tagAnalFantasy #3

Fantasy #3


To My Readers: This is the continuing saga of a Master and his slave. It began in Fantasy #1 and will continue on indefinitely. I hope to make each story able to stand alone but for the entire effect, I recommend you read each in order. Thank you for your valued feedback. I hope you enjoy my work.

She gazes out the window, lost in thought, until a sudden noise breaks her concentration. She realizes it is the clock, reminding her it is noon. She moves.

First she takes the cutting board down from where it hangs on the wall. She takes a paper towel from the roll and wipes the board, making sure it is clean and dust-free. Satisfied, she places the board on the kitchen counter. Then she turns on the water in the sink and presses liquid soap into her hands, rubbing them together she washes her hands carefully. She dries them on the cloth towel hanging by the side of the sink for that purpose.

She takes a knife from the knife block. She looks it over carefully, making sure it has not been nicked and that the blade is still sharp. She places it on the cutting board.

She walks across the room to the refrigerator, which is purring happily at its work. She pulls open the heavy door with one arm, a soft grunt at the effort. She stands within its warm beam of light for a moment, looking over the contents within. She bends and opens the produce drawer, the one they use for vegetables. She sees inside the drawer some potatoes, a green pepper and a bag of carrots. Her right hand reaches down and her fingers curl around the bag of carrots. She stands, taking the carrots with her. Her left hand reaches down to close the produce drawer. She turns and pushes shut the refrigerator door. She walks back across the room to the cutting board.

She opens the bag of carrots and looks inside it. She finds the one she wants.

She turns on the cold water in the kitchen sink. She places the bag of carrots on the counter next to the board. She takes the carrot she has selected and swipes it back and forth underneath the running water. Holding the carrot with her right hand, her left hand turns off the water. Then she takes the piece of paper towel and dries the carrot off carefully. She lays the paper towel down on the board. She puts the carrot on it.

She pulls open the utensil drawer and finds the vegetable peeler. She lifts it from the tray. She closes the drawer with her hip as her left hand picks up the carrot. Her right hand takes the peeler and uses it on the carrot. Small slivers of peel appear on the paper towel. She works silently and quickly. When she is satisfied, she places the peeler in the sink and with her now free hand she gathers up the paper towel, carefully keeping the carrot slivers within it. She lays the carrot down now on the naked cutting board as she tosses the towel in the wastebasket along the wall.

With the knife, she cuts the ends off the carrot. Then she slices it in half. She cuts the halves down the middle, then again. Now she has six slices of carrot. She is content. She puts the knife down on the board and opens the cupboard door. She reaches in and takes a plate down. Her eyes look it over for dirt or cracks. Satisfied, she places it on the counter next to board.

She places the carrot pieces on the plate and picks up the bag of carrots. She walks back to the refrigerator and opens the door, knowing what she wants. She opens the produce drawer and drops the carrots back inside as she opens the other drawer where they keep the fruit. Inside there are two oranges which she thinks she should throw out but she doesn't and a bag with six apples. She takes out one of the apples and pushes shut the drawer, closing the refrigerator door and walking back to the sink.

She turns on the water and lets it run over the apple as she grabs a fresh piece of paper towel with her free hand. She turns off the water and dries the apple with the towel, tossing the paper into the wastebasket. She puts the apple on the cutting board and cuts off the edges, four in all. She slides these into smaller pieces, ending up with 10 wedges of apple. She puts down the knife and picks up the apple slices, placing them on the plate.

A fresh piece of paper towel and she wipes off the board, putting it back down onto the counter. She opens the bread box and takes out the loaf of rye, opening the package she retrieves two slices which she places on the board. She reseals the package of bread and puts it back into the bread box. Then she walks once more to the refrigerator.

Opening the door, she pulls open the deli drawer, where they keep the cold cuts and cheese. She finds the zipped plastic bag which contains the roast beef and the one that contains the Swiss cheese. She takes these in her left hand. Her right hand finds the jar of mustard in the drawer, the Dijon kind he likes, and picks it up. Her hip pushes the door closed and her bare feet take her back to the cutting board. She sets down the mustard and bags behind the board. She picks up the knife and the mustard, opening the top. She lays the pieces of rye side by side and squirts a liberal amount of mustard on each. She closes the mustard and sets it down. She uses the knife to spread the mustard evenly. She then sets it on the board.

