tagLoving Wives1st Affair

1st Affair


Erin was in a long term relationship with Randy. This is new for her. She is basically a reformed slut. But you can never stop being slutty, and the need for a new cock will always be there. It's been 2 years since another dick has been inside her, and the same old thing from Randy was getting tiresome. But she would remain loyal. Really.

She was 5'3, 135 pounds, very pretty, blue eyes, creamy white skin, dirty blonde, long hair. She had some freckling, gorgeous ass, tiny feet. She had moved in with Randy in May, and took a job in a nearby city later that month as a cashier. She worked with Jason, 6 feet tall, about 230 pounds, shaved head. He wanted her the moment he saw her. The more he talked to her, the more he wanted her. She was outgoing, and receptive to flirtation. She basically put out the "fuck me" vibe.

He took to inviting her out on his weekend partying. After a few weeks of this, she agreed to go with her friend Jackie along with him. He couldn't wait.

When Friday came, he spent as much of his shift as possible being near her, talking to her, looking into her beautiful blue eyes, her beautiful smile, watching her tongue pronounce her words. When she was busy, he was staring at her ass. It was gorgeous, even in the navy blue polyester pants that were required for work. She was starting to get the feeling that he wanted her, and that alone turned her on.

After work, a bunch of them went to Jackie's to drink before heading to the bar. At the club, Erin was a little buzzed, but not too drunk, since she needed to drive home. She was wearing loose faded jeans and a tight white T-shirt. Jason danced with her as close as he could, barely containing his hard on. Erin noticed the bulge, and felt her pussy grow moist.

When it was time to leave, Jason walked her to her car. They talked beside her car, him standing very close to her. There was a moment of awkward silence as they looked into each other's eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her. She wasn't overly attracted to him, but just his interest in her turned her on.

She closed her eyes and kissed back, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue inside. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her close as she sent her tongue into his mouth. Her vagina was tingling as she kissed him, feeling her asscheeks being squeezed. She knew she was wet down there. Erin was conscious of a huge bulge in his pants pressing against her and this turned her on even more. She kissed him harder as he brought a hand around to her front. He rubbed her crotch over her jeans, sending waves of desire throughout her body. Using all her strength, she broke the kiss.

"I have a boyfriend, we can't do this." she said. He tried to convince her but she held strong.

She went home, calming herself down. She was so horny. When she got home, she stripped down to her skimpy panties and lay down beside her sleeping boyfriend. Her pussy was still tingling and she was feeling very guilty.

Over the next month, Erin and Jason continued to flirt. They even went out socially again with others from work, but nothing happened. He spent every shift staring at her amazing ass, and wondering how he could get between those sexy legs. She wondered how big his cock was, and what it would feel like in her hand, her mouth, and her pussy.

It was Saturday, August 2nd, the day before Randy would propose to her (little did she know). Her and Jackie went to a party at Jason and his roommates house. In the warmer weather, Erin wore cutoff jean shorts and her tight white T-shirt. Her smooth white legs were such a turn on to Jason, and again he wondered how he could get in between them. He was masturbating about her exclusively now, and she always got him off immediately. He yearned for her. He was obsessed with her. He loved her.

Later that night, the two were both pretty drunk, he noticed Erin outside alone on the patio. She was leaning on the rail, looking at the stars. He went out the sliding door to join her, staring at her beautiful ass, her smooth white legs as he approached. They talked for 20 minutes, she was getting drunker and drunker. She went in the house to get them another drink. Jason sat down in a lawn chair and waited.

She came out, gave him his drink. She was a third through hers already, it was going down real nice. She was hammered, she realized, and her pussy was tingling violently. The thought of having a dick in it began to cross her mind, and it didn't help her calm down any. She squeezed her thighs together, trying to get the feeling in her crotch to leave, but only succeeded in turning herself on even more. She sat in the chair across from him.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, "This chair is all wet!"

"Well come sit with me." he said hopefully. To his delight, Erin got up and walked over to him, and sat on his leg, facing away from him. He put his left hand on her left thigh, lightly stroking her soft, smooth skin with his fingers. His hardon was uncontrollable. Fortunately, Erin could not see or feel what she was doing to him. She could, however, feel his gentle caresses on her bare thigh, and her vagina was tingling madly, and she had no doubt that it was very very wet down there. When she spoke, her breathing was somewhat laboured. His was the same way, yet they managed to talk for a few minutes. His hand was lightly stroking further up her thigh as they spoke. She turned to look at him.

