19 Year Old Girlfriend Cuckolded Me


Nikki looked up at me and she saw me looking at Tom's huge cock. She said, "I told you Jimmy" and she started laughing again.

Tom just smiled.

This time, Tom held up Nikki's left leg much longer as he took a lot of time spreading lotion on the back of her left thigh. I'm sure it was to allow me to see just how big his cock was. Surely, Tom was proud of his manhood.

By now, Tom's cock was not simply sticking out the bottom of his shorts, but it was lifting up his shorts, which caused more and more of it to come into view. Nikki said, "I'm sorry Tom, but I can't help but ask you … how big is that thing?" Tom said, "I don't know, it might be 11 inches."

Nikki said, "Jimmy, are you seeing that thing?"

I said, "Nikki, I'm a guy … and guys don't look at other guy's units."

Tom laughed and said, "Nikki, don't worry, I saw him starring at it too."

Both Nikki and Tom laughed out loud at Tom's statement.

Tom put Nikki's left leg down but he kept it bend so that her knees were up in air. Tom said, "I want to be sure that you don't get a tan line in your bikini area. As he said that, he lifted the top of Nikki's panties up and he poured the lotion just above her pubic area. Then he began to massage the lotion into just below her tan line. Nikki bit down on her lower lip. She was frozen. And I too was frozen. Tom just slowly made circles and each time he went a little lower with his fingers. From my position above Nikki's head and to her right, I could see the top of Nikki's pussy as Tom lifted her panties. However, since Tom was positioned below Nikki, I knew he couldn't see the crack of my girlfriend's pussy.

But that didn't last for long, as Tom simply pulled her panties down, fully exposing her shaved pussy to Tom's eyes.

Tom simply said, "wow, you're beautiful Nikki." I was shocked at Nikki's response. She said, "thanks."

"Are you fucking kidding me Nikki," I was thinking. The guy was not telling you that you were beautiful; he had just said that your shaved, 19 year old pussy was beautiful.

Tom was now applying the lotion all around my girlfriend's pussy and he said, "yeah, I don't want you to have any tan lines." He quickly removed Nikki's panties. As his fingers got lower, I lost sight of them as he was no touching the inside of her thighs. I wondered if as he was applying the lotion to the inside of her thighs, if his fingers were near Nikki's exposed pussy lips.

With one of his big shoulders, Tom nudged one of Nikki's knees which moved her legs a little wider and he said that he needed to get the lotion on the inside of her thighs. Nikki's eyes were again closed.

Tom continued his assault. His hands now appeared to be touching my girlfriend's pussy. I couldn't take it any longer.

So I said, "Nikki!" Tom just looked up at me and glared at me with an evil stare as if to say, "shut the fuck up." Nikki was almost in a trance.

So I had to again ask, "Nikki, are you all right?" That got me yet another glare from Tom. Then Nikki bit her lower lip harder and she let out an audible gasp.

I knew from Nikki's reaction that Tom was trying to finger my girlfriend. So again I said louder, "NIKKI!" Tom never stopped. However, Nikki tilted her head towards me and just said, "its okay Jimmy, I told you that I'll make it up to you later tonight."

Tom never stopped his manipulations to my girlfriend. And Nikki occasionally looked up at me as if she perhaps signaling that she was unable to stop Tom. I truly didn't know what I was supposed to do. Clearly, there was no way in hell I could have physically stopped Tom, even if I was not injured. And in my current debilitated state, there was no possible way and we all knew it.

After a minute, Nikki closed her eyes and she again bit her lower lip. I knew that Tom was fingering Nikki, but it now appeared that she was not so tense.

I thought that Nikki would let Tom touch her for a couple of minutes and then she'd stop him and usher him out the door before things got too far out of hand. So I truly thought Nikki would let him have his jollies for a couple of minutes and then she'd soon be jerking me off (and I'd get to eat her sweet pussy).

Nikki then reached down as if she was trying to stop Tom somehow. She said, "please, slow, slow, slow, slow."

I assumed that Nikki wanted Tom to slow down his digital manipulation of her clitoris because I know that when I finger her or go down on her, Nikki likes me to start out slowly. Then, and only after a few minutes of a slower pace, does Nikki want me to slowly increase my pace. So I was certain that he was in fact fingering her and that she wanted him to start out slowly.

Tom said, "okay baby."

