman's Guide to Healing Her Sexual Energy! Audio 11/06/23
A Suit and a Giant Sized Perversion (3.11)A Suit And A Size Kink Are Quite The Dangerous Cocktail Audio 11/07/23
A Very Victorian Sex Education! (2.33)the newly-wed man hears that his dear friend practices kink. Audio 11/14/23
All Chill, And No Netflix! (3.67)Good girl. And now, you can watch the movie Audio 11/16/23
Bathtime with you Boyfriend! (3.18)Your fun in the tub goes to another even more explicit level Audio 10/19/23
Big Dick Redemption! (3.20)Be a good girl and learn from your daddy’s mistakes. Audio 11/11/23
Bimbo Daydreams! (3.00)Dreaming of obedience and submission Smiling and giggling. Audio 11/16/23
Cabin Fever! Snowed In With You... (3.27)Your pretty little head resting against my chest. Audio 10/29/23
Choose Masturbation Instructions! (1.00)Choose Your Own Masturbation Instructions!  New Audio 11/27/23
Daddy Dom 101! (3.13)Don’t you know these are your wild years? Audio 10/29/23
Daddy Dumbs You Down... (3.14)You've become so used to just doing whatever I say. Audio 10/31/23
Delivery Guy Fucks You! (3.00)Same Audio without additional SFX Audio 09/01/23
Do You Belong To Me (x.xx)I don't fuck what doesn't belong to me, do you belong to me. Audio 11/19/23
Double Penetration By Preacher... (3.00)Double Penetration By Preacher On Your Wedding Night Audio 11/04/23
Fantasizing About You! (2.33)Fantasizing About You! Audio 11/03/23
First Time with Sugar Daddy! (2.80)First Time With Sugar Daddy! Becoming A Sugar Baby! Audio 10/31/23
For Queen And Country! (1.00)For Queen And Country! - A top secret job Audio 10/28/23
Fuck I Missed You (4.33)When He Slides In & Says "Fuck I Missed You"  New Audio 11/27/23
Fucking On A Boat In Exotic Islands (1.00)Oh. Oh, damn, you’re a wild one. Just grabbing the zipper. Audio 11/06/23
Fucking Your Housemate’s Friend! (2.33)Fucking Your Housemate’s Friend! Audio 11/06/23
Fucking Your Stepbrother! (1.00)I imagined the first time we’d meet would be a lot more. Audio 11/18/23
Full Brain Orgasm! (3.67)Full Brain Orgasm! Audio 11/15/23
Getting Fucked In The Rain! (2.33)Getting Fucked In The Rain With Sugar Daddy! Audio 11/13/23
Getting Intimate With Your Author! (2.60)I just need to find a woman that’s really passionate Audio 11/09/23
Give Me The Girl! (1.00)sensual kissing ... soft little whimpers of need Audio 11/13/23
Give Me Your Wrists, Kitten! (3.00)Just look at the dawn light on this wilderness lake. And mmm Audio 11/05/23
Good Girl! (3.00)Good Girl! Audio 11/16/23
Gym Daddy! (1.75)This story is, oddly enough, a love letter to my gym. Audio 10/30/23
Have a Hands Free Orgasm! (1.00)HFO Slave Training! Have a Hands Free Orgasm! Audio 11/15/23
Helping You To Cum! ASMR Boyfriend (3.84)You've woken up in the middle of the night a little stressed. Audio 08/26/23
Honeymoon Sex On The Beach! (2.50)Honeymoon Sex On The Beach! Audio 11/17/23
Hot Delivery Guy! (3.00)Fulfil the classic fantasy of paying the pizza delivery guy. Audio 08/28/23
How About a Threesome? (3.61)I want to give you the fantasy of being with someone else. Audio 08/26/23
Hypnnotic Yoni Massage! (3.22)I find it much more positive and loving. Audio 11/05/23
I Want To Fuck A Baby Into You. (3.09)You want to be one of those mommies, wouldn't you? Audio 11/02/23
I'm Going to Fuck You Like a Wild (3.00)I've got you. You hot, luscious, woman Audio 11/07/23
I've Been Watching You! (3.00)I’ve been following your moves for a while… Watching you… Audio 10/30/23
In Your Secret Garden [M4F] [HFO] (3.29)An HFO hypnosis script for the female listener. Audio 08/15/23
Let Me Make Love To You..... (2.40)Follow My Instructions And Let Me Make Love To You..... Audio 11/21/23
