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BondiLisa's Biography:
Gender: Female
Weight: Skinny
Height: Tall
Location: Australia
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Nothing
Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, MMF, Anal, Cum
Pets: Cat(s)
User Number: 818986
Member Since: February 21, 2007
Last Modified: July 7, 2009
Some words from BondiLisa:

There are some questions that all of my readers seem to ask me at some point. Everyone wants to know whether the stories are true, and many people are interested in what turns me on and the things I fantasise about.

The answers, as well being sexy, give a little insight into the way I tick, so I thought I would share them here with everyone.

So, are the stories true? The Lisa stories are all inspired by my real life experiences. They explore my feelings and discoveries as I look back and record some of my adventures. Of course I might rearrange real events to make a story work better, I might enhance things a little, or I might mix and match some of the things that people in the stories do, but apart from a little artistic license all of the Lisa stories have an essential truth.

All of the other stories are products of my imagination. There aren't many of these at the moment but as I have time I will write more. Unfortunately, at the moment I don't seem to have the time to do much writing, but I have plenty of ideas for fictional stories, and plenty of material for more stories about my own experiences, as well as ideas for stories that explore some of my own fantasies. Hopefully there will be more stories up here soon - I do miss the writing.

Now, let's get to the fun stuff - what turns me on!

I enjoy feeling sexy and aroused. I relish the slight euphoria, the feeling of heat and moistness between my legs and the sensuality of touches on my hypersensitive skin. I like to feel these sensations as much as possible, so I dress sexily and act flirtatiously. When men look at me, not as predators, but admiringly or desirously I feel sexy and get a little tingle. I may sound like a tease but I am not, I am not at all difficult to catch when a man captures my interest.

I don't usually dress provocatively, but I do like to dress in a way that accentuates my femininity and sexuality. At work, where I need to behave conservatively, I still like to wear a suit that hugs my figure, with a skirt a little shorter or pants a little tighter around my arse and thighs than is usual at the office and an extra button or two undone on my blouse. Outside of work I like to wear very short skirts or shorts and little singlet tops, and of course little dresses that hug my curves. At home I usually get about in boxer shorts or a g-string and a singlet. In hot weather I do away with the top altogether.

Except when absolutely necessary I don't wear a bra or panties. When I must I usually wear a sheer g-string with matching half-cup bra. I have hard nipples and perky breasts and I like displaying their natural shape with my nipples poking through my clothes. It makes me feel sexy and draws the kinds of looks that makes my skin tingle. I enjoy people seeing a little too much skin, in fact the more they see the more I enjoy it. I delight in people knowing I am not wearing underwear. Nevertheless, I don't usually go out of my way give someone an eyeful.

I am an exhibitionist. The way I dress is just one part of this. To me exhibitionism is about letting people discover my secret sexuality. That may be a little too much skin, or aspects of my sexual nature that most people would keep hidden. The stories I write are part of my exhibitionism, and so are the occasions when I chat online. Even this bio is part of it.

I enjoy having sex in public places with people around. The people often aren't aware of what is happening, but it still gives me a thrill to see and hear other people so close. When people are aware I like to put on a good show. I feel very slutty when people watch me have sex, and it simply isn't enough to lie back and make love. I like people to see how naughty and slutty I can be, I want them to watch me do things that they would not do, things they fantasise about but are too inhibited to do themselves. I like to hear the reactions and see the faces of the people watching as they witness my shameless display of unbridled lust. I want them to judge me to be a slut but be aroused and jealous of my uninhibited wanton spirit anyway.

Although I do not consider myself a slut, I do consider myself slutty, and I enjoy it when people think of me as a slut. I do not believe that the negative aspects of the term "slut" apply to me. I feel liberated and empowered by my sexuality, my sluttiness, if you will. I feel in control of my actions and the decisions I make. I don't have to abide by society's rules and double standards. I know there is a contradiction between not believing myself to be a slut and enjoying other people thinking of me as a slut, but that stems from my exhibitionism - I love people looking for my limits and not finding any.