I was still sitting on the couch with my leg elevated on the arm of the couch. Nikki was on her back on the carpet about 8 feet away from me and she was slightly to my left. Nikki still had her knees bent, which obstructed my view of her pussy and I was still unable to see exactly was Tom was doing to her. Tom was sitting on the ground between Nikki's legs, with knees splayed apart and they extended slightly under Nikki's bent legs.

Suddenly, Tom shifted himself forward, and as he did, he used his left hand and he roughly grabbed and firmly squeezed Nikki's exposed left tit. I thought she was object since Tom's big left paw was quite rough in its attack of Nikki's big breast. He then pinched and twirled her now erect left nipple in his fingers. His left hand then moved over to Nikki's right breast. Tom's right hand remained out of my view and I assumed that he was still fingering Nikki's pussy.

I took my eyes off of Nikki's tits, and Tom's assault of them, and I glanced at Nikki's face. Her eyes were closed and she was still biting down on her lower lip. I was unable to tell if she was in pain or if she was just tolerating Tom's rough breast play. She was still very tense and it appeared that something was bothering her.

As a result, I asked Nikki again, "hey baby, are you alright?" Nikki didn't respond. She was totally focused on either the rough manipulation of her big breasts and sensitive nipples or perhaps Tom was fingering her pussy either to fast or too harshly. I was not sure which. In any event, it appeared that she was totally focused on tolerating Tom's actions. I was not sure if Tom's assault on my hot, young Filipino girlfriend were unwanted, non-consensual, or, at a minimum, there was some serious reluctance at what was happening to her.

Each time Tom would roughly grab Nikki's tits, he would slightly move his upper body, which caused his lower body to move slightly as well. Basically, I noticed that Tom's ass was on the carpet and as he reached between Nikki's big tits, his ass would come off the carpet a couple of inches and would extend his hips forward slightly. But Tom's slow back and forth movements were so slight that they were almost unnoticeable. It almost appeared that he was moving to the music.

Since all of the actions to my girlfriend's pussy were well below my line of sight, I thought that Tom still finger fucking my girlfriend with his right hand. And it appeared that he was slowing down his fingering of her since Nikki was no longer asking him to slow down. Tom's left hand continued to maul Nikki's tits and he would alternatively twist her erect nipples.

Tom was starring at Nikki's face, but he would occasionally glance down to her pussy. I sure as hell couldn't blame him because Nikki's shaved pussy was so beautiful. Her skin tone was a beautiful olive tone to it and the inside of her pussy was an incredible pink color.

Tom continued to move and rock slightly back and forth. This went on for about 10 minutes. Then I discovered that Nikki was also moving back and forth and she appeared to really enjoy Tom's fingering. By now her eyes were opened and she was starring at Tom. Even though just 10 minutes earlier it appeared that Nikki was in a spot of bother, it now appeared that she was actually enjoying herself.

At that point, I didn't want things to get out of hand and I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. I don't know if it was because Nikki was now enjoying herself. Perhaps I was concerned that since she was no longer biting her lower lip, and instead she too was slightly rocking back and forth, I wanted to be sure that Nikki was aware of the potentially hazardous situation. I didn't want things to escalate beyond her control.

So I said to Nikki, "hey Nikki baby, should we take a break?" I expected Tom to scowl at me again, but he now appeared to be oblivious to me. Nikki slowly tilted her head up to me and I could see that her eyes were glazed over. I said, "come on sweetie; let's take a break before things get too far out of control."

I knew that Nikki was not on the pill and, as result, she never allowed my dick to get within a couple of feet of her tight pussy. That, in part, was why I was concerned for Nikki. Besides, I was shocked that Nikki was allowing Tom to finger her pussy and maul her big tits.

So I once again said to Nikki, "baby, let's take a break before it's too late."

I'll never forget Nikki's response. Her head was tilted toward me, her mouth was open, and her eyes glazed over … and then she said, "it's already too late Jimmy."

Since she'd had a lot to drink, I assumed she was just not accurate about what she was saying. So I questioned her. "What do you mean?"

Nikki said, "Jimmy, could you please leave for a while?"

I was shocked. What the hell was she talking about? She was my girlfriend.

So I responded, "Nikki, come on."

Nikki then sternly ordered me, "Jimmy, I want you to leave the room now."

It took me about 30 seconds to move my injured leg down from the side of the couch and get it in a position to attempt to stand up. But, as soon as I stood up, I nearly had to sit back down from the shock of what I witnessed. And now it made sense to me why Nikki wanted me to leave.