She picks up the bag of roast beef and opens it. She pulls out four slices. She places two slices on each piece of bread. She reseals the bag and sets it back on the counter. She then picks up the bag of Swiss cheese. She opens it and takes out two slices, placing one slice on each piece of bread. She reseals the bag, picks up the bag of roast beef and the mustard, and returns to the refrigerator.

Opening the door, she pulls open the drawer and drops the meat and cheese back within. She places the mustard back in its slot. She then grabs a can of Mountain Dew and shuts the refrigerator once more.

She takes the can to the counter by the cutting board. She sets it beside the plate. She picks up the two slices of rye, now covered with meat and cheese, and presses them together. She lays the sandwich on the board and cuts it in half with the knife. She drops the dirty knife in the sink. She picks up the two halves of the sandwich and puts them on the plate beside the apples and carrots. She then picks up the cutting board and puts that in the sink as well.

She hears the door and turns. He is home. She takes a breath and then he is in the doorway, looking at her. She leans back against that slim strip of counter in front of the sink. He crosses to her in three large steps. Then she is in his arms as his lips cover hers.

She is wearing only an over-sized t-shirt and panties. His right hand slips inside the panties, cupping her sex possessively. His index finger slips along the folds. She is getting wet. She is aroused.

His mouth is hot upon hers. His breath fills her throat. She is his. She is here for him and only him. She becomes lost in his kiss. Her thoughts are only of him, pleasing him, giving him whatever he desires.

He breaks the kiss. His hands are upon her flesh, tightly holding her, as he turns her around so she is looking out the window again. She hears his zipper undone. She hears his breath in her ear. She sees his hands reach around her to the liquid soap, squirting a bit on the palm of his hand.

Then she feels his hand along the edge of her panties, on the leg, pulling it up.

She feels his finger sliding inside her tight ass. She feels the head of his hard cock pressing against her there. Then he is inside her, his cock pushing deep into her ass, pushing open those tight walls. His cock is large, thick. It stretches her open to receive him. She can feel herself opening for him. She can feel the skin pulling away. She can feel his heat inside her, forcing her open. It hurts a bit but it is a good pain. She enjoys it. She knows he does as well. She purrs softly in pleasure.

His hands hold her now as his hips press against her then pull back. Press, pull, press, pull. He sets the pace, slow at first, then hurried, then faster. He wants her, he needs her, and she belongs to him. He is in a hurry now. He increases the tempo. She hears his breathing become faster in her ear. She feels his lips upon her neck. She listens to his growls of desire as he fucks her tightest hole.

His balls slap against her soft curves. She bends forward slightly, her toes off the floor, as he continues to drill into her. His cock is thick and hard and it feels so good buried within her. She loves the way it feels, the way he fills her, the way he possesses her, the way he takes her.

He is grunting now as he gets closer, his balls tightening, his need rising. His hands tighten their grip on her as he pistons in and out of her faster, so close. He wants her. He needs her. He will take her. He will fill her bowels with his desire. She is so very much his.

His cock is filling her. She is so full. It pushes deeply inside her anus. She wonders how he can go so deep. He does though. He goes further and further within her. She feels so full. And she loves it.

She is very tight around him. The skin of her asshole closes tightly against his cock. It hugs him. She loves having him inside. She is reluctant to let go. She holds onto him so tightly, nearly squeezing him. She uses her muscles to clench around him, holding and releasing him, she wants him. She loves him. She loves being filled by him.

Then she feels it. His cum. It is inside her now, filling her, warming her. She loves that. It makes her feel so much more a part of him, having that bit of him inside her. She loves it. She cannot get enough of it. It makes her his, more completely his. She needs him, loves him, and wants him. She is his. That is all. She is his.

His breath is gone from her ear. She hears his footsteps walking through the apartment. She hears the water running in the bathroom. She smiles to herself. She turns then and looks at the plate she prepared for him. She smiles again. She steps to the drawer where they keep the plastic bags. She opens it and takes out the box of the smallest ones. She takes out a bag from the box. She picks up the carrots and apples from the plate and puts them in the bag. She takes another bag out for the sandwich. She seals both bags carefully. She picks up the can of Mountain Dew. She holds the bags in one hand and the can in the other. She turns to face the room.

He walks back into the kitchen. He is smiling. He is happy. He crosses to the sink where she is standing and bends down to kiss her. It is a loving kiss, soft and slow, his tongue tasting hers. He breaks the kiss, looking into her eyes. She hands him the bags and the can. He takes them and turns and walks out of the kitchen. She hears the front door open and close. Then she is alone again.

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