Many of the games men and women play are a search for boundaries. I like to let my defences slip with only a little resistance, I enjoy men feeling I am easy. When a man is too slow to explore my boundaries I am happy to give him the encouragement he needs.

I enjoy the gentle wrestling on the dance floor as my partner explores my body with his hands. I offer no resistance as his caresses find ever more intimate places. The ultimate exhilaration comes when he finally discovers I am wearing neither bra nor panties, that I am wet and ready, and that no part of my body is off limits to him, no matter how short a period of time we have known one another.

When we leave the club I am much more likely to take him to a nearby park than my apartment - I would much rather make love in the open. At the park I will look for a well lit area and then resume my seduction. As we have sex he will again discover that no part of my body is off limits to him. If I am well satisfied and he is not yet finished I will guide his fingers to my arsehole, if he hasn't already found it himself, to tempt him to have anal sex. If he enters me I will guide him into my depths and have him shoot his load deep inside me, otherwise I will kneel in front of him and finish him with my mouth and throat, savouring the taste of his cum and greedily swallowing the first few spurts before aiming his cock to shoot the remainder on my breasts and face.

I find sex like this electrifying - a man I barely know; in a public park under the lights with the delicious possibility of being seen; uninhibited taboo sex; the taste of his cum in my mouth and the shiver down my spine as I feel his cum splashing onto my face and breasts; and what is for me the transcendent thrill as he slowly discovers the depths of my wanton sluttiness.

The only thing that could make this more exciting for me would be another man. With two men I get to have my cock and eat it too. One of the exquisite pleasures of being with two men is giving head to one man while the other thrusts deep into my pussy or arse. Another is the delicious feeling of fullness as one man enters my pussy and the other my arse. You haven't lived until you've been double penetrated while passersby look on.

So much of the excitement of sex for me is tied up with a man discovering my lascivious nature that once he has learned all of my secrets I quickly begin to hunger for a new man.

I look for a man, or woman for that matter, who is at least somewhat attractive, has that confident sexiness that has nothing at all to do with looks, and in some way piques my interest - maybe he makes me laugh, or makes me think or look at something in a way new to me, maybe he just knows lots of interesting and stupid stuff or is full of compassion and empathy. I look for something special about him that distinguishes him from everyone else. Or he could just be drop dead gorgeous, I am not averse to a strictly physical encounter.

Unless there is a completely irresistible spark I don't usually have sex with someone I have just met. I am more inclined to exchange numbers and go on a date with him later. This gives us a chance to get to know one another in a more intimate environment. It also gives me a chance to meet him when we are both completely sober. If we hit it off I will take him home, or to the park, after the date. If I haven't felt a connection with him we won't have another date, although if he is cute enough I may still take him home or make out and give him head in the car when he drives me home.

Once we are in bed I let him take the lead, I am sure to enjoy any of the positions he prefers. Each different position has a slightly different flavour for me. If he lays me on my back I will open my legs and lift my knees, making myself completely accessible to him. In this position I especially enjoy the feeling of vulnerability when a man spreads my legs as wide and high as I can stretch. This is one of my favourite positions for anal because I can look him in the eyes as he thrusts into my arse. When I am on my back I also enjoy feeling pinned down by a man's weight and sheer strength, unable to move except to thrust my hips to meet his as he drives into me.

From a purely physical perspective being on top often results in the most intense orgasms for me because I can control the action, guiding his cock inside me to give me the most pleasure possible. Often when a lover isn't satisfying me I will take control and ride him like this. From this position I might move up his body and straddle his face, offering my clit, pussy and arse to his tongue and mouth. Men are sometimes reluctant to lick my arse but with just a little encouragement and a few moans they usually begin to lap it hungrily. I don't usually 69 when a man is eating me, I like to savour the sensations, and I find a cock in my mouth at such times very distracting. If the mood takes me and he has satisfied me very well I will move back down to his hips and ride him reverse cowgirl. I like to like to lean forward so he can see my pussy and arse as I position his cock and let it slowly slide into my arse. I guide it gently into my innermost depths and then begin to increase the speed and strength of my thrusts so he can watch as I impale myself hard and fast on his shaft.