Yes, Tom still had his shorts on. But his shorts were pulled up on his right leg and Tom's right hand was not fingering Nikki's pussy. Instead, Tom's right hand was pulling back his shorts and was wrapped around the base of his huge, back penis. And the entire head of Tom's massive cock was inside of my girlfriend's tight pussy. I couldn't believe it.

I knew the head of Tom's cock was poking out of Tom's shorts earlier, but like a complete dumbass, I had never considered that Tom's monster cock was penetrating my petite girlfriend.

Then it all started to make sense. That's why Nikki was telling Tom, "slow, slow, slow, slow." And that's why Nikki appeared to be in pain initially. It was not Tom's harsh mauling of her tits, but rather it was the result of Tom actually working his huge, black cock into my Nikki's womanhood. And that is precisely why Nikki wanted me to leave the room. She didn't want me to see that Tom had covertly worked his massive unit inside of her.

I was just standing there, mesmerized by the fact that such a huge organ could even fit inside of my petite, 110 lbs girlfriend. I don't know how long I was standing there starring at the spectacle of Tom's incredible cock inside of Nikki, but she broke my trance by saying, "Jimmy, you need to leave the room … you should not be seeing this."

I said "Nikki, he's not wearing a condom."

Nikki was still moving in rhythm to Tom's movements. Nikki said, "I know … but who is going to stop him?"

I told Tom, "hey, she's not on the pill … stop now." Tom just ignored me. It was as if I were invisible to him. "

As I mentioned above, I thought that Tom had the head of his gigantic phallus into Nikki since his right hand was wrapped around the base of his prick. However, as I started to retreat into the master bedroom, Tom said to Nikki, "now that you're getting used to my size, I need to get more comfortable."

With that, I watched in awe as Tom began to pull inch, after inch, after inch of his huge cock from Nikki's pussy. I was dead wrong … Tom didn't just have the head of his big penis in my girlfriend; he had a good 5 or 6 inches in her.

Once Tom pulled out, he then stood up and quickly removed his shorts. His cock stood out what seemed like 11 inches. It reminded me of some of those porno movies where some of the brothers' cocks look like they have horse-sized clubs. Tom again saw me starring.

This time, pointing to a chair, Tom said, "listen man, if you can just sit there and be cool, you can stay."

Tom then picked up my girlfriend, flipped her around and positioned her on her hands and knees and announced, "I prefer doggie." He moved up to my girlfriend's ass and with his cock between Nikki's legs, he told her, "put it in position."

Nikki reached down and grabbed Tom's enormous cock and she inserted the head into her tight pussy.

Again she told Tom to "please go slow and take it real easy."

Tom said, "don't worry baby, you got me so horny this won't take long at all." With that, Tom spent the next few minutes getting his monster cock worked as far into my petite girlfriend as possible. She was able to take about ¾ of his size.

Then Tom started really pounding my little Nikki. Tom was so much bigger than Nikki, that each of his thrusts would send Nikki's little body moving forward nearly a foot. So, Tom grabbed Nikki's narrow hips and as he thrust forward, he held her in place.

Nikki's face was grimacing with apparent pain. I knew that Tom was fucking her so hard and so deep that it was hurting Nikki. But Tom was getting close to cumming … and there was no stopping him or slowing him down now.

After another minute of Tom's assault, he picked up the pace even more. Nikki was now clinching her teeth in pain. Then Tom started saying, "yeah, yeah, yeah …. hell yes baby … damn you are so incredibly tight."

Then Tom announced that he was cumming by saying, "that's it baby, take that; yeah take that." Tom asked Nikki, "can you feel my penis contracting inside of you baby?" Tom's strokes were much slower now. Nikki was smiling again and she said, "yes."

After another minute, Tom pulled his massive cock from my girlfriend's pussy. After Tom withdrew, Nikki collapsed and rolled over onto her back.

Tom asked Nikki, "how did that feel baby?"

Nikki said, "your fucking cock is so big that it hurt quite a bit … thank God you gave me half a chance to get used to your size or else you would have ripped me open!" They both laughed.

Tom was now just standing there. He made no attempt to conceal his big, black, slimy, cum-dripping dick. Instead, it was almost as if he was proudly standing there allowing me to see how big and dominant he truly was … particularly since he had semen and Nikki's pussy juices all over his cock.

Nikki then announced that she needed to clean up.

Tom pulled his shorts on and quickly said good night. He kissed Nikki and said, "you were incredible Nikki." Nikki smiled and said, "thanks."

I couldn't believe that my Nikki just thanked a guy that had just assaulted her with his enormous penis.