Let´s Fuck Your Ex Out Of Your Head (1.00)we could give you a wet night at home instead.. Audio 11/09/23
Little Bird Gets Revenge (3.17)The Anniversary! Little Bird Gets Revenge On The Bully! Audio 11/04/23
Losing Your Virginity: 2 Part Series
Losing Your Virginity To A Biker! (1.50)The parents enter and find their adult daughter masturbating. Audio 11/14/23
Losing Your Virginity...! (3.20)Losing Your Virginity With The Bully! Audio 11/18/23
Mafia Boss Enzo With Daisy... (2.00)The bed’s nice, though. Do you want to lie down or…? Audio 10/31/23
Mafia Boss is the Bad Guy! (2.40)Mafia Boss Is The Bad Guy! Audio 10/31/23
Mafia Boss Proposes To A Sugar Baby (2.33)Good girl. Raise your head, dive and look at me Audio 11/03/23
Making Love After A Panic Attack! (2.00)Everything is incredibly sensitive after a traumatic event? Audio 08/28/23
Orgasm Hypnosis!... (2.75)Relax and let me guide you to a delicious orgasm. Audio 11/18/23
Preacher! The Wedding Night! (4.00)Preacher! The Wedding Night! Audio 11/05/23
Ravishing and Breeding the Queen (2.60)I know you can see just what I'm going to do to you!... Audio 11/15/23
Ravishing My Pregnant Captive Queen (3.00)Look at you, soft and naked on that bed, your body oiled Audio 11/06/23
Roll The Dice.... Counting Orgasms (3.00)Roll The Dice.... Counting Orgasms Audio 10/18/23
Sex In The Clinic With The Doctor (2.38)sex in the clinic with the doctor Audio 11/18/23
Sex With The Teacher! (1.67)Sex With The Teacher! Audio 11/19/23
Skyrim: Sky Above Voice Within! (2.00)How he hated the wet gales to bite his nose and throat Audio 11/02/23
Snugglefucked By Your Sugar Daddy! (1.80)Snugglefucked By Your Sugar Daddy! Audio 11/13/23
Somnos The Dominant Hypnotic Boss! (2.88)Each new word he speaks sends shivers crisscrossing Audio 11/03/23
Sugar Baby Spoils Sugar Daddy! (3.00)Sugar Daddy loves to spoil his sweet Sugar Baby. Audio 10/30/23
Sugar Daddy Gets Pegged! (3.00)ar Baby suggested something a little… exotic. Audio 11/13/23
Sugar Daddy Spoils You... (3.00)Sugar Daddy Spoils You... Audio 10/28/23
Sugar Daddy's New Year's Quickie! (2.14)Sugar Daddy's New Year's Quickie! Audio 11/19/23
Sugar Daddy's Revenge! (2.33)That dress really is stunning on you. Especially in the moon Audio 11/02/23
Tag-Teamed By Himbo Caped Crusaders (3.50)Tag-Teamed By Himbo Caped Crusaders at the Campus Halloween Audio 10/31/23
Take Your Time! (3.00)I see what you mean now when you said you have magic fingers. Audio 10/29/23
Taking My New Slave! (3.70)The inviting curve of your hips - The swell of your breasts Audio 11/05/23
Teaching You How To Suck My Cock! (3.33)Teaching You How To Suck My Cock! Audio 11/17/23
Tender Yandere Boyfriend Shows You (1.00)Tender Yandere Boyfriend Shows You Just How Beautiful Audio 10/28/23
The Alpha's Mate Part 2 (3.00)The tension was making them very... horny. Audio 11/16/23
The Biker's Nightmare! (3.67)The Biker's Nightmare - I love you... Please don't go... Audio 10/27/23
The Bride and The Best-Man! (3.00)Things get hot - the groom's best friend goes to comfort her. Audio 10/25/23
The Bully Cheats! (3.00)The Bully wants to hangout with his mates... Audio 10/29/23
The Bully Something Short and Sweet (3.00)I just want to have some fun with you, you know.. Audio 10/27/23
The Bully Spanks You In The Library (2.67)I don’t know if I should punish you… or if I should kiss you. Audio 10/25/23
The Bully Takes Your Virginity! (3.38)Yes. You heard me right. I want to take your virginity. Audio 10/27/23
The Confession of a Sub (3.20)So horny, so slutty. Fuck. I just love it. Audio 11/11/23
