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1000 Miles of Sex


When I was still married, my wife and I used to drive as team drivers for a large company. Most of the modern tractors have bunk beds, and many husband and wife teams use the top bunk for storage. We tried to keep everything stowed so that the top bunk in our truck was always in the up and stowed position; it gave us more head room in the sleeper.

Throughout my life, I have always desired a little of the taboo side of sex. That is part of why I read the stories here. My wife accepted the fact, although she did not embrace my views on sex.

We had delivered in Elizabeth, NJ and were on our way to pick up a load in Patterson, NJ when the company sent is a message on our satellite communications in the truck asking me to call them. I called and in a hesitant voice, my dispatcher asked if we could give another driver a ride to Kansas City to recover another truck. If I did not want to, they'd understand. I told dispatch that we do not smoke, and I do not want a smoker in the truck, and I wanted to see the guy first.

Many drivers do not take showers often enough, and the inside of a truck is a small place. I would have rolled on without a second's hesitation if I had any problems with him.

His name was Mark, and we picked him up at the truck stop in Bloomsbury, NJ, he was in his mid 30's (we were both in our late 40's), he was about my height (5'11") dark hair, clean shaven, clean, and he smiled a lot. He also did not smoke, was not obese, and he had showered, so we agreed to give Mark a ride to KC.

I drove to Harrisburg, where we fueled, with my wife Tina sitting up front in the passenger's seat, and Mark sitting on the bunk for the trip from Bloomsbury to Harrisburg. Tina drove from Harrisburg to Wheeling, WV. I was in the bunk and Mark sat up front with her and they talked during the ride.

We had to park at the TA at Wheeling, it was snowing and icing across Ohio, so we folded down the top bunk, but instead of sleeping, we all went to the bar behind the truck stop. It was a strip bar, and it was a little awkward for Mark and Tina, both feeling out of place, but once inside, we got a round of beer and settled back to unwind and maybe we could get some sleep when we got back to the truck.

It was impossible NOT to watch what was going on up on stage, and every few minutes one of the ladies would come by to see how we were doing. We stayed for over an hour, and we has several rounds of beer, but we were not drunk or anything.

The three of us walked back to the truck together, and that was awkward, almost mechanical. Back at the truck, I started the engine and got the heater going.

We put the privacy curtains up across the windshield, and Tina went in the back, closing the curtains between the front and the back, to get ready for bed. With the lights out, I went back next and shed my clothes (except for my briefs) and got in the lower bunk with Tina.

Next Mark came back, and climbed straight into the top bunk.

I was sporting a raging boner, I guess the ladies at the club and the situation in the truck had me a little turned on. I tried to touch Tina, but she pushed my hand away. In the dark, I guided her hand to my erection, and squeezed it, but whispered that not with Mark in the truck.

A half hour later, the wind rocking the truck as the snow blew across the parking lot, the truck started a slow regular motion. Tina whispered to me, "He's jerking off."

I whispered back, "You should help him."


We lay there for a few more minutes, then Tina slid out from under the covers and stood, face level with the top bunk. She motioned for Mark to be quiet, and had Mark swing his legs over the edge so she could take his cock in her mouth.

Mark was trying to be quiet, but several times a moan slipped out.

I had lowered Tina's pajama drawers and was playing with her pussy through her panties, and she wanted me to stop, but couldn't without letting Mark know that I was awake. Then one of Mark's feet hit my arm that was playing with Tina's pussy.

Mark looked over the edge of the bed, and said, "If everyone cool with it, so am I."

Tina skinned out of her pajama top, slipped off her damp panties (tossing them to me, or maybe I just happened to catch them), and my next sight was of her legs going up into the top bunk.

For a half hour I listened to their subdued voices, the truck rocking as Tina and Mark had sex. I could smell Tina's sent, then I heard Mark groan and could smell his cum.

It was quiet for a few minutes, and then Tina slid off the top bunk and under the covers with me.

"Have fun," I asked.


And she kissed me, her mouth warm and wet from her upstairs activity, her belly had some cum on it still, and she guided me on top of her and I entered her. I did not last long, I was turned on as hell, I was practically vibrating. When I emptied out in her, I knew it was too soon for her.

She slid out from under me, and returned topside. The truck was rocking in no time, her orgasm was quite loud, she was having sex with no reservations, total abandon.

She rode Mark, then he turned her over on her back, put her feet on his shoulders, and pounded into her, his needs and hers coming together.

After they came, Tina lay with Mark for a while as they caught their breath. She disentangled herself and slid in alongside me.

I had been stroking my erection while I was listening to them, and I had her get on all fours and guided my cock into her doggie style.

This time Mark had cum deep inside her pussy, and she was wet, warm, and stretched out a little. And she thrust back against me with more power than I knew she had. She bundled the pillow to her face and screamed into it as she came.

She guided me onto my back, mounted me, bent forward and kissed me really hard, and then rode me until I came.

We slowed, and spent, she lay alongside me for about 10 minutes. Then she got up, put on the small light, got a roll of paper towels and a gallon of water, and first cleaned herself up, then me. And then she cleaned Mark. From the bottom bunk, I could see Mark's hand stroking her hair while she wiped him clean. Then she took his cock in her mouth as a form of a good night kiss.

We slept until morning, waking and dressing in front of each other. Tina gave Mark a morning embrace, naked body to naked body. We went into the truck stop and ate breakfast and watched the Weather Channel (many truck stops have the weather channel going 24/7).

I decided I would drive out first, the roads still had snow cover and I trust my driving over anyone's.

They both sat on the bunk, the curtains were open, and they were talking. Before we got to Zanesville, the curtains were closed, and I could see discarded shoes and pants peeking out from under the curtain. It was difficult for me to drive with my wife and another man having sex less than 6 feet away. But I had to pay attention to the road because of the conditions.

Mark came out dressed just after we got through Columbus, and I stopped at the rest area past London, OH , we all took a bathroom break, and Mark took over driving.

Tina and I went into the sleeper and our clothes were shed into a pile on the floor. We sat facing each other, naked, and I asked her what she thought, how it was, and was she enjoying it.

She told me about how Mark had gave attention to all of her body, and how he kissed, and how he fucked her. His cock was about the same size as mine, but she said that he was different somehow. The whole time she was telling me this, she was stroking my cock. Finally, I needed to be inside her.

I guided her onto her back, held her legs open, and the moment before I entered her, I saw the white of Mark's cum leaking out of her. That did it, I was off and pounding away, my lust having taken over my rational mind. She came, and without a pause, I turned her over, and took her from behind.

Mark and I took turns driving until we got to Oak Grove, MO. The snow had come back with a vengeance, and Mark volunteered to pay for a room.

Checked into a room, we carried our bags in. I walked to the QT to buy some beer. I KNEW what they would be doing.

When I got back, they were naked, sitting on the bed watching TV. I passed out a round and got undressed. Mark and I thought we should give Tina a massage, for the first time in the light, I watched Tina kiss another man, I watched as they had sex. I was fascinated by Mark's cock as in disappeared inside Tina, and withdrew, shining with juices.

As the evening ended, Tina and I were together like a couple of spoons, I was slowly easing in and out of her sore pussy, and her and Mark alternated between kissing and him moving up to let her blow him.

The next morning we showered but there was no sex because Tina was too sore and swollen, and after b-fast, we gave Mark a ride to get his truck.

It's been 4 years since then. Our paths never crossed with Mark again, it is a big country. Last year Tina and I divorced, still friends, and we both still this of that trip.

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