He leaned forward and his lips met hers. Erin closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting his tongue slide inside. She sent her tongue into his mouth, kissing him eagerly. He placed his right hand on her right thigh now, his entire hand stroking her bare thigh as she breathed heavily into his mouth. She needed him to touch her. Desperately.

His hand was getting closer and closer to her treasure, and she kissed him harder, pussy on fire with anticipation.

Just then, someone opened the sliding door and told Jason he had a phonecall. The 2 broke apart, to their disappointment, and Erin got off of him. He went in to get the phone, and she went in to go to the washroom.

As she was going pee, she tried to calm herself down, but to no avail. Her cunt was buzzing more than ever. She hadn't been this excited sexually in 2 years! But she couldn't go near Jason. Or at least, she couldn't let herself be alone with him. It would be too tempting to let him put his penis in her. She was very curious as to what it looked like, though. She wondered how big it was. Was it bigger than Randy's? Her pussy desperately wanted to find out for itself. No, she thought, she would not put herself in a compromising position.

Vagina still tingling violently, but with her decision made, she stepped out of the washroom. Jason was in the hall, they were alone. Heart pounding, Erin again was forced to squeeze her thighs together, and again it sent desire throughout her entire body. He stepped up to her, and slid his arms around her waist. She looked up at him and didn't turn away when his lips kissed hers. He pressed her against the wall, kissing her hard. She was conscious, and even more turned on, by the bulge in his shorts pressing against her. His hands were squeezing her amazing ass over her jean shorts, as his tongue rubbed against hers.

He slid his hand around to the front of her body, between her sexy thighs, and rubbed her crotch over her shorts. Erin moaned into his mouth, shivering with pleasure.

Still kissing her, he said "Let's go to my bedroom". She didn't even hesitate with her response. She knew she could not be alone with him. She was drunk. She was horny. She was curious. It could only lead to disaster.

"Ok" she said. Erin figured that she would stop him after she's seen his cock. After he gets her off with his fingers. Than she would quit. No penis in her. No harm done. He led her across the hall to the bedroom, and he shut the door behind them. He took her in his arms and they kissed hard, passionately. His hands gripped her ass tightly as they pressed their bodies against one another tightly. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as he backed the helpless girl up to the bed.

Erin fell back on the bed, and he fell on top of her, between her legs. He grinded his crotch against her as his lips found hers. Her tiny feet were flat on the bed on either side of him, toenails painted red, her left ankle had a gold anklet on it, given to her by her boyfriend.

After a few minutes of dry fucking, Jason rolled off of her, still kissing her, so he was able to rub her crotch as they kissed. This drove her insane with desire. She slid her hand down his body, until it felt the huge bulge in his shorts. And huge, it was. She knew it as soon as she felt it, and it did nothing to calm her desire down. Quite possibly, it could be the biggest cock she'd ever seen, and she had to see it!

He slid his hand under her T shirt and caressed up her smooth belly. He slid his hand under her bra and felt her naked breast for the first time! He almost came right there. They were breathing heavily into each other's mouth as he felt her nipple go rock hard in his hand. He slid his hand back down her body, and she felt him undo her button and zipper. He tugged at her shorts and, still kissing him, she raised her ass off the bed, allowing him to slide her shorts down her sexy legs. He broke the kiss and she pulled first one tiny foot out of her shorts, than the other.

Erin decided she would let him take her clothes off, except for her underwear, and she would be ok. He slid his hand up her soft thigh, before cupping her crotch over her skimpy, wet, black panties. He rubbed his fingers against her crotch, clearly feeling her swollen pussy lips through the thin material. "mmmmph" she moaned into his mouth as uncontrollable tingles shot throughout her body.

Her tiny hands undid the button of his shorts and pulled down his zipper. As he stroked her aching cunt over her underwear, she reached into his, small hand grabbing his thick member. Her pussy flooded when she realized it's size. Jason had a cock that was nearly 9 inches long and was twice as thick as Randy's. Her heart was pounding madly and she felt her vagina tremble, wanting that huge member to satisfy it's needs.