The Fiery Passions Of A Dark Lover! (1.00)You're being stalked, and you're oblivious to the danger Audio 11/09/23
The Foreign Exchange Student! (2.00)You’re getting faster, love! I’m still going to catch you Audio 10/30/23
The Good Girl Test! (2.67)The Good Girl Test! Audio 11/12/23
The King Breeds His Queen! (1.33)I must preserve these 'glimmering muscles'. Audio 11/14/23
The Lifeguard! (3.67)A deliberate provocation, to tempt him to desire. Audio 10/30/23
The Mermaid Gets Fucked! (3.00)The Mermaid Gets Fucked! Audio 11/17/23
The Milking Chair! (3.29)Get naked for me and maybe put a towel underneath you. Audio 11/15/23
The Multi-Orgasm Girl on Girl Play (3.25)Between my legs, the oral sex simulator - teasing me, slippe Audio 11/04/23
The Naughty Nap! (2.33)You wanna play a different game! Audio 11/09/23
The Nudist At The Beach! (2.55)He's easily the most hung man you've ever met Audio 11/07/23
The Offering - The Final Trial! (3.00)My nipples are covered in wax and ache to be touched Audio 11/01/23
The Offering! Auditioning To Be... (2.83)Auditioning To Be A Plaything For The Collective. Audio 10/28/23
The Period Sex You Want! (3.71)I Released My Period Pain With the Coffee Shop Man Audio 10/31/23
The Pleasure of Being My Pet! (2.00)So horny and expecting me to just give you what you want! Audio 11/13/23
The Secrets Of The Garden (3.00)the secrets of the garden Audio 11/14/23
The Viking Warrior - Do As He Says! (2.67)what a lovely body you have princess... Audio 10/30/23
The Werewolf Mafia Boss Breeds (1.00)The Werewolf Mafia Boss Breeds & Ruts His Doll! Audio 11/16/23
The Werewolf Marks You As His Own! (2.38)Your new Alpha, and mate, has dragged you... Audio 11/04/23
The Window Will Be Open To Fuck Me (3.00)Climb Through My Window And Fuck Me Audio 11/18/23
Tortured By The Collective... (2.00)I lay on the bed, my mask pulled tight and my vision cut off. Audio 11/01/23
Try To Resist Me Game! (3.00)Can you resist my tempting ways - Let's play! Audio 10/29/23
Tuesday Audio - 1 Aug 2023 (3.09)Your BF Discovers Your Secret.... And Becomes Your New Daddy Audio 08/03/23
Valentine's Day JOI! (1.00)You are a beautiful, luscious woman. Your moans are intoxicating. Audio 11/14/23
Vampire Boyfriend Wants a Taste (3.33)want to hold you in my arms, it has been too long, my love Audio 10/28/23
Waking You in Your Bed! (2.33)Whimper into my hand, you don't get to scream right now Audio 11/19/23
Who's Your Daddy? (3.44)Your dominant BF wants you to call him ’daddy’ Audio 08/03/23
Wild Sex with Your Sugar Daddy!... (2.20)Wild Sex With Your Sugar Daddy In A Glass Treehouse! Audio 10/31/23
You're the One I'm Buying Tonight! (5.00)the Slave Auction - You're the One I'm Buying Tonight! Audio 10/31/23
You, Me, and a Vibe Make Three. (1.00)The voice that whispers the most naughty things… Audio 11/17/23
Your Best Friend Wants To Empty You (1.00)There's one thing on your mind: Submitting to someone Audio 11/09/23
Your Boyfriend Tests Your Limits! (1.50)Every hour your boyfriend comes to visit you. Audio 11/12/23
Your Bully Discovers You ... (3.11)Your diary falls in the hands of your bully Audio 10/28/23
Your Cheerleader Uniform Drives Me Crazy (3.00)Your cheerleader uniform drives me crazy Audio 11/17/23
Your First Time: 2 Part Series
Your First Time! (2.60)Teaching You How To Cum! Audio 11/15/23
Your First Time! Part 2. (3.00)I kissed those soft and delicious lips of yours... Audio 10/31/23
Your Horny Boyfriend Fucks You...! (3.40)You’re the sexiest girl at this party.. Audio 11/11/23
Your Horny Boyfriend Gets You Fucks (1.75)Just stay still, baby.. - Just lie on your belly like that.. Audio 11/12/23
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