Doggy style is also one of my favourites. I lower my face and shoulders into the pillows while raising my hips and arse and spreading my legs. Watching myself in the mirrors on my wardrobes in this position makes me feel like a porn star and always drives me quickly to climax. Men will often press their cocks gently against my arsehole in this position, testing the waters I think. I never discourage them, and if I am feeling naughty I will encourage them, acting the slut and begging them to give it to me in the arse. Anal sex makes me feel very sexy, very slutty, and while I enjoy all of the sensations, it won't make me climax, although it does greatly enhance my enjoyment when I am with two men.

I have almost no limits in bed, or out of it, for that matter. I really enjoy a man's excitement as we do new things together - new for him in any case. I have a kinkier side too, and I enjoy having my arse spanked, or tying a man up and teasing him with my body, eventually making him cum with just my mouth and swallowing his delicious load. This is one of the few times when I enjoy 69. When he is tied up it is about his pleasure, and while I enjoy the sensations down there, my focus is on giving good head, rather than on enjoying receiving it.

While I like my men muscular and the sex to be physical, I like my women to be more curvaceous and the sex to be more sensual. I am a slim woman with small breasts and I like the women I am with to have more curves than I and larger breasts for me to experience and enjoy. I still like to feel a muscular firmness under the delicate softness of her flesh though. I enjoy the tenderness of the kisses with a woman, the gentle touch as our breasts meet and our nipples brush one another, as well as the sweet and musky taste of her pussy.

I usually masturbate while I relax in a hot bath. The images that pass through my mind are frequently of me giving head to a man. As my pleasure grows the images become more shameless. An audience is added - often I am on the bus or train. Some of the other commuters are oblivious, some watch openly, while others are uncomfortable but can't help but to look as I slide my mouth up and down on the man's enormous cock. Another man is added, thrusting another enormous cock into my pussy, and finally a third man appears with his enormous cock in my arse. The commuters watch as I cum again and again. Finally the men withdraw from my pussy and arse and move around in front of me and I stroke them both as I deep throat the original man. One by one they cum, shooting their loads on my face, hair and body as the commuters watch.

Sometimes as I masturbate I recall sharing an apartment with another girl. When she brought men home I would listen and masturbate as they had sex. I would simply enjoy hearing both of them moaning with pleasure. I would imagine that she knew I could hear and enjoyed me masturbating while she had sex. I would imagine her listening and masturbating when I had sex with men I brought home.

When I am very horny I imagine being in the centre of a room. I can't see anything in the room beyond the little circle of light where I lie naked, tied and spread eagled. I can hear motion outside of the light and I know there are people out there. I see a man step into the light. He is naked, with a large erect penis. He walks towards me and when he reaches he presents his dick to me to suck. I happily oblige him and he quickly cums in my mouth. Spent, he retreats back to the darkness. No sooner has he disappeared than another man, with another erection, strides towards me. This one enters me, thrusting into me hard and fast, and also cumming quickly. He shoots his load on my stomach and retreats back to the darkness. As another man appears and approaches I realise there is a ring of men surrounding my little circle of light, and that one by one they will come to me to be satisfied. I have never yet managed to work my way around the entire ring of men before reaching my own climax, so I don't know how many men there are out there, but the idea of an endless supply, to fuck me and cum on me, until I cum myself is very exciting to me.

There is one fantasy I have which has the potential to come true. That is that I would like to be paid for sex - not like a cheap hooker but something much more like Pretty Woman. I would like to experience sex as a service, where I have no idea who the man is, nor care. Where I am completely detached from him, but share a passionate experience with him. Because I am being paid I would fulfil his every desire with no consideration given to my desires. In the past I have had a few opportunities along these lines but never acted on them - I am sure that some of the dads I used to nanny for in my university days would have paid extra for a little personal service - more than one hinted along those lines. I daydream now about the possibilities missed. As with most fantasies of this nature I am not at all sure I would go through with it if the opportunity did come again.

P.S. If you enjoy my stories, please add them or me to your favourites, vote for me, and either post a message on the story or drop me a note, I enjoy hearing from my readers.



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