He began to push her shirt up her belly, over her black bra. Erin released his cock and allowed him to pull her shirt over her head and off. He pulled off his shirt, looking into her blue eyes. He kissed her again, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. The room echoed with the loud sounds of their kissing. Her hand immediately went back down his shorts and this time she pulled his cock out into the open. She broke the kiss, needing to see it. She looked down. His humongous dick was a sharp contrast to her tiny hand.

"Oh my God!" she said, "It's so big!".

"Do you want it?" he asked.

"Oh my God!" she said again, breathing heavily, pussy tingling uncontrollably. She had to say no, but she couldn't stop thinking about how a big cock like that could satisfy her! His lips found hers again before she found the strength to say no.

Her small hand stroked his massive penis as he rubbed her over her panties. Her pussy lips were so swollen! She was so wet! He kissed down her neck, down her freckled chest, down the slope of her soft breast. She was breathing heavily as his hand pushed the strap of her bra down her arm. Gradually, her pink areola came into view, her nipple rock hard. She forgot to stroke him, and merrily held his huge rod as he looked at her beautiful, naked breast.

He bent and gently sucked Erin's hard nipple between his lips, sending a tingle from her breast to her crotch. Her small hand squeezed his fat cock as his tongue snaked out and licked all over her areola and nipple. "Unh!" she gasped, crotch writhing into the air subtly as his tongue flecked over her exposed tit. She felt his hands slide under her back, and she arched it, helpless. He unsnapped her bra, and she felt it slide down her arms and off, freeing both tits for him.

Jason now had Erin down to her panties. His dream girl. Her creamy white skin was so beautiful. His gaze ran up her body. Her tiny white feet, toenails painted red, her anklet, her sexy legs, thighs. A skimpy pair of black panties hid her beautiful treasure, her smooth belly, her naked breasts, nipples hard exposed to the air.

He kissed her beautiful lips. She kissed back passionately, and began to stroke his manhood again expertly. Her small hand made a tight fist around his hard penis, and she stroked its entire length as she sent her tongue eagerly into his mouth. He kissed down her soft neck, his hands squeezed her breasts softly as he kissed towards them. He licked first one nipple, then the other, while she gasped for breath above him.

He squeezed one leg in between hers, and she released his cock, opening her legs to allow him in between them. She was at the point now where she knew that they had to stop, and she would make him stop, once he touched her bare pussy. He had yet to touch her where she needed to be touched. She could not stop this until he touched her. He got his other leg between hers, still sucking her tits. Jason began to kiss down Erin's belly.

She was suddenly filled with dread. He was going to go down on her! His tongue was going to lick her vagina! Why was she filled with dread when her panties just got even wetter? Why was she filled with dread when her heart began pounding at a maddening rate? When her pussy tingled now more than ever? Because she knew if his tongue touched her naked pussy, she would be his. She wouldn't be able to stop him from sliding his massive cock into her aching hole.

Any semblance of strength that she had to remain loyal to Randy would fall away at the touch of Jason's tongue. She needed to stop him now.

"Ohhh!" she sighed, all the protest she could muster. Her short legs opened wider as his tongue lightly licked the inside of her bellybutton. He kissed down to the top of her tiny panties. Her scent was so strong, he could clearly smell her desire between her legs. His cock twitched at the scent. His hands slid under her ass, into her panties, grabbing her bare asscheeks as he kissed the top of her panties. He kissed over her thighs, towards the middle. Erin was gasping for breath, horny cunt on fire. He kissed the top of her beautiful inner thigh, where it met her panties. The scent of her pussy was stronger than ever now. He kissed her panties right over her swollen pussy lips.

"Oh God!" she whispered as pleasure surged through her body. He sucked her panties into his mouth, taking her pussy lips with them, sucking them gently. "Ohhhhhh" she gasped. Her tiny hand slid down over her stomach. Jason stopped kissing her crotch, watching her hand slide between her thighs to the side of her panties.

Using two fingers, Erin slowly slid her thin black panties to one side, gradually exposing the most beautiful pussy that Jason had ever seen, nearly causing him to cum on the spot. He could see her swollen pink pussy lips framed in curls of brown pubic hair. The smell of her pussy hit his nose harder, and he brought his face closer to it. His tongue snaked out and slowly licked from the bottom of Erin's puckered cunt lips, all the way up to the top, lapping gently at her hard clit.