Tom shook my hand and said, "sorry Jimmy, I truly didn't mean for that to happen, but you are a great sport."

Once Tom left, Nikki was profusely apologetic to me. She kept saying she was sorry and that she didn't mean for that to happen and that she just wanted to tease me a little. She added that she didn't think that a 53 year old guy could even have sex! She asked, "don't old guys need Viagra to get it up?"

At first I was I silent as I didn't know what to say. But she kept apologizing profusely. For some unknown reason, I eventually said, "it's okay."

Nikki then noticed that I had a massive erection. She asked, "Jimmy, how in the hell could you possibly have an erection after what just happened?"

I responded, "I don't know." And I truly didn't know and I didn't understand it.

She then asked in inquisitively, "did that turn you on?"

And I denied it, "no."

"Well then, why the hell is your penis totally hard right now?"

Nikki then reached out and massaged my cock over my pants.

She said, "well something's got you dick hard Jimmy." "Was it seeing me get it on with Tommy; was it seeing a cock that big; or was it seeing Tommy cum inside of me?" Nikki asked.

Again, I said, "I don't know Nikki."

Nikki unzipped my Dockers pants and reached inside and grabbed a hold of my johnson. "Good Lord Jimmy," she exclaimed, "I've never felt your dick harder!"

"Let me take care of that," and before I knew it she was jerking me off.

I don't know why, but Nikki's hand was not pumping me for more than 15 seconds when I yelled out, "Oh God, I'm cumming." Nikki aimed my cock just in time and she finished jacking me off. A massive load of semen erupted from my sack and shot out of my penis. Nikki was still naked and she aimed my stream all over her tits … she knows how that turns me.

Nikki then said, "holy shit Jimmy, I've been jacking you off for a couple of months now and you've never gotten off in less than 10 minutes and tonight you shot your load in 15 seconds." Nikki added, "what the hell is going on Jimmy?"

Again, I said, "I don't know."

Obviously, on some level, I was insanely jealous of an older, wealthy, black man, with a massive cock, and the fact that he'd just fucked my tiny girlfriend … and there was nothing I could do about it. And, he did it without any protection. Not only that, he was so forceful, so aggressive, so controlling, and so dominant as he took my Nikki. Clearly, Nikki enjoyed the massage, but she was reluctant, if not unwilling, to allow the older black man to fuck her with his big, black penis.

Nikki then snuggled up to me and she kissed me and said, "Jimmy, I'm the only one that has not gotten off tonight." "Make me cum baby" she pleaded.

Nikki only gets off when I go down on her. Obviously, Tom had just dumped a huge load in her and I had no intention whatsoever of getting anywhere near her.

I said, "no fucking way Nikki, Tom just came inside of you less than 5 mins ago."

Nikki sternly said, "hey Jimmy, I didn't want him to; and I didn't want him to get that fucking massive cock anywhere near me; but I had no choice." "And I knew that neither of us could stop him, so I just tried to relax and go with the flow" Nikki added.

"Now come on Jimmy, I need you to get me off" she pleaded.

"Then at least go clean up first Nikki" I demanded.

Nikki ran into the bathroom and shut the door. A minute later she declared, "Okay, I'm all clean."

Nikki quickly reclined on the couch and spread her legs and said, "come on Jimmy, lick my pussy."

I reluctantly looked for any signs of Tom's semen. As I got closer and closer to Nikki's pussy, I could see that her vaginal canal was still gapping open … obviously a result of Tom's huge penis, I thought. Fortunately, I didn't see any signs of Tom's semen. So I tentatively extended my tongue and I was about to lick the inside of Nikki's slender thighs when Nikki grabbed my head and shoved it firmly into her as she said, "come on already baby, lick me … hurry."

My face and tongue were now fully embedded in Nikki's dripping wet pussy. I thought, "what the hell, I might as well get this done because the sooner I get her off, the sooner I get away from the place where another guy just dumped his big load." No sooner did I think that, then I noticed that Nikki was getting wetter and wetter. She's never, ever been that wet before. Never.

So I pulled my head back and I thought, "what the hell, that must be Tom's semen."

I nearly puked because it was at that point that I saw big dollops of semen running out of Nikki's pussy. There was no doubt that it was Tom's semen oozing out of my girlfriend's vaginal canal. But before I could react, Nikki shoved my head back into her. This time she held my head and she kept saying, "go, go, go … yes, yes, yes …. that feels so good Jimmy."

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