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secretsxywriter's Biography:
Sex: Female
Weight: No Answer
Height: No Answer
Location: Somewhere
Orientation: Straight
Interested In: Friends, Men
Status: Single
Smoke: No
Drink: Occasionally
Fetishes: Submission, Light Bondage, Blindfolds, Sensation Play, Switching
Pets: Cat(s)
User Number: 996098
Member Since: July 8, 2008
Last Modified: April 29, 2017
Some words from secretsxywriter:

After submitting stories and receiving questions/feedback for five of my nine years on Lit, here's a little insight into my kinky brain.


• I have no plans to remove my stories to publish them for profit. I choose to remain anonymous, hence the Secret part of my name. And I'm not interested in collaborating on Lit at this time.

• Though I write fiction, I really try to create a story that would be—in most situations—plausible. The Internet is my greatest tool for researching details on things I don't know…whether on settings, how something works, or if something is even possible.

• I'm not about just writing a story for the sex factor, to get high ratings, or to rack up my submission count. There are plenty of other stories out on Lit serving those purposes. I aim to draw my readers in and make them feel like they are a part of my story…to relate to or at least feel for the characters. And if I get brave and write a series, the characters may not fall into bed within the first page or chapter. Maybe some of the questions won't be answered until the end. Regardless, the goal is to pique the reader's interest…and keep it throughout.

• I get my ideas from my interests, dreams, fantasies, and sometimes personal experiences.

• I don't usually have a specific, real person in mind when I create my characters. They develop as I write, though sometimes a celebrity does give me an inspiration. But each of my characters has something in common with me. A quirk. A preference. Even if it's just the color of their hair or eyes.

• I get giddy when I see a feedback Email. And I will respond to any message if you include your Email address. I only carry on conversations through Email or Skype.

• I love public comments on my stories even more. Constructive criticism is great and appreciated. Rude, negative comments that bash my work or me as a writer? I just delete them.


My pet peeves:

* Butchering POV (point of view, perspective, etc.). The narrator cannot know what the other characters are thinking or feeling. Change the scene/chapter if you insist on changing narrators… Or better yet, don't write at all, unless you know how to use POV correctly because it's the basis for all storytelling: there is no story until you choose WHO is going to tell it. I've stopped reading too many probably good stories due to head-jumping (if you don't know what this is, you don't know POV).

* Using incorrect grammar. 31 popular mistakes in no particular order per several online memes:

1. They're = They Fucking Are

2. Their = Shows Fucking Possession

3. There = Specifies A Fucking Location

4. You're = You Fucking Are

5. Your = Shows Fucking Possession

6. It's = It Fucking Is

7. Its = Shows Fucking Possession

8. We're = We Fucking Are

9. Were = Past Fucking Tense Of "Are"

10. Where = Specifies A Fucking Location

11. Loose = Not Fucking Fixed In Place

12. Lose = Cease To Fucking Keep

13. Who's = Who Fucking Is

14. Whose = Shows Fucking Possession

15. Affect = A Fucking Action

16. Effect = A Fucking Result

17. Accept = To Fucking Agree

18. Except = Not Fucking Included

19. Than = A Fucking Comparison

20. Then = A Fucking Point In Time

21. Through = Specifies Where It Fucking Went

22. Threw = Past Fucking Tense Of "Throw"

23. To = Where It's Fucking Going

24. Too = An Excessive Fucking Amount

25. Two = A Fucking Number

26. Desert = A Fucking Dry Wasteland or To Fucking Leave

27. Dessert = A Fucking Food

28. Peek = To Fucking Look At

29. Peak = The Fucking Top

30. Bear = A Fucking Animal or To Fucking Put Up With

31. Bare = To Be Fucking Naked

* Using incorrect punctuation…including none at all when it's needed. Commas separate lists of three or more items, join two separate but like-minded thoughts, or separate an introductory word/phrase (however, they can be abused). Periods end statements. Question marks end…questions. And the Enter key is your friend when you want to start a new paragraph!

* Not proofreading or using Spellcheck. I admit that I'm not perfect; some mistakes do get through. But when a story is riddled with errors, it makes the author appear to be incompetent at writing…not to mention the English language.

* Being removed from a member's Favorites list. Authors are notified when a registered Lit member likes them or their work. We are also notified when a member removes us. So if it's your habit to use the Favorite button as a bookmark to read at another time, STOP IT. It's very annoying. Especially when specific members repeatedly do this. Why, all of a sudden, do you not like our story or us as a writer?

* Not using the blinker to signal you're turning; waiting until the last minute to put on your brakes; or not walking against traffic so you know to get off the road when a car is coming at you. Oops! These don't relate to writing, but I was on a roll.

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