"Ohhhhh God! Oh my God!" she moaned, writhing her crotch in his face. He squeezed her beautiful asscheeks even harder and slid his tongue in between the lips of her vagina, tasting her delicious juices. He licked up to her clit, licking at it quickly. Erin was uncontrollable beneath him, writhing in ecstasy. He grabbed the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. Erin grabbed them, holding them.

"Do you have a condom?" She asked, giving in to the fact that she was gonna get fucked.

"No." he said. Her heart dropped.

"We can't have sex." she said.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes." she said, "we shouldn't, anyway, I have a boyfriend."

"Well", he said, " we can still fool around, can't we?"

"Sure!" she said, smilling, "just no sex, ok?"

"Ok" he agreed. Erin let go of her panties, and raised her ass. Jason slid her panties down off her ass, exposing the gorgeous triangle of her pussy. He slid the dainty things down her legs and she pulled her tiny feet out of them. He dropped them on the floor with the rest of her clothes. He knelt between her legs, and Erin opened them wider for him, giving him her pussy. Her tiny feet were flat on the bed, her sexy thighs surrounded a mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair, which framed the swollen lips of her quivering pussy.

He slid his hands back under her ass and kissed her naked cuntlips. At that moment, Randy was at home masturbating, having no idea that another man's face was buried between Erin's naked thighs, lapping at her delicious treasure, while she had her eyes closed, loving every second of it.

Jason licked far inside her needy pussy, licking up to her clitoris again. He sucked her clit into his mouth and lapped at it mercilessly. "OHHH!" she moaned loudly, writhing her crotch in his face. Jason pushed down his shorts and underwear, kicking them off, freeing his humongous, fat, 9 inch dick, as he licked her horny clit. She felt her orgasm approaching, and it would be a big one.

Jason didn't want her to cum. He wanted to fuck her, and didn't know if she'd let him if she had an orgasm already. So he stopped, to her disappointment. Erin was breathing laboriously as he kissed back up her belly. He stopped briefly to suck her tits, before continuing to kiss up her naked body. Her legs opened even wider, subconsciously, as she watched his huge pole wag back and forth as he crawled up the bed. Jason pressed the fat head of his penis against Erin's swollen, moist, pink pussy lips, and began to run it up and down her entire slit. He could feel her heat on the tip of his cock.

"We can't," she gasped, "I'm sorry, not without a condom." she begged, as if she had no say in the matter if he wanted to put it in her. He lay on top of her, his lips finding hers, and they kissed passionately, loudly. The sounds of their kissing echoed throughout the room as they grinded against each other. They were gasping into each other's mouths, breathing very heavily as their naked genitals rubbed against one another. His tongue was far inside her mouth, and her tongue was far inside his as his shaft pressed hard against her wet entrance.

She found herself secretly hoping he would just shove himself into her, filling her needs. Her heart was beating madly, she was writhing her crotch up against him, daring his cock to pierce her. He broke the kiss and again grabbed his dick. He ran the mushroom head up and down her wet slit.

"Are you sure, Erin? Do you want this?" he asked. She was gasping for breath.

"God! I want to! But we can't!" she managed. He looked at the desire in her blue eyes and he kissed her again. It was a deep kiss, and she eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth, her arms went around his neck and pulled him down on top of her. She breathed heavily into his mouth as they again grinded against each other. Their lips were smacking loudly as their passion rose to a crescendo. Erin's pussy was tingling more than ever, pulsating with desire, needing something, anything inside it.

She wondered if he's at least stick his finger in there, or go down on her again. Then she thought of the massive size of his penis, and the wave of pleasure and desire that shot through her at that thought nearly made her pass out. It seemed like only a cock that big could possibly put out the fire in her twat.

"Put it in me, Jason" she breathed, unable to stop the words. He nearly came when he heard her.

"Really?" he asked. There was no turning back now.

"Yes, put it in me." she repeated. He lifted up and grabbed his huge member, and for the third time ran it down her needy cunt lips to her entrance. He pushed forward and the pink petals of Erin's vagina parted for the head of his penis.

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